OLTL Update Thursday 2/24/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/24/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


Natalie and Joey are wondering where Jessica is and why she could abandon both of her children.

Robert Ford is then protesting to Tess that he is not going to be prevented from the right to see Ryder, his son. Hearing that, Jessica sudden “appears” to have come out and resumes the “motherly instinct” for her baby. She fools Robert. And Tess tells him that she knows how to make anybody she wants believe that she is the innocent Jessica and make anybody she wants believe that he has “hurt” her if he does not do what she wants.

Dorian goes to tell Viki that she needs to be ready to catch Echo DiSavoy at her own game. She tells Viki if she’s not going to be ready to do battle with Echo and prevent her from taking Charlie from Viki then Dorian can do it for her.

Echo goes to the room near where she is staying at the Minuteman Motel where John is staying. He has the television on loud and does not seem “cordial” or thinking straight.

Natalie tells Joey that she did go to attempt to reconcile with John. But it was too late. She found him with another woman.

Kelly returns home and Blair can see that she is not ok. She tells Blair she has given up on Joey. He does not want her. And she made a “big mistake”. Blair tells her cousin she must confide in her and know that Blair will be there for her.

Tomás goes to Todd’s home and apparently “knows” Téa. He asks her if she is not happy to see him after all this time. He asks her if he does not deserve a hug. She then hauls off and slaps him. She tells him that he lost the right to think that he can ask her for anything the day he walked away. She seems emotional and hurt for what has happened between them.

When Echo discovers that John has moved into the Minuteman Motel, she tells him he better turn his television down. He does not turn it down but she does it for him. She then asks if he plans to arrest her.

Dorian tells Viki that she has discovered that Echo is living in the roach motel. Viki tells her that she should not have gone and seen Echo. But Dorian protests that Echo dug her own grave when she chose to lie to Rex and to Charlie. But Viki is distraught and tells Dorian she cannot deal with this right now. Dorian can then see that she is crying and that something has come up. She asks Viki what is going on. Viki tells Dorian that Tess has come out again. Jessica is away and she is very worried. Dorian then tells her that she has heard that Clint has changed the DNA results. How could he do that to his own daughter? No wonder she was pushed to the edge. Viki then informs Dorian that there is more. Natalie also has a personal crisis.

In the kitchen, Joey asks Natalie what happened between her and John and how could he be cheating on her? Having no clue who she caught John with, he tells her that John must have picked up some bimbo bitch from a bar. He asks Natalie if it’s anybody she might know. Natalie hesitates to answer that question.

Kelly confides in Blair that she tried and failed to help Joey to see the secret recording that she knows that Clint had good reason to show her regarding Aubrey and her “brother”. But somehow, “somebody” knew how to make it look to Joey as though there is no cause for alarm with Aubrey. And Joey hates Kelly, never wants to speak to her again and is all the more encouraged to marry and trust Aubrey.

Tomás is Téa’s brother. She tells him that he abandoned his family. Their father worked his fingers to the bone so that Tomás could go to Julliard music school. He broke their deceased father’s heart. And when he died, Tomás did not even bother to show up. He disappeared.

Blair tells Kelly if she did not sleep with Cutter, did she just pull some random guy out of a hat? Kelly replies not exactly.

Joey then asks Natalie who this “home wrecking low life hooker” was whom she caught John with. Natalie tells him she’s not exactly a “low life hooker” although she is a home wrecker. Joey again demands to know who it was.

Blair urges Kelly to tell her whom she slept with. Kelly replies it was John McBain. Hearing that, Blair appears shocked.

Natalie then admits to Joey that she caught John sleeping with Kelly Cramer. Hearing that, he is similarly shocked and tells her that there must be some sort of mistake. But she tells him there was no mistake. She saw Kelly. And the horrifying thing is that John did not even care.

At the Minuteman, Echo tells John she knows about the personal crises he had with Viki’s daughter cheating on him and Clint altering the DNA test. But what is with his staying in this place getting hammered? Shouldn’t he be at “home” with his son? John then firmly tells her that he does not have a son.

Viki informs Dorian that she has yet to tell Natalie what has happened to Jessica because they don’t even know the whole story yet. She tells Dorian she (Dorian) is the first to know. Dorian then assumes that she must have confided in Charlie. Viki admits that Charlie has yet to know about Jessica. She hasn’t a clue where he was. He did not call her all night while he was gone. She assumed he was out drinking but he was not found in any bar in Llanview.. Thank God for that. Dorian is about to tell Viki where she is certain Charlie spent the night. But before she can, Viki gets an important phone call from Jessica’s shrink, Dr. Levine.

Echo tells John that she knows they don’t know each other very well. But from what she’s heard, he’s a pretty decent guy. So she thought it might be easier for him to unload his troubles on her than in a bottle. He then smirks and asks her if this is some sort of “intervention”. She tells him that the sooner he talks to her, the sooner he can get over his mess. So she demands that he puts down his whiskey and starts talking.

