OLTL Update Monday 2/21/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


Natalie goes to see John after hearing that he’s been in a fight. She is concerned and needs to know that he is ok. She appears to want to apologize and attempt to reconcile with him. But Kelly comes out of John’s shower. Natalie is shocked.

Rex goes to Clint’s home and tells him he now knows all of his secrets. He tells Clint that even if Clint does not care about him nor recognize him as his son, he still needs to know how Clint could have done something like this to Charlie.

Dorian then goes to see Echo. She tells her that even if Viki is not willing and able to get the goods on Echo, she is. She tells Echo that she knows that Echo knew all along that Clint was Rex’s father and not Charlie. But she lied to them both for the sole purpose of getting her claws into Charlie.

Charlie returns to Viki who kind of “suspects” he’s been up to “no good” (with Echo) the previous night. Brody is similarly concerned that he has not seen Jessica all night.

Roxy opens up her salon. But she is shocked and horrified to know that “somebody” has broken into her place.

Tess is ready to party and raise a ruckus. Robert Ford then finds her and tells her that he is not going to let her drink. She tells Robert that she could care less and what concern is it of his? He tells her that she cannot harm Jessica’s body nor his child.

Langston and Starr are baffled as to where Robert has been all night and why he might be worth “another girl”.

Roxy is in a panic after seeing that her mirror has been smashed and “somebody” has written “I’m back” with lipstick.

Dorian tells Echo that she knows all about what Echo has been scheming. She has been playing her son and his father like a fiddle. Echo tells Dorian she does not know what she is talking about. She(Echo) would never play or her son. SHe knows that Charlie is devastated and she would never hurt him like that. Hearing that, Dorian asks Echo just how she would know whether Charlie is “devastated”.

Charlie returns home and hears VIki urging Brody to please go and find Jessica. Brody leaves Viki alone with Charlie who asks her why Jessica would be gone. Viki then remembers that Charlie was not there and informs him for the first time that it has turned out that Rex’s paternity test is not the only one that Clint has altered. It has turned out that Brody is not the father of Jessica’s baby. Robert Ford is.

Starr tells Langston that it does not make sense to assume that Robert was with another girl nor lying to her. Langston assumes that it’s obvious to see that he must have been lying to her all along. But Starr tells her she knows what was written in the paper. Ford does not have a girlfriend. What he has is a baby.

Robert is “confused” that Tess has told him that only she(herself) and not Jessica would sleep with him and then, now tell him that the baby is his and Jessica’s problem and not hers.. She tells him that she would never consciously want to sleep with him and was only there for the 30 seconds when he made his worthless “deposit”. She tells him she has no interest in him. He then tells her that he’s going to call her family to tell them what has happened to her.

After Natalie walks in on John with Kelly, she tells him that maybe Kelly does not owe her any explanations. But he does. He tells Natalie he does not owe her anything. She asks if that is really what he thinks. He tells her that’s the way it is. She tells him that it’s obvious that he and Kelly both got hammered and smashed up his bar last night. And, she tells him, it looks like John slept with her. John then turns to face Natalie and tells her, in a coy manner that he did. She appears devastated. But John appears like he could care less.

Clint tells Rex that it’s plain to see that Rex does not want him as a father any more than he wants Rex as a son. He asks Rex what there is to “like” about either one of them or anybody else knowing that they are biologically related.

Viki explains to Charlie that they have found out not only that Jessica’s baby is Robert Ford’s son. Natalie’s son is not John’s and is Brody’s.

Brody goes to Roxy’s salon and she assumes that he has married Jessica and John has married Natalie. He tells her that they have had a “change of plans”. But he does not want to talk about it. She asks him what has happened and how she could have been so out of the loop.

Langston tells Starr that she saw, wither own eyes, that Robert was with some hot slutty blond. Not understanding or believing that Langston’s suspicion is true, Starr asks her to tell her about this blond.

Tess reminds Robert that if he were to call her family in order to “protect their precious Jessica”, then they will lock her up. And that won’t do him any good. She won’t be able to enable him to see his child if that happens. He tells her that Clint will want to know what she is doing. But she tells him that he does not want to tell Clint anything. Does he think for a moment that Clint would remotely consider letting him have anything to do with Clint’s grandson after Robert has “raped” Clint’s daughter.? Robert protests that regardless, that is his son. But he knows that Tess is correct with what she knows will happen if he rats her out and does not do what she wants.

Dorian asks Echo if Charlie was there to see her. How else would Echo know whether Charlie was devastated? Echo tells Dorian it’s not such a “Stretch” since Charlie loved Rex and needed a son and has now found out this hideous secret. But Dorian knows that there is no way that Echo could have known all that hast been revealed or what has happened to Charlie unless she spoke to him. She obviously has been plotting a plan to manipulate and take advantage of Charlie. Echo protests that she would never do that. Dorian tells Echo that she knows that Echo would stop at nothing in order to “hang on” to Charlie. Echo tells Dorian she better get out of her home. But Dorian appears to know that Echo has many secrets.

Viki tells Charlie she believes that maybe Natalie and John could have worked out their situation if she had told everybody early on that Brody is the father of her baby,. But she had to keep the secret. Charlie tells Viki he can see that she did not sleep a wink last night. She tells him that she’s been hounded by the press. He wants to comfort her but she is not in the mood for that.

Rex tells Clint that Clint is right. When Rex first came to town, he was after money and wanted to be a hustler and did not have morals. Clint asks Rex if he believes he’s changed. Rex tells Clint he believes he has changed. He got to be friends with Bo who believed in him and motivated him to believe in himself. He then asks Clint what happened to him(Clint). Didn’t Clint used to be a good man and incapable of these abominable behaviors that everybody now knows he has done?

