OLTL Update Monday 2/28/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

James is in awe when Starr informs him, for the first time that she and Cole decided to break up.

Todd asks Blair why she, Téa, Dani and Starr are all ganging up on him and making him the bad guy. She tells him that she agrees that he overreacted when he found out that Dani and Nate were going to sleep together. She tells him she needs to go to bed and thinks she should leave. He asks her if she is suggesting that he goes back to his home to listen to Téa and her brother telling him all about what a lousy father he is. Hearing that, Blair is surprised to hear Todd telling her that he’s met Téa’s brother whom she’s never heard of.

Back at Todd and Téa’s home, she tells Tomás that he has been back in her life for only a few minutes and he thinks he can lay down the law regarding her husband and daughter. He tells her that this is what is best for her. She asks how he knows that. Are “they” really close? He asks her how she can allow her husband Todd to talk to her the way he does. She angrily asks him where he gets off assuming to know so many things. He has walked out of her family and has not bothered to call or send any correspondence. She tells him he knows nothing about Todd Manning. Hearing Todd’s name, Tomás tells her he knows more about that man than she thinks. Hearing that, she seems to wonder why he said that.

James tells Starr that he is surprised to find out for the first time that she went to break up with Cole. He needs her to “fill in the blanks”. Just when did she go to talk to Cole? She reveals it was on the same day that she came by his apartment and saw him ready to sleep with Michelle. She tells him she assumed that he was going to move on and had no clue that he could not go through with sleeping with Michelle. She tells him that she spoke to his brother Robert and found out that he (Robert) had a “secret”. So she got side tracked.

In Vegas, Brody finds Tess with Robert. He wants to get her out of there and let Jessica come back. Langston comes with him and is similarly in awe to see Tess married to Robert. Tess smugly tells them that she does not have to listen to Brody. She only has to listen to her “husband”, (Robert)

When Joey notices John holding Kelly and wanting to move in on her, he furiously tells John he’s a low life coward and if he thinks he’s going to “lay a finger” on Kelly, he’s got another thing coming. Both Natalie and Kelly are there and overhearing. John smugly tells Joey, just for the record, he laid “more than a finger” on Kelly. Hearing that, Joey hauls off and decks John. John falls to the floor. Natalie and Kelly are both stunned at what they see.

Starr tells James that she thought that it was clear that he was over her and ready to move on. So she felt she had to walk away He asks her why she would have thought that he was over her ad tells her that he thought she was going to stay with Cole so he felt he had no choice except to date Michelle. She tells him that it hurt her to see him with Michelle. He then confirms to her that he does not want to be with Michelle. He wants to be with her.

After Blair hears that Téa’s “brother” is visiting, she asks if he means her brother the cop. He tells her no. A different loser brother of Téa’s. He explains to Blair that he just found out that his teenage daughter has run off to have sex with some punk and won’t speak to him. And he comes home to find his wife in the arms of another man. So of course, that’s where his mind jumped. He thought it might be “secret husband number two”. Hearing that, Blair asks Todd if he was ready to go off on her brother. And she remarks that Téa is full of secrets. He then tells her that “this guy” is nothing but trouble. Having no clue whom “this guy” is, she chuckles when Todd tells her that after two seconds, Téa’s brother decided he did not like Todd. And he’s probably poisoning Téa against him right now as they speak.

Back at their home, Tomás tells Téa that he could see that Todd was being abusive to her. She tells him that Todd is not abusive. He was just being loud. Tomás tells his sister she is not safe around Todd. She tells him he must not be so dramatic. All he saw was a heated moment and that is all. He asks her how often they have these “heated moments”. She tells Tomás that he has no business judging Todd. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her. He tells her that he knows about Todd’s shady history. She asks him what he could possibly know about Todd, never having met him nor heard of him. Tomás replies he heard it from Todd’s “wife”. Téa tells Tomás that she is Todd’s wife. Tomás clarifies he spoke with Todd’s “ex” wife. She then asks if he means Blair.

After Joey has hit John, Natalie tells her brother maybe he needs to calm down. She wants to get John some ice. But he tells her he does not need help. Natalie can then clearly tell that John is interested in “accepting help” from Kelly. She furiously tells Kelly she better get out of there and realize that she is not wanted there. Why did she come there anyway? Kelly replies that she came by to apologize to Natalie for sleeping with John. Hearing that, Natalie furiously tells her the apology is not accepted.

