OLTL Update Monday 3/7/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Téa tells Todd he needs to stop acting in an insane manner toward his two daughters’ relationships with their boyfriends.

Viki runs into John at St. Anne’s. He is there to see Marty. She is there to see Dr. Levin.

Starr is on the phone with James after they have departed and they appear not to be able to tear themselves away from each other.

When John goes to see Marty at St. Anne’s and then gets ready to leave, she tells him he must wait. There is something she must tell him about baby Liam. But he tells her it doesn’t really matter to him since Liam is not his son.

At Roxy’s salon, when Tess goes to “play Jessica” for Natalie who is unaware that Tess has come back. Natalie is able to put two and two together and conclude that her sister is in fact Tess.

Starr is on the phone with James. They talk about Robert being gone for a long time and James not certain where he went. Starr remarks that Langston has also been gone. And they both know that Robert has found out that he is the father of Jessica Buchanan’s baby.

Blair goes to talk to Cristian at the Buenos Dias telling him how amazing and coincidental it is that her “new friend” in Paris whom she met through him just happens to be Téa’s brother. Cristian tells her it’s no surprise to him. He and his family have known Téa and her family for many years.

Téa removes the gag from Todd’s mouth and asks if he is ready to be a good boy and act reasonable again. She removes it and he tells her she is a bitch.

While John gets ready to leave Marty’s home, Viki enters and tells them the must know that Jessica has turned into Tess and has gone away somewhere.

At the salon, after Natalie has discovered that Tess has come back and is ready to take the baby, she rushes to prevent her from leaving. Tess asks her if she plans to play tug of war with a baby. Natalie reminds her that she does not want this baby. This baby belongs to Jessica. Tess asks Natalie since when she (Natalie) has ever cared about Jessica or her baby. Was that before or after Natalie “boffed” Jessica’s fiancé.

After Viki is ready to tell Marty about Jessica, Marty tells her she knows that it was bound to happen after the hideous thing that happened to the wedding. Viki tells her that Jessica appeared to be alright when she heard about Ryder. But she went over the edge when she heard about Liam. She went away and at some point, Tess took over. John is also interested to find out that Jessica has gone over the edge for the same reason he broke it off with Natalie.

After Tess leaves with baby Ryder and Natalie is incapable of stopping her, Brody enters. He tells her he bets he knows where she went. She must have gone to Robert Ford’s home. Natalie asks why. Brody reveals to Natalie for the first time that Tess and Robert Ford are married.

At the apartment, James asks Robert if he has really gone through with marrying Jessica’s whacked “alter”. Robert tells his brother that he does not feel he has a choice since it’s the only way he can see his child. Right then, Langston and Starr enter.

When Starr gets off the phone with James, Langston returns from Vegas. Starr asks her what happened and if Tess has come out again. Langston tells her yes. Jessica has turned into Tess. But, she tells Starr, she prefers to call Tess Mrs. Robert Ford.

Natalie tells Brody that if Tess has married Robert Ford, they must do something about it and get the marriage annulled and ended. But he tells her that Robert agreed to marry her in order to keep her out of St. Anne’s because she is his only ticket for getting visitation or custody of the baby. Hearing that, Natalie is shocked and asks Brody how she could not see that coming.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian tells Blair that he got to know Téa’s brother really well. He was like a mentor to him, encouraged him to plays sports. And Tomás was a musician. Tomás is on the phone talking in French to someone.

Téa tells Todd he was ready to chase after their daughter in a car on an abandoned road with a gun. He tells her that he should call the cops on her for committing domestic abuse. Hearing that, she tells him he would know all about that.

Marty tells Viki that she feels responsible for that has happened to Jessica. She was her psychiatrist and should have seen this coming on. But Viki assures her that she is not responsible for why Tess has come out. But Marty is ready to reveal to Viki that there is more to it than that. Viki assures her that the reason Jessica has “split” is because she could not cope with finding out for the first time that Brody was the father of Natalie’s baby. And Marty is absolutely not responsible for that. Little does Viki know, however.

