OLTL Update Monday 3/21/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Capricorn, Cristian asks Kelly about Todd. She admits that he is still critical. He’s been rushed to ICU and nobody knows what will happen. Cristian admits that Blair has been away at the hospital and he’s had to do a lot of work in her absence. Right then, Tess appears and tells them she needs a drink.

Rama moves into Clint’s house after Aubrey has “invited” her. Joey and Nigel help carry her luggage, while she acts sweet and grateful to her friends for this unselfish and honorable act. When Joey is alone with Aubrey, he asks her to remind him why she invited Rama to live ether.

At Capricorn, Tess orders a cosmopolitan. Cristian reminds her that she has hepatitis C and can’t drink. She clarifies to him that Jessica has that and she could care less. She wants a drink after what has happened at her court hearing regarding Clint and Viki and Robert Ford.

In the courtroom, while it’s in recess, Bo enters to place Clint under arrest for the unlawful kidnapping and false imprisonment of David. Clint tells Nora and Viki and BO they must know that those charges are hogwash and can’t be proven..

Right then, David returns to Dorian but catches her kissing Cutter.

Bo announces that Clint has had his son, David Vickers endangered while imprisoned in a Moroccan prison. Didn’t he? Viki and Nora both know that it’s true although Clint reminds them they cannot prove anything.

David asks Dorian who she is with, observing her with Cutter. She tells him that “this” is his replacement. She is moving on with somebody younger and hotter and has no more use for David.

Aubrey tells Joey he must know that Rama has lost everything. And they are all she has right now. And this place is huge. She won’t even be very noticeable. But Joey reminds his wife that his father will not be happy with Vimal’s wife living under his roof. She tells him that she doubts that Rama blames Clint for that. Aubrey then remembers Rama threatening to tell Joey everything she knows about Aubrey if Aubrey does not help her and Vimal get the money to free Vimal from prison for the false charges. Rama then enters to tell Aubrey that the room they have her in won’t do. She demands a better one.

David reminds Dorian that he is still her fiancé and asks if Cutter is “some cheap knock off”.

In the empty courtroom, Clint asks Bo how he would know or be able to prove that Clint had David falsely imprisoned in Morocco. He has no proof that David didn’t get himself put in prison for his parties and whatever David unlawful and dishonorable activity he has been doing on his own. Don’t they know that he is a con man and has no credibility with anything he says or does? Right then, Rex enters to confirm that he knows exactly what Clint has done to David. He has proof. Bo tells Clint that he spoke with Alex who is obviously working with him (Clint). But Clint tells them they cannot prove that Alex knows anything about their accusations of him.

David protests to Dorian that he was stuck in Morocco with no phone or means to contact her. But she does not believe that and tells him that she is done with that.

Bo tells Clint that he and Rex went to Morocco and met a witness who is willing to testify all that he knows about Clint having David falsely imprisoned. Does Clint think that he can pay everybody off to lie for him? Clint tells Bo and Nora that regardless of what they believe, they must face it that they have nothing.

At Capricorn, Kelly tries to reason with Tess that she must know that Jessica will be horrified and devastated to know that Tess is drinking and endangering her health and how it would affect Viki and baby Ryder. Tess tells them she could care less and goes off to find guys. Right then, Robert finds her and demands that she gets out of this bar. The guy asks her who this guy is. She replies he’s her husband and tells him he needs to go home and change the diapers and say good bye to the baby he’s lost due to his putting his foot in his mouth in the courtroom. He tells her whether she likes it or not, they have created Ryder. She tells him that he’s ruined his own custody case and there’s no way either of them will get Ryder after he called her Tess in the courtroom, so she could care less and he needs to realize it’s over. But he tells her he is not about to give up.