When Brody asks Tess where Jessica is, she tells him that Jessica is no longer there for him after what he did to her. Langston asks Robert to please tell her that she did not see what she just saw. He grimly tells her that he is married to Tess. She asks if Tess had something on him and if she threatened to hurt her or James. Robert replies no. He married Tess of his own free will.

James asks Starr if she is saying that she wants to move forward with him. Is it true that there nothing holding them back? Can she be with him?

Blair tells Todd she’s sorry that he and Téa are having problems. But she does not think she’s really the appropriate “go to” person when he is having problems with his wife. He tells her that maybe she could help to convince Téa to tell her where Dani is. She tells him she does not want to get involved in that and asks what if Téa does not know where Dani is. Todd tells her he can clearly see that Téa knows.

Tomás informs Téa that he found a photograph of Blair and Todd from many years ago in a flea market in Paris. She asks how that could have happened. He tells her it may not matter how to unravel this mystery. But it brought him back to his sister. He may not know everything about Todd. But he can see if Todd could break the heart of Blair Cramer, he could do the same to her.

Brody tells Tess that if she is married to Robert, it can be annulled. She tells him no. It’s a done deal and the “priest” can confirm that it is legal. Langston demands to know how Robert could marry Tess. He replies for Ryder. Brody protests that Jessica’s family will not let him near baby Ryder. Jessica tells Brody he must know the news flash is that Ford, here is Ryder’s biological father and her husband. And that makes Brody “nothing”. So, if he’s so hot to change diapers, maybe he should “horn in” on John and Natalie since she knows he has enough experience with that.

Back at Viki's home, Natalie tells Kelly she can take her self serving apology and stick it. Joey protests to Kelly that she cannot be with “this guy” (John). He’s toxic. Natalie asks John what about baby Liam. John coldly replies she may talk to Brody Lovett. He’s Brody’s son. John and Kelly go out the door together. Natalie and Joey are both devastated.

Brody urges Jessica to come out and not let Tess win. She must know that Tess is not stronger than they are. Tess laughs. He tells Jessica she needs to come out and to fight. Ryder needs her. Bree needs her. He needs her. And he loves her. And he will never stop no matter what Tess thinks she can do. He urges Jessica to come back. And it appears that Jessica is there although not happy with him.

Téa tells Tomás that she and Todd have had problems. But he is the man she loves and he loves her. Regardless of things in her life, she has a life that she cherishes. She asks him if he can say the same. She tells him she knows that he’s a starving artist trolling everywhere and all alone. He tells her that he is not completely alone when he finds the right woman. Hearing that, Téa scoffs and tells him that the right woman for Tomás only exists in his dreams. Blair appears and is surprised to see Tomás at Téa and Todd’s home. Téa is surprised that Blair would know her brother. Blair is shocked to find out that Tomás is Téa’s brother.

Starr reminds James that she comes with baggage. She has a daughter. And she asks him if she is really worth “all that trouble” to him. He replies by kissing her. They confirm that this is right. And they reflect that they are right back at the place where they first developed their “feelings” for each other when they were hiding from Bull. It’s where they arranged for Dani and Nate to stay. And they confirm that they are right for each other and kiss again.

Tomás confirms to Téa that he knows Blair and to Blair that he is Téa’s brother. And he asks Blair if she can please try to convince his sister to leave Todd Manning.

After Brody urges Jessica to come out and not let Tess win, Tess reveals she is not going anywhere. She tells him that he ruined his chances with Jessica with what he did. She laughs telling him personally, she is glad that he had sex with that little red headed slut because it gave her the chance to come out. But, as they know, Jessica is “a little bit prissy” about that whole sisterly love thing. Brody tells her she needs help and she will get it at St. Anne’s. Whether she wants that or not, her parents will have her committed. She then tells Brody “for the last time” , the only person who can make those types of decisions for her is her husband, Robert Ford. And he thinks she’s “just perfect the way she is”. Brody then asks if that is what is going on. Did Robert agree to prevent her from being committed so he can get Ryder. He asks Robert what is wrong with him and does he not see what a danger Tess is. Robert replies she is also the only person who will let him be a father to his son. He turns to Langston and urges her to know that’s all it is. He swears to her. He didn’t want to go through with that. But Tess did not give him much of a chance. Brody then tells the two of them they are not going anywhere. He then shows them that he’s invited some cops to help him.

