OLTL Update Wednesday 3/23/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/23/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Dani and Téa are at Todd’s bedside. He is still in a coma and Dani is talking to him and telling him that he doesn’t need to protect her from Nate because they love each other. Outside the room, Tomás has a hoodie on, and tries to go in to see Todd. Shawn stops him. Tomás tells him that he is family, Téa’s brother. Shawn is skeptical and threatens to have him checked out at the police station. Next thing you know, Shawn is down on the ground and pulls his gun on Tomás. Téa and Dani rush out of the room. Shawn realizes he is Téa’s brother. Tomás apologizes; he is holding his side and sweating bullets down his forehead. As he starts to double over, Téa rushes over to see what’s wrong. He tells them that it’s just cramps, he’s hungry and he’ll go get some comfort food, he still remembers her favorites. Dani leaves with Tomás to go to school.

Shawn comforts Téa. Téa is concerned for Dani after everything she has already been through. Shawn then starts to question about Tomás and mentions that he isn’t just an artist, but a professional fighter.

At the school gym, Nate is wrapping up practice as Destiny comes in to talk to him. He admits that he is not broken up over Todd still being in a coma. He tells Destiny that it’s a relief to not be looking over his shoulder. He tells her how much Todd hates him and then tells her about the gun incident. As he makes a comment about what a pyscho Todd is, Jack walks in to the gym and demands to know what he just said about his dad. Nate tries to apologize and Jack goes off on him. He reminds Nate what a psycho his dad was and what about your mom, I heard she’s a whore. Nate grabs him and Destiny pulls him away. They leave and in walks Shane, hey Wheezy, ready to have some fun!. Gym class starts and Jack tells the coach that Miss Wilson is looking for him. Coach leaves, Shane is not dressed for gym, but sitting on the bleachers. Jack and Brad kick the ball at him and begin taunting him. He tries to leave and a bunch of kids surround him and won’t let him leave. Jack leans in to punch him and Shane is down on the floor, he looks terrified. He drops his inhaler and Jack picks it up. Shane asks for it back and Jacks tells him sure, for a $100. The gang leaves the gym; Jack takes the inhaler with him. They all bolt outside the gym, but Dani stops Jack and asks him what is going on.

At the diner, Blair is having breakfast with Jack and Starr. Shane is also there, sitting at the counter talking to his mom who is working. His school suspension is up and Gigi asks him if he is ready to go back to school. In the same breath, she tells him to stay out of trouble or he will get kicked out of school. She asks him to be nice to Jack; after all, he has a lot going on with his dad in a coma and all. Shane rolls his eyes. James comes in with flowers for Starr. She tells him she tried to call, but his line was disconnected. That’s what happens when you can’t afford to pay your bill he tells her. Jack is trying to get out of going to school, hey, doesn’t a coma count for anything. Blair gives him bus money and he can’t believe he has to ride public transportation; Dad would give him a ride. Oh well, he’s in a coma. Blair then tells him to be nice to Shane, after all, he did apologize. Big deal, he says, it was a letter. Blair tells him that it was very nice. Jack heads out behind Shane and acts all nice…hey, thanks for the letter Shane. Gigi and Blair are both surprised by that comment. Outside the diner, Jack’s true colors come through when Shane tries to say he is sorry about his dad. Jack calls him Wheezy and Shane tells him that he thought he wasn’t going to call him that anymore. Jack is just mean and tells him that he is even too dumb to breathe right and then goes on to threaten him against ever saying anything about the raffle money. Back inside, James asks Gigi if they are hiring and when she says no, he gives her his email address, just in case.

Jack and Shane arrive at school where Brad also arrives and the two quickly start in on Shane. Shane is just beside himself with the daily taunts. Gigi and Blair talk, Gigi apologizes again for Shane. They talk about kids and the things they do. Tomás arrives at the diner to get food for Téa and Blair introduces him to Starr. They leave the diner together to go back to the hospital and sit with Téa. Outside the diner, John shows up and Blair introduces them. Gigi rushes out and tells Tomás that he paid her with Euros. John’s eyebrows rise in curiosity as he listens.

At the scene of the shooting, Nat is working, collecting evidence when John walks in and says that he thought CSI was done, and then he realizes its Natalie. She tells him that the B team was in, she is double checking to ensure nothing was missed. Natalie goes on and asks him to at least be civil to her. Oh you, mean, lying to me for nine months is civil huh. He goes on and tells her, like I told your baby daddy; focus on the work, no personal stuff. In walks Kelly and Nat makes her comment, oh so much for keeping the personal stuff out…huh. Nat asks her how she got past the police line. She shows her press badge and walks around the room (Nat quietly makes a side comment about tainting the crime scene). Kelly guesses where the shooter was standing and Nat starts to make more comments to try and get her to leave. John tells Nat to knock it off, she isn’t going to run Kelly out of the room. Nat leaves and John gives Kelly some information about what might have happened. She asks John if he shot the shooter, wouldn’t he need medical attention. (they flash over to the hospital where Tomás is holding his side and is obviously uncomfortable). Kelly tells John that she is surprised that the man of so few words is starting a conversation with her. John tells her that he just hadn’t had a chance to talk to her since Natalie walked in on them. Kelly tells him that what happened was awkward, but its over and lets just forget it ever happened. As Kelly starts to leave, and Nat is eavesdropping outside the door, John asks Kelly out on a date. Nat walks in and announces that she found something in the stairwell. When John asks what, she snidely remarks that she can’t tell the press information before the chief investigator hears it. Kelly leaves and Nat shows John the euro she found. Flash over to Tomás who is on the phone telling someone that he is not coming back to Paris and ‘he’ is not talking, and maybe never will.

James and Starr talk about finding a job. She wants to help him so she can think about something besides her dad. James opens his MyFace page and changes his status to a message about looking for a job. He laments over not being able to find a job, not even in a garage because he is not certified. Starr gives him a pep talk and then asks him if he is going to update his relationship status. He leans over the laptop and changes it. Starr gives him a big kiss.

At the motel, a new girl arrives in town; she asks the motel manager if there is Wi-Fi in the room. She goes into her room and turns on her laptop. Her MyFace page shows the name Deanne Forbes and she browses over to James’ page. She is happy with the relationship status of single. She finds the address of the diner and sighs a weird, happy roll her eyes like I’m happy I found him kind of sigh. She goes to the diner and is looking through the window. She sees James kissing Starr and is visibly unhappy. When James walks out of the diner, she runs and hides behind a tree. She enters the diner and sits at the counter. She opens her laptop and sees the relationship status change for James and stares at Starr.

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