OLTL Update Tuesday 2/22/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/22/11


Written by Jennifer S.
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Tess tells Robert Ford that he needs to “man up” because soon the two of them are going to be husband and wife and will live happily ever after. She goes to “tailor” her old wedding dress. Robert protests that this is bad idea the more he thins about it But she tells him that that is exactly what his problem is. He should not think that his brain his is strong suit”. He does most of his thinking below his belt buckle. He then tells her he needs to let her do all the thinking. Once they get married they will both get whatever they want,. And nobody will be able to stop them.

At the High School, Destiny and Matthew talk about the revelations about his uncle Clint and she reveals that she has heard that Clint is even worse than his reputation.

Rex tells Clint that he has the goods on him and knows what he did to David Vickers and won’t hesitate to tell Bo and expose Clint for all that he has done. Clint tells Rex he will not be intimidated or threatened by him. But Rex tells his “father” that he will not respond to Clint’s threats anymore.

Brody goes to find Viki and informs her that he has now found out that Tess is back.

Brody informs Viki that he went to Roxy’s salon and noticed that it was trashed and vandalized and somebody wrote “I’m back” in lipstick on the mirror. Viki is then convinced that Tess is back and urges Brody to find her.

Langston and Starr are motivated to find Robert while he is with Tess. Todd then enters and demands to know what they are secretly talking about.

At L.U., Gigi asks Cristian for his professional opinion regarding some art. She asks him if he believes that her son has some real art talent. He observes what Shane has drawn and admits that her son has real talent.

Meanwhile, at the school, kids are harassing Shane while noticing his pictures. They want to hide his asthma inhaler.

Matthew tells Destiny that he would rather not talk about how terrible his uncle Clint is. Her parents and brother are not any better. They have lied to her. He knows that Rex has been trying to weasel his way into the Buchanan family since he came to town. He even caught Rex trying to break into his uncle’s desk drawer recently. Clint is merely protecting what needs to be protected. But Destiny knows that Matthew needs to realize what his uncle is all about.

Cristian tells Gigi that maybe she should sign Shane up for a professional art school. She tells him that might not be a bad idea. It will take Shane’s mind off of many things. He then asks her how things are involving Rex finding out that Clint is his biological father. She admits not good.

Clint tells Rex that he does not want to get too sure of himself when Clint still has the means to take away Gigi’s grant. He asks if he thinks that Bo will be grateful to finally find out that Rex is going to share the news with him about David after all this time. And he reminds Rex that he (himself) might be the guy to put Bo’s son behind bars. But Rex is the one who left David there.

At the school, Shane notices Matthew and informs the others that they know each other. The kids are initially interested but see that Matthew does not want to act like they know each other.

Tess explains to Robert Ford her plan about how the can “help” each other. Viki and Clint have no reason to trust him. They also want her to be put away. But, she tells him, they are going to lose. They do not have the authority to sign her into St. Anne’s or prevent her from doing whatever she wants. Only her “husband” has that authority. And that would be him.

At Viki’s home, Brody tells her that maybe he is not the one to find Tess. She might not listen to him. He is the one to set her off in the first place. But Viki tells him he must know that he can save her daughter and must realize that he is not the one to cause Jessica’s illness.

Aubrey and Cutter are talking alone at Buenos Dias when Rama comes to see them. She informs them that her husband will get full immunity. The DA's office has arranged for Vimal to not have to go to jail when Clint Buchanan will.

Rex tells Clint that he can get Clint in a lot of trouble for making false charges against David Vickers. Clint smirks and tells Rex that there were no charges against David. Rex asks why, then, couldn’t Bo get him out of jail? Clint tells Rex he must know that everybody including himself (Rex) wanted David Vickers out of their lives, did not want a con man to be part of the family nor call Bo “pa”. So if Bo finds out what Rex knows about Clint, he won’t look any more favorably upon Rex for his part in what happened to David.

Aubrey asks Rama if Vimal has actually signed the immunity agreement. She admits her husband has not yet. His lawyer, Ms. Delgado had some family emergency.

At L.U., Michelle finds James and happily agrees to be “friends” with him. He tells her that it was a long story. But, as it has turned out, Starr’s dad is a psycho regarding Dani and Nate.

Todd and Téa go to find Starr to see if she knows where Dani might have gone. Todd tells them that he is tired of being cast as the bad guy. He prevented their underage daughter from having sex and ending up like Starr did as a teenage mom.

Shane is seen appearing as though he has assaulted another kid while seen by the principal. The principal takes him away while the other kids laugh.

