OLTL Update Wednesday 3/30/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/30/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Langston and Starr meet at the diner for breakfast and girl talk. Starr has been spending all her time at the hospital, so Langston has to get the scoop on the ‘official relationship status’ from James’ MyFace page. They talk about Dorian and David and other small talk. The talk soon turns to Ford and that she is over Ford. He needs to focus on the baby and she is over him. Starr calls her a liar and to stop acting like some strong Kramer woman. She tells Starr that she wanted to call him this morning when she read the article about Clint’s arrest, but stopped herself. She is falling behind in school; things are just hard right now. Ford comes in to the diner and Starr gets up to go to the restroom. He walks over and says hello to Langston. She stands up to leave and is all flustered. She drops all her stuff, Ford apologizes and walks away. Starr comes out and can see that it did not go well. Starr thanks her for breakfast and Langston gathers up her stuff to go get some work done. James walks in and puts his laptop down. His MyFace page is open to the friend request from Deanna. He heads to the men’s room and Starr sees the request and has a curious look on her face.

Deanna is looking at her MyFace page and is upset that James has not accepted her friend request yet. She heads outside and bumps into the adult film maker who tells her she has a special look. She is going to see James. When she returns from not seeing James and instead talks to Tess, she bumps back into the filmmaker. He apologizes for the way he talked to her earlier. She tells him that he was wrong; she can’t have just any guy, unless of course her name was Starr. Hmm he likes that name. She tells him she is broke and he tells her that he can make her a star.

Tess bursts into the apartment with a copy of The Sun. She is shouting about the headlines…oops looks like my daddy killed your daddy…She can’t wait to tell the kid about how Grandpa Clint wacked off Grandpa Eddie. It’s the best news, they have definitely won custody of Ryder. She is going shopping! She walks around the counter and sees James’ MyFace page and asks who Deanna is and why won’t he add her as a friend. He grabs his laptop and yells at her to stay out of his stuff. Ooohh…Dee is more than a friend! She jumps on the couch and sits real close to James and wants to know everything. Soo, does little Miss Starr know she has competition? James calls her a wannabe Kardashian and stay out of her business. Tess wants to go out and Ford sternly tells her no. He knows she is going to see Cutter. She gets all pouty face. We won the custody case. He reminds her not yet. She thinks since Clint is in prison it’s a done deal. He refuses to let her leave and asks her what she wants at the store. Like I cook she said. Ford offers to go to the diner and ask her what she wants for breakfast. She sashays across the floor and rambles off a breakfast burrito, home fries and then shakes her butt up to James and says and a chocolate shake. Ford tells James to watch her and the baby and if she leaves, he will chain her to the table. He is heading to the diner which also is where Langston is with Starr. The baby starts crying and James goes to help him. There is a knock on the door, and Tess answers. It’s Deanna. I know who you are…you’re Deanna. She gets all mean and nasty to her and tells her that James is not going to accept her friend request. Deanna says she will just wait in the hall….Tess just keeps on being Tess, what are going to do, beg him. He wants nothing to do with you. Leave with your pride, he is very taken with little Miss Starr Manning. She leaves just as James walks out. He says he thought he heard a woman. Tess lies and says that it was just someone selling stuff. She got rid of her. She takes a call, its Cutter who asks her if Tess is back. She is and she wants to see him. She lies to Ford and tells him she needs to go to the drugstore because of a feminine emergency. Forget it; we have to go to court, today.

Kelly and John are in bed also reading her headline in The Sun; BO BAGS BRO! She tells John it would have been a whole lot worse if Todd had written the article. Kelly wants to go out for breakfast (together) but John hesitates. She asks him why can they have sex, but not go out in public together. He tells her that he just needs to get to the station. They talk about why they are together. Kelly just wants to forget about Joey and Aubrey. They kiss. So they are making out and in storms Natalie, “Again!”. What the hell do you want, he asks her. She is there to find out why John helped get Marty out of St. Anne’s. He explains his reasoning and John tells her to just leave. As Kelly leaves, she tells John to just say yes to breakfast next time. Nat kicks up the attitude and says she is sorry for interrupting his booty call. As she starts to say that she and Brody thought Marty had escaped, he interrupts and makes a comment about how cozy they sound. He reminds her that he covered for her about how she kidnapped Marty and dragged her up to the cannon. She starts having a meltdown and asks him when he is just going to stop torturing her. As she stomps out, he grabs her arm and says hey….she tells him to let her go. He tells her to just leave; she said what she had to say.

Aubrey and Cutter are gloating over the headline. As Cutter starts to say that it’s time to move on; Kevin rushes in, grabs him and asks him what he is doing. He is pissed about Tess/Jess were in his room. Aubrey pretends to scold him. Cutter says that Tess just showed up, what was he supposed to do? He goes on and tells Kevin that it’s all good, Jess came back and she left with Brody. Joey tells him that Tess came back and to stay away from her. Joey leaves the room and Aubrey calls Cutter a liar. She says he knew she was coming over, she called first, you lied to me. Cutter’s reply, “So what if I did? “ They argue and she tells him that going after Tess is playing with fire. He then tells her that he thinks she was thinking about Joey while they were having sex. She says she wasn’t. They need to be more careful than ever because Ford knows she is a gold digger. Cutter doesn’t believe her, he thinks she is falling for him. As he tells her to make a decision, choose him or Joey, now. Joey heard and wonders what THAT is supposed to mean. He covers and says that he didn’t like how his sister was all over him about the Tess situation. Joey stands up for her and tells Cutter that no one can talk to his wife like that. Cutter leaves and Aubrey thanks him. She tells him how much she loves him and doesn’t care about his money. She gushes compliments (sweet, strong, smart, etc) and tells him that he is everything she has ever wanted. She tears up and asks him if he believes her. The doorbell rings and it is Kelly who offers to help any way she can. Aubrey steps between them and tells her that she will take care of her husband.

Natalie and Brody are gushing over their baby as he talks about Ryder and how he should have just brought them home. Nat tries to assure him that Jess will come back again. Brody gets up to get a bottle and the doorbell rings. Natalie opens the door and it’s Marty. She shouts for Brody. He rushes out and wants to know why she is out of St. Anne’s. As Brody calls to see if she has been released, she coos over Liam and how big he is; she says she remembers everything she did. Natalie is freaking out and holds him protectively away from Marty. She wants to explain why she did what she did. She promises to never her them or Liam. She just wants to apologize for taking the baby in the hospital. She thought the baby was hers, but she knows now who the parents really are.

Natalie and Brody comfort Liam as Marty looks on. She wants to help Jess/Tess and then tells them that John is the one who helped get her released. Natalie can’t believe it and leaves. She is going to see John. Marty is still there with Brody and the baby. He warns her to stay away from them. He gets her out of there.

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