OLTL Update Thursday 3/3/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

In Bo’s office, Rex reveals that he has kept the secret from him for many months that Clint sent David away to a Moroccan prison. Rex kept the secret because of Clint’s threat to Rex, to Gigi and to Shane. Bo rushes out angry. Gigi tries to console Rex but he tells her he’s afraid that Bo now hates him.

Bo goes to the airport and meets Nora. She asks him what is going on knowing he upset. He reveals to her or the fist time that Rex has just informed him that Clint has sent David to a Moroccan prison and Rex kept it from him all this while.

Rex is then devastated at what he has done to Bo’s son realizing that if someone did that to Shane and did not tell him, he’d never forgive them.

Todd goes to find Inez while she’s under the dryer at Roxy’s salon.

Nate and James are awake wondering if they should talk to Dani and Starr but realizing that things last night got a little intense.

Dani asks Starr if she “had fun” last night. Starr reveals that she and James did have a “good time”. Dani asks her to tell all. Starr tells Dani it’s like a whole new world has opened up for her and James.

Todd goes to find Inez at Roxy’s salon. She knows he wants to confront her and tells him he better get out or she will call the cops. He tells her that he knows she drugged Bo and tried to break up him and Nora and he doubts that any of her “friends” at the Llanview PD will come to her rescue I she calls them.

At the airport, Nora asks Bo why Rex did not inform him or Kelly right away what he found out about Clint making David disappear. He replies that it was because Matthew allegedly caught him and Clint allegedly threatened to revoke Gigi’s grant and throw Rex in prison for Hearing that, Nora protests that he must know that Clint was threatening Rex’s family so he didn’t have much choice. Bo tells her there is no excuse for what Rex did. Clint uses the same sorry excuse for everything he does saying he does it to protect his family. And if Rex can use that excuse, then he’s just as worthless as his father.

Gigi ask Rex if he did not explain to Bo why he did what he did. He tells her that he put his own family over Bo’s. And it never once occurred to him that after all they have been through, that Bo is his family too. She tells him that regardless of his mistake, he took a big step to make it right He tells her that David is locked away in a prison with his life ruined and all her (Rex) could do was think of himself. And as much as he hates the thought of Clint being his father, he is just like Clint with what he has done.

Starr relives her romantic encounter with James. She envisions the two of them happily with Dani and Nate who are ready to sleep together for the first time without threats from Todd.

James tells Nate that maybe they need to see if Starr and Dani are ready to get back to Llanview. But Nate warns him that if Todd catches them up there, they will be sorry.

At the salon, Todd tells Inez he knows that her two sons are hiding with his two daughters. She asks what he wants. He asks if he has to spell it out and demands to know where Nate is/ Where did her pervert son take his daughter?

Starr envisions herself with James and Dani and Nate alone in the cabin and her concern about Dani and Nate having their “first time”. Dani and Nate go into the bedroom but she indicates that she is not ready. And Starr and James wonder what they should do amongst themselves or regarding Dani and Nate or Todd or anything. She tells him that even though she’s uncomfortable with her little sister losing her virginity to his little brother,, they need to stay out of it. He tells her that he’s just happy to be there with her. He tells her that they have this day and the next and the next and until she gets sick of him. She smiles at him and tells him that won’t happen. And in real life, James tells Starr they will have to get back and face their lives sooner or later.

At the salon, Todd asks Inez if she thinks it’s ok for her son to be groping his daughter and if she encourages him to have sex. She tells him she trusts her son. He asks her if she trusts him when she believed he killed his own father. Todd tells her that he knows she did not care about her two older sons and left them with a man who used them as a punching bag. But doesn’t she care about the son she actually kept? She then angrily asks him who he is to tell her she does not know how to raise her sons. His own daughters have both run away from him and don’t want to let him even know where they are.

Gigi tells Rex he is nothing like Clint. It’s only biology. He is a good man. And Bo will forgive him. Rex tells her that Bo was the first person to give him a chance to redeem himself when he was new in town and not well respected. Bo saw the good in him and he betrayed Bo.

Nora tells Bo that he must realize that Rex is a good kid who is worthy of the benefit of the doubt. He tells her that if Rex had just come to him and told him what he knew about Clint, then maybe he could have prevented Eddie Ford from kidnapping her and Clint from falsifying Jessica’s DNA and so many other things. She then tells him that the only person to blame here is Clint and not Rex.

Gigi tells Rex he must know of all the obstacles the two of them have come through to overcome their trust issues. So the same can be done with Bo. But he wants to obsess over all of the worst case scenarios.

