OLTL Update Monday 3/14/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/14/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Langston returns to the apartment, assuming that Robert has put all of his plans into motion to get Tess committed so he can be with her and raise his son alone. But she finds out, when Tess appears that he has had a change of plans.

Dorian is staying in Viki’s living room while Charlie goes to see Echo. After Dorian has given up the ultimatum where he either breaks it off with Echo or she tells Viki, Dorian assumes to know what his “choice” will be. But when he goes to see Echo, he finds he cannot go through with it and they end up kissing.

When Todd and John are being shot at on the roof top of Rodi’s, Todd escapes and gets into a car. But when John goes to find him, it appears that Todd has been shot and is unconscious.

Natalie realizes that baby Liam needs a doctor and rushes to the hospital. When John is nowhere to be found, Brody is there to accompany her and is sorry that John could not be there. She concludes that John has made it clear that he will not be a part of her baby’s life or of hers. So she tells Brody that it looks like he’s the only father that baby Liam has right now.

John is shooting on the roof while somebody has him in the line of fire.

Langston demands that Robert tell her what happened. Tess smirks and tells her she is not going anywhere. But she furiously tells Tess she was not talking to her and she needs to talk to Robert alone. He then awkwardly replies to Langston that he found out that it was not as simple as he thought. She demands to know what he thinks she is supposed to do with his still being married to Tess. He does not know how to answer that.

Viki tells Dorian she appreciates her help. But she is not about to confront Charlie and make demands of him right now. But Dorian tells Viki that Charlie needs to realize that he is committed to her when he is her husband. But, she suggests to Viki, maybe Charlie needs to be needed. And Viki is not offering him that right now.

After Charlie kisses Echo, he admits that Dorian did demand that he stops seeing her or else Dorian will tell Viki what she knows so that Charlie’s marriage will be over. He admits to Echo that he has not yet told Viki and is afraid of the outcome of if he were to do so. And he does not like being at the desperate mercy of Dorian. Echo then tells him she knows of one solution; maybe he could leave his wife.

Dani asks Téa if she talked to Todd about not behaving the way he has regarding her seeing Nate. Téa then recalls her hot and steamy sex scene with Todd where he told her the deal was off regarding his agreement to stay out of their daughter’s business and trust her judgment.

Brody gets a call from the police station and finds out that John and Todd Manning have been shot at. Hearing that, Natalie needs to know if John is ok.

John fires a shot on the rooftop and clearly in the line of fire of somebody shooting at him while Todd is still unconscious inside the car.

Viki tells Dorian that maybe Charlie has felt excluded by her the way she felt excluded by him when he found out Rex was not his son. But, she rationalizes to Dorian, she at least knows that he probably won’t resort to drinking. Dorian then reminds Viki that Charlie is an alcoholic who might very well turn to ‘something else” besides alcohol.

When Charlie talks to Echo, he tells her that Viki’s daughter Jessica, has suffered a breakdown and has DID. They both admit that they know nothing about that disease. And he’s afraid that maybe now Viki is afraid that they will lose Jessica for good. And that could push Viki over the edge, regardless of how strong Viki may appear.

Tess smugly tells Langston that she is willing to “share” her husband with his naïve, inexperienced little teen queen. If he ever gets tired of the “fillet mignon”, she will let him nibble on pieces of cheap hamburger scraps. She tells Robert he may enjoy “little miss whiney”, here and tells them she is going out shopping. Alone with Robert, Langston demands to know how much longer he plans to go through with this. He admits he really doesn’t know the answer to that question.

Téa tells Dani that Todd has a way of overreacting. But he just wants the three of them to be together as a family. And, she admits, it does not help matters any that her brother has suddenly blown back into town. Hearing that, Dani is really surprised to hear that her uncle Tomás has come back after all this time. Right then, Tomás enters through the door.

At the hospital, Natalie tells Brody she is very worried about John being shot at. He tells her she must know that John can take care of himself. But she reminds Brody that John has been drinking and getting into fights and may not be on top of his game. Right then, they rush Todd into the emergency room. John finds Brody and Natalie and acts “business like” talking to his fellow officer and in acknowledging that baby Liam has been admitted.

Robert explains to Langston that when she left, his landlord came and threatened to evict him for not payment of his rent. He had no choice except to rely on Tess to bail him out. Hearing that, she demands to know if all of this is just about money and tells him if he needs money, she can help him. He tells her he will not take money from her. She asks if he is willing to take it from some cheap slut.


Tess goes to Viki’s home to overhear her mom’s conversation with Dorian where she tells her that she does not know what to do with Robert Ford first agreeing to help her with Jessica and then changing his mind. So Tess is controlling them all and they can’t get Jessica the help she needs. Dorian tells Viki that maybe she needs to let Charlie be there for her. They both reflect that Echo no longer lives at the house. And as soon as she’s been gone, Charlie is rarely ever at home. Tess listens in at the door and sounds fascinated.

Charlie tells Echo he has to be there for Viki and her daughter. She then asks if that was just a “good bye kiss”. He tells her yes.

Tomás meets his niece, Daniela for the first time and tells her how beautiful she is. He remarks that she is just like her mom. Dani then tells her uncle that many will say she resembles and behaves like her dad. Right then, Téa knows what Tomás is going to say in response to that and urges her brother not to trash her daughter’s father right in front of her daughter. Dani tells her mom and uncle that when she first met Todd, she hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. But now she realizes that her father is very much like her and has her back and she loves him.

