OLTL Update Friday 3/25/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/25/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert Ford returns home from his ‘job” wearing the wiener costume and rushes to greet his baby. He leans over the crib smiling and asks Ryder if he enjoyed hanging with Uncle James and Uncle Nate while he’s been out. But before he can say another word, Tess comes in to taunt him reminding him that he is her husband, dressed as a “big wiener” and that that is “false advertising”.

Aubrey is in bed with Cutter at the Minuteman Motel when he wants to have “fun”. But she pulls away letting him know that things are not the same between then. And she confronts him telling him that she is not going to sit by while he hooks up with Dorian Lord or with Joey’s sister’s alter, Tess

Dorian is in the courthouse ready to tie the knot with David. She goes to see Viki who wonders why she wants to talk and is surprised to hear that Dorian is wasting no time to marry David. Dorian asks her to be her matron of honor.

David goes to Clint’s home and runs into Matthew. He hugs his younger brother and appears confident that they can bond again. But Matthew clearly is less enthused to see him..

At the station. Nora reveals to Bo that on the night Eddie was shot, she remembers going back to The Minuteman Motel. And she is shocked and horrified to finally remember exactly what happened and what she did.

After Tess provokes Robert, he tells her that he is out earning a living at any cost. It’s worth it to him to be able to provide and be with the ones he loves. He asks her what she’s been doing while he’s been out working. She tells him she’s been blowing Ryder’s trust fund at the mall. Hearing that, he demands to know if she is serious.. She tells him he may relax as she can justify that what she bought is for the baby. She has some sexy clothes. He asks her if she wants to screw up this custody case. She must know that the judge has not ruled yet. And if that happens, then she should save everybody some time and give the baby back to her parents right now.

Joey goes to the station to talk to Brody about his meeting Tess for the first time. He tells Brody that he is horrified to see his younger sister doing what she does. And now it’s worse than seeing her with Robert Ford. She actually went off with Cutter Wentworth.

Robert tells Tess that what she did last night was worse than just blowing money at the mall. She got into a stranger’s car. Doesn’t she get it? He tells her that they are supposed to be acting like two sane married people. In response she asks with him dressed like a hotdog? How is she supposed to be happily married to that? Besides, she tells him, he is not the “hot dog” she is interested in.

Aubrey is suspicious of what Cutter has done the night before. She tells him he better not mess with Tess. It could ruin everything for them. They have already just about ruined everything as it is. Hearing that, he asks her what she means. She tells him that she ran into Joey and he appears suspicious.

When Joey talks to Brody at the station informing him that Tess went off with Aubrey’s “brother” to the Minuteman Motel, Brody asks him if something is not a bit “not right” here. Why would a brother of Aubrey’s have to stay at a dive like the Minuteman Motel? Aren’t the Wentworths supposed to be rich? Hearing that, Joey appears dumbfounded.

Aubrey tells Cutter that it appears Joey is starting to suspect that she married Joey for his money, thanks to Robert Ford and Kelly and their big mouths. And she’s very worried about Rama putting pressure on them and Clint ready to nail them the first chance he gets. He tells her that what they need is to get Clint nailed for murder. And then when Clint loses his freedom, they can break into his bank accounts and then get the hell out of dodge. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Rex identifying himself, announcing they need to open up because this is important.

At the station, Nora tells Bo that she definitely remembers returning to the Minuteman Motel. He then tells her that maybe she is confused about when Rex found her there. He asks her to think back and remember herself standing at the walkway. She then tells him that she went back there after Rex found her and after the accident. He asks her why.

