OLTL Update Tuesday 3/29/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/29/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica and Brody go to Robert’s apartment together. She angrily tells Robert that Brody told her what he and Tess did to her. He used her and her trust fund and took her baby from her. Robert protests that he did not intend to hurt her and she does not understand. But Jessica furiously tells him she demands to see her baby.

At the hospital, Natalie talks to Shaun about Todd’s shooting. She asks if he has any leads. She admits that she knows that it appears that the shooter had some involvement in Paris when she uncovered something at that crime scene. Shaun informs her that he believes that Tomás Delgado shot Todd.

Blair talks to John at the station. She tells him that they need to talk. He asks her about what. She replies about Tomás Delgado.

Tomás is alone at Capricorn playing the piano. Dani comes by and tells her uncle that that is beautiful

Jack Manning talks to his unconscious dad ready to confess the terrible thing he did. He remembers Dani telling him she knows that Sane Morasco did not have his inhaler today and it’s a bit odd and Jack rushed out of the high school right when Shane was having his asthmatic attack. Starr and James overhear him and Starr asks her brother what terrible thing he did. He hesitates to answer.

The woman who is James’ mysterious friend talks to the computer about how she cannot accept that James has moved on with a girl named Starr Manning.

Bo goes to Clint’s home and tells him he has evidence that Clint may very well have killed Eddie. He has a video that puts Clint at the scene walking out of Eddie Ford’s room the night he got shot with the murder weapon in his (Clint's) hand.

At Robert’s apartment, he tells Jessica that “this situation” is the last thing that he wanted. He would never use that baby boy. Brody then asks if they can have him or not. Robert then tells them that Ryder is his son and he has the right to have him. Jessica and Brody tell him that he even wanted the baby. Robert protests to them that he has a connection to his son and it’s brought out something in himself that he never before knew existed. Brody tells Robert that he knows that he wants to get his hands on the Buchanan money. Jessica then tells Robert that if he has a heart, he cannot keep her son from her. He then agrees to go and get Ryder.

James’ “lady friend” closes her computer and cries, concluding that it’s over. She came all this way and spent all the money for nothing.

In Todd’s ICU room, Starr and James enter to ask Jack what his “big secret” is that he was going to confess to Todd about the terrible thing he did. Jack tells them that it is not for them to know or hear. It’s between him and his dad… and “somebody else”. But she needs to know how he could cut class and run out of school as Dani has reported she saw, and be secretive and play these games while his dad is sick. And she knows that Dani knows some things about what Jack has been up to. So she pulls out her phone to call Dani. But Jack urges her not to call their sister.

When Dani finds her uncle Tomás in Capricorn, he tells her that he’d like to maybe spend some time talking and getting to know her better if nobody else is around.

Blair talks to John about how she knows that John believes that Tomás shot Todd. She tells him that she kind of caught Tomás off guard and got a “strange feeling”. She asks John if there is anything that she should know about Tomás.

Natalie asks Shaun what he knows about Tomás. He asks if she has talked to John. She tells him that she and John are not exactly speaking. He could not forgive her for having him believing that Brody’s baby was his.

When Jessica and Brody go inside the room to see baby Ryder, she tells him that she is worried that her baby will be afraid to see her and won’t know her after being away from he all this time. He assures her that Ryder will know how much she loves him. She must know that. Robert then brings him out so she can hold him. And it appears Robert cries when he sees her holding baby Ryder and expressing how much she loves and misses him.

Clint asks Bo if he thinks that Clint would believe that the Minuteman Motel has surveillance cameras where anybody would have a clue if he was there or not. He knows that that place does not have any security cameras and Bo is “pretty stupid” not to know that.. Bo then tells his brother he’s correct. They do not have them and Clint did not get photographed “that way”. But, he tells Clint, it just happens to be his “luck” that somebody did catch him. Bo then asks his uniform officer if he’d like to “do the honors”. He smirks and tells Clint he bets Clint never thought he’d be part of a porn flick.

James’ lady friend leaves her room at the Minuteman when a the film producer tells her he hopes that she is not crying over “some dude”.

By Todd’s ICU bed, Starr corners Jack and demands to know what the big secret is that he needs to tell her.

