OLTL Update Thursday 3/17/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/17/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Joey is in Clint’s home observing the article in the Sun about Todd Manning getting shot by an unknown sniper. Clint enters and asks his son if he blames him for that too. Joey tells his dad quite honestly, he doesn’t know what to believe or know what Clint is capable of anymore. Clint affirms to his son for the last time, he did not know Eddie Ford and had nothing to do with his murder.

At St. Blaze's, Rex has Alex tied to a chair and tells her he knows that his “father” put her up to this. Hearing that, she tells Rex she does not know him or his father and hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. Rex then affirms to her that his father is Clint Buchanan.

Bo then goes to find David who is sleeping. It appears David is dreaming about his father finding him. But when he sees that Bo is really there to save him, they both smile knowing that Bo will get him out of there and he will be ok.

Joey tells Clint he does not want to talk about Eddie Ford or anything Clint may or may not have done. Clint tells his son he does not want to either. Baby Ryder’s custody hearing is today and that’s all he wants to be concerned about right now. Joey affirms so is he and he hopes Jessica can get the help she needs.. He then remarks that Clint cannot stand the fact that Joey and Aubrey are happily married. Clint tells his son he just calls it as he sees it. Joey then protests that he should be grateful to Aubrey as it was her who convinced the two of them to smooth things over and for Joey to stay in town. In response to that, Clint tells he inquires to Joey, where is his wife right now?

Cutter and Aubrey are at Buenos Dias while he talks Dorian on the and is ready to go and visit her. She tells him that she did not have to find a way to destroy the drive with the proof that Clint has of what they are really doing. Joey already did it for her. He then tells her that they need to meet later and celebrate. But she tells him he better not assume that everything will go their way. There is one woman who might sabotage their plan.

Langston goes into Dorian’s room crying and reveals to her mom that she broke up with Robert Ford last night. She tells Dorian she knows she wants to gloat. Dorian assures her daughter she would never do that when she sees Langston in so much pain. And she assumes that this must have something to do Robert Ford’s failure to understand his responsibilities. Langston clarifies to her mom it’s the opposite. It was due to Robert being too responsible. He chose his baby over her.

When Tess and Robert are alone in the apartment before the hearing, she taunts and makes fun of his breaking up with Langston and hurting her feelings. She tells him he better be grateful that he at least got what he wanted just like she did. And she makes a remark about the baby’s diapers stinking up the house and that he must change him because she won’t. And she asks where “the hot one”, James is. He tells her his brother is with Starr after her father got shot. And he asks if does Tess not even care about her own uncle. What kind of a selfish bitch is she? She then tells him that it’s not that she has anything against that “poor bastard Todd” who helped her do her dirty work once not long ago. But she knows that Todd’s wife, Téa Delgado might not be able to do her job as well as Viki and Clint would like when she’s worried that her husband could die. So getting Robert’s kid might be easier now than before.

Outside the courtroom, Viki meets with Nora who knows she must work with Clint regarding this matter of their grandson and Tess. Viki reveals she is a bit concerned since Téa might not be able to represent her after what has happened to Todd. Nora then reveals to Viki for the first time that she and Bo have an “issue” on their hands. And she informs Viki for the first time that David Vickers did not leave Dorian at the alter and is not out partying and living the life and running out on his responsibilities and family. He has been kidnapped at the hands of Clint. Hearing that, Viki reveals to Nora that she does not trust Clint with many things but finds that hard to believe. Nora admits that the D.A.'s office does not have a case against Clint regarding the tampering of DNA since Vimal confessed. But Viki needs to know about what he’s done to David. That is why Bo is gone. He went to rescue his son.

David protest to Bo that he did not do what everybody is accusing him of. Clint kidnapped him and had everyone believing that he split town and left Dorian at their wedding and broke her heart. It’s Clint who has been writing all these things about David on the my space page. David protests that he would never abandon his father or Dorian or Matthew or any of the people he loves. Bo tells his son he knows all about what Clint has done. And he assures him that he is determined to nail Clint for what he has done to David.

After Viki finds out that David has been kidnapped and falsely imprisoned in Morocco because of Clint, she asks why Clint would want to do that.. Nora tells her it’s because Clint blames David for breaking up David’s marriage with Kim. Viki asks how Clint could do that to his own nephew. Nora tells her Clint also blames Bo for taking her (Nora) from him. So Clint wanted to take David from Bo to pay him back. Viki then assesses that David has been gone for months and she is worried about what might have happened while he’s been in prison all this while. Nora admits she doesn’t really know the details. But she knows that Bo has found him.

Alex tells Rex and Bo that what David alleges is not true. He was not stuck in a prison being assaulted and forced to eat yack bones and dirty water with no sunlight as he says. David was living in the lap of luxury eating and drinking to his heart’s content, getting a free ride, partying, sleeping around and working on his tan. Bo then tells David he thinks he knows what is going on there.

