OLTL Update Tuesday 3/8/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/8/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

At Rodi’s, Gigi works and prepares food and coffee while John is hung over. She tells him that he needs to pull himself together and get back with Natalie. And, she remarks that she can understand why Natalie believed she had no choice except to tell him the baby was his when it wasn’t. She knew that if he didn’t, John would shut her out. That was Natalie’s worst fear, Gigi tells him. And then when she got the test results that Brody was the father, Natalie didn’t know what to do. Hearing that, John asks Gigi how she would know so much about Natalie’s situation. She then informs John that Natalie confided in her and she promised not to tell anybody. John tells her that he didn’t get to find out that his son was another man’s child until his wedding day. She tells him she knew the day Natalie got pregnant, it was hell for her. She even considered having an abortion. But she could not do it believing it was John’s child. He tells her you don’t always “get what you want” and walks away. Gigi protests that by the time Natalie discovered that it was Brody’s baby, she did not want to even think of it as anybody’s except his. She tells John that he cannot give up on the woman he loves. She then asks John if he has anything to say. John tells her yes. And he tells GIgi she is fired.

Joey, Aubrey and Cutter have breakfast together and Cutter successfully convinces Joey that he is an upstanding citizen who wants to “help” people and want to stay in Llanview for his sis and his family. Aubrey then walks Cutter out the door. Alone, Joey sees an article in the paper about the suspicious circumstances of the murder of Eddie Ford.

Matthew is at the high school also appearing engrossed in the same article. Destiny finds him and tells him they need to talk. He asks her about what. She replies about them.

Bo goes to Morocco and calls Nora telling her that he is there to find his son and get him out of prison and then hopefully get Clint locked up where he belongs. Nora sits at the table at Buenos Dias on the phone with Bo when Clint enters and sits beside her.

When Bo gets off the phone at the Moroccan prison, Rex appears unexpected. Bo asks him what the hell he is doing there. Rex informs Bo that he was unable to get on the same flight as Bo. It was too late but he got on the next flight, luckily. Bo tells Rex he needs to go home and stay out of it. He does not want Rex’s “help” and is not going to forgive him for what he has done. Right then, a guard enters and asks Bo what he is investigating. Bo shows the guard a picture of David assuming that his son has been admitted under another name.

At Buenos Dias, Clint tells Nora he is “concerned” about Bo. She tells him she does not believe that he could care less about Bo any more than she believes that he cares about Matthew. She tells him that Matthew mistakenly believed that Clint hired him to work at B.E. in order to offer him a career opportunity with the family business and because he loves him. But now Matthew knows that Clint was merely using him. He now knows what Clint did to his parents regarding having him falsely believing that Bo was cheating on her with Inez. He knows that Clint hired Eddie to kidnap her and then had Eddie killed in order to keep him quiet. He asks her what Matthew had to say when she informed him of that.

At the school, Matthew replies to Destiny that there is no “them”. She tells him that there was the kiss at his house. She is a bit concerned that Daren won’t take it the right way. He tells her she need not worry that he will tell Daren. They are merely friends who needed each other. He indicates to her that he is a bit engrossed in a newspaper article about Eddie getting murder and the suspicion surrounding Clint for the murder. She reads that it says a murderer is loose and asks Matthew what this has to do with him.

Aubrey and Cutter talk alone about whether Clint can blow them out of the water or not. She tells him that since she persuaded Rama and Vimal not to testify against Clint, he won’t dare show anybody the disk drive of the two of them together. He asks her how she can be so certain of that. She asks hi if he might have a Plan B involving scamming Kelly Cramer and her family.

At Dorian’s, Kelly tells her aunt that she might be moving on with John and that he and Natalie are over. Dorian is a bit skeptical about her niece’s interest in John.