Viki asks Dorian if she really wants to go through with marrying David so soon. Dorian tells her that it’s not soon enough. She and David should have remarried months ago. Viki asks Dorian if she does not want to take some time and “reconnect”. In response to that, Dorian shares that they have already “reconnected” multiple times. Hearing that Viki says thank you and remarks that that is too much information. Dorian tells her the sooner they can get married, the sooner they can erase the memories of the terrible torture that they have both endured. Hearing that, Viki tells her she makes a good case. Dorian tells Viki that they want to keep it small. The previous wedding was all about “show”. But this wedding is going to be all about love. She thought long and hard and concluded there is only one person she wants to witness this ceremony and that is Viki. She tells her that she would have never dreamed that the two of them would be in this place and that Viki would be standing up for her as a friend. Because, she tells Viki, she believes that is what they have become. Viki tells her she agrees and she will be honored to stand up at Dorian’s wedding.

When David runs into Matthew at Clint’s home, Matthew coldly tells his brother that he is merely there to see Uncle Clint. Hearing that, David tells Matthew yes. He knows Matthew wants to confront Clint for what he did to David. He tells Matthew he was in a prehistoric hell hole and was forced away from Dorian and broke her heart. If that is not a nightmare to end all nightmares, perpetrated by their uncle Clint, he does not know what is. Hearing that, Matthew adds to that comment, that that is only if one assumes he is not making it all up.

Viki and Dorian are together at the courthouse when Clint appears. He walks past them and Dorian stops him, points her finger at him and tells him he better stop right there because he is not going to ruin this day for David and herself.

Bo tells Nora it’s crazy that when she was at the scene of the accident that she would have gone back to the Minuteman. She admits that she does not know. She cries and tells him she is too scared to want to remember. He tells her he knows but she must listen to him and know that she must try.

Cutter opens the door to the motel room at the Minuteman when Rex asks to talk to him. Rex does not know or suspect anything about him yet but informs him, for the first time, that this is the very room where Eddie Ford was murdered. So, he tells Cutter, he must get some information. He asks if Cutter minds if he takes a look around. Cutter tells him he was about to take a shower. But Rex assures him this will be quick.

Robert tells Tess he is concerned about her gallivanting in bars, coming on to anything in pants and blowing Ryder’s trust fund when they have yet to get their custody verdict. He tells her he needs to shower but acts suspicious to leave her alone with the baby. She flippantly asks him what he’s afraid of. She’s not going to “kill the kid” or anything. He leaves. Alone with baby Ryder, she tells him of course there’s no reason why she’d want to kill her little “cash ticket” with all the fun she can have with her “new friend”.

At the station, Joey admits to Brody that he has some concerns. But realizing that Brody has enough on his own plate, he does not want to burden him with it. Brody then encourages Joey to tell him what is on his mind. Joey then tells Brody there are just some things he is now learning about Aubrey and her brother that are really starting to worry him.

At the Minuteman Motel, Cutter guards Rex and does not let him out of his sight and asks what he is looking for. And Rex walks into the bathroom to see Aubrey, looking very “suspicious” to be in the same motel room with her “brother” who has been lying in his bed wearing nothing but boxer shorts. They both play the “role” for Rex with Cutter acting surprised that his “sister” snuck in and is watching over him. She tells Rex she just came by to tell her lazy brother to get some clothes on. She’s a bit concerned that she heard that room he’s staying in is where a guy got shot. She asks Rex if he’s looking for clues and informs him that she’s heard that Joey’s dad is under suspicion. He tells her he knows. She asks if he or the cops have uncovered any leads. Rex replies not as of yet. He then leaves them alone and remarks that it’s weird. Alone with Aubrey, Cutter tells her it’s good that Clint is still a suspect. He might go down for the crime soon and not be able to touch them. But, she reminds him that Rex Balsam now suspects them. He’s a P.I. He’s best friends with Kelly Cramer who has their number. And she tells Cutter he better stay away from Tess or he will regret it. He grudgingly replies that her message is received. Right when Aubrey goes into the bathroom, Tess calls Cutter and tells him she’s “missed” him.