At the hospital, Natalie asks John if he has any idea who might be shooting at him and at Todd. She tells him she thought he was off duty and has heard he has been taking some time off. He tells her he guesses the vacation is over. She tells him she’s glad that he’s taken time off. Her heart stopped when she heard that he might have been shot, she tells him. She knows that he might have felt the same way when he heard that baby Liam was sick. She tells John that although he might not want to hear this, she still loves him and always will. John does not respond and then goes off to do his “police work” while Natalie sits alone appearing very empty.

Todd is in the O.R.

Robert tells Langston that the money from the trust is not Tess’s charity for him. It’s for baby Ryder. He can’t deny his child the right to his family’s money. She tells him she has the money to help him out. He tells her it’s Dorian who has the money and he’s not about to take it from her. She asks if this is going to be forever. He tells her no. But at the present time, he is being at the mercy of Clint Buchanan and he has to settle for visitation. Langston then protests to Robert that she knows that Viki is a good person who is not going to screw him over and he needs to trust her. But he tells her that he knows that Tess is correct that if Jessica comes back, Brody and Clint will convince her to have nothing to do with him and never let him near the baby again. She asks if he has been listening to Tess. He tells her he’s been listening to facts. She then asks if he has so little trust of her and of them. He protests that it’s not about that.

Echo emotionally tells Charlie that she cannot be without him in her life. She has to move away. She cries and tells him that she cannot be tortured by seeing him living so close by every time she sees his face if they cannot be together. That one night they had together was the best night she’s ever had. She cannot pretend it meant nothing. She cannot just run into him and make small talk and act like nothing has happened and he cannot ask her to. He lamely tells her he is sorry. She tells him so is she. And he better go or else Dorian will carry out her threat and end his marriage with Viki. He leaves and looks discontented.

While Viki and Dorian are talking about Charlie and being overheard by Tess, Viki gets a call from Natalie at the hospital. Viki rushes to be with her daughter and grandson.

Téa asks Tomás if has had dinner yet and tells her that she and Dani have not and would like him to join them. But he declines their offer and gets ready to leave. Téa then gets a call from Viki informing her that she has “bad news” about Todd. She then informs her daughter and brother that Todd has been shot. Dani is shocked and has to go with her mom. They leave Tomás alone in the house, both realizing he could care less about Todd.

John, Brody and other cops look around for evidence of the shooting. Brody then attempts to take John aside and “explain” why he went with Natalie to the hospital, protesting that the only reason he did was because John was nowhere to be found and he had to drive Natalie since she was alone and he was worried about her driving herself with the baby sick. He does not want John to believe “something else” was going on. But John coldly tells him that they are doing police work and the only conversation the two of them need to have is about the shooting that they are investigating.

Robert tells Langston that this is the type of situation that he used to run away from. But she has shown him how to get beyond this. He tells her he wants her to help him raise his baby. But she tells him she does not want to be his mistress. He protests that that is not what she is. But she tells him as long as he remains married to Tess and locked into this situation, that’s all she will be and it’s unacceptable. He then asks her what she is saying. She replies she’s telling him that they are done.

Charlie returns home to see Dorian alone in the living room while Viki has gone to the hospital. He tells her she got what she wanted. So now she needs to get out of his house. Tess spies upon him and remarks that Charlie has been a “naughty boy”, knowing what he might be up to.

Viki asks Natalie what she knows about the shooting. Natalie tells her mom she heard that somebody has been shooting at John and Todd in the parking lot. But she hasn’t a clue what exactly happened. Viki appears concerned that John has also been shot at. Natalie tells her mom she has to get out of there although she does not have her car and has to take a cab.. Téa urges Viki and Natalie to go off alone and assures them she and Dani will be fine. Alone Dani admits to her mom that she is not ok. She wants to know who did this to her dad and why. Téa admits so does she.

John admits to Brody that he and Todd were inside Rodi’s when shots were being fired through the window. And he still hasn’t a clue where they were coming from or anything about the shooting. But they come up with a blood sample.

Tomás is alone in Téa and Todd’s home bleeding from a gunshot wound .

Robert asks Langston if she wants to give up on them and stop trying. She tells him that she cannot be a part of this. It’s not just about his current situation with his baby. This is something that happened long before he had a baby. It’s about his issues regarding leaving his little brother behind. She cannot be a part of it if Tess is a part of his life. She tells him she wishes him the best for his baby. But they have nothing to say or do anymore. It’s over. And she walks out the door.

Natalie and Viki return home with baby Liam. Viki assures her daughter she is there for her. Natalie tells her mom she needs to feed her baby and put him to sleep.

Charlie then returns to Echo and admits to her that he went back to tell Dorian it was ‘over” and he would never see her again. And, so he tells Echo, he guesses he lied. And he kisses her again.

Viki notices a strange piece of jewelry in her living room.

Tess follows Charlie to see him kissing Echo when they assume they are unseen.

At Rodi’s, John tells Brody they need to get this room swept and dusted.

Tomás is then on the phone with his contact angrily telling them that what happened is a disaster. And no. He does not know or care about anything regarding Manning’s condition.

While Dani is with her mom outside the OR, Todd gets surgery for his gunshot wound. She cries and tells her mom that the last thing she said to her dad is that she hates him and she deeply regrets that. Téa tells her daughter she must know that her dad will be ok and everything will be ok. But inside the OR, the doctors find that they are “losing” Todd.

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