OLTL Update Tuesday 2/15/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/15/11


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Viki is holding Liam at Llanfair when Natalie rushes in, sobbing. She takes the baby from Viki as Viki wonders what's going on. Natalie doesn't reply, just tells the baby that she's there. Natalie tells her that "it's a nightmare", so Viki thinks that she is talking about the other things that came out at the wedding, like Rex not being Charlie's son. Natalie confesses that things are much worse than that. She tells Viki that Liam is Brody's, not John's. Viki looks stunned, and Natalie explains what happened, crying as she does. Viki looks sad and tries not to be judgmental. Natalie is very upset that she had a huge fight with John, who probably won't speak to her again. Viki thinks that John doesn't really hate her; he is just angry at her. She wonders what Natalie was thinking, keeping such big secrets. Natalie tries to explain how she was trying to keep from hurting everyone. She wonders how she and John will ever come back from this. She gets upset again when talking about losing her sister. Viki hugs her and consoles her, saying that she has her, and the baby, and that Jessica will always love her. Natalie isn't so sure about Jessica forgiving her. Natalie apologizes and urges Viki to go look for Charlie. Viki assures her that it's okay, Rex and Gigi are out looking for him.

John goes to Rodi's and turns off the jukebox, then he yells at everyone that the bar is closed and to get out. Some people argue, but John starts throwing things around until they leave. He pours himself a shot and drinks it. Kelly comes in and wonders where everyone went and why it looks like a bomb went off. He tells her to get out, but she ignores him and wonders why he's not with Natalie. She tells him to call her a cab because she's had a lot to drink. He tells her to call her own cab. She tells him that if it's any consolation, she's had a crappy day, too. He doubts that it was as crappy as his, so she asks if he wants to bet. Kelly tells John her troubles with Joey (and Aubrey). She toasts to her stupidity. John tells her that her stupidity doesn't compare to his, and he joins in the toast. She wants to know what he means. He tells her, and she laughs, thinking that he's joking at first. John blames himself for not seeing what was right under his nose for the past 9 months. Kelly is shocked. John rants and raves some more about Natalie lying to him. Kelly goes back to talking about her problems. John tells her that he's sorry. She asks him what he's thinking about. He's thinking about Liam, who isn't his. He talks at length about the baby as he keeps drinking. Later, John looks at the pool table and sees Natalie playing there. He asks Kelly if she wants to go somewhere else. She asks where, so he replies, "Anywhere that's not Valentine's Day". She smirks at him.

Nate asks Dani if she's sure that she wants to have sex. She assures him that she's ready. He makes sure that she really is ready, and she kisses him to prove it.

James has a dream that he's in bed with Starr. They kiss, and then he wakes up. James walks in on Nate and Dani kissing. He offers to leave them alone. They don't want to kick him out, but he says ruefully that he doesn't have anywhere else to go. Dani is surprised that he is not at the dance with Michelle. He didn't want to go, so Dani guesses that it's because of Starr. James rants that Starr is not available and never has been. Nate asks how he and Starr got together, so we see flashbacks to their early scenes together. Dani thinks Starr will come around, since Cole is in prison. James doesn't think that she will ever give up on Cole. Dani goes to get ready so that they can go out. Nate tells James that he and Dani are going to have sex. James tells Nate and Dani that he'll just be keeping himself company with leftover pizza and a DVD. Nate and Dani discuss where they will go. Dani tells him that her parents are staying overnight in New York, so they can go to her place and be alone. Nate is happy to hear it. They talk some more, and kiss. Then they both grab their jackets and leave.

