OLTL Update Wednesday 3/9/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/9/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Suzanne

Kelly and John are making out in the backroom at Rodi’s. Before they start to have sex, she flashes back to when she was in there with Joey and tells John that she can’t. She tells John that she and Joey reconnected in the storage room. John asks her why she is in there with him then. She tells John that he should try and work things out with Natalie. He kisses her as he tells her she talks too much. Natalie walks in and sees them together. Nat wants to know what’s up next for their sexcapades! Kelly leaves and John is just staring at Nat, shaking his head and asks her what she wants. She tries to get Gigi’s job back for her, and John says he wants nothing to do with Gigi. In fact, did you get the idea to hide the paternity from her? They fight again about everything. John tells her that anyone who loved him would never have lied about the baby. Natalie tells him to go to hell and leaves. John says, “I’m already there” and starts drinking again. Natalie walks out of the storage room and into the bar and finds Kelly with Joey. She tells her to get her skanky hands off her brother. Joey was confiding in Kelly about Clint. As Natalie tells Joey that she was christening the storage room with John, he looks at her disgusted, and leaves. Nat threatens to rip her arms off if she goes near her brother again, but John is all hers.

Téa and Tomás show up at Rodi’s to have lunch and are surprised that Gigi is not there. The waiter covers and doesn’t say she was fired. They start chatting about Paris and he says he is not going back to Paris until she leaves Todd. Tomás asked if he got the lobotomy he needs; he is dangerous. Téa says Todd is complicated, just like them. She does not want him running interference with Todd. She outs him and says that she knows he is staying for Blair. She can tell how he feels about her and guesses that he has felt that way since he painted the portrait of her. Téa tells her that she does not want him to see Blair. Blair has had a rough year and she doesn’t want him to hurt her. She thinks he’ll just disappear like he did before. She asks him again why he did that. He refuses to tell her, thanks her for lunch and leaves.

Gigi is at the diner filling out a job application. Natalie comes in and notices what she is doing. She asks how she is going to handle yet another job. Nat tells Gigi about Tess and she feels it’s all her fault. Gigi tries to comfort her and tell her that it’s not her fault; Jess is ill. Gigi says if she and Rex can get back together anyone can. Natalie talks about her problems with John. She tells Gigi he has slept with Kelly twice. Gigi says she doesn’t know why anyone would want to sleep with him now, she found him with a bottle of bourbon this morning. She told him what happened with John and Natalie storms out to see him.

Clint walks in on Aubrey and Joey searching his safe. When Clint asks what he is looking for, Joey says evidence. Joey has the flash drive in his hand that contains the footage of Aubrey and Cutter. Joey tells him that he is looking for evidence of murder. He also tells him that Nora also thinks he killed Eddie Ford. Joey holds up the flash drive and asks if there is evidence on it; Aubrey is looking very nervous. Clint tells him that if he thinks he is a murderer, then to go ahead and watch it. As Joey is inserting the flash drive, Aubrey shouts out don’t do it! Clint smiles an evil grin. Aubrey pulls Joey away and tells them both to stop it and talks him out of watching the drive. She said it probably has footage of them together at the hotel and she doesn’t want to watch it in front of Clint. He drops the drive on the floor and smashes it. Joey storms out. Clint tells Aubrey, well played. She tells him that she won. He said yes, if you don’t mind living with a murderer. He then goes on to tell her that his son is in love Kelly and as soon as he realizes it, he will leave her. She and her ‘brother’ will need to find someone else to steal from.

Jack and Brad are picking on Shane again. He’s selling raffle tickets at school and Jack wants the money. They take the box of money and are throwing it back and forth. The principal walks up to the raffle table as Jack hides. When he asks for the money to lock up in the school safe, Shane tells him that Jack took the money!

Todd is called to Blair’s house and he wants to know what Jack did this time. Instead, she reams him out for pulling a gun on the teens. She threatens him (with Tomás) to leave Dani and Nate alone. As Todd makes a fake phone call to the State Department, his phone rings, it’s the school and they want to see him now.

Blair, Todd and Gigi all meet with the principal who says that the booster raffle money is missing and the two suspects are Jack and Shane. The principal wants to open both lockers, Jack’s is first. The money isn’t there. They find it in Shane’s locker. Todd demands an apology and calls Shane a liar and a thief. Shane insists he didn’t take it. The principal is threatening Shane’s future at LHS. Shane is suspended for three days. They leave school and go to the diner. She tries to get Shane to talk and as he is about to deny it again, he gets a death threat text from Jack. Instead, he says he needed new sneakers and that’s why he stole the money.

Todd, Blair and Jack are back at Blair’s, Blair tries to find out what’s going on between him and Shane. Jack plays it off and says he has no idea, the kid is crazy, probably because of all the stuff going on in his life since finding out he is a Buchanan. Todd sticks up for his son. Blair sends him to his room to do his homework. Jack gets a text from Brad, “Wheezy needs to learn a less.” He texts, agreed.

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