OLTL Update Thursday 3/24/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/24/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is in Buenos Dias on her computer and sees that it’s confirmed on her webpage that she is in a relationship with James Ford.

James is in the apartment taking care of the baby when Nate comes by. Nate tells his brother he saw that James updated his page with his relationship status.

While Starr is on her laptop in Buenos Dias, she notices the strange woman also on a laptop staring coldly at her.

At the high school, Dani and Destiny notice Jack rushing off and Dani asks him what the rush is. He tells her that his teacher is “hot”. He obviously wants to “hide” something. And not far away, Shane is alone on the floor not far away crawling and coughing without his asthma inhaler.

When Tomás and Blair leave Buenos Dias and John notices that Gigi has uncovered something that Tomás left behind that he got from Paris and he has also heard, from Natalie that the shooter was been in Paris, he puts two and two together.

Rex comes by Bo’s office with his favorite coffee. Bo is not there but Nora graciously thanks him for his gesture. Rex asks Nora if she thinks that Bo will ever forgive him.

At Clint’s home, Bo goes to find David who tells him he won’t let Clint get away with what he did to him. Nigel enters and asks David what he can do for him. David tells him that his boss had him kidnapped, set him up to be falsely accused of crimes he did not commit and had Alex working with him. So, he tells Nigel, he better start talking. Bo tells Nigel he has a few questions for him. He tells Nigel that nobody is accusing him of anything. But Nigel tells him that “Mr. Vickers” is making an accusation. Bo tells Nigel that he is not. But everything that David alleges has happened to him has happened. He tells Nigel that he knows Nigel ahs been very loyal to this family for many years. But, Bo tells Nigel, he must know what Clint has been up to throughout the recent past. Nigel then admits that he has noticed some “issues” about Clint. Bo asks him if he has noticed that Clint could be capable of murder.

At the station, Rex tells Nora that he realizes that he has made some serious mistakes but is determined to make it up to Bo and David. He tells her that he has gone to Cherryville and is looking into some leads that might help them find Eddie’s murderer. He tells her that he is not going to let Clint get away with all that he has done.

At Buenos Dias, Gigi observes Starr on her laptop. She asks if Jams is going to finish what he was doing or if he had to leave. She asks if Star and James are “together”. Starr smiles and replies yes. And the strange woman sits at the counter and stares coldly at Starr.

At the apartment, James tells Nate he realizes he has good reason to be angry with Todd Manning but he must realize that he has been shot. Nate tells James he knows that. And he reveals that he might know some information about who could have shot Todd.

Outside Buenos Dias, John tells Tomás he finds it a bit odd that they finally meet Téa’s brother yet, Téa has never mentioned him. He asks Tomás what is “his thing”. Blair tells John that Tomás is an artist and been traveling for a long time. So John does not need to interrogate or give Tomás a hard time. John then says he’s sorry and realizes it may just be “occupational hazard” on his part from being a cop. He then informs them that he has uncovered a substantial lead and has a big clue about who shot Todd. He informs them that the shooter left something at the scene. Tomás replies that’s good. Téa will be relieved if the cops have uncovered something. John then asks Tomás if he’s ok and remarks he looks a bit pale right after he’s heard that. John then asks if he can talk to Blair alone. He asks her just what she knows about this guy. She tells him he’s very charming. Very smart. A real artist. He asks her if he lives in Paris. She asks why John is so interested in Tomás. John then pulls something out of his pocket that’s inside a baggie that is clearly from Paris. He informs Blair that this is what they found at the crime scene and it matches what he left behind at Buenos Dias.

Nate tells James that when Todd awakens from his coma, they must both be ready to deal with what he will be doing. James does not appear worried. Nate remarks that his interest in a “girl” is making him dopey.

At Buenos Dias, Gigi approaches the strange woman on the laptop and asks her if she would like to try Noelle’s famous pies. The woman asks her if coffee refills are free, indicating that it will enable her to stay there.