When Clint runs into Dorian talking to Viki, he tells her he has better things to do than care about her. She tells him she wouldn’t put it past him to bribe a judge. He has unlawful kidnapping, tampering with DNA and a murder charge pending against him. At that point, Viki asks her not to do this here. Dorian tells Clint that if he thinks he’s going to prevent her and David from getting married, he has another thing coming. He will not ruin their happiness or their future together.

David protests to Matthew that they developed a relationship and bonded together and Matthew must have faith in him. But Matthew tells David that he ran off, abandoned him and their dad and left Dorian at the alter and nobody has any reason to believe a word he says. David protests that Clint kidnapped him. But Matthew does not believe that about his uncle. David urges his brother to sit and tells him that even if he does not care what Clint did to him. Matthew must care what Clint did to his parents. He put Inez up to seducing Bo and make it look like he cheated on Nora. Then he hired a guy to kidnap Matthew’s mom and then probably killed the guy. Matthew tells his brother he’s heard the same story from his mom. David asks if he does not believe her.

Nora admits to Bo that she did go back to the hotel for the sole purpose of “finding” Eddie.

Joey tells Brody he’s a bit concerned when Robert Ford informed him that he knew Aubrey and that when they first met, she was interested in him assuming he might be rich but then did a complete 180 and disregarded him when she learned he was not. Brody asks Joey if he believes that.

Tess calls Cutter while Aubrey is in the shower and asks if he is not a “little bit” happy to hear from her. He then makes sure Aubrey does not overhear and tells Tess maybe. She tells him she hopes so since he appears to be the only person in this worthless town who does not treat her like she’s some sort of freak of nature.. And she adds to Cutter that she won’t “tell anyone” if he doesn’t. He tells her he’s at the Minuteman. She tells him she’s on her way. Aubrey then comes out and asks who that was. He tells her wrong number. When Robert hears Tess hang up the phone, he asks her the same thing. She tells him the lawyers who are informing them they do not need to return to the hearing yet.

Rex talks to some people at the Minuteman who want to shoot a porn flick and assume he’s an actor. But they don’t believe him. He tells them he’s not the guy they want. But the “producer” flashes some money at Rex.

Matthew admits to David that he is still processing what Clint did to his parents. But there is no way Clint killed Eddie Ford. David tells his brother that their pa is the best cop in town, and David’s stepmother is the best D.A. So if there is proof to be found, they will find it. He then tells Matthew he has to get going. He’s marrying Dorian today. Their pa will be his best man and it would be nice to have his “best bro” standing by his side. Matthew tells his brother he can’t. He needs to stay there and wait for Uncle Clint. David tells Matthew that he better give their uncle hell for what he did. And Clint will not stop him from marrying Dorian this time.

Clint asks if Dorian if he really did all those things she alleges he did, why then, has he not been arrested. She replies good question that she will have to ask of her Police Commissioner and her D.A., both of whom are named Buchanan. He tells her she may go ahead and knock herself out because those two incompetent people have nothing to charge him with. Dorian tells him if Bo and Nora can’t convict him, she will find somebody who will and reminds him that karma is a bitch and she’s coming after him. He scoffs. She tells him he may laugh all he wants. But it’s only a matter of time before he goes to prison and she will see to it that it’s a lot worse than the one he threw David in. Viki then stands up to tell her that’s enough and asks Clint to go. She tells him that Dorian is right. He won’t get away with what he did. Alone with Dorian, Viki tells Dorian that she won’t let her allow anyone to ruin this day for her especially not Clint. So, she asks Dorian to go and get that angry look off her face so that David does not see her like that. Dorian then tells Viki she is so grateful to her for that and tells Viki she is the consummate matron of honor.

Nora asks Bo what if she killed Eddie. She remembered that he tied her up and violated her and she wanted him dead. Bo tells her that a lot of people could have killed Eddie. The murder weapon was found in Inez’s apartment. Nora then admits it’s possible that she set Inez up. She hated her. She believed that Inez put Eddie up to the kidnapping and could have planted the gun to frame her. BO tells her if that was the case, she would have had to do it that night. It’s kind of far fetched that Nora would have taken a taxi all the way to Inez’s home, planted the gun, and then conveniently returned to the scene of the accident after killing Eddie.