Tomás tells Dani that when he heard her telling her mom that she was certain that her dad would wake up, he believed her and thinks it’s great that some people still believe in miracles. But she tells her uncle that she doesn’t believe in miracles.

At the police station, John tell Blair that maybe it wouldn’t hurt her to stay away from “this guy" (Tomás). She tells him normally she would not take his advice. But the last time he gave her advice to stay away from someone, it was Elijah Clark. But she gives him the photograph that Tomás somehow found of herself and Todd on their wedding many years ago. She tells John she does not know the answers to his questions and how to respond to his suspicion about Tomás. But she tells John he may have the photo and keep it.

Shaun tells Natalie that he believes that she and John McBain are a good fit and could go the distance. She tells him that she believed that also. But it appears that John has moved on with Kelly Cramer.

Jessica holds the baby and cries and tells Brody that Tess took everything from her like she always has to do. She missed all that time she had with her baby. She promises Brody she will never leave him and their baby again. And they conclude they are going home. But at that point, Robert tells them they must wait. They are not taking his son anywhere.

Jack admits to Starr and James that he is not happy with Dani’s boyfriend, James’ brother. He caught Nate talking trash about his dad and he confronted him.

James’ friend talks to the film producer outside The Minuteman. He asks her who ‘the guy” is. Who is “the heartbreaker”? Did he cheat on her? She tells him not really. But they had dreams that are ruined. The guy asks her if she has a portfolio and assumes she’s a model. He obviously wants her to be in his film.

Jack tells Starr that James and Nate want to take both of Todd’s daughters away from him. They just want to cause trouble. That is why he got into the confrontation with Nate and left school. And James needs to get out of there when his dad cannot defend himself. He will not let James or Nate disrespect his dad.

Dani tells Tomás that she thought and hoped that her dad squeezed her hand. But maybe she lied telling her mom and telling Starr that she believed that her dad would ever wake up. And all she knows is that the man in that bed is not her father. That man cannot hear her or anyone. Tomás asks his niece how she can be sure. She tells him because if he could, he would wake up. She tells Tomás that Todd would never consciously put her through what she went through when they thought they had lost her mom. Tomás then reaches out to Dani. But Blair returns and gruffly demands that he “gets his hand off that child”.

Natalie notices her father in handcuffs and her uncle ready to arrest him. She asks Bo why he ahs arrested Clint. Bo replies for the murder of Eddie Ford.

Robert Ford tells Brody and Jessica that he is going to call the cops if they think they can take his son from him. Brody ask Robert if he thinks the cops would arrest “one of their own” and asks what court would grant him custody of a baby that he conceived the way he did when neither Jessica nor he even want him near the baby and now that Tess is gone. Brody and Jessica walk out the door with the baby. But Robert asks her how she can get back with this guy (Brody). He had sex with her sister and got her pregnant and lied about it, Robert protests.

When Blair reacts to seeing Tomás alone with Dani, Dani asks her why she freaked out. She then apologizes and tells Dani that she is just upset as everybody is, about Dani’s father. She takes Dani aside and tells her that she just didn’t want to see Dani turning to “somebody” other than her family if she needs to talk about her feelings regarding her dad. Dani then tells Blair that she didn’t need to talk to her about her dad. But she would like to talk to Blair about Jack.

James’ friend tells the guy at Minuteman that she is going back to Dayton, OH even though she believes it’s a terrible place where she does not want to ever live again. He asks her why she would let some dude chase her back there if she doesn’t want to go. Maybe if she sticks around in Llanview, then that heartbreaker might come to his senses.