Brody tells Natalie that he will go and handle what is going on with Tess and tells her he wants her to stay at the salon with the baby.

James asks Robert if he is serious about marrying Jessica’s “alter”. Especially when he never wanted to be the father of her baby anyway. But Robert tells his brother he is not going to leave another kid behind. He is not going to let Clint Buchanan keep from his son. James asks his brother if she plans to stay married to this seriously disturbed chick forever. Robert tells him of course not. He has a plan.

Langston concludes to Starr that Robert needs Tess to help him see his baby. She needs him to keep her out of a mental ward. And she fears that there is more to it than that. Hearing that, Starr assures Langston that Robert only wants her and is not “interested” in Tess. But, Langston reminds her, he is still “a guy”. Langston tells Starr she is lucky that James is not going to fall for some person like Tess.

Tess returns to the apartment with the baby, greets Robert, very smug and confident that she has the perfect “plan”. And when she notices James, she gawks at him flirtatiously and asks who he is. He smiles.

Cristian informs Blair that Tomás bolted from Llanview and did not communicate with anybody for a long time. It broke Téa’s and their family’s hearts. But Tomás might have come around. She tells him that last she heard, Tomás was ready to catch a flight back to Paris. He tells her from what he knows, Tomás has missed his flight.

Todd and Téa talk about their history of violence toward each other. She tells him that maybe they could get on the Reality Channel. But they must both be parents to their daughter and he cannot behave the way he has been doing. He tells her that she cannot have it both ways to first tell him that they must on the same page with their daughter and then tie him up. He asks her if she is really ok with Dani having sex. She must know that Starr is a teenager mom. Yes, she has handled it ok. But her life has been turned around. And should they not have a say in whom their minor daughter sees. She tells him of course. But “having their say” does not mean holding her boyfriend at gun point. So she tells Todd in order for her to untie him, he has behave more rationally.

Starr admits to Langston that she is also a bit concerned about “her guy” being “moved in upon” by Tess. Langston asks her how she plans to deal with James living in the same apartment with Tess. Starr tells Langston that if Tess puts the moves on her (Starr's) guy, she will punch Tess’s lights out.

At the apartment, James tells Tess he’s sorry but he is taken. She tells him that she has to go and shower and he is invited to have fun with her. Both brothers hold the baby and attempt to feed him with a bottle knowing that Tess is not going to take care of him. Brody then enters and urges Jessica to come back, telling her that Tess and Robert have “his” son. But only Tess is there to reply to him that the baby is hers’ and Robert’s and he is nothing to their baby or to her. She tells Brody she knows that Natalie called her “baby daddy" (himself) and he came rushing over since he can’t have his own baby. Brody urges Tess/Jessica to know that he can help her take care of the baby and give him everything he needs. But Robert tells Brody that Mrs. Banks already arranged to help him see baby Ryder. Tess tells Brody she needs to leave hers’ and Robert’s baby alone and go back to his own baby with the red headed slut whom she knows he really wants. And she pushes him out the door.

At St. Anne’s after talking to Marty, Viki talks to John while she waits for Dr. Levin. He tells her that he is sorry she is going through this although she assures John that he cannot feel guilty for this. And she tells him he must know that Natalie also feels terrible for what she did to him and she loves him. John tells her that Natalie has some responsibility for what has happened and if she had told the truth, none of this would have happened. Right then, Viki gets a call from a frantic Natalie who informs her mom that Tess just went to Foxy Roxy’s and took the baby.

After Brody leaves the apartment, Tess tells Robert and James that “that guy” is too pushy. She never understood Jessica’s taste in men or in perfume. She smirks at James again and invites him into the shower with her. When he turns her down, goes into the shower and leaves the two brothers alone with the baby. James assesses that he is an uncle and this is a pretty good looking kid just like his uncle. But they realize they must change the baby not having a clue how they will do it.

