OLTL Update Monday 3/28/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
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Phyllis Rose is on the television news reciting all of the gossip from her show called Access Llanview. She talks about Cristian Vega getting arrested. It appears that he got into trouble with a female lawyer. He tells her that as soon as his “friend” gets there with his bail, they will never have to see each other again. Right then, Blair enters and tells him she cannot believe he got arrested.

Phyllis is talks about mayor, Dorian Lord who is always a bride’s maid and never a bride and how it’s happened again, for the 3rd time with David Vickers calling off their wedding.

Rama is on the couch of Clint’s living room, eating popcorn and laughing as she watches the show and hears all the juicy gossip.

In the courthouse, David announces to Dorian that he cannot marry her. Hearing that, Viki tells him that is “not funny”. But he clarifies that he is not joking.

Nora tells Bo that when she went to find Eddie at the motel the night he was shot, she remembers seeing “somebody”. But she cannot remember who she saw.

Rex and the porn film makers play their video and they see Clint enter the motel. Rex then declares that they finally “got” him and he is ecstatic.

Brody goes to find Tess at Robert’s home and asks Robert if he suspects she might be with Cutter Wentworth. Robert replies probably. Brody lectures Robert on how he could let Tess near this “player”. But Robert does not know what he is supposed to do, having no control over what Tess does.

When Cutter goes to the Minuteman to hook up with Tess and they are ready to go at it, it seems she suddenly turns back into Jessica and pulls away from him.

Phyllis then reports at one moment she’s Jess, the next she’s Tess. And now they can only call her “mess”.

Jessica then demands to know what Tess has been doing and why she is with Aubrey’s brother. Right then, she notices that Robert is leaving her voice mail message telling her if she does not get back there and clean up her act and he loses custody of the baby, she will go back to St. Anne’s. And he will go back to Langston. Right then, while on his phone, he hears a knock on the door. He answers it and sees Langston at his door.

David tells Dorian that she deserves better than a wedding in the courthouse. But he just got a call from somebody “important’. Hearing that, Dorian asks if he is talking to another woman.

Clint goes into the room to see Rama the television where Phyllis talks about how he used to wear a white hat and now wears a black hat and is now suspect numero uno.

When Rex observes the video of Clint entering Eddie’s room the night in question, he tells the porn producers that he needs that video. This is part of a murder investigation. They tell him that this cost too much and they can’t just let him have it. He tells them they may bill it to the city. But he has to take it.

Jessica tells Cutter that he must know that she cannot do this. Tess is not a person she tells him. She is a symptom. Her brother is marrying Cutter’s sister and she has to get back to her family. But right then, somebody appears at the door. It’s Brody. And at that point, Tess is gone and Jessica rushes to the man she loves.

When David tells Dorian that he got a call from Bev Altman, Dorian asks if she is younger, prettier, richer or blonder? He answers those questions but tells her that he is not having a “thing” with Bev. She’s his producer. He informs her that an agent heard about his imprisonment in Morocco and wants the best actor to play him. Hearing that, Dorian asks if they want Tuck Watkins to play him. He answers no. That guy is a loser. They want David to play himself.

Cristian talks about how he first met the woman, Sandra Kavanaugh who is a lawyer. They are at the gym working out when Cristian observed a guy being rude to her. She does not seem interested in Cristian until he punches the guy and knocks him out. Blair hears their story at the police station and asks how it is that they got arrested together.

Phyllis reports that Bo Buchanan will not rest until this case is closed even if it means he will put his big brother behind bar.

Bo urges Nora to take her time. She tells him she must remember if she saw Clint at the scene of the crime. He tells her even if she did, it might not hold up in court. What they need is hard evidence.

The porn producer tells Rex that he won’t let him have the video that implicates Clint unless Rex plays the pizza guy in their film. He protests to Rex that his entire franchise is ruined and he will lose his money and his contract if they don’t have Rex play this role since the other guy failed to come through for them. But Rex tells him that he has a girlfriend and a son and a man who is just like a father to him. He knows he has failed man he loves and who has been really good to him and has to make it up to him. And if Rex resorts to having to do something like this is order to help his friend, then he is dishonorable and gives Bo no reason to forgive or respect him. Right then, they guy decides to give Rex the video but tells him if he ever changes his mind, he (Rex) is a natural born actor.

Brody goes to find Jessica. And she rushes to hold him and he is elated that she is back. Cutter knows he better back off.

Cristian and Sandra Kavanaugh tell Blair the story of how Cristian got arrested by punching the rude guy at the gym and she was ready to represent him since she is a lawyer and she also got herself in trouble by assaulting the guy. She seems like a very driven lawyer who wants to win a case.

Bo tells Nora that they don’t have much evidence that Clint put Eddie up to kidnapping her. Right then, Rex rushes in breathless and interrupts them to announce that he has a DVD that is proof that Clint killed Eddie Ford.