Kelly tells Dorian that she and John are both trying to get over their losses instead of wallowing in self pity. Dorian then remembers Cutter telling her something similar about her losing David. She tells Kelly she just doesn’t want her niece to go from the frying pan into the fire. Before they can continue the conversation, the maid announces that Cutter Wentworth is there. Cutter enters with flowers. Kelly tells him that she cannot have a “relationship” right now. But it was sweet of him to bring the flowers. But he clarifies that it’s not for her. It’s for Dorian.

Back at the house, Joey tells Aubrey that he knows he’s met Eddie Ford. He remembers seeing that Eddie was right in this very house with Clint once. He wonders why his father would want anything to do with a creep like this. And it casts suspicion upon Clint after they have found Eddie murdered. Hearing that, Aubrey “assures” Joey that there may be a logical explanation.

Clint asks Nora if it’s really true that Matthew bought everything she told him about Clint being “evil”. Nora admits no. It was not a “slam dunk”. Matthew did have a hard time believing that his beloved Uncle Clint would be capable of murder. Clint tells her Matthew will have an even harder time when he finds out that his parents have nothing on his uncle. He tells her that she and Bo will never get him charged with anything. He tells her he’s sorry that she and his brother are so paranoid and believe he’s responsible for every crime committed in Llanview. In response to that, Nora adds that he is also suspected of crimes “elsewhere”.

At the Moroccan prison, after Bo shows the guards the picture of David, they reply they have never met this man. He then tells them that maybe “this” will refresh their memory. He opens up a briefcase and indicates that Clint must have paid them off. But at that point, they get ready to remove both Bo and Rex from the premises. Rex seems to know how to prevent them from doing that and tells them they better let him and Bo “tour” the facilities. He knows how to get them in trouble with Amnesty international and other types of “credentials”. And that motivates the prison guards. Alone with Rex, Bo tells him he doesn’t want to know how many laws Rex broke in order to get the guards to “cooperate” with them. But, Rex remarks, at least he got them in.

GIgi asks John how he can fire her for being Natalie’s friend. He tells her he cannot hire anybody unless he can trust them. She tells him fine. She will leave him with his bottle of booze and she goes out the door.

Dorian notices the flowers that Cutter tells her he has given her. She asks him if he came all the way over there in order to deliver the flowers in person. He asks her why else he would be there. She then tells him cut the crap. He is after her money.

Clint goes to talk to Aubrey in his living room while she has her morning coffee. She reminds him that Joey is not there so he can cut the “nice” act. She tells Clint she just needs one thing from him; the footage of her and Cutter in the hotel room. Clint smirks and asks why he would give her that.

Matthew tells Destiny he does not believe for a minute that his uncle is a killer. She tells him he must realize that one never knows, just like she had absolutely no clue about the secrets of her “brother Greg”. And she reminds him you do not always know what people are hiding.

While Nora is looking at the paper at Buenos Dias, Joey enters. She hugs her nephew and asks why he didn’t have a larger wedding for her and Bo to attend and she offers to take them out to dinner. He tells her he does have something to talk to her about. She goes and sits at a private table with him where he asks her if she has gotten any more information about Eddie Ford. She asks why he would be interested. He then tells her that he is considering going back to newspaper writings. And also, he believes that his father might have had some dealings with Eddie. He remembers seeing Eddie at the house right when he came back to make the surprise visit. Eddie was apparently talking to Clint about something “private”. Hearing that, Nora is able to put two and two together to conclude that this confirms that Clint put Eddie up to kidnapping her at that point.

The Moroccan prison guards put both Bo and Rex behind bars. The guard remarks that this cell has not been used in some time. But right then, Bo rushes to uncover the proof that David was there when David wrote that he needs to return to Dorian. Rex also notices what David has written and is awe. Bo then grabs a hold of the prison warden and demands to know how he could do this to Bo’s son. He tells him if something happens to David, he will kill them himself. At that point, the guards drag him away.

