OLTL Update Thursday 3/31/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/31/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr notices that Deanna has been attempting to find James and has asked him to “friend” her on face book. She asks him who Deanna is.

At the Minuteman, the film producer tells Deanna he can make her a “star” even though she admits she’s been dumped by the guy she wants by a girl named Starr.

During basketball practice at the high school, the coach asks Shane if he has his inhaler and tells him if he does not bring it, he can’t be on the team. Right then, Jack corners Shane and tells him he better not tell anybody what caused him to lose his inhaler.

Charlie is in Echo’s room ready to leave and tells her that they cannot spend the day together because his wife needs him.

Viki goes to see Clint in jail telling him this is not a social call. She needs is signature on some documents.

Robert and Tess are ready to find out the verdict of their custody hearing. Robert asks his lawyer why he thinks there is any doubt that they will win custody of baby Ryder after Clint is ready to go to Statesville for murder.

Nora talks to Bo about how she wants Clint to go to Statesville but does not want that to hurt Viki’s custody hearing. Bo tells her she need not worry that Clint won’t go away to Statesville. They have footage of Clint leaving the scene of the crime with the murder weapon in his hand. But right then, we see Nora remembering having blood on her hand on the night in question while turning the doorknob to Eddie’s room.

Clint stands up and looks over the papers that Viki has given him to sign. She tells him since he is in jail and charged with murder, she’s drawn up paper with Nora so that she can get custody of Ryder herself. He protests to her that he can’t give up his custodial rights. But she urges him not to argue and realize that he won’t give up on his grandson. But she protests this is not about him. It’s about Jessica. She will come back but they can’t let Robert Ford have custody of the baby before that happens. She tells Clint about how Jessica came back for a brief time and she and Brody went Robert Ford’s home but Robert knew how to make Tess come back by reminding her how Brody betrayed her. Clint tells her he should have known what Robert Ford is capable of. Like father, like son, Clint says. And he concludes he should have taken care of that dog when he had a chance. Hearing that, Viki tells her ex husband maybe he should keep those thoughts to himself. Clint then clarifies that he is not a murderer. He may “spout off” from time to time. But he did not kill Eddie. Viki then asks him, why Bo and Nora would have evidence to the contrary. He tells her that things are not what they seem.

In the empty courtroom before the trial, Nora tells Bo that maybe a shotgun and a camera are not enough although to prove and convict Clint for murder. Bo tells her she must know that a jury can put two and two together. But she tells Bo she just wishes she could remember who she saw. She keeps going over it in her head many times. But there is something missing. She tells him that Clint has wiggled out of everything he’s been charged with but he cannot get away with that.

Robert’s lawyer tells him that although Clint may have no chance of winning custody, Viki could. His mother in law is a pillar of the community with a stable family and husband. Robert asks the lawyer that if that means that he is seen as a gigolo married to a crazy person.. Tess tells him that according to the courts, she is Jessica, as sane as she can be. Robert concludes that maybe Viki and Charlie are the perfect couple. But Tess assures him that she would not be too sure of that.

Charlie gets his coat on and gets ready to depart from Echo’s room as he tells her the judge is about to rule on the custody hearing of Viki’s grandchild and he has to be there for her. She asks if Viki wins, will he and Viki get to raise the child together. He tells her no. He just wants Jessica to get better and raise her baby on her own. Echo then tells him she does not mean to sound negative. But what if Jessica does not recover? She tells him that it appears that the two of them have “something going on” there. She asks what will happen to her when he’s off playing house with Viki raising the baby. It will be an 18 year commitment. She asks Charlie what she is supposed to do if that happens.

The film producer at Minuteman tells Deanna a beautiful girl like her always has possibilities. He then finds Rex walking into the parking lot and asks if he has “changed his mind”. Rex tells him no. But he needs to thank him for getting that footage. The guy recalls that he heard about “that Buchanan guy” getting charged with murder. But he asks Rex to reconsider and be a film star..

At Buenos Dias, Starr asks James if he and Deanna dated. She then reminds him that it was she who encouraged him to see other people. She asks if he met Deanna at LU. He does not want to answer about where he has met Deanna. But Starr recalls that she saw Deanna at this very place the other day.

At the jail cell, Viki asks Clint if he is saying that the evidence was manufactured. She tells him she heard that there was a video camera that proved he was there the night in question and he was carrying a gun. And he was standing right outside Eddie Ford’s room. Clint urges his ex wife to know that with as long as they’ve known each other, she must know that he is not a murderer. She tells him she would have never considered, in her wildest dreams that he could be. But with all the things he’s done recently including kidnapping David is despicable. And lying to Rex and Charlie as he did. He has destroyed her husband giving him false hopes that Rex is his son. She does not know if she can trust Clint. He tells her he did not kill Eddie Ford and can prove it. She asks when. After they’ve already lost their grandchild? That would be too late. Jessica needs a safe haven she tells him. So he better sign the paper.

