OLTL Update Monday 2/14/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/14/11


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

Viki runs into Rex and Gigi at Rodi's. They are all looking for Charlie. They are worried that he might be looking to drink again. They talk about where they've been all over town, looking for him, and calling around. Rex and Gigi tell Viki that Charlie was there, and he ordered a vodka. Viki tries phoning Charlie, but he doesn't answer. They make plans of how they will deal with Charlie and his drinking if they find him. Rex declares that he won't abandon Charlie, whether he's his dad or not. Viki is upset that Clint abandoned Rex. She can't believe that he would sink that low and act like Asa. Rex and Gigi are shocked to learn that Jessica's son is really Ford's. Viki isn't sure if Jessica and Brody can survive this. Gigi and Rex exchange a worried look. Viki leaves after they all promise to call if they hear anything about Charlie. Outside, Viki hesitates for a moment and then keeps walking. Later, Rex and Gigi realize that Charlie may have gone to Echo's place. As they are leaving Rodi's, Rex wonders how he will tell Shane that Clint hates him. Gigi assures him that they will tell him together. Rex and Gigi exchange I love you's and kiss.

In her hotel room, Echo looks lovingly at the photo of Rex and Shane, which has a heart necklace draped over it. She finishes making her bed. Charlie knocks at the door; she answers it and smiles warmly, asking him how the wedding went. He tells her sadly that there was no wedding. He asks to come in, so she lets him in. He sees the photo of Rex and Shane, and he walks slowly over to it. His phone rings, but he sees that it's Viki and doesn't want to answer it. Echo wonders why. He is reluctant to say. She sits down next to him and tells him that he can tell her anything. He tells her that Clint is Rex's father, not him. She looks worried. Charlie rants and raves about it, explaining how it all came out at the wedding. Echo expresses her sympathy. Charlie is sorry that she had to hear about it like this, but she says that she is worried about him. He tells her that he went to Rodi's first, so she worries that he was drinking. Charlie assures her that he didn't drink, even though he ordered one and stared at it for a while. He smelled it, but then he put it down and left. He came there to her place, not knowing where else to go.

Charlie doesn't know how he will face Rex or Shawn again. He feels that he made a fool out of himself. She assures him that this is not his fault. He wonders if he wasn't so needy after losing Jared that he might not have bought Clint's story so easily. He really wanted a son and family of his own, and also her. He adds the last part, holding her shoulders. She looks at him, her mouth open in surprise. she tells him how sorry she is that all of this happened to him. Charlie rants and raves that Viki was not there for him through all of this. Echo looks like she feels guilty. He accuses Viki and Dorian of waiting for Echo to mess up and that she was playing him. He sits down on the bed, adding that he sure was being played, just not by her, but by Clint. He keeps blaming Viki and talking about great Echo is. Echo sits down next to him, saying that maybe Viki and Dorian were right to blame her, since she came back to town, looking for her son. She is very upset about having hurt Charlie, even though she's not telling him the whole truth. They kiss and then look at each other. Echo backs away, apologizing, but then he grabs her and kisses her some more. They end up on the bed.

Kelly keeps arguing with Joey. Aubrey rushes up and suggests to Joey that they get married right now. Cutter agrees. They have a church, flowers etc., plus it's Valentine's Day. They keep working on Joey, who is surprised by the idea. Kelly sits down, upset and shaking her head. She wonders if Aubrey is trying to rush into the wedding before Joey finds something out. As she says this, she waves the paper in her hands around and taunts Aubrey. Kelly hands Joey the paper in her hand, asking him to read it. She explains that it says that Clint thought it was important for him to see the video, and she doesn't think he just wanted them to see Aubrey saying how much she loved him. Kelly and Joey argue, until he insists on marrying Aubrey. Aubrey hugs him excitedly. Cutter is overjoyed. He kisses Aubrey and Joey, and then hugs them, saying they belong together. Kelly watches with a disgusted look on her face. The reverend walks in and wonders who is getting married. Kelly tells him that Joey and Aubrey are the happy couple. Aubrey asks Kelly to be their witness, but she says she will pass. She storms out, but Joey follows her. She tells him that she's getting out of his way, and she leaves. Joey and Aubrey get married as Cutter watches greedily. Kelly watches from the open door, looking angry and hurt, and then she is gone.

