OLTL Update Thursday 3/10/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/10/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Clint is with Viki who informs him that when Natalie and Brody were with baby Ryder, they believed that Jessica came to take her baby as she has the right to do. But Natalie later discovered that Tess had come out a after it was too late and Tess took the baby. Hearing that, Clint tells her that he will put a stop to Tess and Robert Ford having any inkling that they will ever have custody his grandchild.

Tess is coming on to James after he’s gotten out of the shower while Robert has taken the baby to Buenos Dias.

Robert goes with the baby to Buenos Dias and happily holds baby Ryder when Langston appears. She smiles and comments that he’s a beautiful baby. He tells her that his infant son is so smart and he knows how strong and happy he will be when he gives him the perfect life. She remarks that when she sees baby Ryder, she can almost understand why he would marry Tess. He then informs Langston that he is not going to let Tess dominate his life anymore. He intends to have her committed this afternoon. He tells her that he plans to devote his life to his child. He knows that he will no longer be able to come and go as he pleases and he’s ok with that. He will be up late at night feeding, changing and tending to this awesome little guy. He is very excited about his life as a dad and wants to be there for her as well as for the baby.

John is alone at Rodi’s when Téa appears. She tells him that she believes he might be making a mistake to be sleeping with Kelly Cramer when he still loves Natalie.

Meanwhile, Tomás goes to confront Todd. Todd tells him that he and Téa have reconciled. So Tomás may go back to Paris. But Tomás tells Todd he is not going anywhere. He also informs Todd that after he saw Todd’s behavior the other day, he has been doing some investigating and his found out a lot of things about Todd. And that is why he plans to stay nearby.

Tess comes on to James assuming he’s going to lose interest in Starr. But Starr tells her she needs to give it a rest. He is not interested in Tess. When they are alone, James apologizes to Starr. She acknowledges that she knows that Tess is sick. Tess returns and asks James where Robert went, not noticing him leave with the baby.

Robert tells Langston that he is ready to go the distance to be a father.

Clint tells Viki when he is done with Robert Ford, Robert won’t know what hit him. Hearing that, she asks if he plans to have his thugs go and beat Robert up. She knows what he did and she is not impressed.

Natalie returns to Viki's and sees Brody. She furiously tells him that she spoke with Gigi and found out that John fired her because she admitted that she let Natalie confide in her that Brody was the father of Natalie’s baby. She then went to Rodi’s to confront John and caught him all over Kelly Cramer. Hearing that, Brody is shocked.

When Tomás goes to confront Todd and informs him that he has checked into Todd’s past. Todd tells him he better get out of there and leave him alone. He asks Tomás how he’d like it if he (Todd) checked into his (Tomás’) past. Todd is ready to confront Tomás when Blair enters and urges him to let go of Tomás. Todd is surprised to see that Blair and Tomás know each other.

Téa is talking to Todd about how she and Todd have gotten through many things and she’s taken him back.

Natalie tells Brody that when she first saw John sleeping with Kelly, she assumed he may have seen it as pay back after he found out that they (Brody and Natalie) slept together. But now it appears that John really wants a relationship with Kelly.

Robert’s lawyer goes to meet him at Buenos Dias. Robert introduces the lawyer to his “friend”, Langston. Seeing the two of them together, the lawyer warns Robert that he does not intend to institutionalize Robert’s wife just so that he can be with his “friend”. But Robert protests that it is not like that. Langston also chimes in and tells the lawyer that Tess is mentally ill. Robert tells him he may call Dr. Levin at St. Anne’s who can confirm all of this. The lawyer then tells Robert he must know that by signing those papers, he is declaring his wife a danger to herself, to others and to a baby. Does he want to go through with that? Robert replies definitely. He can attest that she is a danger to a baby.

At the apartment, James and Starr talk about helping Robert with baby Ryder. But Tess does not want to leave them alone and wants to sleep with James. Tess then leaves and Starr asks James what they are going to do. He tells her not to worry. Robert is going to have her committed. Hearing that, Starr asks if his brother really wants to go through with that. And she admits that she does feel sorry for her cousin Jessica. She wouldn’t want anybody to lose their baby. And she knows how traumatizing this must be to her aunt Viki and their family.

