OLTL Update Tuesday 3/1/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/1/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Clint is on the phone with Aubrey warning her that she better get Rama to convince Vimal not to testify against him because if he’s going down, she will be going down with him. She assures him she will cooperate. Joey walks in to overhear his father on the phone threatening somebody and remarks he knows that Clint is up to no good. Yet he has no clue what exactly is going on. Cutter returns to Aubrey’s hotel room and wonders if he has to play her brother in case they are seen or heard. She tells him nobody is there but warns him that if they don’t convince Vimal and Rama not to get the goods on Clint, Clint will have the goods on them.

Bo and Nora call Vimal into their office and promise him they can offer him full immunity of he can testify about how Clint put him up to illegally breaking into a hospital lab and falsifying DNA records. Téa represents Vimal and assures him that he will be a free man if he does what they ask.

Kelly is ready to leave John’s apartment before he wakes up. He asks her why she is “sneaking off” on him. She replies so that they do not have to talk about how they have wound up in bed together now twice. She tells him they are both in a real difficult spot now. He is hurting over Natalie and she over Joey. And they found a way to not hurt so much for a few hours twice. He tells her he did not want her to think that he is using her She tells him that she could be accused of using him too but tells him it beats drinking the pain away with no hangover the next morning. But there’s a knock on the door from Roxy. John panics knowing he does not want her to see that he has cheated on her daughter.

Dorian goes to confront Echo at Viki’s home and tells her she knows Echo is wearing Charlie’s watch. Echo tells Dorian that she cannot prove anything. Dorian reminds her that Viki did not see Charlie that night and was afraid he might be out getting drunk which might have been better than winding up in bed with her. Hearing that, Echo admits to Dorian that she did in fact sleep with Charlie. And what is Dorian going to do about that?

Clint goes to talk to Viki and Joey in the other room. Viki informs him that Brody has found Jessica. But Tess has come back and she’s in Vegas with Robert Ford. Clint assures his son and ex wife that Jessica will be better when the get her in the care of Dr. Levin. Having no suspicion about Aubrey, Viki tells her son that her new daughter in law has married into quite a high maintenance family and may not now what she’s getting herself into. But Clint reflects that he knows that Aubrey knows more than she lets on and that he does not trust Aubrey.

Aubrey tells Cutter that they are through if Clint ever shows anybody the disk drive of them having sex and sharing their secret about scamming Joey. He tells her they must first make the best of the remaining freedom they have and he kisses her and gets ready to go at it with her.

Bo, Nora and Téa all assure Vimal if he signs the agreement, the DA’s office will be able to protect him from any future threats from Clint and grant him full absolution for his part in the crime. It appears a no brainer until Rama rushes into the office and tells her husband she has something urgent to tell him.

Rex tells Gigi if Shane is getting into fights at school, it might have something to do with finding out that Charlie is not his biological grandfather But she tells him she believes it has nothing to do with that and Shane is now not so concerned about his family. She asks how long their 14 year old boy will go from fighting to loving. He makes a joke about how Shane will soon have a sex life. She does not want to face that but he tells her that maybe they should focus on their own sex life. But he can see that she is showered and dressed. But she tells him it does not matter and jumps in the bed with him.

Cutter tells Aubrey she knows that Clint is onto them. SO they have some obstacles on their hands. But where there is a will, there is a way, he tells her. She then calls Rama again but gets her voice mail.

When Rama rushes in to talk to Vimal when he is having his meeting with Bo, Nora and Téa, she tells them she urgently has to talk to her husband. He tells her he has a very important meeting and she must wait. But Bo tells the two of them they may talk privately. She pulls him outside and tells him he cannot sign that agreement or Clint Buchanan will ruin her friend Aubrey. But he knows of no other alternative.

Clint and Viki do not want Natalie to find out that Tess is back. But Joey asks why she should not be told about that. Viki protests that the very reason Natalie felt she had no choice except to lie to Jessica about her affair with Brody is because of her fear of Jessica having a break down. She tells her son that Natalie is upstairs crying her eyes out after John has left her because of the secret and needs to get him back. But Joey tells his mom that maybe getting John back is too late for Natalie. John appears to have moved on and is now sleeping with Kelly, Joey tells her.

Roxy notices John is in bed with somebody and assumes that he’s reconciled with Natalie. She goes in to “congratulate” her daughter. But when she sees who is with John, she screams. She tells them they have a lot of explaining to do. How can he let this slut move in on him and do this to Natalie? John tells Roxy she must not speak that way about Kelly and he and Natalie are through. She asks what about his baby, Liam. He tells her that Liam Is not his son. She demands to know how he can say that.

Dorian tells Echo she better leave Charlie alone. Viki has some major crises on her hands and does not need this. She informs Dorian for the first time that Jessica’s alter Tess has come out after Jessica finds out that Natalie got pregnant by Brody and Natalie and John have broken up. They both agree that Clint is to blame for that.

When Viki and Clint find out from Joey that John is sleeping with Kelly, Viki is outraged. And Joey tells Clint they have him to thank for it.

Cutter tells Aubrey that he thinks he might be able to work on Kelly and on Dorian. And maybe she needs to “step things up” with Joey and get her name on his bank accounts now that they are legally married. She protests that this is not the time to do something like that and will only make her look suspicious to Joey and his entire family. Realizing that she might have a point, Cutter tells her that maybe that’s why they need to consider his “plan B”

Rex is with Gigi telling her that he will never consider Clint his father. And he is ready to reveal that not only has Clint falsified his and Natalie’s DNA tests and what has been revealed at the weddings. He is ready to tell her the secret that only he knows about Clint involving David Vickers and how Clint has threatened to revoke Gigi’s grant to attend school if Rex does not comply with what he wants.