After Jack rushes off and appears suspicious or secretive to Dani and Destiny, they notice that Shane is suffering an asthmatic attack and is lying and crawling on the floor. And they rush to help him.

Rex asks Nora if she knows of anybody in the motel room besides herself, himself, Eddie and whoever the shooter is. She admits they have yet to find a lead.

Nigel tells Bo and David that Clint is not a monster. And he informs them that when he confronted Clint about “some things”, he appeared haunted and regretful. Hearing that, Bo asks Nigel what “things” he knows about Clint. Before Nigel can answer that, David tells him that Clint had him kidnapped and bets he also put Eddie up to kidnapping Nora and Eddie Ford murdered to keep him quiet. Bo asks Nigel if he does not know that Clint did that. And does he not have any clue of where Eddie Ford was the night he was murdered. Hearing that, Nigel replies as a matter of fact, he does know some things about Eddie’s whereabouts before he was shot.

Rex and Nora attempt to brainstorm what they know about when he found her alone in the motel room where Eddie left her tied up and Eddie was gone and when the timeframe could have happened for when he was murdered after they both left. She realizes that neither of them would know since they had a car accident and were both unconscious and would not have a clue what could have happened or when Eddie returned or who killed him and when it would have happened.

At Clint’s home, Bo and David grill Nigel about what he knows regarding the night when Eddie was shot. Nigel recalls he remembers watching a television show the night in question. He remembers seeing a bulletin about the murder of Eddie that interrupted his program... But before he had a chance to see or know the details, Clint returned. Bo then asks Nigel if he really knows where Clint was when Clint told him that he was working late at the office. He asks if Nigel has any evidence that Clint was at the office like he said or if he has only his word.

James tells Nate that his memories of living in Dayton, Ohio, seem like a million years ago.

The strange woman is alone in Buenos Dias talking to Gigi.

Jack sits at a table with Starr who wonders why he has left school. Right then, they hear Gigi getting a phone call about Shane having an asthma attack. They observe her calling Rex and frantically rushing make sure her son is not seriously hurt. Starr is worried but has no suspicion of her brother.

Blair tells John that she found a portrait of herself and Todd from way back when she went to Paris with Cristian Vega not long ago. She met Tomás there and he told her he found a photograph at a flea market and painted from it. John asks her if she does not see that as a bit too much coincidence. She asks why he assumes that Tomás would come all the way there to shoot Todd when he doesn’t even know him. She does, however admit, that Tomás expressed his opinions about how Todd has maybe “hurt” both her and Téa and wanted his sister to leave Todd. Hearing that, John is curious and asks her if she knows about Tomás and Todd getting into any confrontations. Blair admits that Tomás apparently did a “background search” on Todd and when Todd found that out, he threatened to get Tomás deported. Blair still suspects nothing. But John does suspect a lot.

In the hospital, Tomás waits until Shaun takes his break and he is alone to go into Todd’s room unseen.

John asks Blair if thee is “something going on” between herself and Tomás. She tells him no. He asked her out a couple of times but she turned him down because it’s too soon after Eli. He tells her if she does not mind a bit if advice, she needs to keep her distance from this guy. He also asks her about the photograph that Tomás found of her and Todd. She told him she has it. Tomás gave it to her. She leaves and John is obviously on a hunt.

At the hospital, Tomás gets a call from someone asking about Todd and he tells them that it’s “Not easy” since people work there and observe him night and day. And he confirms to his contact that Todd is still in a coma.

Nate asks James about when he was on the run after stealing cars and finds out about James leaving behind a girlfriend. He asks him what happened with that. But before James can answer, they baby awakens and they hold him and attend to him.

Gigi and Rex rush to the hospital after finding out that Shane has had an asthma attack. The school nurse informs them that she has “saved the day” by having an extra inhaler available for him. Gigi asks her son why he doesn’t have his own inhaler. He lies and tells her he forgot to bring it to school today. Gigi then “lectures” her son that the inhaler is the most important thing he can have with him at all times. He tells her that the inhaler is ruining his life.