Natalie admits to Joey that she is devastated that John wants nothing to do with his son, much less with her. She realized that he may not take her back with open arms right away. But he had to catch John with Kelly Cramer of all people. Hearing that, Joey appears not to be ok. She tells Joey she knows that he has had some “issues” with Kelly according to what John implied when she went to see the two of them together. In response to that, Joey firmly tells Natalie no. He did not “do” anything to Kelly. All he did was tell her that he intends to marry Aubrey.

Kelly tells Blair that she is not ok with Joey being blindsided by Aubrey. But all of her attempts to get him to wake up and see the reality have failed.

Natalie tells Joey that she can clearly see that he is not ok to have found out about Kelly and John. So if he’s really committed to Aubrey, why does it matter to him whom Kelly sleeps with, she asks her brother

Tomás tells Téa that he regrets leaving her and their father. She cries and tells him they were so close. How could he just leave and not come back? He tells her there were “reasons”. She asks what reasons. What could keep a man from his family for this long?

Kelly tells Blair that she can see that Blair has been without a man in her life. But Blair tells her she is mistaken. She considered Cristian Vega. But it’s not him. There is a guy she met who is an artist in Paris. He is really charming and actually came to visit her in Llanview. But she’s not going to take it very seriously and he may have given up on her and returned to Paris. Hearing that, Kelly asks Blair just what Eli has done to her. She assesses that the perfect guy comes into Blair’s life and she lets him go back to Paris without a fight.

Tomás asks Téa if she has a husband or a family that is his. He wants to know if he has nieces and nephews. But she tells him he does not have the right to know anything about her family. She tells him he better get out of her house now.

IN response to Natalie’s observation that Joey may be jealous to find out that Kelly has slept with John, he tells her she must know that he and Kelly have been over for a long time. She tells him she thought that about John many times. He tells her that after all of the crap that Kelly has pulled, he would never consider her again. And she wonders if she should forgive John.

John tells Echo that he will never forgive Natalie for lying to him all those months about his having a son when she slept with another guy and he’s the father of her child. She concludes that he dealt with that by getting drunk and sleeping with another woman. He then admits that that is the most “sharing” he’s done with anybody in a long time. She tells him she can see that he has every right to be very upset. But she lectures him and counsels him about how the decisions he’s making with booze and his present are decisions he’s going to regret.

While at Viki’s, Dorian tells Viki that she’s sorry. There is something she must tell her that she cannot keep to herself.

Tomás reminds Téa of how she inspired him to paint pictures and how she should understand. They remember how he managed to sell some of his paintings at a renowned art gallery.

Blair tells Kelly that some things are worth fighting for. Some things are just sweet romantic moments that don’t last. And she tells Kelly that she (Kelly) has her own problems. What does she think Dorian will do when she finds out that Kelly spent the night with John McBain? Kelly admits that John and Natalie were just seconds away from getting married. And she does this. She believes she must go and apologize to Natalie. Blair then reminds Kelly if she tries to make nice to Natalie and offer an apology for having sex with Natalie’s man, it won’t be as simple as that. Natalie will drop kick Kelly’s ass to the next county.

Natalie then tells Joey that she is not going to forgive Kelly. She chose to be with John knowing full well what had happened.

Kelly tells Blair that at the very least, she needs to write Natalie a letter of apology. But Blair tells her that Natalie is going to take the letter, crumple it into a million pieces and shove it down Kelly’s throat. She tells Kelly, by the way, she found some great food from Buenos Dias. But Kelly is not hungry.

Joey encourages Natalie to eat. She tells him she is not hungry. He admits to her that they have both become too distraught to want to eat given what has happened between Kelly and John.

Viki tells Dorian that between Charlie and what is going on with her daughters, she doesn’t think she can handle anything else. So whatever Dorian has to say, it has to wait. Dorian then tells Viki that she knows Viki’s family has gone through more than their fair share of trouble. She tells Viki she cares about her. She will leave Viki alone and hopes that Viki and her family will be alright. She encourages Viki to know that she is so excellent at taking care of her family. She then gets out the door and declares that Echo DiSavoy is a lying two timing, child abandoner. And she is not going to let Echo getaway with all she has done.

Echo tells John that she knows that she abandoned her infant son all those years ago when she was not dealing with her stuff. She regrets what she has done. And John cannot do the same with Liam. If he and Natalie love each other, then they have something to build on, something real. She tells him that long ago, she had somebody worth fighting for but was too much of a coward to fight for it. So she hid her feelings in the bottom of a bottle. He then asks her, without emotion, if they are “done here now”. She replies yes. As long as he turns down his TV, she tells him. Then they won’t have a problem. He tells her “sure”. And she walks out the door.

Alone in her living room, Viki picks up a picture of herself and Charlie and appears worried.

Echo gets a call from Dorian and tells Dorian she does not have time for this. Dorian tells Echo she knows that she’s after Charlie. She warns Echo that Viki has enough on her plate. And if Echo is smart, she won’t make it any worse.

Blair is alone drinking the wine that Tomás drank with her. She hears Kelly telling her that something is wrong with her (Blair) letting the “perfect guy” walk out of her life.

Tomás then asks Téa if she will give him another chance and start over again with being her brother.

Kelly enters Viki’s kitchen with a gift wrapped box and a card that says Natalie. Joey turns to see her and calls out to her.

John drops by Natalie's house. She stares at him in shock.

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