John tells Natalie that he has evidence that Clint killed Eddie Ford after putting Eddie up to kidnapping Nora. She tells him it’s insane to believe that her dad is capable of kidnapping and murder. He tells her he’s sorry. But Clint has been a suspect for a long time. Hearing that, she asks John how long he has been suspecting Clint and not telling her. John admits since before they got ready to get married. Hearing that, Natalie asks John how he could keep that secret from her. He tells her he did not want to upset her and had no conclusive evidence at that point. And, John concludes that it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Robert continues to tell Jessica she must know how Brody betrayed her. He has lied to her about so many things before and after she found out by accident that he knocked Natalie up. He and Natalie have been keeping this secret from her all this time. Brody has given up on baby Ryder and could care less about him. Where was he at the court hearing if he wants to be there for her and their baby? He’s been spending more time with Natalie and baby Liam and she needs to know that the two of them just want to have their own “family” with their own baby. Hearing that, Brody demands that Robert shuts up and silences him by punching him. But throughout the conversation and Robert’s persistence in reminding her all that Brody and Natalie did to her, it appears that Tess has come back out again. And she demands that Brody gets away from her. She demands to know what the hell is going on. He calls her Jessica and she tells him he better stop calling her Jessica and get his hands off of her. She goes back into the apartment to be with Robert and “their” baby. She tells Brody he better get out. If he touches her again, he will live to regret it. Jessica is gone and he better hit the road. Brody again gets into Robert’s face and tells him that he did this to her. Robert tells him that he did what he had to do. Brody is determined to get Jessica back. But Tess pushes him out the door. She tells Robert he did a nice job. He “ripped Jessica’s mushy little heart out”. She smirks at Robert and tells him that she is almost “turned on” by him. But he is not happy or encouraged by what just happened.

John tells Natalie that he was trying to protect her by not telling her his suspicion about Clint. She tells him that she and Brody were doing the same thing in order to “avoid” hurting him yet he will never forgive her when he justifies what he did. He tells her that that is completely different. He was going to spend the rest of his life falsely believing that Liam was his son. That is completely different than his confidential investigation of Clint. She asks him if he believes that this is a “contest”. He tells no. They are done.

Bo tells Clint that he knows that Clint does not want his daughters and family to be put through hell. Bo does not want that either. So he can help Clint to spare them that by having him confess. Bo then gets on his tape recorder and identifies himself and the date and announces that the next voice that will be heard will be of Clint Buchanan.

At Capricorn, Dani admits to Blair that she and Destiny were in the high school gym when Jack and his friends were having some “secret”. As soon as she found him, he ran off and disappeared as fast as he could. The next thing she saw was Shane Morasco ready to die from not having his inhaler. Hearing that, Blair admits that she does not want to even imagine the rest of what Dani will tell her that she believes happened. But Dani spells out to her that she believes that Jack took Shane’s inhaler from him.

James appears to find a job online and Starr is very encouraged.

James’ “friend” admits to the porn producer that she is trying and failing to find a job and has to get out of there. He gives her a business card and tells her that he might have some “leads” for her. He does not want her to let this dude run her off. She must think about it. Think about showing this guy and everybody else what she is made of, he tells her. She then gets back into her motel room and says: “Ok James. Maybe there still is a chance for us.”

On Bo’s tape recorder in his office, Clint goes on the record by saying he confesses that he did not kill Eddie Ford. And his brother and this whole investigation can go to hell. Outside the office, Brody enters and informs Natalie that Jessica “came back”. But it got ruined. She was going to get back with him. She was in his arms. They were going to get Ryder and he was going to get his son back once and for all. But then Robert Ford said all these things that made Tess come out in the first place. Robert accused him of wanting to cheat on Jessica with Natalie. And he provoked Jessica until Tess came back. He tells Natalie that he looked into her eyes and saw her look of hostility and fury. And his world was shattered and his life was over. He cries and Natalie wants to hold him and console him as they are in this together.

Back at the apartment, Robert tells Tess that she better not think for a moment that he wants to “turn her on” by causing her to come back out when Jessica was going to get better. He tells her that he is ashamed of what he did and he hopes that she knows how disgraceful it is that she has ruined a perfectly good and honorable woman like Jessica.

Blair sits at a table with Dani and does not want her to believe that Jack would do what she accused him of. She does not want to believe what Dani believes about her son. She also looks at Tomás and realizes that one never knows what anybody is capable of.

At the station, Natalie observes Brody crying with his heart broken over how he got Jessica and his baby back only to lose them again. He sees how she is similarly devastated to see that her father getting arrested for kidnapping and murder by her uncle And they hold each other. John stares coldly at them.

Robert is alone in the apartment holding his baby and happy that he is still there with him.

Blair sits wondering what to believe about her son and about her “friend” Tomás.

Jack falls asleep in a chair outside Todd’s hospital room.

Starr holds her unconscious father’s hand with James by her side.

James’ “friend” gets back on her computer. And it appears that her name is Deanna Ford.

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