Viki tells Clint that they need to get Jessica the care she needs from Dr. Levin at St. Anne’s. He tells her that is what he intends to do. She asks if he thinks he’s going to do that by committing another felony. She tells him he must know that Robert Ford is that baby’s father and Clint has no authority to take his baby away from him. Hearing that, Clint tells her they will see about that. Viki tells Clint he must listen and she informs him that she went and spoke to Robert Ford. Robert seems to understand that Jessica needs help and may be willing to help them with that. But all he wants in return is the right to see his son. Hearing that, Clint gets up to walk away. She tells him that whether they like it or not, Robert is that baby’s father. She tells Clint that she can see that Robert is listening to her but does not trust him and she can understand why he would not after Clint had him assaulted. And she tells Clint, quite honestly, she does not believe she knows him anymore.

As James and Starr privately talk about Robert’s plan to have Tess committed, Tess comes out and asks if she just heard her name.

When Blair comes to intervene after Todd confronts Tomás, Todd tells her that she must know that Tomás disappeared for years. And he tells her he needs to protect what is his. Todd leaves. Blair asks Tomás if he is ok. She tells him she knows that he is just there to protect his sister. But, she warns him, he might be making things worse. Todd can be very controlling and does not appreciate having Téa’s brother interfering. He asks her if Todd controls her. She tells him no way. He then remarks that it’s odd that his sister says she’s the one to worry about.

At Rodi’s, John tells Téa that he does not buy that Natalie did what she did because she loves him. She tells him he’s going to lose Natalie. He tells her that he realizes that maybe she and Todd were able to reconcile when he found out that Dani was his daughter. At least they have that together. But he did not have a child with Natalie. SO it’s different.

Brody assures Natalie she must know that John is just reacting and he loves her. She tells him that John opened up to her in a way she never thought he could not long ago. She remembers when he came back from Seattle with a teddy bear. She cries and tells him she’s afraid that things will never be the same between them again. He tells her she must just give them time. But she tells him that they do not have time. Every time she tries to find John, there’s Kelly ripping his clothes off not letting her come near him every chance she gets. And if John develops feelings for Kelly, it’s over. She tells him she loves John. Liam loves him. And she does not know what she’s going to do without him And it appears she is crying on Brody’s shoulder.

Téa asks John what is up with him. Is he afraid to love another man’s son? Or is the great detective McBain really human? He asks her if she was leaving. She then tells him that he may sit there alone with his pride and his bottle and see where it gets him. And, she tells him, maybe he should talk to Todd who is an expert at screwing up his life. Right then, Todd enters and tells her he is really annoyed by her brother getting into his business and moving in on Blair.

At Buenos Dias, Robert signs the papers with his lawyer and thanks him. The lawyer tells him he might not want to thank him when he gets his first bill and admits it could cost a few thousand. Robert tells him that’s fine with him. Alone, Langston protests to Robert that he cannot afford that. He tells her he cannot afford Tess. Keeping his son safe is something he cannot put a price on. He tells her that they have to work fast before Tess finds out what they are doing and takes his child from him.

The landlord enters and informs Tess that Robert owes on his rent. Tess then invites the landlord in and tells him she might be able to “work something out” with him.

Viki tells Clint she does not believe that Vimal falsified the DNA test. And she knows that Robert Ford has legal rights to their grandchild. So, she has hired an attorney. Somebody she knows and trusts. And right then, the doorbell rings and Clint sees that Téa will be representing him and Viki.

Tomás tells Blair that Téa told him that he needs to stay away from Blair. Blair tells him that he is still there. Tomás admits that he has a hard time following orders.

Todd goes to Rodi’s and tells John that he knows that John dodged a bullet but did not get married. He kind of wished he had done what John did.

Natalie asks Brody if he plans to give up on Jessica. He tells her never. She asks him what he intends to do.

Robert comes home to see Tess coming on to the landlord. The landlord tells them he needs the money by the end of the day. She knows how to get Robert evicted. She demands she tells him how she can do this to him. She asks what about what he is trying to do to her; throwing her in the loony bin.