Tess “plays” Jessica to the lawyer and tells him that Viki and Charlie may appear the perfect couple but she knows otherwise. He does not hear what she knows about Viki’s marriage but tells her that both she and Robert better be on their best behavior in the courtroom or they have no chance of winning. Alone with Robert, Tess warns him if he calls her Tess, he is a dead man. They enter together. Nor is waiting for Viki who rushes into the courtroom in the nick of time to announce that she’s gotten Clint to sign over sole petitioning rights to her.

Charlie is still with Echo, taking her hand and urging her to know he does not want to hurt her. Without her, he would have fallen right back into drinking. After losing Rex, it was like losing Jared all over again. She tells him it’s incredible that he has not fallen off the wagon. He remarks if she had not been there for him, he would have. She assures him he is fine now. He acknowledges that she is the one who is hurting. He looks adoringly at her and finds it heart to tear himself away from her and tells her he’s sorry. Viki needs him. He goes out the door. But right then, Rex appears at the door. He knows he needs to “explain” to Rex why he’s in Echo’s room. She then tells her son that Charlie was fixing her pipes since the maintenance in this place is dreadful. When Charlie leaves Rex alone with Echo, she assures her son that she and Charlie are “still friends”. And she asks how her wonderful grandson is. Rex tells her that’s exactly why he’s there. He’s afraid his son has changed and he does not know him any more.

At the end of basketball practice, Shane tells Jack they do not have to do this. He is not Jack’s enemy. He realizes that Jack’s dad is in the hospital. But Jack and the other boys corner and bully Shane. And they follow him into the locker room.

Starr admits to James that she noticed that Deanna or somebody who looks just like her was staring at her. James is surprised to hear that Deanna might be in town.

At Minuteman, Deanna tells the film producer that she could not imagine herself on camera. She’s never even been in a school play. But he tells her he has what it takes and informs her that he makes “adult films”. Hearing that, she asks if he wants her to be in a porn flick.

Bo goes to see Clint in his jail cell reminding him that he (Clint) is going to be arraigned soon. And Bo tells his brother he can offer him a deal.

Rex informs Echo that Shane stole from the school, from the booster club because he said he needed new sneakers. She does not believe that. He protests that it makes no sense. He can buy Shane sneakers or anything else he needs. Shane has been getting in trouble and allegedly bullying other kids. But when Echo hears that, she clarifies to Rex that she knows Shane is no bully. He tells her not according to what he’s heard from the school. He got a call that Shane threw out his inhaler because, he said, it made him feel like a loser. Rex admits to his mom he does not know what is up with that as Shane has had asthma for years. She tells her son that Shane is growing up and he’s in high school and it’s a whole new world. He asks what that would have to do with Shane having asthma and needing to take medicine and he asks if she knows something. She protests that he is her grandson. She loves that kid to pieces and does not want to jeopardize that. Rex then informs his mom that the other day, Shane had an asthma attack without his inhaler and could have died. If she knows something she must tell him. Hearing that, Echo tells Rex that she happens to know that his son is not a bully. He’s a victim.

In the gym, it appears the boys have hidden Shane’s clothes and are laughing and taunting him. He comes out of the locker room with just a towel while they surround him and keep his clothes in a gym bag.

While Gigi is waitressing at Buenos Dias and noticing that James has the picture of the girl she met the other day. He asks how she would know this girl.

The film producer at Minuteman tells Deanna she must know that if she needs money and cannot realistically count on “that guy” to help her out, then he can give her the cash she wants and needs.

At Buenos Dias, after James finds out that Gigi spotted Deanna, he asks her if she might have had a clue where Deanna was staying..

Bo tells Clint that he wants him to plead guilty. Clint asks why Bo wants him to do that and if he were to do it, what would be in it for him?

When the judge observes Viki’s petition to have sole custody of baby Ryder, Robert’s lawyer informs the judge that Mrs. Banks has a demanding career and not a lot of time. She then tells the judge that she wants her daughter to recover form her illness and can care for her infant. But until that time, she is ready, willing and able to have her grandson in her large house. She talks about the family members she has in her home who can help her care for baby Ryder. Charlie then enters and tells the judge that his wife is loving and smart and the best care taker any baby could ever want. The judge asks Charlie if he plans to help Viki raise baby Ryder and be a co-guardian. Charlie tells the judge absolutely. The judge then appears to respond favorably to that. But at that point, Tess stands up and announces that she has something to say.

Bo tells Clint that if he pleads guilty, then what’s “in it for him” is Clint’s sons and daughters will be spared the pain of having to go through a trial. And maybe some day they will speak to him again. Clint tells Bo sorry. No deal. Bo urges his brother to know that no jury in this country would acquit him. Clint reminds Bo that nobody saw him fire the gun. Bo asks why he was seen leaving the scene with the murder weapon in his hand. Clint answers by admitting that is an “interesting question”.