Gigi tells Cristian that Rex was really happy to believe that Charlie was his father and Shane’s grandfather. But now he finds out that it’s Clint who is no good. He tells her that she must know that Shane is stronger than she realizes. She tells him she wishes her son did not have to struggle. She then gets a call from the school informing her that Shane is in trouble.

Aubrey informs Rama that they go way back. So she hopes that Rama realizes she knows what she is talking about when she tells her she cannot let her husband take this immunity deal.

Clint tells Rex he must know that Bo will turn on him as his brother turns upon anybody who does not live up to his high standards. Rex then concludes that he will take his chances. Rex then gets a call from Gigi about Shane being in trouble. Overhearing that, Clint asks if something is up with ‘his kid”. Rex asks Clint why he would care. Clint then warns Rex that that’s one more thing to think of. If he goes to jail, it won’t help Shane any.

Langston goes to Viki’s and asks Brody where she is. She tells him she has something urgent to discuss with Viki. Brody assumes that she is looking for Ford and tells her she must know that her boyfriend is not welcome anywhere near this house or around Jessica’s family or her child.

Tess tells Robert that he must know that after they are married, they will have a ton of cash and they will win. And as the two legal guardians of baby Ryder, they will be able to call the shots. She tells him she needs for him to agree to marry her. The sooner they tie the knot, the sooner they can get their hands on daddy Clint’s money.

Aubrey tells Rama that whatever deal the cops and DA’s office work out with Vimal, Rama must know that her husband will never be safe from Clint Buchanan.

Viki goes to confront Clint. He protests that what he did was to “protect the family”. She tells him that what he did has destroyed Jessica.

Starr and Téa tell Todd that he is doing the same despicable thing with Nate as he did with Cole. No wonder Dani left, Téa tells him. Starr asks if they have checked the Ford’s home. Téa replies that Dani is nowhere to be found there. Téa urges Starr to try to call James and/or Robert and/or Nate to make sure that Dani is alright.

While with Michelle at L.U., James gets a call from Starr. Michelle asks if he’s going to answer it.

At Buenos Dias, Aubrey reminds Rama that Clint’s boys could have beaten Vimal up. And if Vimal takes this deal, he’s as good as dead. Rama fears for her husband but tells Aubrey that she (Aubrey) is going to make sure that does not happen. Rama knows all about Aubrey’s secrets, she reminds her.

Viki tells Clint it’s all his fault. Jessica is gone and now Tess is in control.

Robert Ford tells Tess that he has forgotten one thing; Langston. She tells him that he needs to get over his teenage girlfriend. But he tells her that he has to call Langston and let her know that what he and Tess plan to do is “just an arrangement”. But Tess tells him it will be pretty obvious to Langston that he’s not really “with” her (Tess). She tells him she promises not to touch him. And he better not touch him. She tells Robert she wants a “real man”. He asks her if she means “like Brody”. She tells him no. He asks her what type of man she wants and she cannot answer.

At Viki’s home, Langston tells Brody that she thinks she might know where “Jessica” has gone. She saw a woman who looked like her with Robert. She was dressed kind of trashy. He tells her that if they, at least, know where she is, they can track Tess.

Robert tells Tess that it’s getting a “little old” with her telling him she’s not “interested” in him. He tells her nobody has had any complaints. She tells him she’s sure he believes his “little girlfriends” are interested. But she needs to remind him if he does not rely on her to him, he will never see his baby again. He reminds her that without him, she has no bargaining chips with anything. So she needs him also.

Starr calls James and asks if he’s talked to Nate and might know if Dani is with him. He admits he does not know where they are and cannot help her with that.

After Rama tells Aubrey she may not want to turn on her, Cutter asks her how she could do that if she’s Aubrey’s friend. He asks her if that will do anybody any good. Aubrey tells Rama that the Buchanan stock is plummeting after what has come out about Clint. So somebody is going to have to do something. Cutter tells Rama that Vimal cannot sign the statement to implicate Clint. If he takes the fall for Clint, then all of their (his, Aubrey’s and Rama’s) worries will be all over.

Clint asks Viki where Jessica/Tess is and if she’s called the police. She tells him of course she has. And now Clint better do whatever he has to do, even if it involves his spies and thugs and whatever resources he has to find her. Clint then appears worried. But he tells Viki she better not put all of this on him. He tells Viki that it was Brody who “blind-sided” Jessica. So he should be held responsible for what has happened.

Brody tells Langston she needs to call Robert Ford. She asks if that won’t only upset Tess. He tells her that Robert has no idea what he is getting into. She then calls Robert.

Robert tells Tess that he needs to call Langston. She tells him he may have her but not until after the wedding and after she gets what she wants. he gets a call from Langston and tells Tess he needs to take it.

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