OLTL Update Friday 4/1/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/1/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Rex and Gigi rush to the high school and confront Jack Manning for what they now know he has been doing to their son. Jack protests that he has not done anything to Shane. Starr watches speechless and stunned while Rex is ready to assault Jack. Jack protests that Shane has made false accusations of him.

At the Minuteman Motel, Deanna appears desperate for money and the film producer tells her that he knows how she can make money and give him what he wants although he sees she has her doubts.

Charlie goes to see Echo to inform her they cannot see each other anymore. She asks if he has gone to the custody hearing of baby Ryder and helped Viki. He tells her that the judge has not made a decision. But when the hearing is over, he is going to tell Viki the truth and break it off with Echo.

In the empty courtroom, Nora remembers the night when Eddie Ford was shot to death at the Minuteman Motel. She remembers after she and Rex got into the car accident, she walked back to the Minuteman Motel. And for the first time, she remembers that she attempted to open the door to the motel room, she was in fact, able to get in. It wasn’t locked. She opened the door. But she still wonders whether she went inside the room. She then remembers walking into the room with blood stains on her clothes. She then opened the door and saw Eddie on the floor after being sot.

After Viki notices the cell phone photo that Tess sent her of Charlie and Echo kissing outside her room at The Minuteman, she is distraught. Bo and Clint run into her and can both see that she is not ok. Clint assumes that they must have lost the case. She is not certain what to tell them is going on.

Echo asks Charlie just what he intends to tell Viki. He replies he will tell her that he and Echo have been seeing each other. He tells Echo he has to. He owes Vii that much. She is his wife. Echo then asks Charlie if he is leaving her (Echo). Charlie does not know how to answer that question.

James goes to find Deanna in her motel room when she is outside talking to the film producer. The manager appears and tells James that Deanna either pays him what she owes him for staying in the motel or she is out. He asks James if he is her boyfriend.

At the high school, Gigi tells Starr she’s sorry but it’s true. Her brother has been hurting Gigi’s son. Jack finds excuses and denies it. But Rex tells Jack he knows he’s lying. He saw all of the vicious crap that Jack put on MyFace. There is proof.

Shane is alone in the house after running home, distraught and unable to find his parents. He sits on the steps of their home sobbing and remembering all of the kids taunting him, calling him wheezy, making fun of him because he as asthma and the cheerleaders chiming in with the boys to declare that they believe he is a loser and he should die.

Rex is ready to show Jack proof from his cell phone that he found online of what has been happening. Starr then grabs his cell phone although Jack asks her not to. She tells him she needs to see this for herself. She observes and demands her brother tells her how he could do all of this. She is able to see this is not simply a “momentary reaction” to their dad getting shot. Shane and his friends have been tormenting and harassing Shane for months long before this happened. Jack protests Rex and Gigi are falsely accusing him and who does she believe? Starr tells her brother she can see the proof that he’s been sending Shane emails that he’s a loser because he has asthma and they hope he dies and they will use his head as a toilet cleaner. She asks how he can be so cruel. He protests that it was just a joke. Gigi yells that there is nothing funny about that. He tells them that Shane stole the raffle money and got him in trouble. Rex tells Jack he knows better than that and the cops might want to know what Jack really did. He also tells Jack that were it not for his sister Dani who called the school nurse to inform her that Shane did not have his inhaler, his son could have died. He knows that Shane did not “throw it out”. And Starr recalls that she knows that something suspicious happened when she went to pick Jack up just now. She saw Shane running of. Hearing that, Gigi and Rex want to know what she saw.

The motel manager tells James that if “that bitch, Deanna” does not pay him, she is out. James tells him that he better not call her a bitch.

Inside the motel room, the producer shows Deanna what her lines are where she seduces the pizza delivery guy. They move in on her and she is uncomfortable. They push her and remind her she needs money and is fresh out of options. SO the producer asks her what it’s going to be. She then admits he’s right. There are no other options. SO let’s do this.

Bo and Clint ask Viki what has happened. She does not want to tell them about the photo of Charlie and Echo. She tells them she is fine. She is just stressed. Clint then takes her aside and assures her that she and Charlie will win the case. He knows that Charlie is a good man. He realizes that they have had their differences. But she must not give up hope that the judge will let her and Charlie raise baby Ryder until Jessica gets better. She says nothing and walks off onto the elevator with the cell phone in her hand not knowing what to say or do.