Langston asks Starr what happened. Starr tells Langston it’s a long story. James declared that he could not sleep with Michelle because he wanted her (Starr). And right then, she gets a call from James but tells Langston she will call him back. Langston urges her to take the call. James tells Starr he needs her “assistance” in changing a baby. She offers to be right over to help them. She assures Langston not to give up on Ford, as she goes out the door.

Tomás goes to Buenos Dias and confirms to Blair that he and Cristian go way back. Tomás asks how Antonio and his daughter are. Cristian tells him they are good and asks what Tomás has been up to. Tomás replies “a few things”. But Blair informs Cristian that Tomás is a brilliant artist. And they both wonder why Tomás has not left for Paris. He informs them that he plans to stay in Llanview.

Téa tells Todd that the ticket to his freedom is to leave Starr alone. She is a responsible young woman who can decide who she wants to date. And she wants to date James. She tells him that Dani is also a responsible young woman who wants to date Nate, and as soon as she is done being grounded she can. She admits to Todd that their daughter ran away without telling them and without their permission and she is a minor and living under their roof.. But they are going to make decisions about their daughter together rationally. She asks if he promises to work with her and do nothing threatening to their daughter. Todd agrees.. She then unties him. But at that point, Todd ties Téa up. He tells her he can do the same thing to her that she did to him. They scream at each other and then end up having wild sex.

Tomás tells Blair now that Téa is in town, he doesn’t plan to leave Llanview. She tells him she knows that Téa will be very glad that he is choosing to stay. He then tells Blair that Téa is not the only reason he plans to stay.


Robert and James are struggling with the diaper and trying to figure out how to fit it and which side is which, when Starr arrives. She tells them where the tape is supposed to be positioned. She puts the diaper on baby Ryder and remarks that he’s so cute. But she asks Robert where his “wife” is and urges him to go and see Langston and she and James will take over from there. She gives James instructions on how to clean and wipe and apply baby cream and how to put on the clean diaper. Right then, Tess gets out of the shower to see the two of them together and smirks as she remarks: “Here is my competition”.

At. St. Anne’s Viki tells John she realizes there was no excuse for what Natalie did. She understands his justifiable reason to be angry. But she did it for him. There has been so much pain and damage but it does not have to be that way. She tells him that Liam can still be his son if he wants.

Brody returns to Natalie and baby Liam at Roxy’s salon. He tells her that he tried and failed to get Tess and Robert to let him have baby Ryder but they slammed the door in his face. He could get arrested for entering their home again uninvited. He does, however, appear happy when Natalie lets him hold “the” baby.

At St. Anne’s John apologizes to Marty for coming down on her and blaming her for the situation involving himself and Natalie. He assures her that she is not at fault for what happened to Natalie. He tells her to take care of herself and appears gracious.

At Buenos Dias, Tomás asks Blair if he is sticking around for a while, if that means they might see each other again. She tells him possibly. He leaves. Cristian tells her he can see that something is going on with her and he urges her to be careful. He tells her that he knows she’s been through a lot in the last year and he knows that Tomás has had a history of abandoning many people.

Todd and Téa awaken after their encounter in bed. She asks him if he is going crazy over the girls because he wants to protect them from guys like himself. He tells her he has not had the best year. First, she “croaks”. Then he almost loses Dani to her ex husband. And he realizes he has an issue about people leaving. He’s protective of his daughters for that reason. She tells hi she will not leave him but she realizes that they have really messed up Viki’s cabin.

Tess comes out of the bathroom, Starr asks James if she is “another obstacle”. Tess tells them she has everything she wants which is her freedom.

Robert goes to see Langston at Dorian’s home with flowers. She asks if he should not be with “the wife and kids”. He tells her he has a plan. Since he is married to Tess, there is no reason he cannot have her committed himself.

Viki departs from St. Anne’s while Marty admits she hopes that John and Natalie do not get back together.

John then goes to Roxy’s and notices Natalie and Brody through the window happily together and holding baby Liam.

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