OLTL Update Friday 3/11/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/11/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Viki, Clint and Téa attempt to enter Robert Ford’s apartment. Tess has some “personal trainers” there and asks them to leave. But she is not about to do what her parents and Téa want. Viki tells her daughter they would like to talk to her. Tess tells Viki that anything they have to say to her, they can say to her “sweet husband” because they are partners. She puts her arm around Robert. But he appears less than interested in her.

Dorian goes to confront Charlie about how he has crossed the line by cheating on Viki with Echo. He protests that it was “not like that”. Yet she knows that he did in fact sleep with Echo.

At the Carriage House, Echo tells Gigi she wants to talk to Shane. But Gigi tells her that he is up in his room and cannot talk to her. Echo tells Gigi she’s sorry that Gigi has lost her job. But where is Rex? Gigi replies that he is with Bo in order to help him do something very important.

In Morocco, Rex tells Bo that he is not going to give up on helping him find David. He reminds Bo that that is one lesson he learned from Bo. He will not quit. They then go to find a prison guard who might know where David has gone.

John and Todd are on a mission looking for something.

Viki asks Robert if he will please listen to what Ms. Delgado has to say. But before Téa can speak, Tess chimes in and sarcastically tells Téa welcome back from the dead. Téa attempts to tell Robert about the agreement she and Viki have drawn up which authorizes him to see his child if he agrees to certain conditions. But Tess has to interrupt her and remark about Téa’s large rock that must mean that Téa has married Tess’s “crazy uncle” yet again and that Téa never learns.

While John and Todd are on their mission, it appears that somebody might want one or both of them dead.

Langston is at Buenos Dias with James and Starr and wondering why Robert is not there yet. They tell her that he is probably with the baby and she needs to get used to that. She tells them that she really wants to help him raise baby Ryder and be a part of his son’s life. But she realizes that Jessica is his mother. And if she gets better and takes her baby, Langston won’t be ok if she has gotten too attached to him.

Téa tells Robert that Viki and Clint have agreed to very liberal visitation rights. But he asks them what Clint intends to do if he dares go near his child against Clint’s wishes. Viki protests that Clint will do what she instructs of him. He asks her how she can promise that and asks her why Clint is not already in jail. Viki tells him that Clint has already agreed to this. He asks Clint if that is really true. Clint replies that he is there. Is he not? Robert asks him why. He replies he will do anything in order to help Jessica. But Tess reminds him that Jessica is not there and she asks what is in this agreement for her knowing that they only want to put her back in St. Anne’s and asks her “husband” how he feels about that. Viki and Téa again remind Robert that it’s a legally binding agreement for him to be able to see his child and have parental rights if he can give Viki her daughter back and help her get the treatment she needs.

Charlie admits to Dorian that he went to talk to Echo to inform her what happened when he found out that Rex was not his son. Dorian asks him if he is going to tell her that simply one thing lead to another. He asks Dorian why she suspects Echo of everything. Dorian tells him she cannot believe that he is too gullible to know that Echo probably knew all about Rex not being his son and was in on the scam with Clint from the start.

Echo tells Gigi that she knows that Viki wants to run her out of town and she does not trust her. But Gigi questions if Echo can be trusted.

Dorian tells Charlie it’s obvious to see that Echo knew that he wanted more than anything to have Rex as a son and she was more than happy to “have him” as her son’s father because that would enable her to get close to him. He tells Dorian that is ridiculous. All Echo wanted was to make amends with her son. She deserves a break and not all of the accusations and slander that Dorian wants to make against her. Hearing that, Dorian asks Charlie if he is falling in love with her.

Gigi reminds Echo that Viki is dealing with some major family crises and it would devastate her if something happened between her and Charlie.

Bo and Rex invite the informant in who might be able to help them find David. Rex wants to make certain that nobody is spying upon him. He also urges the guy to know that “this” Mr. Buchanan is not like the other one. He has probably met Clint who is not to be trusted. But Bo is a good man and is the father of David. The guy then reveals to them that he knows David Vickers.

John and Todd are on their mission to find something and in the parking lot and know that somebody is shooting at them.

Gigi tells Echo she needs to get studying and has just remembered that she left her history book at Rodi’s. Echo tells her that she will clean up while Gigi goes and gets it. Gigi remarks she will go to Rodi’s and prays she does not run into John McBain.

John is then on the rooftop with Todd in the “shoot out”.

While Echo is alone in the Carriage House she remembers Charlie passionately kissing her.

Dorian then asks Charlie if he thinks he’s in love with Echo now. He replies he’s in love with his wife. She reminds him that that is not an answer to the question she just asked him. He tells her that his marriage is none of her business. She tells him she will tell Viki what she knows if he does not stay away from Echo. Hearing that, he asks her if she is giving him an ultimatum. She replies she believes she is giving him a life line. She tells him that if he is smart he will still have his marriage. He needs to find Echo right now and tell her it’s over. He tells Dorian why doesn’t she just write the script for him and take the words out of his mouth. She tells him no. He can figure that out on his own. But he needs to kick Echo to the curb once and for all or she will tell Viki all. She does not care of everyone casts her as the bad guy. But she’s not going to keep this secret for him. And she tells him if he continues to lie and deceive Viki with this behavior, he’s no better than David.

