OLTL Update Friday 3/18/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/18/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Bo is ready to get back to Llanview with David and Rex. Rex tells David, just for the record, he knows that Dorian has not been with anyone else, since David has been gone. David tells Rex if Dorian has found a hot young stud and forgotten him, he will personally blame Rex.

Meanwhile, in Llanview, Dorian is with Cutter who observes her declare that she is officially ready to get rid of David. She is done with this loser and the pictures of him. And this phony gigolo will soon turn into dust. She tears up the picture she had of him that she’s never been able to discard before.

As Clint is in the courtroom, he gets a text from Alex warning him that David is on the warpath.

The judge is ready to commence the hearing for custody of baby Ryder with all interested parties there. Nora is representing Viki and Clint. Tess and Robert Ford are also there with their lawyer.

At the hospital, Téa and Dani are worried about Todd. Starr tells Dani she cannot think negative. She is behaving just like Todd. Right then, Blair rushes in with Jack and Sam and Jack asks if his father has died.

At the hearing, the judge declares that this is a custody hearing for an infant named Ryder. And he asks what the baby’s last name is. Robert’s lawyer then stands up and declares that that is the very reason why they are there. Tess stands up and tells the judge that she and her husband are the biological parents of this baby and they have legal rights to him. The judge then asks why they are going to court against her parents. Viki then stands up and declares to the judge that this young woman (Tess) is not her daughter.

Jack and Sam accompany Blair and are also worried about Todd. The doctor comes out and informs them all that Todd is a coma.

In the courtroom, Tess says “Mom, why are you doing this?” The judge asks “Mrs. Ford” to sit down and not have any more outbursts. He then asks what is going on regarding Tess and her parents. Nora then stands up and announces that Jessica Buchanan suffers from a psychiatric illness that manifests into this person named Tess. Mrs. Banks and Mr. Buchanan only want their daughter to get the care she needs and have legitimate reason to believe that Tess is a danger to herself, to others and is not fit to raise a baby.

Dorian burns the photo of David right in front of Cutter. She tells him since he is the one to help her see the light, she wants to help him bare witness to this ceremony. He tells her it would be his honor to watch her burn her memory of this playboy to shreds. She laughs.

In Morocco, David accuses Rex of being a phony and unworthy of being a Buchanan. Rex tells him that may be. But he is a Buchanan. Hearing that, David asks him what he means. Rex reveals for the first time what he has found out about his biological father.

In the courtroom, Tess tells the judge that she believes her parents are falsely alleging her name is Tess and saying that she is not their daughter. He asks her why they would do that. She replies it’s to punish her. He asks for what. She replies for marrying the man she loves.

Outside Todd’s O.R., Dani and Jack argue but she sees that he is crying and afraid of losing their dad or of something else.

Tess stands up in the courtroom, appearing gracious and sweet to her parents, telling them that she is sorry that they are angry with her. But she is in love with Robert Ford. She knows that they would have preferred she married a former Navy SEAL. But he is not the one she loves and not the father of her baby. And she can see that they hate and want to take spiteful and malicious action against her beloved husband. Hearing that, Clint stands up and protests that he does not hate Mr. Ford. He even helped him get a job after Mr. Ford got fired form his teaching position at LU for having sex with a student. Robert’s lawyer then stands up and tells the judge that Mr. Buchanan has been harassing and spying upon Mr. Ford, has threatened his mother and younger brother and has had Mr. Ford brutally assaulted in his home. Nora stands up and protests that it is true that Mr., Buchanan found out that Mr. Ford slept with his daughter and got her pregnant when she was in a fragile emotional state. And Tess has abandoned her baby and left him with Brody Lovett and her sister. So that is why she cannot support Tess or Robert having custody of this baby.

At the hospital, when Sam is afraid, Blair tells him that they must all be there for their dad. They want him to wake up so that he can be back with them and they can make pancakes together. Dani cries and asks what if her dad does wake up and she never gets the chance to tell him she loves him and is sorry for being so mean to him. Starr tells her that she has also had conflicts with her dad. But Dani tells Starr it’s different. Todd knows she loves him but may never know that about her.