Natalie reads the letter of apology that Kelly has written to her and tells Joey she does not buy any sincerity from Kelly. But he tells her that maybe she should give Kelly a break. He tells her that maybe it was his fault that he provoked Kelly and that he hit John. He regrets being so out of control. She tells him in all honesty, she’s glad that he decked John and admits that she was tempted to deck Kelly. All John wants to do is wallow. She informs Joey that for a minute, she thought things were normal between her and John. He came by and wanted to see Liam and for a short while John smiled. Hearing that, Joey tells her that the thought of McBain smiling makes him believe that wonders never cease. She tells him for a moment, it appeared that John was ready to get back with her. But he then decided he couldn’t go through with it.

Kelly goes with John to his apartment at angel square concerned about his being alone. And it appears they cannot tear themselves away from each other. But he then notices the Teddy bear he got when he was ready to happily commit to Natalie and be the father of her baby.

James and Starr are kissing but he pulls away and says he’s sorry. She asks for what. He tells her he realized he got a little carried away. She admits so did she. They realize that Dani and Nate will be back soon. And she tells him she has to call and check on baby Hope. And she warns him about having to deal with her dad. He tells her that although he doesn’t want to “jinx” it, getting her dad to accept him might not be as difficult as they suspect. She reminds him that the only reason Todd encouraged them to see each other is because he wants Cole out of her life. He tells her that he did have some private conversations with Todd and found out they have some things in common. But she warns him to know that all may not be great as soon as Todd finds out that James aided and abetted Dani and Nate running off together.

At Téa and Todd’s home, Blair tells Tomás that he’s been telling her for a long time that he has a plane to catch. She reveals that this has not been the “first good bye” of Tomás. Blair goes out the door. Téa then asks her brother why she’s getting the idea that there is more between him and Blair than fine art.

At John’s home, Kelly tells him that she kind of has a habit of picking up baby’s stuff. She had to give up a baby and it was like having a piece of her heart taken. Noticing John putting all the baby things into a box, she tells John he does not have to give up Liam. They both saw that Natalie does not want him to. He tells her he does not want to. That’s why he went over there. He really does miss that kid. Even if he is not really John’s.

Joey clarifies to Natalie that he did not hit John because of jealousy toward Kelly. But she knows better. He tells her that regardless if things, it’s getting late and he should get back to Aubrey. He tells her that she should not give up on John. Maybe if she gives him some time, John will come around and see that he loves her and “their” baby.

John tells Kelly he cannot talk about Liam. He has to forget him. And again, he kisses Kelly.

Joey gets ready to go to his and Aubrey’s “mutual home”. Natalie hugs her brother. He asks her to call him when Jessica gets home.

Tess asks Brody and the cops if they plan to arrest her. He tells her that he can arrest Robert for kidnapping his fiancé. But Tess tells Brody and the cops that Robert has not kidnapped her nor broken any laws. She chose of her own free will to marry him. She tells Brody that Jessica is not coming out. But Jessica does have a “message” for him for doing her sister and getting her pregnant. And she smacks Brody. He then tells Tess she should not have done that. Because he can now have her arrested for assaulting an officer.

Todd asks Blair if she went to talk to Téa and if she met Téa’s brother. Blair tells Todd actually, she and Téa’s brother have already met. Hearing that, Todd asks her what she means., She replies it’s a long story and Todd might want to sit down and hear all about how she met Tomás.

Téa asks Tomás if he does not have a flight to catch back to Paris. He then tells his sister he is not going anywhere until he can assure that Todd is out of her life and will not hurt her or her family again.

In Vegas, Brody and the cops take both Tess and Robert away. Langston asks Brody if he has not gone a bit too far. Tess yells to Brody if he doesn’t stop what he is doing, he will never see Jessica again.

Joey tells Natalie she mustn’t worry about Jessica. They will see their sister again.

At John’s home, after he kisses Kelly, she tells him she has to go. He asks her why. Does she have some place better to be? She replies she does not. He then tells her in that case, stay. And they kiss again and close the door.

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