Cutter tells Dorian that he knows it’s David who only wants her money. He tells her she must know that he is not just after someone’s bank account. And if he was, he would have chosen somebody a lot dumber. He then asks her how many languages she knows. She replies 4. He tells her he knows that he could never fool her. He is looking for some intelligent conversation with her. But she does not seem to buy that.

At the high school, noticing Matthew silent and spooked, Destiny tells him she can see that this suspicion regarding his uncle Clint is really freaking him out. So if he needs to talk, she is there. Matthew walks away.

Joey private tells Nora that he needs to know if there is something going on with Clint. She then concludes to Joey that he has the right to know what his father is capable of.

Aubrey tells Clint that she needs a guarantee that he will come through on his end of their bargain since she convinced Rama and Vimal not to testify against him. So the only way she can do that is if he gives her the disk drive so she can destroy it herself. But he tells her that since Vimal has confessed, her bargaining strength is not as good as she wants it to be. So, he will tell her how things are going to work. He tells her she has his word that he will not give his son any indication this his wife is a two-timing, lying, money-grubbing schemer. She then asks him unless what. He replies unless she gives him reason not to do as he promises.

Joey tells Nora he needs to go and find out what his father is up to. But Nora tells him she is really sorry tht he has to get involved in all of this. He should be on his honeymoon enjoying his life. She hugs him and he departs.

John is alone when Kelly enters and tells him she is not going anywhere.

Cutter tells Dorian he can clearly see that she is not ready to move on. He can see a picture of her ex that she has taped up, knowing she would not have if she was over him. He asks her why she doesn’t just throw it in the fire. She cannot answer that. They end up kissing.

At Rodi’s, Kelly tells John she is concerned. He needs to get back to the department. They realize that many people now know that they have slept together including Natalie, Dorian and Roxy. She sees that he is still abusing alcohol. He tells her that he was ready to get over his bout. But he walked in on Natalie and Brody and saw them happily and cozily together with the baby. She then tells John if you want to talk about “cozy”, try talking about Joey and Aubrey living together at Clint’s home. Hearing that, John admits to Kelly that that is disgusting.

Matthew runs into his mom at Buenos Dias. She asks what he is doing out of school. He tells her he had a free period and would like to know what she and his dad plan to do regarding their suspicion that Uncle Clint murdered Eddie Ford.

When Joey walks in on his dad’s private conversation with Aubrey, Clint tells his son he was just talking to his new daughter in law about living in his home. Clint leaves them alone and Aubrey asks Joey where he went. He informs her that he spoke with Nora at Buenos Dias who is ready to build a case against Clint for the murder of Eddie Ford. Hearing that, she appears surprised and shocked.

When the prison guards want to take Bo away for threatening to kill them if they harm David, Rex knows how to “help” him although Bo does not want to accept Rex’s “help”.

Joey is ready to let Aubrey in on some secrets regarding breaking into Clint’s private safe when Clint walks in to catch them.

Nora goes out the door of Buenos Dias with Matthew , telling them the theories she and Bo have about Clint. Matthew walks with her out the door listening.

Bo attempts to tell the prison warden he knows if he had a son, he would not give up on finding him. He shakes the prison warden’s hand and tells him he and Rex were just discussing that he is a good man and that he would tell them if he knew anything. When he’s alone with Rex, Rex asks him if he intends to give up. Rex tells him he must know that the guard knows something. Bo tells Rex he knows that. And that is why Bo shook his hand. Inside the other room, the guard observes Bo’s business card in his hand. Bo tells Rex that with any luck the man will have a conscience, come clean and tell them where David is.

Cutter leaves Dorian telling her if she’s ever in the mood for “a little bond fire”, she may give him a call. She gets ready to throw the picture of David in the fire but cannot do it.

Gigi is alone at Buenos Dias talking about how a guy with a broken heart takes his frustrations out on the world.

Back at Rodi’s, Kelly shares with John that Dorian warned her not to get involved with him. He tells her she could always consider that Dorian is right or she may not want to listen to a word Dorian says. They end up kissing again.

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