Dorian tells Langston that she must realize that Robert Ford’s alleged “sense of duty” with his baby is also about Tess. Langston then interrupts her mom asking her to please not go there. She knows how much Dorian hates Robert. Dorian tells her daughter she does not hate him. Langston tells her mom she would normally be talking to Starr about this but Starr has problems of her own with her dad in the hospital. And she is certain that her mom will tell her Robert is not worth it and give her an “I told you so”. Dorian tells her daughter what she wants to tell her is she deserves better than this. She certainly deserves better than Mr. Robert Ford.

Robert returns from changing the baby and tells Tess they have to get ready for court. He tells her she needs to wear something a little “different”. But she smirks to him telling him she knows that he is getting turned on to see her in seductive clothes and is starving from being deprived of sex for so long. He tells her that she can ignore him and the baby all she wants. But matter how much they hate each other’s guts, the judge needs to believe that they are a normal, loving, happily married couple who cannot wait to get home and raise their child together. He asks her if she can handle this.

Joey tells his dad, for his information, Aubrey is having breakfast with her brother. Clint remarks it’s nice that they are so close. Joey tells his dad he agrees just like it’s nice that he and Jessica have always been close. Clint tells Joey he couldn’t agree with him more. And now, he needs to get to court.

At Buenos Dias, Aubrey tells Cutter that Rama is leaving her many messages and is not going to let them off the hook after her husband has gone to prison because of them. She tells Cutter she does not know what to tell Rama and she could blow them out of the water if they don’t get the money to free Vimal.

Rama goes to Clint’s home and sees Joey alone without Aubrey. He graciously invites her in to wait for Aubrey. He tells her he’d like to get to know his wife’s old friend and maybe find out more about Aubrey before he met her.

Robert is on the phone with his mom affirming that he really appreciates her help in watching his baby while he goes to court. Tess then comes out of the room wearing clothes that do not make her look like “mommy material” in the courtroom. He tells her that she must know that Viki and Clint are going to be coming at them with both barrels. So, he demands she gets in the room and does not come out until she looks like June Cleaver. And, he tells her she needs to take a “healthy dose” of Jessica and show a little interest in their son while in the courtroom or else they have had it. She then asks if he is not aware that she could care less about this kid. He reminds her if she causes him to lose his case, he will call the guys from St. Anne’s right away and have her committed so fast her head will spin.

Aubrey tells Cutter that even if Clint no longer has the jump drive, he will not let them anywhere near their corporate finances knowing what he knows about them. He asks if there is just some way to “discredit” Clint and possibly get him kicked off the board. She then asks if it would help if they found out that Clint is a murderer. While living in his home, she’s found out some interesting things about her father in law.

Rama remarks to Joey that it appears that Aubrey is now fulfilling the dream she has as a child to one day live in a castle. He then tells her that he is curious to know what Aubrey was like when Rama knew her in boarding school. Rama admits to Joey that she was very different than the Aubrey Wentworth they know now. She used to be shy and inhibited. Hearing that, he chuckles and admits that he is having difficulty imagining his wife that way. She then tells Joey that she has her old yearbook. She remarks she came across it when she was forced to move out of her spacious and nice home into somewhere much smaller and inferior after her husband was sent to prison. She pulls out the yearbook and sees (although has not shown Joey) the picture of the “real” Aubrey Wentworth who is not the one Joey has married.

Aubrey informs Cutter that Clint’s brother the police commissioner and his sister in law, the D.A. are ready to get the goods on Clint for the murder of Eddie and the kidnapping of Nora.

After Nora reveals to Viki that David did not leave Dorian at the alter, Viki reflects that this will really change things for Dorian as she knows how distraught and betrayed Dorian has been feeling all this while.

Dorian tells Langston she deserves better than a man who would not put her first. Langston tells her that that is what she thought she was going to have with Robert and what he promised her. Dorian tells her daughter this is so typical and so like David, to be so selfish and puts one’s own needs before the woman he loves. Langston protests that this is different. Robert put his baby before her, whereas David went off to party.

Alex protests to Bo and to Rex that David’s disappearance is not what Clint wants them all to believe. It’s really true. David tells Bo it does not matter. All that matters now is that he is safe. And he tells Rex he does not know what to say to him, now knowing how Rex made efforts to help Bo save him. He realizes that in the past, he has treated Rex like a bad hair day and has been very competitive with Rex for Bo’s attention and he apologizes. But, in response to that, Rex tells David that he (himself) should be the one to apologize. David then asks what he means. Rex then reveals to David that he has known for a long time what has really happened to him. David at first tells Rex he knows that what Clint told him about Rex keeping the secret and not telling Bo that his first born has been falsely imprisoned is not something Rex would do. Clint made that up. But Rex admits for the first time that it’s true. He’s known for months that David was in that prison but he did not tell Bo. Rex protests to David that Clint threatened him and Gigi and their son. David asks if Rex put his life before David’s and attempts to choke Rex. Bo observes them but does not attempt to help Rex while David wants to hurt him.

Dorian declares to Langston that she lied when she said she does not hate Robert Ford. She does. But he did Langston a favor by giving her a fresh start so that she now has a chance to meet a good man who is worthy of her. She tells Langston the man of her dreams might be right outside the door waiting for her. Hearing that, Langston asks Dorian if she knows who the “new man” in her life will be.