Starr demands that Langston tells her about the alleged “girlfriend” of Robert’s. Langston tells her that she was a hot blond with a perfect body, dressed like a slut who probably swept him off his feet.

Tess reminds Robert that he must know all about Clint’s “army” of muscle men. Robert tells her he knows all about and has met “Mr. Black and Mr. Blue” Tess then chuckles and tells Robert he must know all too well what his life is going to be like if he crosses Clint and has nobody to help him see his child. Clint will paint him as a pedophile and run him out of town and make more trouble for him than he’s already in. His child will be all alone. Brody will give up on Ryder if Jessica does not want him near him. He will turn to Liam who really is his son since John has abandoned Natalie and her baby and will give up on Ryder. So Robert has no choice except to “comply” with what his “baby mommy” wants.

Kelly leaves John’s home and Natalie tells him that is unbelievable. He asks Natalie why she is still there. She cries and demands to know how she could do this to “them”.

Starr “suggests” to Langston that maybe Ford just met up with Jessica who is blond and hot, after finding out that he is the father of her baby. Maybe they just needed to talk. But Langston doubts it could be Jessica since she has never known Jessica to dress like the “slut” she saw Robert with. But Langston remembers that she did see Robert’s “companion” wearing a white dress that looked similar to what could have been Jessica’s wedding dress. They know that Jessica’s wedding did not “commence”. And Ford is with this person right after that has happened. And at that point, Starr and Langston put two and two together that he was probably with Jessica.

Charlie tells Viki that he wishes she would trust him. He was not out drinking, he protests. She tells him that even if he was not. He did not call her nor answer any of her calls. She is his wife. And once again, when he was in a crisis, he did not come to her. She appears to be ready to cry and is afraid she will lose her husband.

Echo knows how to “scare” Dorian out of her motel room by showing her that there are cock roaches. But before she’s out the door, Dorian protests that Echo needs to leave Charlie alone.

Rex then tells Clint that even if he hates Rex’s guts, he cannot take that out on Shane. Shane is an innocent kid and has rights to know his grandfather and not have to suffer anymore. Clint then admits that he does not want harm to come to Shane and reveals that he did secretively pull strings to donate the bone marrow for Shane when he needed the transplant. Rex then concludes that since that was 2 years ago, that is how long Clint has known that Rex is his son.

Kelly returns to Dorian’s and her aunt needs to know where she has been all night. She also asks Kelly why is she wearing the same clothing she had when she left the night before.

Natalie tells John that there is one major difference in his cheating on her with Kelly last night, knowing full well that Natalie is committed to him and looking for him. She cheated on him once and once only with Brody having every reason to believe that John dumped her for Marty. She cries and tells him that he needs to care about “his” son. But he tells her that Liam is not his child. Her baby with Brody is nothing to him.

Viki asks Charlie if he thought that she could not or would not help him if he reached out to her. Does he not trust her? He tells her no. It’s not that. She tells him that Rex was out looking for him. He even went to see Echo to find out if she had seen him. Viki then tells Charlie that she has this “terrible” thought that maybe he was with Echo and was almost going to be relieved if she had heard that he was. But “thank God” he was not, she concludes.

Clint tells Rex that after Rex found out about Shane being his son and Clint’s grandchild and then all this nonsense about Mitch Laurence being Rex’s father, he just let it go. Rex then concludes that he could care less about Clint or what motives or justifications he had for anything. He tells Clint that he has no interest in ever being wanted or cared for by a despicable human being like Clint. He tells Clint that he will never see him as his father no matter what.

Dorian finds out that Kelly spent the night in a low life bar and tells her that she is concerned. Something could have happened to her. She was there alone, Dorian assumes. But Kelly tells Dorian that she was not “alone”.

Natalie asks John if he’s completely done with her and with Liam and wants to spend the rest of his life frequenting cheap bars, getting drunk and sleeping with Kelly. He tells her she need no longer be concerned what he does or doesn’t do. She cries and pleads about not giving up on them. But he tells her it’s too late. They are through.

Tess tells Robert that being a “single dad” might make him a major chick magnet and serve his “needs”. And she can help him with that. He does not want to engage in that conversation. But she tells him she has a plan for him that he needs to follow through with.

Roxy cries and is freaked out assuming that somebody “robbed” her. After all the money she made for Valentine’s Day, it’s all ruined. Her mirror is damaged and her salon has been vandalized. But when Brody enters and sees the lip stick on the mirror writing: “I’m back”, he seems to have a very good idea exactly what happened.

Rex tells Clint that regardless of how worthless he believes Clint is, he now knows that Natalie really is his sister. That is a great thing. And Clint has given him the best uncle he could ever have in Bo. And now, Rex tells Clint, he can confidently tell Bo what Clint did to Bo’s “son”. Clint asks Rex what he’s talking about. Rex replies that he will tell Bo about how Clint had David locked up in a Moroccan prison.

Echo is then leaving voice mail messages for Charlie, encouraged that they will see each other again.

Dorian tells Kelly that she she’s sure she knows how Kelly wound up in a ‘roach motel” that is so beneath a Cramer woman. But Kelly attempts to get her aunt to know that she has inaccurate assumptions about what Kelly did the previous night and whom she was with.

Natalie continues to cry and plead with John about how he cannot give up on them. He tells her it’s over and she needs to get over that. She then tells John in that case, she refuses to cry nor convince him any longer. She concludes that he can do whatever he wants. But she is going home and getting on with her life. And hopefully he will come to his senses some day. She gets up to leave but still appears to be heart broken

At Roxy’s salon, Brody concludes that he knows that Tess has come out again.

Starr tells Langston that Jessica has an “alter” named Tess. And that could be whom Robert was with. But they still don’t understand why he would be with Tess and not with Jessica.

Tess concludes that she has Robert wrapped around her little finger.

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