In the courtroom, Rex informs Bo, Nora and Viki, for the first time that a few months ago, he went to Clint’s office and found some confidential files about Clint having David kidnapped and sent to a Moroccan prison and had to cover it up. When Clint found out that he uncovered his secret, he threatened to have Rex sent to prison, take away Gigi’s grant to attend LU and ruin his son’s life if Rex told Bo. Rex tells them that he copied the documents and has them right in his home although he’s been threatened to never tell anyone. Clint then tells the others that even if they believe that, they must realize that Rex knew all the while that David was in prison yet did nothing about it. And he committed corporate espionage breaking into Clint’s office and taking those materials. Do they trust a word Rex says about anything?

David tells Dorian he knows that she is not over him and she needs to know that they are not over. And she must know that Cutter does not love her. He just wants her money. And he will be gone. Cutter does not love Dorian for her beauty and intelligence and wit and for who she is. He does. So she needs to get rid of Cutter before he uses her up and gets rid of her. With that, David pushes Cutter out the door and Dorian does not stop him.

Cristian tells Kelly he knows that she and Joey have been “going through some stuff”. Kelly clarifies to Cristian that she has no “stuff” with Joey. She realizes that Joey is married. She is no longer interested in him. But she does think that maybe Joey should know what his sister is doing.

After Rama tells Aubrey that she would like a bigger and nicer room, Nigel shows her another room after Aubrey asks. Alone with Aubrey, Joey tells her that Rama is way out of line demanding that they do that for her and asks Aubrey why she is putting up with that.

David tells Dorian he swears on his broken heart that he did not run out on her. He was kidnapped by Clint Buchanan. She asks why Clint would want to kidnap him. He tells her that she must know that there are many unsavory and dishonorable things about his uncle. She knows that Clint wanted to make Bo pay for taking Nora from him and blamed David for Clint’s losing that bimbo Kimberly. She sounds like she might buy that but protests that he’s left her at the alter before and lied and scammed and made her trust him only to let her down many times before and it’s like the boy who cried wolf.

After Joey tells Aubrey that he does not appreciate Rama being so demanding and ungrateful when she is a guest in their home, Aubrey rationalizes that Rama is a bit of a prim Dona and she apologizes for her. But she will go and talk to her. Rama comes down and Joey leaves her alone to talk to Aubrey. when he gets a call from Kelly informing him that Tess is drinking and carousing at Capricorn. Observing Joey ready to “jump” as soon as Kelly calls him, Rama gloats to Aubrey that it’s pretty obvious that Joey is not over Kelly and Aubrey looks like an idiot having her husband so inattentive to her.

In the courtroom, Clint tells Viki, Nora and Bo that he has done his own investigation of Rex Balsam and his schemes and Rex has no credibility against him. And Viki might like to see for herself since Rex is living on her property at the Carriage house. Hearing that, Viki is not angry nor suspicious of Rex. She is outraged that Clint would break into her property without telling her and is violating the privacy of a resident on her property.

David asks Dorian how she would be believe that he would just run off and be so shallow and superficial as to go partying all over the country. She tells him that his resume throughout his life would have shallow and superficial as the most prominent character trait. He asks her why she would be so swayed by the accusations of Clint Buchanan.

Rex hauls off and decks Clint. Clint tells the others that he wants this little punk arrested and charged with assault. Viki protests that Rex is his son and Clint cannot treat him like that. Clint then leaves. Nora tells Bo that he must know that Clint can hurt them. Bo reminds her that the prison guard in Morocco whom he and Rex spoke to has the goods on Clint and so does David. But Nora reminds Bo that David does not have credibility in a courtroom. And Viki informs Bo that she may not want to “do battle” with Clint since she needs his help in a custody battle of baby Ryder when Tess and Robert Ford want to take him from them.

Rama and Aubrey are threatening one another when Nigel comes by to see that there is a problem although they deny it.

Cutter goes to Capricorn after Dorian and David have kicked him out of her house and finds Kelly. She does not want to talk to him and tells him she thought he was interested in her aunt Dorian.