At Clint’s home, he asks Rama if she is making herself at home indulging in mimosa’s. He knows that she just wants to take money and hospitality form him. She tells him that she needs to help her husband get out of jail. He tells her that he knows that she and Aubrey want him to believe that they are friends. But he knows better. So, is the reason why his daughter in law stuck her neck out in order to help Rama because perhaps Rama has something on Aubrey and her supposed brother?

Jessica tells Brody she just wants to go home and be with Bree and Ryder. He tells her that they cannot. She asks why. Did Tess do something to Ryder? Brody tells her no. He assures her that her baby is fine. But Ryder does not live at her home. He lives with Robert Ford.

Langston tells Robert the reason she went to see him is not in order to get back together. She came there to give him the necklace he gave her for Christmas.

David tells Dorian that he is going to do a scene with Brian Dennehy playing Bo. They need to find somebody dreadful to play Clint and he is considering Mel Gibson. And he wants to find a gorgeous woman like Angelina Jolie to play her. But she concludes that this means he is leaving her. He assures her no. He is going to marry her. But he also wants to be famous. Can’t he have both? He tells her after the film stops shooting, the two of them will walk hand and hand as husband and wife down the red carpet of the silver screen. But if this does not work for him, he will call Bev and ask her to re-cast. But Dorian tells him she’s sorry. This plan does not work for her.

At the station, the cop who arrested Cristian and Sandra declares that the guy who Cristian punched decided not to press charges because he did not want anybody to know that he got beat up by a guy smaller than himself (Cristian). Yet, it appears that the guy is willing to have Sandra arrested. She asks why he is not ashamed or embarrassed to let it be known that he got beat up by a woman. The cop declares that the guy obviously does not like her and wants to get her arrested for it.

Dorian tells David that the “plan” he has does not work for her. She is not going to marry him right there, right now. She is the mayor of this town and will not let him leave this courthouse without a ring.

Bo and Nora watch the DVD that Rex found and they are ready to issue an arrest warrant for Clint when Viki calls. Bo to join them at David and Dorian’s wedding. He leaves and Nora is ready to get Clint arrested.

At Clint’s home, he asks Rama if she really wants to work with a gold digger like Aubrey whom she doesn’t even like. She asks what choices he believes she has. He replies that he can offer her incentive to tell him what she knows about Aubrey. She does not want to do that. He tells her it would not be in her best interest not to work with him. She then asks what is plan to do if she does not. Kill her like he killed Eddie Ford?

Robert asks Langston why she would return the Christmas gift he gave her. Does she hate him that much? She tells him she does not “hate” him. But it’s over.

Brody tells Jessica there is something else she needs to know about “herself” and Ford. She asks what about herself and Ford. He replies that they are married.

Langston declares to Robert that she needs to give him the chance to be a father. Being with her will just hinder his life. She has seen him grow in the time she’s known him from an irresponsible selfish player. Now he has transformed. And she’s not going to stand in the way of that.

After Brody informs Jessica that Tess has married Robert Ford, she tells him they must get it annulled so that she and Brody can raise their baby.

When Bo has left Nora and Rex alone, she tells him she knows that it may be devastating for him to find out that Clint is his father and have to see him in prison. Rex tells her that Clint is no father to him and deserves what he gets.

Bo gets off the elevator to stand at David and Dorian’s wedding.

Rama tells Clint she is not about to join forces with him. He has no power and could not be able to offer her anything if she wanted to work with him. She knows that his brother will have him arrested.

The wedding starts. Dorian tells David that she gives him this ring as a token of their commitment. She will love him until she takes her last breath. David then asks Bo for the ring to give to her. He tells her that the prisons in Morocco are really hot and do a number on one’s skin and hair. He can’t believe that he is alive and has not completely lost his mind. He is alive and sane because his pa rescued him. And one reason why he’s come back ok is because of her. She kept him sane and determined to come back to her. And he loves her. The judge then declares them husband and wife and tells David he may kiss the bride.

Cristian finds a way to get the charges dropped against his new friend Sandra. And it appears they might see each other again.

Viki smiles and congratulates Dorian and David. SO does Bo. They all smile. Dorian then concludes that she can now call Bo “pa” since he is her father in law. And she gives Viki some rose petals to throw over the happy couple. They go off while Bo and Viki see them off and smile. Right then, Bo gets a all and asks Viki to excuse him while he takes it.

Robert calls and leaves a message for his lawyer informing him that it appears that Tess just got arrested for shop lifting and he needs to know if this will hurt their chances for getting custody of baby Ryder. Jessica and Brody appear outside the door ready to enter the apartment. He assures her it will soon be over.

Alone in the motel room, Cutter concludes he’s first been dumped by Dorian Lord. And then by Tess. But as soon as he walks outside, the porn producer rushes after him obviously looking for his “assistance”.

When Jessica returns to Robert’s apartment with Brody, Robert assumes she’s Tess. But she looks at him with a serious face, declares she’s not Tess. She’s Jessica. And she and Brody are there to take her baby back.

Bo goes to Clint’s home and serves him with an arrest warrant for the murder of Eddie Ford.

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