Nora informs Viki that Dorian does not know anything about David. Bo needs to approach this very carefully. She and Bo have to keep quiet about it until they can prove what Clint did. And, she tells Viki, the only reason she is telling her is because she knows that Viki is about to entrust Clint to work with her on this and she believes that Viki has the right to make an informed decision. Viki thanks her for the information but admits she honestly does not know what she can do with that now.

Clint then enters Buenos Dias and sees Aubrey and Cutter together. He asks them to please not let him stop them. They may have sex right in public view for all he cares. Because being able to expose his son’s wife and her supposed “brother” for the money hungry lying grifters they are is low on his priority list. Plus it doesn’t really matter because he believes that very soon, Joey will be able to figure it all out for himself.

Rama holds the yearbook in her hands observing the picture of the real Aubrey Wentworth and tells Joey that Aubrey would never want him to see the way she looked in her younger days. He laughs and asks how “bad” it could be. Did she have braces or glasses or look like a dweeb? He urges Rama to share so that he can use it to “blackmail” his wife. His tone is in good natured jest. Rama then tells him she thinks she will wait for Aubrey and find out if she wants Joey to see the picture. He tells her that it appears that maybe Aubrey has gotten held up while on a shopping spree. But Rama asks Joey if he would like to “see the picture” of Aubrey. Right then, Aubrey returns, embraces Joey, and he leaves the two women along to talk. Unheard by Joey and knowing what Rama was ready to do before she walked in, Aubrey demands to know what she told Joey. Rama reminds Aubrey that because of her, Rama’s husband has been sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. And Aubrey better do something about that or else Joey will find out who she really is.

Clint goes to the courthouse when Viki is talking to Nora, suspicious of what they may have been discussing. Nora leaves Viki alone to talk to her ex husband. He tells her whatever Nora has alleged is a load of bull and they both must know that they need to focus all of their energy on getting custody of their grandchild before Tess and Robert Ford find a way to make it too late for them.

Tess comes out of the bedroom after Robert has told her that he won’t hesitate to have her committed if she ruins his custody case for him. And she has an attractive but appropriate and motherly dress on. He has his dress pants, dress shirt, tie and his hair slicked back and looks similarly conservative and fatherly. He warns her that nothing better go wrong in this courtroom tonight. He did not lose Langston just to lose his son.

Langston then concludes to Dorian that she is right. Robert Ford made this decision without her and the fact that he would marry somebody like Tess indicates desperation and lack of trust for her, on his part. Dorian tells Langston she needs to move on and find a new man in her life. Hearing that, Langston can see that maybe Dorian herself wants to believe she has done that with David.

Bo waits to pull David off of Rex and tells Rex he deserved it. But they all need to think about what they are going to do to make Clint pay for his dirty deeds, he tells them. David tells Bo and Rex he is going to bring down Clint for ruining his life and his wedding as well as what this must have done to Dorian. He tells them he must urgently talk to Dorian. She needs to know that he’s alright.

Dorian calls Cutter and tells him she can now present proof that she is in fact “over” Dorian.

David urges Bo to let him use his phone to call Dorian. She answers and David tells her that he loves her and did not walk out on her. She needs to know that it’s all Clint’s fault. But she does not buy that.

Aubrey tells Rama she cannot get the money right away. Rama tells her she better find a way or she will be sorry. Again, suspecting nothing, Joey enters to ask them if he can get them some coffee or something. Aubrey then informs Joey that she has invited Rama to live there with them.

Outside the courtroom, Viki tells Clint he must know that the two of them need to present a “united front”. He tells her she will get no argument about that from him. Right then, Tess and Robert enter both dressed to play the part. Clint calls to Jessica. But Tess disregards him. Viki remarks that he must know how serious this is. Nora then comes out of the courtroom to inform them that the judge did not grant them the “continuance”. But, she tells Viki, he did give her permission to represent Viki in place of Téa. Viki is very grateful and hugs Nora.

Robert’s lawyer informs him and Tess that he just heard that the Nora Buchanan will be representing “the other side”. Hearing that, Robert is very worried that they may not have a prayer going up against the D.A. The lawyer urges him not to worry. Ryder is his biological son. And even if it does not go his way, he has “something else” he can use against Viki and Clint.

Alex dials Clint’s number. He asks Nora how he can trust her. She tells him she’s doing it for Viki and for baby Ryder. He then goes to see a text from Alex informing him that she’s done what he’s asked but to be warned that David is on the warpath.

David tells Dorian, on the phone, she must know that Clint set him up to make it look like he left her at the alter. But she does not want to hear a word of it. She tells him he’s a liar. She’s done with him. Cutter enters. She tells David she’s found somebody better looking, younger, richer and better than him. She hangs up and tells Cutter he can see for himself. David is out of her life. He asks her if he had not arrived, would she be doing.

After hearing David’s unsuccessful attempt to get Dorian back, Bo encourages him not to give up. He calls again but she does not answer.

Cutter questions if Dorian is really over David like she wants to be.

Bo promises David that they will get back to Llanview. Everything will be ok. And they will nail his brother, Clint.

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