Rama tells Vimal that they do not want to cross Clint Buchanan. But he tells her that he cannot take care of his family from prison. She tells him she believes that she is pregnant although she has not taken a test. Téa tells him that he has to get in that room and sign the papers. Alone, Rama reveals that she is not really pregnant and only wanted to motivate him with a little white lie. Inside, Vimal tells Téa, Bo and Nora that he cannot sign their agreement. He cannot send Clint to prison. Clint is “innocent”, he tells them.

Aubrey asks Cutter just want he means by his “plan B”. He replies Kelly Cramer. Hearing that, she tells him she thought that ship had sailed. But he tells her that Joey has dumped her so she might consider him. And he tells her that she better find a way to get her hands on Joey’s bank accounts before it’s too late..

After Roxy asks John how he can cheat on her daughter with Kelly, he replies that Natalie lied to him about Brody being the father of her baby. Roxy protests that is not Natalie’s fault. He must know that it’s Marty Saybrooke's fault for hiding the letter that Natalie wrote to him and giving her good reason to believe he dumped her for Marty when he did not.

Echo tells Dorian it must be great to be her and get involved in everyone else’s love life because Dorian does not have one of her own. She wants to save Viki’s marriage because she is alone. Dorian tells Echo she is single because she chooses to be. Echo tells Dorian she is single because David Vickers dumped her at the alter for the second time. Dorian tells Echo that David did her a favor. But Echo tells Dorian she’s a lousy liar and it’s very obvious she’s still in love with the man. Dorian’s days of having a young suitor are over. So, Echo tells Dorian, she (Dorian) is lonely and bitter and has no life. Dorian then demands Echo gets out of her home and demands she leaves Viki alone, warning her that Viki is fragile and on the edge with all she has been through. Hearing that, Echo smirks hearing that Viki is “on the edge”.

Viki tells Clint that he has to stop believing he has the right to decide who can and cannot be a member of this family. He has to make peace with Joey’s choice and accept Joey’s wife. Clint then gets a call and takes it where he is not overheard . It’s Aubrey who confirms that Rama has convinced Vimal not to sign the agreement. He then goes back in appearing “happy” (a sudden 360) tells Viki she is right. Although everything he’s done is for the good of the family, she is correct that he needs to trust his own son.. SO, if Joey would “let” him, he’d like to get to know Joey’s wife. But Viki does not buy Clint’s sincerity for a moment and tells him she knows that neither does Joey.

Téa tells Vimal if he does not sign the agreement, he will go to prison. But Vimal tells her and Bo and Nora that he deserves it. He acted of his own free will to break into the hospital and tamper with the DNA results. Bo tells him that nobody her buys that. Vimal confesses that when Clint found out that he falsified Clint’s daughters’ DNA tests, Clint was horrified. Nora asks Vimal what possible motive would have to do that when he doesn’t even know Clint’s daughters? Bo then asks Vimal if he falsified Rex Balsam’s DNA test results without being asked by Clint.

Rex confesses to Gigi, that because of Clint’s threats, he has kept the secret from Bo and all the others that Clint has had David Vickers rotting in a Moroccan prison for a crime he did not commit on his wedding day to Dorian.

After Echo leaves, Dorian takes out a picture of David and tells him she hates him. She takes her scissors and cuts the picture. Kelly enters. Dorian informs her niece that she went to her room and saw that her bed has not been slept in. She asks Kelly to please not tell her that she spent another night at the Minuteman Motel. Kelly tells Dorian no. She was at Angel Square. Dorian asks her if she was with a new man. Kelly replies no. It was with the same man.

Back at Angel Square, Roxy tells John he must know that Natalie merely got drunk and slept with Brody because she had good reason to believe that he dumped her for Marty. But he tells her he cannot forgive Natalie for lying to him. He doesn’t want to talk about it and asks Roxy to leave. She then reminds him that she has some engraved gifts for his baby that cannot be returned.

Gigi asks Rex how it was that he found out that Clint had David Vickers thrown in prison without anybody knowing. He explains that he was doing some investigating for Kelly and came across files about how Clint sent David away. Clint caught him and told him if he told anybody, he could revoke her grant. She asks why he did not tell her or tell Bo. And she is shocked to find out that it was Clint who revoked her grant. He knew how devastated she was with how much she wanted to attend school. And then, the assistant job she had working with Cristian just magically became available to her when Rex promised to keep his mouth shut for Clint. She tells him that they cannot keep this secret any longer. Bo needs to know what has happened to his son.

After Vimal tells Bo, Nora and Téa that he is an “honest man” who is confessing to his crime, Bo then instructs the officers to take Vimal to his cell and lock him up. Alone, Nora tells Bo it’s obvious that Clint has gotten to him or to his wife.

Clint goes to visit Aubrey and tells her that he wants to make peace with her. He even has a “present for the happy couple”. He holds the disk drive with the revelation of who she and Cutter really are. Aubrey gets a call from Rama who tells Aubrey she convinced her husband to do what Aubrey and Cutter need. So Aubrey needs to live up to her end of the bargain when Vimal gets locked up. When she hangs up, Clint tells Aubrey he has that “present” that he wanted to give her.

Echo goes to Viki’s home. Viki asks her if she wants to see “Chuckle’s”, he’s out. Echo tells Viki no. She wants to talk to her.

John is alone in his room after Roxy has left, appearing incomplete when he notices that baby gifts for the baby he planned to have.

Bo and Nora know that Clint must be threatening Vimal to lie for him. They are furious.

Clint tells Aubrey and Joey he wants to let them live with him in his house.

Cutter goes to see Dorian in an attempt to charm her and charm Kelly.

Rex knocks on Bo’s door and tells him there is something he needs to tell Bo about “his son”.

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