In the courtroom when Tess asks to be heard, the judge asks if Nora has any objections. Nora tells the judge by all means she would like to hear what Tess has to say. Tess then clarifies that her name is Jessica. She graciously thanks the judge for letting her speak. And she says that while she appreciates her mother’s “concern” in this matter, she (Viki) should really be concerned about her own marriage. She turns to face her mom and step father staying that they are trying to be this picture of perfect moral and upright family values. But the truth is, Charlie is a liar and a cheat and a drunk. And her mother is too far gone to know what the drunken bum is doing to her.

Echo admits to Rex that Shane did not want to tell her or anyone about it. She saw it by accident on his MyFace page. There were all these vicious posts of kids making threats and calling him names, bullying him for having asthma, making fun of his cartoons and tormenting him. He asks her when she first discovered that. She admits that day of the christening. Rex reminds her that was two months ago. And he asks to use her lap top so he can find out who these kids are and what is up.

In the gym, the kids surround Shane and throw around his clothes and underwear telling him he’s a girlie and a loser. The cheerleaders come and chime in telling him that they could never be attracted to him. And they remove his towel leaving him naked while they all laugh and he cries.

At Buenos Dias, Starr tells James she has to go and pick up Jack and take him to the hospital to see her dad. Alone, James then asks Gigi if she has any idea where Deanna is staying. She tells him she may have heard that Deanna is staying at the Minuteman Motel. Hearing that, James appears to be very “concerned” that she is staying at the place where his dad was shot.

Meanwhile, the film producer asks Deanna what is stopping her from making money doing films. It’s legal. She’s of legal age. She’s not a virgin, is she? If she’s having financial hardship, this is her way out of it.

Rex attempt to get Wi-Fi access from Echo’s lap top in her room at The Minuteman. He tells her that he and Gigi have offered their son “more privacy” when he told them he wanted to talk to his friends on my face. Rex then asks if she might have a clue what Shane’s password would be. She suggests his birthday. Rex says no. That would be too easy. They have to think what a teenage boy would choose. He then guesses and gets logged in. He reads somebody writing: “weezie blows… Oops, sorry he can’t.. .Hee hee hee”. Somebody says he’s a loser and asks what he was in the hospital for and too bad it did not kill him. And how about doing them all a favor and never coming back. Echo listens in horror and asks who would say something like that. Rex discovers that it appears to be Jack Manning who is the “ring leader”. And he furiously rushes out the door, not listening to his mom asking him where he is going.

Starr goes to the high school to pick up Jack but notices the tormenting of Shane that the boys try not to let her see. She demands her brother tell her exactly what was going on when she walked in. But he evades her.

Bo asks Clint if he is saying he did not kill Eddie Ford. Clint tells him he is not saying anything and not pleading guilty so Bo can forget all about that. Bo asks his brother what happened to him. He used to be Bo’s hero, a family man and successful. And now he is nothing but a cold blooded murderer with no soul and no conscious. He is hoping that some day, his brother will come back. But he is afraid that may never happen.

After Tess stands up in the courtroom and announces that Charlie is a liar cheat and drunk, Viki lashes out and demands to know why Tess is lashing out at her husband. Robert’s lawyer asks to talk to his client alone and instructs Tess not to make outbursts like that in the courtroom. It only makes her look vindictive and desperate. The judge then calls a recess. Viki tells Charlie she is so grateful that he is there but asks Charlie what Tess alleges she knows about him. Nora assures Viki that Tess just wants to provoke her. Viki tells Charlie it means so much to her that he’s there for her. But he has to get to work. Tess observes them coldly. Robert’s lawyer tells Robert and Tess he will “be in touch” as soon as the judge calls him. Robert tells Tess he does not like this. Viki and Charlie are the prefect couple, respected in the community with a house and a family and all the things they do not have. But she smugly tells him she would not “be so sure”. Robert asks her what she means. She tells him a picture is worth a thousand words. And She pulls out her cell phone.

At the high school, Starr tells Jack he must tell her what is going on. He tells his sister it was nothing. Just an April Fool's joke. And let’s get out of there, he tells her. But before he can leave, Rex rushes in the room and demands Jack tell him what he has done to his kid.

James goes to the Minuteman looking for Deanna.

Outside the courtroom, Viki confronts Tess. Alone with Robert, Tess tells him that she knows how to wipe that “snotty high and mighty look” off of Viki’s face.

Charlie returns to Echo. She’s ready to tell him all about her conversation with Rex about what has happened to Shane, assuming Charlie will “co-haitate” with her. But he tells her he cannot keep going on like this. They have to stop seeing each other. He cannot live with himself. It’s not fair to her. It’s not fair to Viki. He has to do the right thing. He cannot do “this” any more.

Outside the courtroom, Viki sees a message on her cell phone that says: “From Jessica”. And she notices a picture of Charlie and Echo kissing outside the motel room.

Alone in the courtroom, Nora keeps having a vision of “missing something” the night Eddie was killed.

Bo tells Clint that he can personally escort Clint to Statesville to get charged with murder. Clint tells Bo it will never happen. He is innocent. And if Bo does not let this go, it will ruin his (Bo’s) family.

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