Nora remembers when Rex picked her up at the motel and right when they had the accident. And then when Bo found her. And she concludes that Eddie must have died after the crash but before she found Bo.

Nigel tells Bo and David that he took Clint at his word and had no reason to believe he was not at the office. Bo tells Nigel he realizes and understands and tells him he’s been very helpful. He takes David aside and tells him they cannot continue to interrogate Nigel. David stays behind and notices Nigel talking to the picture of Asa. He tells him he is not going until they get some things straight. And he closes the door to talk to Nigel alone.

At the school, in response to Shane telling his parents that the inhaler is ruining his life, Gigi tells her son he must know that his inhaler saves his life. Shane walks away from his parents. Rex then asks his son what is going on. He needs to talk to them. He then tells them that he will tell them what happened to his inhaler. He remembers being bullied by the boys and falling down, ganged up upon. And he tells them that he threw it away. Hearing that, they demand to know why he would throw it away. He tells them that having the inhaler makes him a loser. Hearing that, Rex and Gigi demand to know why he believes he’s a loser to need an inhaler. Rex then asks if somebody has told him he’s a loser.

Dani goes to Buenos Dias and informs Jack that she and Destiny found Shane Morasco on the floor having an asthma attack without his inhaler. She tells him that Shane could die without it and she finds it a bit odd that Shane did not have his inhaler. She asks Jack if he knows anything about that. Jack does not answer.

Starr goes to visit James and the baby. Nate takes a picture of the three of them.

David gets a call that appears to be from Dorian while he is interrogating Nigel. He then tells Nigel that he is going to his wedding and Nigel is not invited. He tells Nigel that he and his boss tried to ruin David’s life. But they will not succeed. Nothing is going to ruin his marriage to Dorian. But, hearing that, Nigel reveals that he believes that David will ruin his own marriage and that David cannot be trusted.

Bo returns to the station where Nora informs him that Rex is investigating the murder of Eddie and really trying to right the wrong.. Bo tells her that the Minuteman Motel is open 24/7 and rocks around the clock.. So somebody somewhere had to see something or know how Eddie got murdered. Right then, Nora appears stunned and Bo asks if she is ok.

John declares that he is going to conduct a background check on one Tomás Delgado.

Blair goes to see Todd in his hospital room and is surprised to see Tomás alone in the room standing beside an unconscious Todd.

Nate is ready to post pictures of Starr, James and the baby.

The strange woman sees the picture and concludes that it appears that “they” (Starr and James) have a baby.

At the other table at Buenos Dias, Dani asks Jack why it was that he was with Shane and did not know that Shane had the asthma attack yet did not have his inhaler. And it’s a bit suspicious and odd that Jack suddenly leaves school and comes over there. And she happens to know that Shane could die without his inhaler. Hearing that, Jack tells his sister that she’s worse than a cop or a mother and he walks away.

Shane protests to his parents that he will buy a new inhaler with his allowance if need be. Rex and Gigi tell him it’s not about the money. They are just worried about why he would not want to use his inhaler when he needs it. He does not answer. Gigi walks away with Rex remarking that it’s very odd that he’s suddenly concluded that he’s a loser for needing the inhaler and appears so secretive to them. There is obviously something he does not want to tell them.

Outside Todd’s hospital room, Tomás asks Blair what Detective McBain wanted to talk to her about. She tells him he just asked her what she knows about Todd’s enemies. They agree it’s a long list.

John is with Brody going over the leads in the case and ready to run it through police forensics so they can implicate Tomás.

David tells Nigel that just for the record, Clint is going to go to prison. His “pa” is going to bring him down. So maybe Nigel does not want to assume that he should be loyal nor will have a secure job working for Clint when Clint won’t be able to employ him nor need him when he’s in the slammer.

Nora concludes to Bo that she was there and could see what happened to Eddie on the night in question. . She did not wander off after the accident in Rex’s car. She went to the Minuteman Motel that night.

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