Bo asks Nora why she is sticking up for Rex Balsam after Rex betrayed him. Nora tells Bo that Rex is like a son to him and Rex loves him and he needs to look past this error in judgment. Bo tells Nora that he is done with Rex. Rex is not his family. He only cares about his own family, his own sons are Matthew and David. And “interlopers” like Rex Balsam can go to hell. Hearing that, Nora tells Bo he sounds just like his brother.

Todd tells Inez if she thinks that he will stop looking for his daughter, she has another thing coming. So he will ask her one more time where her son has taken his daughter. But he does not believe that and grabs her purse and cell phone.

Nate asks James what if they get back to Llanview and Dani’s dad won’t let them be back together. This might be the last chance they will have together. James tells her he’s in the same boat with him and Starr. If Todd finds out that they were also there, it might be the last night he and Starr will spend together ever. And he fantasizes about being with Starr.

Nate envisions being with Dani and hearing her declare that she is not ready and crying. And Starr envisions being cozily with James

In real time, Starr tells Dani she needs to take her home. Their dad will be worried. Dani is afraid to face him. But Starr urges her to depart from the cabin yet she knows she does not want to leave James. Dani cries and is disappointed in herself, telling Starr she is a “baby” not to be able to go through with sex with Nate. But Starr assures her younger sister she is not a baby. It’s more mature to wait until it was right. She reminds Dani that the same thing that she did not do with Nate is what got Starr pregnant. She knows that they have the same father and she does not know if everything they have both done is a reaction to Todd.

At the salon, Todd checks Inez’s cell phone and tells her he can see that Nate has called her and told her where he was. He asks her if she wants to make this difficult and if she thinks that crossing Bo and Clint was hard for her, she needs to know what will happen if she crosses him.

Nora informs Bo that she found Matthew in Clint’s office. Their son protested that he is not going to quit working with uncle Clint because he believed his uncle did nothing wrong. So, at that point, she felt she had no choice except to set Matthew straight and reveal all of the deep dark secrets about Clint. And Matthew did not take it well.

Rex tells Gigi that for the longest time, he would be haunted about what he did to David. But he would either see Shane happy and safe or see how happy she was to be attending school. So he kept his mouth shut about David. Yet it haunted him when he slept. She concludes that that is why he woke up all those nights screaming in a cold sweat. He tells her that he is afraid that it’s too late to make things right with Bo. But she asks him when any obstacle has made him give up before. He tells her that Bo made it pretty clear that he wanted nothing more to do with him and did not want Rex’s “help”. But she reminds him that he is a P.I. And they go places where they are told not to go and unafraid and can make things happen and right the wrong when they have incentive. He doubts himself but she tells him that he is talking to Morasco who knows what he is really made of.

Bo tells Nora he remembers the times when he was ready to bond with David and accept him as his son. They joke about David’s muffins and all of his crazy stunts. He tells her if he finds David, he will save him from what Clint has done to him.

Rex tells Gigi that this whole big mess is all on him. And he does not know what he would do if she were not in his corner. She tells him she needs him to get right back in the ring and take action. He cannot be afraid. He needs to go and find David and make Clint pay for the things he has done and make things right for Bo.

Starr is worried about how it appears that Todd has found out from Inez where they all are.

Todd tells Inez that she needs to know that one way or another he will find her son. And he asks her if after he does, would she like him to go easy on Nate? Because if he has to waste any more time looking for him, she doesn’t want to know what he will do to Nate.

Dani tells Starr that it felt good for a while to be free from their dad and make him “pay” for what he has done to Nate. Starr then asks her sister if she does not remember the talk they had last night. They relive Starr telling her that most of what she has done has been in response to Todd. Seeing Cole was an act to defy Todd for not wanting her to see him. And much of the reason she was with Cole was to provoke Todd. So she tells Dani that if she is doing this in order to make Todd angry or to hide form him, then she will never be free from him. What they need to both do is return to Llanview and get back to their lives and make their own choices about their own lives.

Rex rushes to the airport board the plane that he just saw Bo depart in. But it looks like he’s too late. He urges the flight attendant to let him on the flight. But she tells him no. He’s too late. Gigi finds Nora and assures her that Rex wants to make things right. But they both know that Bo is angry with Rex.

Nate gets ready to leave with Dani and asks if she is ok. She asks if he is “mad” at her. He tells her no way. He wants to be with her and regrets his bone head move to call his mom so that Todd could trace the call.

After Todd leaves Inez alone at the salon, she calls and leaves a message for Téa telling her what her husband has threatened to do to Inez’s son. She seems very worried and afraid.

Just as the two young couples are ready to leave the cabin and return home, Todd arrives and enters through the door. They all look scared, and he looks angry.

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