Charlie tells Echo that he has had a lot of trouble tearing himself away from her. But it suddenly hit him for the first time when he went to the courthouse to be with Viki. He saw, for the first time that Viki has lost faith in him. Although Viki has not told him this yet, she does not believe that she can depend on him. He tells Echo that he cannot go on like this with one foot in her motel room and the other foot at his home with Viki. He tells her that he has to make a decision

At the courthouse, Clint tells Bo that he is very worried about Viki. Bo tells his brother maybe he should have thought about this before he did what he did. It’s not going to benefit his family or anybody he supposedly cares about. He tells Clint the best thing he can do is confess. He And Clint better not even think about fueling up his jet and leaving town. He and Nora will make sure that the judge revokes Clint’s bail. Clint does not argue. Bo then goes into the courtroom and sees Nora passed out on the floor. He revives her, offers her some water and tells her that she needs to see a doctor. She tells him it’s no big deal. She just fainted. He tells her he knows if she saw him on the floor, he’d be in an ambulance. Hearing that, she tells him that is because he’s a baby. He’s her baby. They laugh. He asks her what happened that caused her to pass out. Is she not eating or tired?. She tells him she keeps trying to remember what happened when she went back to The Minuteman the night Eddie was shot.

Charlie tells Echo as soon as Viki has won custody of baby Ryder, he is going to tell her all about himself and Echo. Hearing that, she asks what it is that he wants. He tells her he loves Viki. But he cannot stay away from Echo. He admits he cannot image his life without Echo in it. He kisses Echo again.

Shane is alone in the house with his laptop observing the threats and hateful posts. He then hears a knock on the door and sees Viki at the door. She asks if Charlie is there. He admits that neither he nor his parents are there.. He admits to her that he really wishes that Charlie was still his grandpa. Things were so much better then.

At the high school, Starr informs Rex and Gigi that when she came to pick up Jack, he and his friends were gathered around laughing and having some sort of secret. And she saw Shane running off to the locker room crying and it appeared he was naked. Hearing that, Rex grabs a hold of Jack and demands to know what he thinks he’s doing. Jack protests that Shane has made false accusations of him and Rex cannot assault him in the high school auditorium.

Deanna concludes that she must go through with shooting the porn flick although she is very uncomfortable and the others do not seem to care about her. James rushes in to find her and demands to know what these guys think they are doing and why she is choosing to be a part of it. The producer demands he leaves because he’s getting in the way of his “set” that he’s paid a lot of money for. James tells the guy if he touches him, he will regret it. Deanna protests to James that she’s never done anything like this before. The producer then tells her that it might be “interesting” to have James as part of the set. But she needs to get rid of this guy. He is no good for her. But James persuades her to leave with him. The guy yells to her that she is going to regret this.

Rex grabs a hold of Jack and demands to know what he thinks is funny about humiliating one of his classmates. Jack protests that he is not doing that. Gigi tells Rex he needs to realize that Jack is not going to tell them anything. They need to find Shane. She then tells Starr she is sorry that her (Starr's) family is going through a hard time. But this has to stop. They have to take this to the principal. Starr tells Gigi it’s completely ok and she would do the exact same thing if someone did this to Hope. She gives Rex back his cell phone to present evidence to the high school principal. Rex and Gigi leave. Alone with Starr, Jack tells his sister she “failed” him. If their dad were awake, he’d back him up. Starr tells him no. Todd would not condone this behavior and asks what has gotten into Jack. Why would he do this to Shane? What has Shane ever done to him?

After Shane appears sad that Charlie is no longer his grandfather, to Viki, she tells him she’s so sorry and knows how close he was to Charlie. She tells him that they can still spend time together. It’s just recently she and Charlie have been wrapped up in Jessica’s problems and were in court today. Shane then tells her that his real grandfather, Clint hates him although Viki urges Shane not to believe that. Shane reminds her that Clint had the paternity tests falsified because he did not want to admit that Rex was his son or that he (Shane) was his grandson. It’s clear that Clint does not want them. Now it’s in the paper and all the kids at school know that. Viki then turns to Shane and tells him that Clint is a very complicated man and right now, he’s in a lot of trouble. Shane tells her Clint is rich. That’s all anybody cares about. Nobody cares that he killed someone. And it’s obvious that Clint is going to get away with it.

In the courtroom during recess, Bo asks Nora what she saw when she opened the door to Eddie’s room. She replies she does not know. All she knows she went inside. She remembered opening the door but then it all went blank and she’s afraid it might not come back to her. She notices Clint is also there and informs him that she was there the night Eddie was shot. He tells her he thought she had an accident. She tells him she did and must have hit her head or had some sort of brain trauma or something. But she is starting to remember going into Eddie’s room. She tells Clint she’s bets it was he whom she saw in Eddie’s room. Clint then asks her if she is certain about that. She admits she is not. But she will be because she is going to remember what she saw on the night in question. Clint then tells her maybe there is a reason she blacked out. Perhaps she did not want to know what she saw in that room and might be better off if she forgot all about it.