Bo asks the guard who knew David if his son was sick or hurt. The guy tells him no. David seemed very healthy and determined to find Dorian. He admits to Bo that he even let David use his phone to call her when David signed an autograph for the guy’s wife who was a big fan of David’s. Hearing that, BO asks if David actually reached Dorian and if she never told anyone that he has been trying to find her.

While talking to Dorian, Charlie calls Echo and tells her they need to meet as he has something to tell her. She tells him she is with Shane right now. Dorian tells him that she is not going to let up on him until he “gets it done”.

Tess tells Téa, Viki and Clint that she seriously doubts that Robert will be able to take care of the baby without her. They tell her that is not true. They will work with him and not against him if he gives them what they needs. She tells him even if Jessica comes back and wants to see her baby, it won’t benefit Robert. Viki tells her that Jessica will be so happy to get better and be with her baby. Tess reminds them they must know that Jessica will get back with Brody who will never let Robert see baby Ryder again. Jessica could care less about Robert and has no incentive to help him with anything. But Viki protests that is not true. Jessica is a fair person. And she urges Robert to know that neither she nor her daughter intend to sell him down the river nor hurt him. Téa asks Robert if he really thinks that he can “take care” of Tess all by himself. St. Anne’s and her family need to do that. SO she asks Robert, again, to sign the legal agreement. And she tells him he is not going to get a better offer.

A gun is aimed at Todd and John while they are on the roof. John fires more shots and they hear a scream. It’s Gigi who has just gotten out of her car in the parking lot.

Charlie arrives to talk to Echo. She tells him she’s so glad he’s there. Shane has been having a really hard time and needs him. She notices that he does not appear “happy to see her”. He tells her that they have to “stop” Hearing that, she knows that Dorian is behind him. He protests that it’s not Dorian. It’s him. But he does admit that Dorian gave him an ultimatum where he either stops seeing Echo or she will go to Viki.

Viki urges Robert to seriously consider her offer and realize this is in his best interest. Clint tells him he must know that this is bigger than him. Robert reads it but hesitates and tells them he does not want to live in fear of Clint. He can “handle” Tess but does not trust Clint. So the deal is off. Viki is distraught. Clint tells them if they think he’s going to leave his grandson in the care of this man and this disturbed woman, they are wrong. Téa then asks them all to take some time. But Robert declares that Tess is his wife. Ryder is his son. And right now, the others are trespassing. Hearing that, Tess cheers. Clint asks him if this is how he wants to do it. Robert tells Clint yes and asks how it feels. He asks Clint if it does not suck to “be him" (to be Clint). Viki protests to Robert that he must know this will not work. Tess will turn on him and he will regret it. Viki tells Tess she must know that this is not over. They will see her in court. But the three of them leave and Tess tells them it’s all over.

Bo asks the guard what he remembers about where they put David last night. The guy tells him they put David in a van and took him somewhere although he’s not entirely certain. Rex urges him to think. The guy tells them it could be Siberia. It appeared he was talking to somebody who is Russian and he remembers the name Olinov. At that point, Bo and Rex remember David’s “friend” (ex wife) Alex Olinov.

Robert talks to his lawyer telling him that he is not going to agree to Viki and Clint’s terms. Alone in the apartment, Tess tears up the document and smirks. Langston comes in and asks if Robert is alone and asks where the baby is. Assuming that he’s done with Tess and Tess is gone, Langston hugs Robert and is so happy that he “finally did it and it’s finally over”. But Tess comes out of the bedroom and Langston demands to know what she’s doing there.

Alone at Buenos Dias, James talks about how he can see that Langston might be a great mom figure to Robert’s baby just like he can be a dad figure to Starr’s child. They are happily together. And he asks her what is wrong with her dad.

When Gigi arrives at the roof top parking lot and notices John and Todd in a shoot out, John urges her to get down and stay out of shooting range. He makes efforts to get her out of the line of fire and inside while Todd goes off alone. Todd then gets into a car and it looks like the shots are intended for Todd.

When Tess notices Langston discontented that she’s not gone, she sarcastically asks Langston why she has no manners and does not realize that is no way to talk to her boyfriend’s wife. Langston then demands to know why Tess is not in St. Anne’s.

Alone with Téa, Viki tells her that they cannot let this happen. Téa tells her she won’t give up on this and she believes she can urge Robert to come around so that they can get Tess back.

The guard wants to help Bo and Rex. He tells Bo he hopes he can find David who is a great actor. Alone, Bo tells Rex he bets that Alex might be working for Clint. Rex asks why she would do that. Bo tells her that maybe because she’s angry at both him and Asa for their history and wants to get revenge. And Clint got to her.

Clint is on the phone telling his contact “that is just what he wanted to hear”.

Rex then tells Bo that he is going to book a flight and he is going anywhere. And Bo must know he is not going anywhere. Bo then tells Rex he may suit himself. Rex asks him where they are going. Bo replies Alex’s last known address; St. Blaize's Island.

Dorian is alone at Viki’s after Charlie goes to talk to Echo. She tells Charlie he better be “making things right”. Viki returns, sees her and demands to know what she is doing in Viki’s home.

Charlie tells Echo he needs to end this with her. So he needs to go. But once again, he cannot pull himself away from her and they end up kissing.

James tells Starr it appears odd that she cannot get a hold of her dad. Hearing that, she laughs and asks if that means he “misses” Todd. James tells her of course not. But Todd is nowhere to be found.

While John is involved in a shoot out, he goes to find Todd in his car assuming that Todd has gone off without him. But he sees that Todd is unconscious and has probably been shot.

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