Cutter looks out the window seeing if he can spot Tess while Aubrey gets ready to return to Joey.

The porn producer bribes Rex with money wanting him to be part of the video. They want him to be the pizza delivery guy at their motel room and end up in a porn scene.. The producer informs him that they are desperate to get their film ready since they had to move out of the room across the way after hearing some guy was shot there and the cops needed them out of there. Hearing that, Rex asks the producer if he actually had a camera shooting this scene in the very room where there was a murder and the motel management never questioned it. The producer asks Rex if he believes that the “classy” establishment of this place would care if they were shooting porn there. Rex then asks if he has a copy of the film he shot the night of the murder. The guy tells Rex no way. Nobody gets to see his films until they are fully completed. Rex protests that this is a matter of life and death.

Bo asks Nora to close her eyes and put herself at that walkway. She then remembers walking to Eddie’s room. She hesitates and panics but remembers attempting to open the door but remembers it was locked so she could not have gone in. At that point, she is relieved to know that she could not have killed Eddie.

Clint returns to his home to see Matthew and asks his nephew what he can do for him. Matthew tells him he needs to talk to him. Is it true that he put Eddie Ford up to kidnapping his mom and put Nate’s mom up to trying to seduce his dad? Clint then closes the door and urges Matthew to calm down. Matthew tells his uncle he will not calm down. He trusted and believed in him. But it was all a lie. He asks Clint if he did all of this just to get back at Matthew’s parents. Clint tells him no. That’s not how it was. Matthew asks his uncle if it was also a part of his plan to turn Matthew against his parents. Clint tells his nephew he does not know where this is coming from and asks how Matthew could accuse him of these things after all he’s done for Matthew. Matthew then reminds his uncle that his parents and brother believe that Clint killed Eddie Ford in order to cover up what Eddie knew and are looking for evidence while they speak.

David gets off the elevator in the courthouse ready for his wedding. He runs into Viki who is happy to see him, welcomes him home and hugs him. She asks how he could look this good after what Clint put him through. He tells her it’s amazing what a hot shower and a wonderful woman can do for him. She laughs, smiles and tells him she is so happy for him and Dorian and believes they deserve to be happy. But she asks if he’s really sure that he is ready to go on with his life after all that has happened to him. He tells her hat he wants to make Clint pay but is not going to let anything or anybody prevent him from marrying the woman he loves. Viki then goes off and when David is alone, he gets a call on his phone that appears to startle him.

At the station, a fellow cop informs Brody that they got a report of a girl shop lifting and somebody said they recognized her as Jessica Brennan.

Cutter gets ready to meet Tess. She comes through the door wearing her sexy clothes and wants to have fun with him.

Dorian rushes to David with Viki behind her. But he appears worried and tells her there is not going to be a wedding. He cannot marry her.

Joey returns to Aubrey and asks her where she was. She tells him she was visiting her “brother” urging him to stay away from Joey’s sister. She tells him Tess is her family now too. And she doesn’t want anything to jeopardize Jessica’s recovery. She then asks if he listened to what Robert Ford told him last night. He must know he cannot believe a word that guy says and asks if he knows what that guy has done to Joey’s sister.

When Robert is alone in the apartment with the baby, relieved that Tess is gone, Brody comes by and tells him that he just heard that Tess got arrested for shoplifting. He asks Robert if he knows where she is and if she might be with Cutter Wentworth.

Tess and Cutter go at it. But at that point, she pulls away and demands to know where she is. It looks like maybe Jessica has come back.

Clint tells Matthew that his parents have nothing on him.

Rex and the porn stars look at something that startles them.

Nora admits to Bo that she “saw something” that shocked her when she entered the room looking for Eddie.

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