OLTL Update Tuesday 3/15/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/15/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Looking for David Vickers, Rex and Bo arrive at the beautiful island paradise of St. Blaze's and wonder if this is the place where Clint moved him.

Starr admits to James that she is a bit “uptight”. She is constantly looking over her shoulder afraid she will see her dad and he will pull them apart. Little does she know what has happened to her dad.

Outside the OR, Dani is frantic while her mom attempts to assure her that her dad will be ok. She demands to know who would do this. Who would try to kill Todd? In response to that question, Téa does not know how to answer.

Thomas observes his bloody gunshot wound and gets on the phone to the hospital demanding that somebody tell him whether Todd Manning lives or dies. Right then, it appears Blair is there and calls to him.

At the hospital, Dani and Téa appear very worried while the medical team rushes to get more blood and very afraid they will lose Todd.

James tells Starr she needs to believe him when he tells her that no matter what her dad may pull on them, they can deal with it. She tells him she just wants to make sure he knows what he’s getting himself into. He tells her he is aware but also remarks that it appears that Starr’s dad has other fish to fry regarding her sister.

When Blair runs into Tomás, she suspects nothing but asks him if he and Todd had another confrontation and jokes about wanting Todd in “one piece”. She tells him that she thinks he’s a wonderful man but she doesn’t think she’s ready to start seeing anyone right now. But she came there to talk to Todd about their son Jack. So is he upstairs? Tomás then tells her that that will have to wait. But she tells him it can’t wait. And she needs for Tomás to “let this go” with Todd. But Tomás lets her know that Todd is in the hospital.

Rex asks Bo what he believes could have happened regarding Clint working with Alex in order to keep David captive and away from his family. Bo tells Rex he just wants to handle them himself.

Clint is on the phone warning Alex that she better not “fail” him. He tells her if she wants to continue to live in this “island paradise”, she needs to deal with Bo the way he expects. And he asks her if they are “clear”. Right then she opens to the door to see Bo. She smiles and tells Clint she has a visitor. Clint asks her if it’s Bo. She replies yes. When Clint hangs up, Nigel overhears and tells him he could not help overhearing that Clint was talking about obtaining “leverage” with Alex from the island where she is staying. Hearing that, Clint asks Nigel if he has a problem with that. Nigel replies as a matter of fact, he does.

Alex appears friendly and gracious and invites Bo to come inside and have a piña colada with her. But he tells her his is not a social call. He is there because he needs to find out what has happened to his son. Hearing that, she asks if he means Matthew. He replies no. Not Matthew. His other son, David, is missing and there are suspicious circumstances regarding that. But, he adds, he knows that she already knows that. Doesn’t she?

Starr asks James what he suspects regarding her dad and Dani. He tells her he assumes everything is ok and the coast is clear for now as it appears that Dani’s mom has the situation under control. And they reflect that it’s kind of strange that they have not heard from Todd, Dani or Téa.

Todd is in the O.R. hanging between life and death, James tells Starr that it appears that Todd might have listened to what she and her mom and Dani have told him and they need not worry about him or anything else for the time being… And, he encourages her to enjoy the moment they have together without any baby crying or anybody interrupting them. He talks about no Tess and her mouth nor Robert and his moaning and groaning. She chuckles and he kisses her.

After Tomás informs Blair that Todd is at the hospital, she asks if something may have happened to Dani or to Téa. He tells her no. Todd has been shot. She asks if anybody knows who did or what happened.

Outside the OR, Téa asks her daughter why she is so quiet and what she is thinking. Dani tells her mom that she should not have run off with Nate. She should have kept talking to her dad and figured things out. Téa then reminds her daughter that her father does not always make things easy. But Dani tells her mom that she had to act like a baby. Téa tells her that maybe they both failed to handle the situation as well as they could have. But she encourages her daughter to come here. Dani cries and stares through the window at her unconscious dad in the O.R.

Blair tells Tomás she had to get to the hospital and find out what has happened to Todd. She cannot sit and wait and has to call her kids.

Starr and James reflect that they have barely had two seconds together since they first made it official. They talk about how if it was not her dad, it was Robert and Langston and Tess and their situation. So he tells her he wants to invite her to dinner and enlightens her that he is a cook. He asks if she likes Italian. He is ready to cook when he gets a call from Blair asking if Starr is there. Starr admits she has turned off her phone in order to avoid her dad. James puts Starr on his phone to talk to her mom.

Téa asks the doctor what the verdict is with Todd.. He tells them that they are still not certain but are doing all they can. Dani cries in her mom’s arms while Todd is unconscious and not guaranteed to make it.

Rex stands outside the room where Bo talks to Alex. A guy asks him where to find a room nearby and Rex shows him the room.

Nigel tells Clint that he remembered that St. Blaze's Island as a gift from Asa to do as he saw fit. And he remembers that at the time, Ms. Olinov wanted to help David Vickers cash in on the family fortune. So he has concerns about that. Clint tells Nigel he realizes and appreciates that but for that very reason, he needs to rely on Alex Olinov to protect the family. But at that point, Nigel asks his boss if his intention is to protect the family or protect himself.

While waiting for Bo outside Alex’s room, Rex persuades the guy to let him (Rex) wear a uniform and find out what might be happening to David. And he concludes that it looks like they intend to hang David.

Bo tells Alex he bets that Clint threatened to take all of this away from Nigel if she refused to help him hide and endanger David. She asks Bo why he thinks that she would do something like that. Bo tells Alex he remembers once a while ago, the two of them “cared for” each other. She tells him she’d like to help him find his son. He tells her he knows that Clint might have her over a barrel. But, he tells her, he can give her something that David cannot. Hearing that, she asks what that would be. He replies: “this”. And he kisses her.