Dorian tells David that he must know that he has shattered her world. He may ask her girls or anyone who knows her what has happened to her after he left her at the alter. He tells her that he knows that that must be what made her lower her standards and resort to that low life gigolo. He reminds her that he was living with rats in a dungeon and now has doubts about her not believing nor trusting him. But she wants to seduce him and urge him to come back. She tells him he mustn’t be angry with her. All that matters is that he’s come back in one piece and they are together again.

Rama tells Nigel that what she and Aubrey were talking about is that she would like a room with the view of the gazebo. But he tells her can’t accommodate everything the way she wants. He knows that Mr. Buchanan would not approve of that. Right then, Clint enters and grimly asks what Mrs. Patel is doing there. Aubrey replies that she has invited her friend to stay since her husband is in prison and Rama has nowhere to stay.

At Capricorn, Cutter admits to Kelly that Dorian’s fiancé, David threw her out. Hearing that, Kelly smugly tells him that it looks as though he needs to find another rich and desperate woman in need of a gold digger gigolo because her aunt isn’t falling for him.. Right then, Joey rushes in to find Tess, grabs a hold of her and demands that Jessica hears him. But she tells him that Jessica is nowhere to be found.

In the empty courtroom, Viki tells Bo, Nora and Rex that she would like nothing more than to help them send Clint to jail for what he’s done to all of them and for what he’s done to David. But she has to think about the best interest Jessica and of baby Ryder. That is her priority.

Tess tells Joey that Robert wants her to go home and change diapers. And Joey wants her to care about his mother. She has no interest in what either of them wants so they both need to leave her alone. He tells her that Viki is her mother also. She tells him no. Viki is nothing more than a sick person with DID who abandoned her in a bar and let her get molested as a child. She rushes off. Kelly finds Joey and can see that he and Aubrey might be having “differences”.

Rex asks Bo and Viki if they are going to let Clint get away for what he did to David. Bo tells him that once they can win the custody case and get Jessica the help she needs, then they can make Clint pay for all he has done and he and Nora will prosecute him. But Rex does not want to wait and be at the desperate mercy of whenever that happens and tells them he has another idea.

David goes up to Dorian’s room and tells her throughout all the while he was stuck in that prison, he had a photo of Clint and was throwing darts at his eyes and ready to kill Clint. And that worthless little weasel, Rex Balsam knew all along what had happened to him but did not tell his dad, Bo. She tells him that she would like to see Rex Balsam die a painful death. But he tells her he has already tried to kill Rex.

In the courtroom, Rex tells Bo that because he is at fault for what happened to David, he wants to make it up to him. So he will testify against Clint in court. He knows what Clint did. And if it means that he also goes down for not reporting Clint, then he will face what will happen to him.

While Dorian leaves David alone in the bed, he gets on her laptop and notices that it appears that he’s announced on Facebook and MySpace that he’s traveling the world over, partying, living the high life, getting a free ride, sleeping with all the women and he now declares that he is seeing Alex. And David is horrified to notice what Dorian and all the others have been lead to believe about him all this while that he did not know.

At Capricorn, Tess gets up from her seat but Robert demands to know where she is going. She tells him to the bathroom. He then gets a call from his mom who is watching baby Ryder for him. And he’s momentarily distracted from where Tess is going.

Nora tells Rex that Clint has committed many more crimes than what he’s done to David. Viki confirms that she knows all too well about all of that and is willing to help Rex if he can help them nail Clint. They tell Rex, he must know that Clint will fight with everything he has to prevent them from bringing up to justice. But there might be a way for Rex to get complete immunity if he testifies against him.

Clint then talks to Nigel who informs him that it looks a bit suspicious that Mrs., Buchanan (Aubrey) is being so eager to please her friend Mrs. Patel who is making demands regarding staying in their home. Clint listens and knows what must be going on.

When Tess gets Robert distracted on the phone, she finds Cutter driving away and jumps into his car, knowing that he might be able to “help” her and possibly she-him.

When Dorian goes to find David but sees he’s gone, she goes looking for him. But he has gone to Clint’s home, busts through the door and aims a shotgun at his uncle.

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