OLTL Update Friday 2/25/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/25/11


Written by Jennifer S.
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Starr and James go to find Dani and Nate where they are hiding and Starr appears to want to lecture Dani on waiting or at the very least making sure she uses protection so that she does not end up like Starr did from her first time of having sex. She asks Dani if her mom knows and what their mutual dad will do. Dani tells Starr that their mutual dad is a creep. Starr tells Dani that maybe he has legitimate concern with what happened to his oldest daughter.

Téa  is with her long lost brother, Tomás, who wants her to let him into her family. Todd enters and not knowing who this guy is, immediately assumes that Tomás is somebody who Téa  is “seeing.”

John goes to Viki’s home and asks Natalie if he can come in.

When Todd is ready to physically attack Tomás, Téa  urges him to stop and tells her husband, for the first time, that Tomás is her brother.

Dani tells Starr that their dad was totally out of line when he noticed her and Nate about to have sex. She tells Starr that Todd has to change. But Starr tells her younger sister that that is not going to happen. Dani tells Starr that their dad is going to apologize for his behavior. But Starr laughs and tells her she needs to be more realistic.

Téa  tells Todd that his behavior is out of line to assume that she is cheating on him. Tomás seems to agree that his sister has married a man who has issues.

Nate tells Starr they appreciate her help but they got it from here. He then turns to James who is silent. James then tells them even if he wanted to leave Nate and Dani there to try to change Todd Manning, they are not going to convince Starr to change her opinion. They need to know that Starr is that strong.

Brody goes to find Tess and sneaks up on a woman whom he does not see but notices wearing spiked heels. He then grabs a hold of her. But he finds out that it’s Langston who screams and demands to know what he is doing.

Tess finds a guy she is coming on to who she wants to be her witness when she marries Robert Ford. Robert is not encouraged. A female witness is there and asks if Robert and Tess are sure they want to get married.

When John goes to Viki’s and sees Natalie, she tries to get him back and assumes that he wants to give her another chance. She tells him she is really sorry for what she did and is wiling to forgive him for reaching out to Kelly. But John does not smile.

In the kitchen, Kelly comes by to offer Natalie a card and letter of apology. But she runs into Joey who tells her that she is terrible to have enabled John to “cheat” on his sister.

In the other room, Natalie tells John that she was devastated and needs to know how he hurt her by cheating on her on “their wedding night.” John coldly tells Natalie he did not “cheat” since they are not married. He is not there to talk about Kelly or about what he and Natalie had in the past. She then asks why he is there.

Kelly asks Joey why he is vilifying her and John. He replies it was because he wanted to protect his sister. She tells him that she intended to apologize. Joey is clearly not okay with the fact that she slept with John McBain and demands to know how she could do it. She replies because he married Aubrey.

After John does not tell Natalie why he is there, she asks if he is there to see Brody. He tells her that Brody is the last person he wants to see. He tells her that this whole big mess is not Liam’s fault. She tells him she knows she should have told him sooner. But she was worried what would happen to Jessica. He asks her where “their” son is. She tells him he’s upstairs. John then listens to his infant son’s voice from the baby monitor. Natalie smiles. John tells her he would like to see the baby.

When Brody goes to find Tess but runs into Langston, she tells him that she is trying to find Robert Ford and wonders what has happened to him. They know that he’s probably with Tess after finding out that he is the father of Tess/Jessica’s baby.

The guy who Tess is coming on to asks her why she wants to hook up with the likes of Robert Ford. She tells him that she is marrying Robert but will spend her wedding night with him (the other guy). She will give him the key and when she’s done marrying this loser she will be with him. While she’s busy, why doesn’t he run the bubble bath and get some champagne ready and then very soon it will be “play time.” Robert is obviously not okay with what is happening.

James and Starr want to stay with Nate and Dani. They want to roast marshmallows and play a board game. Dani then asks Starr to tell her why she is there.