At Rodi’s, John asks Todd if “the honeymoon is over”. Todd replies not with Téa. But with her brother. This long lost brother of hers’ suddenly shows up out of nowhere and wants to dig up Todd’s past. But as soon as Todd threatened to dig up Tomás’ past, he obviously looks afraid. Todd tells John he can clearly see that Tomás has things to hide. So he asks if maybe John puts on his detective badge and digs up some dirt on Tomás.

Blair tells Tomás that Téa is not the only person who has warned her not to get mixed up with him. So has Cristian Vega. He asks her if she wants to listen to other people or make her own decisions and have her first date with him.

Téa wants to represent Viki and Clint but tells them that Robert Ford only intends to agree if he can get liberal visitation rights. In the other room, Brody talks to Natalie about what he intends to do regarding Tess and Robert Ford taking his baby from him.

When Tess tells Robert she knows he intends to put her away, Robert asks her why she would be so paranoid to assume that. She tells him she has gone and looked at his phone messages. She bets his little girlfriend put him up to that. He protests that she is sick and needs psychiatric care. She asks him really. And how long is he going to be able to provide for a baby, reminding him he is the “wiener boy”. He needs more than Starr Manning bringing over diapers and supplies. He will need a lot more than he can afford or than his friends will help him with. She asks him how far he thinks his paycheck will get him when he can’t even pay his rent. Where is he going to get the money? He tells her he will get it. She tells him yes. He will get it from her. Thanks to Clint, they will never “want” again.

After Téa tells Viki and Clint that Robert only agrees to their terms if he can have “liberal visitation rights”, Clint tells her he does not want that creep anywhere near his daughter or grandson. Viki reminds Clint that Robert does not want him anywhere near his son. SO what are they going to do? Robert is the father and holds all the legal cards. She reminds Clint that Jessica needs help but cannot legally get it without Robert’s permission. She asks Clint if he plans to say good bye to Jessica and baby Ryder just so that he can be at war with Robert Ford.

Tess then tells Robert that all of his financial hardship will be gone. Even the rent will be considered a baby related expense. She tells him “that little brat of his” will have everything he’s ever wanted. And she can promise that if Robert plays his cards right.

Starr and James go to talk to Langston at Buenos Dias and they are not certain what Robert should do.

Tess tells Robert he must face it. He needs her. He is financially dependent on her and cannot afford send her to St. Anne’s.

Clint reminds Viki that Robert Ford took advantage of their daughter and got her pregnant. And he cannot sign over rights to the likes of him. But she reminds Clint that Robert is giving them back their daughter and their grandson. Téa then takes the papers that they have signed and tells them she thinks they should make this offer as soon as possible. Viki agrees and tells Téa that is absolutely correct. They must do it before Tess has another trick up her sleeve.

Tess reminds Robert that without her and her money, he will be at the desperate mercy of Clint and Viki and Brody and will have to say bye-bye to the baby. Because they will never let him near baby Ryder.


At Buenos Dias, Langston tells Starr and James she is very happy for them. She tells James if he ever hurts her best friend, he will be answering to her. Starr laughs and tells Langston she may get in line along with her dad. They all laugh and Starr and James kiss.

Todd tells John he would really like to do a thorough background check on Téa’s brother. He tells him he really wonders what this guy’s story is to have come out of nowhere after all this time.

Blair tells Tomás that she is not ready to get involved with anyone right now. He tells her she must know that he is not the one who will hurt her. He leaves but as soon as he’s alone, he appears to have some sort of secrets.

John tells Todd as much as he’d like to help him, he has no legal recourse against this Tomás Delgado.

Langston announces to Starr and James that Robert is going to have Tess committed and out of his life and soon will be able to raise his baby without her.

Tess manages to motivate Robert to see things her way and reminds him he’s a “wiener boy”. But right then, it appears that St. Anne’s staff are there to “transport the patient”.

Todd asks John if it’s not true that some crime has been committed by the things Tomás has done so far. John tells Todd that is how the law works. Todd tells him thanks for nothing. And he tells John he better hope this guy does not hurt somebody while John is sitting alone licking his wounds.

Back at the house, Natalie and Brody panic when it appears something is wrong with the baby.

Todd goes outside and looks like he has a plan. But it appears that somebody has a gun aimed at Todd.

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