Starr rushes to Capricorn to give Blair the sheet music she left behind. Starr goes to leave, but Blair asks her to stick around and sing with her. Starr complains about her wanting her to spend Valentine's Day with her mom and looking like a loser. Nearby, a man hits on Langston, who tells him that she's waiting for her date. Blair assures Starr that she's not a loser. Starr goes over to see Langston. Cristian tells Blair that she needs to give herself the same pep talk that she just gave Starr. Langston tells Starr about the creepy guy that was hitting on her. Starr gripes about her lack of a love life but then wonders why Ford isn't there. Langston doesn't know but figures that he got held up. Starr also has flashbacks about James as she talks to Langston. Langston urges her to go tell James the truth, that she broke up with Cole and wants to be with him. Starr just wants him to be happy. Langston keeps worrying about where Ford is. Starr goes to find Ford and make him not stand Langston up. Langston keeps wondering where Ford is.

Meanwhile, James decides to go find Starr. He puts on a different shirt and is about to head out when he hears furious knocking on the door. He opens it, demanding to know, "What's your problem?" but stops when he sees Starr. She asks him in return what his problem is.

Blair tells Cristian that the painter she tracked down flew there to see her. He thinks it's great, but he is disappointed when she tells him that she sent him to the Angel Square motel. Cris wonders why. Blair says that she's a psycho magnet, so the last thing she needs is a mystery man. Later, Blair picks up a candy heart, and it says "Mystery Man" on it. She looks up, and the painter is there. They smile at each other.

This is a very interesting exchange because they have to keep their voices down in front of the baby, but you know they want to yell at each other! In the Llanfair nursery, Brody quietly demands to know why Ford is there, holding his son. Brody tells him that the door was unlocked and that he did knock. Brody threatens to put him in jail. Ford tells him that he knows that the baby is his son. Brody takes Ryder out of his arms and assures him that the baby is his and Jessica's. They keep arguing about the baby. Brody grabs Ford and forces him out the door. Ford says that he'll take it up with Jessica, since Ryder is her baby, not Brody's. Brody then throws him against the wall and gets him some kind of hold with his arm pinned behind him. Brody warns him against having anything to do with Jessica or their son. Brody yells at him about how he helped Jessica through her pregnancy with Ryder and all the problems they had. Brody grabs Ford again and tries to force him out of the house.

Viki asks Natalie where Jessica is now, so Natalie figures that Brody is with her now, since he ran after her. Then they hear Brody and Ford yelling. They run toward the sound of Brody dragging Ford down the stairs (leaving Liam in the other room alone). Viki recognizes Ford, but Brody throws him out. He tells them how he found Ford holding Ryder. Viki asks suddenly in a panicked voice, why he's looking for Jessica and why she isn't with him. They all start to worry. Viki goes upstairs to check on Ryder. Natalie informs Brody that she told her mom what happened. Brody tells her that he has to go find Jessica. Just then, Liam cries, so they rush into the room to see what's wrong. Natalie soothes the baby. Brody comes in and sees Liam. He says, "That's my son".

Tess, in the mirror at Foxy Roxy's, asks Jessica if she missed her. They argue, and Tess taunts Jessica about the kind of day she's had. Jessica vows to make Tess go away again, but Tess points out that she needs her there because she can't bear what's happened. Tess insists that she let her out to do her psycho thing. They argue some more, mostly about Natalie. Jessica declares that she's too strong to give in to Tess' desire to wreak revenge on Natalie. Tess makes her think about Natalie and Brody having sex. She also brings up Mitch's trying to have sex with her, and her and Ford having a baby. Jessica gets mad and throws something against the mirror, yelling at Tess to shut up. Tess keeps taunting her. Jessica screams that she's not letting her take over her life. Tess keeps reminding her about how messed up her life is. Jessica looks like she's crumbling under Tess' assault, but then she tells Tess to go away. Tess is gone when Jessica opens her eyes. Jessica still looks sad. She picks up scissors and looks at them.

Ford is outside a bar, just looking dazed, and he finds his present for Langston in his pocket. A blonde walks by, and he wonders if it's Jessica (looks like Tess from the back). We see that back at Foxy Roxy's, Tess has written "I'm back" on the mirror in lipstick, and she's marked it with a kiss. At the bar, Tess turns. She is wearing Jessica's wedding dress, but it's shortened considerably, and her hair is done up in Tess mode. Ford stares at her in shock. Tess asks him what the hell he's looking at.

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