Cutter kisses Aubrey outside. She worries that Joey is just on the other side of the door. He just wanted to celebrate their victor and says in a dramatic-silly way, "Let the fleecing of Buchanan Enterprises begin". She laughs. Joey walks the reverend out. Aubrey kisses and hugs Joey before they leave to start their new life together. Joey looks a bit glum, like he's thinking about Kelly.

Kelly goes to Rodi's and drinks a sarcastic toast to "Aubs and Joey".

Jessica cries, upset about learning that Natalie slept with Brody. John and Natalie walk in; everyone exchanges shocked looks. John tells Jessica that he's sorry, and Brody tries to apologize to John, who doesn't want to hear it. John insists that Natalie tell them the rest of it. Natalie begs him, but he tells her that she'd better tell them, or he will. Before he can, Brody again tries to apologize to John and also tries to make him see that he should forgive Natalie. Natalie tearfully confesses that he's been lying to Brody, too. Jessica and Natalie argue about why Natalie was lying to all of them. Natalie keeps giving her reasons and excuses. John tells them that Liam is Brody's son, not his. Brody looks really shocked, and Jessica cries some more. Brody and Natalie argue, yelling at each other. Jessica suddenly realizes that Marty knew the truth, so Natalie admits that Marty has been blackmailing her. Jessica loses it and yells at Natalie, calling her a "lying, selfish whore". Brody tries to get Jessica to calm down and leave with him, but she insists on speaking with Natalie alone. John asks Jessica if she'll be all right. She replies, "Will you?" John and Brody go outside as the two sisters cry.

Outside, John blasts Brody for being a liar and also tells him to take care of his kid. Brody stammers that he doesn't think of Liam that way. John advises him that he'd better start because with parents like him and Natalie, he's going to need all the help he can get. John then leaves, and Brody looks chastened.

Jessica keeps yelling at Natalie for lying to her over and over. She accuses Natalie of always wanting to hurt her and steal her life. She also blames her for stealing Nash as well as Brody. Natalie protests that it's not true. Natalie grabs Jessica by the shoulders and tells her that she is not the same person that she was when she came there, and that she loves her, and that they're sisters. Jessica looks coldly at her, and then she rips off Natalie's necklace. She says that this was a gift from her sister and that Natalie is not her sister. Jessica walks out, ignoring Brody. Natalie tells Brody that she's sorry, but he just glares at her and follows Jessica.

Ford walks in while Nate and Dani are talking about the big news, that Ford is the father of Jessica's baby. He is only wearing a towel because he's about to take a shower. He says hi in an embarrassed way to Dani. They laugh and try to pretend that nothing is going on, but it makes Ford suspicious because they are acting weird. When he asks what they're hiding, Dani just replies, "baby", so he thinks she is pregnant. She assures him that she's not, and then Nate tries to cover by saying something about Ford's baby-soft skin. Even though that was a weird thing for him to say, Ford just walks away from them, shaking his head. Dani and Nate go back to discussing the paternity. Nate thinks that it will upset Ford to learn that he is a dad. Ford comes out with two shirts, asking Dani which one he should wear to his big date with Langston. He mentions that they are celebrating the end of their long dry spell. She remembers that and sys they are both nice. Ford makes a joke about how he won't be wearing it for long. After he goes back to finishing dressing, Nate points out that Ford doesn't sound like he's ready for fatherhood. Dani still thinks they should tell him. Ford comes back out and asks them to choose whether he should wear a tie or not. Nate tells Ford that he is the father of Jessica's baby. Ford looks stunned. He then sounds like he's hyper-ventilating as he repeats, "Holy crap!" over and over again. He asks if they're sure, and Dani assures them that there is proof. Ford's mouth drops open as he says to him that he's a father. Ford rushes out, saying Langston is waiting for him.

Dani wonders what Nate has planned for them for Valentine's Day. He doesn't want to ruin the surprise; he wants it to be perfect for her. She tells him that they should find a place to have sex after his surprise. He looks surprised.

In the nursery at Llanfair, Viki has Ryder in her arms. She rocks him and hopes that his parents, Jessica and Brody, will be home soon. Later, Ford visits Ryder. He looks down and tenderly says, "My son" and strokes his head. Brody goes looking for Jessica and finds Ford holding Ryder.

Jessica breaks in to Foxy Roxy's with a crowbar, looking disheveled. She sits down, then she looks in the mirror. Tess is there, looking at her sweetly.

Natalie sits down on a bench at the church, upset that Jessica hates her. John is sitting on a pew in the church. He looks up, shakes his head wryly, and then walks out disgustedly.

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