In the courtroom, Tess admits that she did in fact leave her baby boy with Mr. Lovett. But it was after she was devastated to find out that Brody got her sister pregnant and he threatened both her and her adoring husband and ganged up on them with Clint and Viki to take a baby that was not his. And her wedding was interrupted by finding out that her father falsified DNA tests. Nora protests that Tess and Robert Ford do not care about the well being of the child. They are just after her clients’ money. Robert protests and accidentally calls his “wife” Tess. And the judge is able to “catch” that and asks him if he is aware if her “dual” personality and helping her pull off this scam knowing about her illness and all that she is capable of.

Dorian and Cutter speak in French and he tells her they are going to go out and celebrate on the town But, she tells him she needs to take care of something beforehand. She needs to “de-friend” David. She then gets on her lap top and is furious to find out that David has “changed his status” and now announces that he is in a relationship with that no good gold digging woman Alex. How dare he, she screams. But, hearing that, Cutter feels he must remind her yet again that she is “over” David and no longer cares what he does or whom he is with.

Bo tells David and Rex that he and his son have a flight to catch.


The judge calls a recess in the courtroom. Everybody rises. Viki is not ok and stares coldly at Tess.

Starr and Dani go in to see unconscious Todd after Blair has gotten out of his room. Blair can see that Téa is worried and wants to assure her that Todd is going to make that. But Téa tells her that neither of them know that and she is afraid she is losing him. Starr and Dani then go into Todd’s room. Dani talks to her dad but appears discouraged. Starr encourages her to keep talking to him. Dani then tells her dad she is so sorry that she made him angry and disrespected his wishes by seeing Nate. She just wants him to wake up and she will stop seeing Nate. Hearing that, Starr warns her sister to be careful with what she says knowing that Todd might hold her to that. But Dani tells Starr she does not care and just wants their dad to wake up. Holding Todd’s hand, Dani then remarks that it appears that he might hear her and has squeezed her hand. She then urges him to do it again. But Todd does not awaken. Starr then asks to let her try. She tells her dad that he needs to squeeze her hand. She just told Dani he would wake up and he better not make a liar out of her.

Outside the O.R., Jack tells Sam if he ever tells anybody that Jack cried, Jack will hang him upside down and drop him down the chimney just like last Christmas. Blair tells Téa that she (Téa) is the strongest woman she knows. She cannot be afraid of anything nor lose home that Todd will toe the line and do what he is supposed to do.

After the court is in recess, Clint confronts Robert and tells him he blew it by calling Clint’s daughter Tess. Robert tells him he is not afraid of him. Watching that, Nora pulls Clint aside and tells him that he has gone too far. And even though she intends to help Viki, she is not going to let him near the baby. Robert has good reason to get a restraining order against him after what he did and has a good case against Clint for full custody of his child. Viki then tries to reason with Tess.

Cutter wants to go out with Dorian and enjoy a night on the town. But she is too engrossed in David. And she tells Cutter she knows that he (Cutter) is just after her money. He wants to use her and she wants to use him. So why do either of them need to lie about it?. He is just what she needs in order to get rid of David Vickers. SO they have “use” for each other, she declares.

Outside Todd’s hospital room, Jack tells the rest of the family he knows of a prayer that his coach draws the team together to take part in before a game to motivate them all to fight hard and clean and will all of their strength and determination and nobody loses. His mom, step mom, sisters and little brother all stand around him and smile.

Tess reveals who she really is while the court is in recess and Robert tells her that if she ruins the case for him, he won’t let her get away with it. But, she tells him, he ruined it for himself by calling her Tess. Viki talks to Nora and they are both angry with Clint.

David rushes home to find Dorian. Buts she is busy kissing Cutter and he walks in on them.

In the courtroom, Viki tells Clint she is going to go home for a while. Bo enters unexpected and places Clint under arrest for the unlawful kidnapping and imprisonment of David Vickers.

Dani and Starr are both wondering when or if Todd will awaken again. Dani hugs her sister and asks how she could go through this without Starr.

Téa takes unconscious Todd’s hand and tells him that nobody knows him like she does. She would have to tie him up and knock him out with a vase to get him to listen to her. They had fun. Didn't they? She cries and tells Todd that can’t be the last time they make love. She tells him he must open his eyes and come back to her. She cannot lose him.

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