Todd asks Téa  if she is telling the truth about this guy being her brother. She attempts to explain that she has had nothing to do with her brother for a long time and never told anybody about him. But he is her brother. She is not in any mood to argue with Todd or be concerned about this right now. Their daughter is missing, she reminds Todd, and it’s all because of him. Overhearing that, Tomás asks Téa  more about her daughter, his niece.

Dani tells Starr that she is not there because of their mutual dad or his problems. Starr is merely there because it’s a good excuse for her to spend time with James. In response to that, Starr does not argue realizing her sister might have a point.

Tomás demands that Todd tells him what he did to Tomás’s niece. Todd tells him it’s none of his damn business. He does not know him nor does Dani. Téa  urges the two men to calm down. He tells her that they have to find their daughter before that pervert hurts her. Téa  assures him that her daughter is fine. Todd asks how she would know that. Téa  then replies that she talked to Dani on the phone not long ago. She called her mother but wants nothing to do with her father.

Dani tells Starr and James that the two of them spent all of Valentine’s Day talking about their encounter. Starr and James relive how they first met and how it means more to them than either is willing to admit.

Natalie brings down baby Liam for John to hold. She tells him that “their” son misses him.

Langston and Brody are looking for their respective partners and know they’re in a room where Robert and Tess have both been in. She asks if he thinks that Tess blames Robert for the pregnancy. Brody replies that Jessica is pregnant and not Tess and he believes Tess could care less. They can tell that Robert and Tess have both been there.

Robert protests that Tess is picking up some strange guy in a gambling casino and is ready to have sex with him on their wedding night. She asks if he is jealous. He tells her no way but this is not right. She protests that it was more than “not right” when he molested Jessica and she had to “take over." He tells her that he has a real relationship with Langston but she does not see him “trolling in the gutter.” Tess then tells Robert that he is the gutter. She notices that he has given her a dozen black roses. He tells her he cannot go through with this. Langston will never forgive him.

Langston tells Brody that even if “Tess” did not get pregnant and give birth to Robert’s baby, it’s still her body. He tells her that Tess does not see it that way. She then asks why Tess would drag Robert all the way to Vegas. What motive would she have?

Tess tells Robert she could care less what he does with Langston as long as she can become Mrs. Robert Ford. She asks if he does not want to have a relationship with his son. He then concludes that he will take his chances with the courts. Since he is the kid’s biological father, they will have to, at least, give him partial rights. She tells him not if he’s in jail which is where Clint will send Robert for what he’s done to Clint’s sweet and innocent daughter. Robert then reminds Tess that they will send her right back to St. Anne’s before she can say straight jacket. He tells her if she doesn’t stop pushing his buttons, he’s on his next plane back to Llanview. She smirks and tells him she likes it when he takes charge and that they need to get married.

Joey tells Kelly that he has good reason to marry Aubrey even though she and his father want to judge and make malicious accusations of her. She protests that she knows that Clint had something on the disk drive that will prove that Aubrey is not whom she claims to be. He tells her that even if that is true, what would make Kelly want to sleep with John McBain?

Natalie tells John that their son is incomplete without his dad and how he could rock him to sleep with Miles Davis and all that John could be doing in their son’s life.

Kelly tells Joey she tried to talk to him and would have if Aubrey had not jumped down her throat. She asks him how he could have accused her of setting them up to be locked in the wine cellar. But it does not matter how she feels or how his family feels when he decides to marry a woman he hardly knows. Who cares how it affects anybody else.

John holds the baby while Natalie encourages him to stay and bond with Liam. But he tells her he does not want to “get in the way”. She tells him she knows that Liam does not share his DNA. But he’s John’s son. He loves him and misses him. And all John has to say is yes to being a father and having a future. He tells her he cannot and asks Natalie to take the baby. She protests that he must know that Liam is his son. But John insists that she takes baby Liam.