Charlie kisses Echo and tells her he loves Viki and always will. But there is a connection and bond he has with Echo that he does not have with Viki. Maybe it’s the A.A. bonding. She knows about his past and things he has done and things he has never confessed to Viki. He believes Viki would never understand and he’s afraid she would think less of him if she knew what he already knows Echo would never judge him for. She accepts him. He understands Echo. He loves Viki but they are so different. When he believed that he and Echo shared a child, that was the happiest he’s been since he lost Jared. And having Echo close was his way to keep that alive. She then protests emotionally that she would have done anything for Rex and Shane to be his family. She then remembers Clint telling her that Charlie needed a son and she gave him one although she told Clint that he did something despicable regarding that and that when Charlie finds out she has lied to him about Clint’s falsifying the DNA test, it would kill him. Charlie notices Echo silent and asks her what is wrong.

Bo tells Nora even if she does not remember seeing Clint, they don’t need her testimony to convict him. They have the tape and don’t need much more. She tells Bo that she will make sure that Clint goes away. But Clint tells her he is warning her if she remembers what she saw in that motel room, she will regret it for the rest of her life. She tells Clint that she can have him charged with murder one. But he tells her she won’t do that. When the judge presides, she will drop the charges. She asks him why on earth she would do that. He tells her because he didn’t kill Eddie.

Deanna asks James why he is there. She tried to friend him on MyFace. But he did not respond. He admits that they are not exactly friends. She asks how he found her or knew she was in town. He informs her that Gigi told him she saw her at Buenos Dias. She tells him she knows he’s with this girl Starr and they have a baby together. He went to the apartment which he does not like knowing she did. She mentions that she saw some “cotton candy girl” who answered the door and informed him that James is taken and she heard James singing through the baby monitor. He then clarifies that was not his child. It’s his nephew, Ryder. It’s his brother’s kid.

Alone in the high school gym, Starr tells Jack if he does not want their mom to find out, then he has to make her understand how he could do something like this. She tells him she knows he’s a brat. But he’s a good kid. So why would he go after Shane like this? He does not want to answer and leaves telling her he needs to get to class. When he goes into the hallway, another kid asks if “wheezy” ratted them out. Jack tells him not yet but they won’t be able to keep getting away with what they are doing. The kid then tells Jack he has a cell phone picture of Shane naked and it will be hilarious to have it all over MyFace. But Jack tells him he needs to get rid of it. The kid asks if he is kidding and asks why he’s afraid. Is it because Wheezy’s mom won’t serve him breakfast at Buenos Dias anymore? The kid tells Jack he needs to know that Shane’s family can’t do anything. They have zero “pull” in this town. He encourages Jack to be a Manning and make his dad proud, show and post the video he has of Shane and not delete it. Jack then agrees.

Shane tells Viki that Charlie will probably call her back. He probably just hasn’t gotten the message. He seems to sense that she is worried about Charlie. And she can sense that he is not ok. Shane tells her he is fine. Viki asks if Echo is going to be coming by maybe to see him or his dad. He tells her not that he knows of. But he can call her for Viki. Viki tells Shane that’s ok. She knows where to find Echo and she leaves.

At the Minuteman, Echo tells Charlie that Viki has been accusing her of trying to steal him away from her for months. He tells her that she did not “steal” him. He is in love with her. She tells him that she has been in love with him since they first met in Atlantic City.

Shane sees the video on his cell phone of the kids tormenting him and taking his clothes, after the kid convinces Jack to send it.

In the empty courtroom, Nora asks Clint who shot Eddie if he did not. If he has information about this case, he is obligated to tell her and Bo. Clint tells Bo he does not want this to come out. The killer is someone Bo loves. The reason Nora cannot remember is because she does not want to remember. She then asks if he is saying that she did it. Is he saying that she killed Eddie?

Deanna asks James if that kid is Robert’s baby. He confirms yes. She tells him that “that blond” is not exactly that maternal type but she seems to be Robert’s type. He does not know what to tell her regarding that. She tells him she’s so relieved to know that he does not have a kid. She knows she is nowhere near ready to have a kid or be with someone that does. She then kisses him and he does not stop her.

At the high school, Starr tries to reach James but only gets his voice mail.

Shane cries and recoils when he sits alone to see that the kids have recorded him naked and being taunted on the internet. The kid who encourages Jack tells him how much fun it will be when “wheezy” sees it.

Rex and Gigi rush home and cannot find their son. But they see a letter where he tells his parents he is sorry. This is not “their fault”. And he says: “Good bye”.

Charlie is in bed with Echo and concludes to her that as soon as this custody case is settled, he is going to tell Viki about them. She asks if he is serious. He tells her yes. There will be no more hiding. Nor more secrets. No more worrying. She is not going to find out “the wrong way”. But right then, when they least expect it Viki walks into the motel room and catches them in bed together

Nora asks Clint if he is saying he knows that she killed Eddie. Maybe that’s true. She had plenty of motives to kill him. But Clint clarifies to her that she did not. She asks who did. He replies her son. Matthew killed Eddie.

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