In response to Nigel telling Clint he believes that the reason Clint is “doing business” with Alex regarding St. Blaze's Island is not to protect the family, but to protect himself, Clint asks Nigel just what he believes Clint needs protection from. Nigel replies prosecution. Clint asks from what. Nigel tells Clint he doesn’t really know but he does know that anyone prepared to do business with Ms. Olinov must be in a desperate and drastic situation. And he’s overheard some conversations of suspicion about Clint committing some serious crimes.

After Bo kisses Alex, he tells her that he is a father and desperate to get his son back. She asks if she is only a means to an end and reminds Bo that he chose Cassie over her. Bo tells her she is the only person who can give him what he wants. She asks if she will get what she wants. Meanwhile, outside the hotel room, Rex is investigating what Alex is up to. Inside, Alex looks like she wants to sleep with Bo but he wants to stall her. He tells her he wants to make this special and not rush into this. He tells her what he needs now is a shower. She tells him they can do that now and she is ready to take off his clothes and seduce him on her bed. Right then, her phone rings and she tells him she wonders who that would be. It appears to be security. She asks Bo what they would want.

Nigel tells Clint he knows about Clint’s business with Eddie Ford. One of the staff overheard Joey accusing Clint of being behind Nora getting kidnapped and of the murder of Eddie. Clint asks Nigel if he believes that Clint is guilty of that. Nigel admits he does not know. But he knows that if Clint has anything to do with any of this, then Clint has lost his way. And he knows that Clint’s father would be ashamed of him.

Tomás tells Blair he will go with her to the hospital. She asks why knowing he does not care about Todd. He tells her he wants to be there for his sister and his niece. And they leave together.

Inside Todd’s room, Téa makes the bed and shows her daughter how she made up the bed for her when she was a baby and she also did the same for Starr when she was a child. There was always a part of Todd in her two daughters. Dani then admits that she is still angry with her dad for what he did to Nate. She takes Todd’s hand and tells him she will give him a free pass to be a jerk if he comes back and she won’t run away. Téa tells Todd he must listen to his daughter, get off his ass and come back to them. Starr then enters and is devastated to see her father clinging to life.

Outside Alex’s room, Rex goes though her stuff with an employee and finds out that somebody is ready to hang David.

Nigel tells Clint that he knows that when he and Bo were young, their father was so proud of both of his sons understanding how they were different. Asa saw Clint as having his father’s best traits but shedding his worst ones. Asa told Nigel he believed he raised sons who were better men than himself and entrusted Nigel to watch over them for Asa. And, he admits to Clint, that he knows that Clint has failed Asa’s aspiration of him. Clint appears silent and ready to listen when Nigel tells Clint he knows that Clint has been doing some dastardly and dishonorable things and disregarded that Bo is his brother.

Blair and Tomás go to find Téa and Dani and Blair asks what has happened and if the cops are doing anything about it. Téa tells her that John is on this. Hearing that, Tomás demands to know who John is. Téa replies he’s a police Lieutenant and she has confidence that one way or another, the son of a bitch who did this to Todd fries. Hearing that, Tomás appears suspicious. Starr goes in and talks to her unconscious father urging him to wake up and be Todd again. She cries and tells him she wants to continue to have all of the conflicts and issues she had with him before. Right then, a doctor tells her that it’s time to take Todd somewhere. Téa then goes in to talk to Starr to encourage her. Noticing Tomás does not know her step daughter, she introduces her brother to Starr and to James. Blair then walks with the doctors who haul Todd away and urges him not to “screw this up”. Starr and Dani urge Todd to come back so he can yell at them and they can yell at him. They all urge Todd to come back and tell him they will be waiting.

Clint is alone in his living room after Asa has told him he knows he's (Clint) failed Asa. He then remembers Bo confronting him at gunpoint after finding out that Clint kidnapped Nora. He remembers his brother telling him that he remembered believing their father did some very cruel and bad things but never this low because their father had a heart way down deep somewhere. He tells Clint that he (Clint) is not Buchanan and he knew that when Clint went after Nora and Bo’s son and their mutual family. That is when Clint stopped being one of them and right now, Clint is nothing. And Clint stares at the picture of his father on the wall and is speechless and stunned. Nigel then comes in with his suitcase to tell Clint he needs to say good bye.

Bo rushes out on Alex when he gets a text from Rex demanding he meet him in the room where he believes David is and to hurry.

Nigel tells Clint that he is rendering his resignation. He made Clint’s father a promise and he failed. Clint then protests that he and Bo are grown men and Nigel no longer needs to be a guardian to them no matter how much their father pressured him to do that. So he does not accept Nigel’s resignation. He made a promise to Asa so he can’t just cut and run. Not now, when Clint needs him the most. Nigel then asks Clint if he wants bourbon. Clint thanks him.

Bo goes outside Alex’s room with his gun when Rex sneaks up on him. He notices that Bo does not have his tie and asks what happened to him. Bo tells him never mind and reminds him they must find David before it’s too late. Inside, Alex asks Clint not to call her anymore. He tells her she must finish what was their plan. But she tells him it’s “done”. Bo was about to find out what happened to his son but she prevented it. She cries and looks deeply regretful for wanting to help Clint.

Bo and Rex break into a room afraid that David’s life could be in danger and there is an urgent situation. But when they find David, he appears to be “enjoying himself” in bed with two women drooling over him.. He smiles and greets Bo telling the others that this is “his pa”.

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