Brody asks Langston why she believes that Robert is an innocent victim and how Tess could have kidnapped him against his will. She asks if he is implying that her boyfriend willfully dumped her on Valentine’s Day in order to hook up with Tess. He tells her given Ford’s history with women and with Jessica, he thinks they must consider the possibility. But she still seems to trust Robert.

After Tess’s “guy friend” abandons her and Robert, the woman asks if they want her to be the witness again. Robert reluctantly agrees and gives her the money for a cheap wedding and engagement ring for Tess. In a flashback, Brody proposes to an emotional and in-love Jessica and gives her the ring.

Brody and Langston have not yet found Tess or Robert. But Tess’s “friend” walks into the room and Brody is ready to physically attack him. The guy protests that he is not the one whom Brody wants to attack. It’s “the other guy.” Hearing that, Brody wants to know more.

Téa  tells Todd that their daughter is hiding somewhere to punish him because of his behavior.

After Dani tells Starr and James she knows they have feelings for each other, Starr tells her no. She knows that James was ready to hook up with Michelle when she walked in on them together. But Nate speaks up and tells Starr he knows that she misunderstood what she saw when she caught James with Michelle the time in question. His brother and Michelle are not “hooking up.” James then asks Nate to shut up. Nate asks his brother why. Starr mistakenly thought that James was into Michelle, he reminds James. He tells Starr that the truth is James could not go through with sleeping with Michelle because James is too “into” her (Starr). Hearing that, Starr is in awe.

Téa  tells Todd that their daughter is of legal age to consent. Todd asks Téa  if she remembers what happened to his other daughter when she had sex at 16. Téa  trusts their daughter but Todd tells her that is lousy parenting.

Natalie is devastated to see that John can abandon their child.

Joey tells Kelly he can understand that her seeing him with someone else hurts and he is sorry. He tells her he is sorry if he jumped to conclusions about her. But the way she undermined Aubrey, that was not okay. She protests that she does not care about Aubrey. She cares about him. And if he wants to marry a woman whom he barely knows and who clearly has a very suspicious situation with her so-called brother, then she has reason to be concerned. He does not respond to that but tells her that he doubts that Natalie will forgive him. Kelly then rushes out crying. John sees her and appears to be concerned to notice that she is crying.

Brody demands that Tess’s “friend” tells him what he knows. He tells her that Tess is with “some guy” whom she’s going to marry although she wants to mess around with him (the guy). He jokes about how kinky and slutty this girl is to want to marry somebody she dislikes and if she wants her “husband” to watch them doing each other or what is her problem. Brody demands to know where she is. He replies at the church and Brody might be able to stop the wedding before it’s too late.

Right when the “priest” is about to perform the wedding ceremony, Tess (Jessica) remembers her commitment and declaration of love with Brody. The priest asks “Jessica Brennan” if she takes Robert Ford to be her lawfully wedded husband. At that point, she hesitates and asks everybody to wait.

Téa  tells Todd she is not going to lose Dani because Todd cannot accept the fact that his daughters are both human beings with sex drives. He tells her that if Nate thinks he’s going to have sex with Dani, he will kill him. Téa  furiously tells Todd if he touches one hair on that boy’s head, she will see him in court. Todd then rushes off. She returns to Tomás and tells him she’s sorry he had to hear that. Tomás tells her that maybe it’s just as well he did. Her husband is not good for her or his niece. He tells Téa  it’s time for her to pack her bags and leave Todd.

James tells Starr (with both Dani and Nate overhearing) that he was only with Michelle because he believed he had to move on because Starr told him she is still committed to Cole. She then reveals to him, for the first time, not anymore. She and Cole broke up.

John holds Kelly in his arms while she cries, and he tells her she must know it will be all right.

Brody and Langston both bust into “church” where Tess and Robert are about to get married. They come face to face with both of them. Tess (Jessica) then stares adoringly at Brody and Robert at Langston. 

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