OLTL Update Thursday 2/10/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/10/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


John asks Natalie what her secret is. She wonders how she can tell him.

Starr informs Langston that when she went to see James, she walked in and discovered him and Michelle ready to take off all their clothes and have sex. She does not know what to do.

James returns home and tells Nate that he is similarly disappointed that Starr caught him with Michelle and not ok that he may not have a future with Starr.

At the church, Aubrey talks to Cutter and to Joey about the startling revelations about his father. Not far away, Kelly takes out the disk drive and the note that Clint gave to her that he wrote to Joey about wanting his son to see for himself what Aubrey and Cutter are doing if Joey will not believe his father..

After Brody reveals to Jessica that he and Natalie slept together, he tells her he is so sorry. She cries. He tells her that he wishes more than anything that this did not happen. He wanted to tell her first so that he could make her understand. She furiously asks how she is supposed to understand. The man she is in love with and whom she was going to marry has cheated on her with her sister.

Dani goes with Todd and Téa to the Buenos Dias. Téa asks her husband why he had to boy cot his nieces’ weddings. She assumes that they are all dancing and celebrating right now.

At the church, Aubrey asks Joey if he wants to go and see his dad while he’s been taken to jail. He tells her that after finding out what Clint has done, he wants nothing more to do with him. Right then, Kelly asks him to wait and gives him the note that Clint gave her to give him along with the drive with the secret about Aubrey and Cutter.

Starr tells Robert she really appreciates his helping take care of baby Hope when she went out. She leaves him along with Langston and he asks why Starr is back so soon. He thought that she was going to hook up with James after returning from seeing Cole in Statesville.. Langston tells him that Starr wanted to go and see his brother. But apparently, James could not “keep it in his pants” long enough to wait for her.

Meanwhile, James talks to Nate about “missing out”. Nate admits that he has yet to sleep with Dani. James remarks that it might be difficult to have some alone time with how possessive Dani’s father is. But Nate informs his brother that Dani is still a virgin whereas he is not. She did tell him that she was not ready. He tells James that that is why he’s there. He wants his older brother to give him some pointers. James asks if he means o how to have sex with Dani.

Todd talks to his wife and daughter about the male strippers Téa and the other women saw at Natalie’s and Jessica’s bachelorette parties. Right then, Todd gets a call. He then laughs and tells his wife and daughter he owes them an apology. Téa asks for what. He tells her that that double wedding, as it turns out, was anything but boring, he declares.

Natalie attempts to explain to John while Brody attempts to explain to Jessica. Natalie tells John that they were not back together yet. It was on the very night when she wrote him the letter and asked to meet him at Rodi’s if there was still a chance for them. But she believed that he had read it and decided they were through. He did not show up. Then she saw him with Marty so she had nothing else to conclude. So she was going to leave Llanview for good.

Brody explains to Jessica that it was the night of the prom. She wanted Cristian and was devastated that she could not have what she wanted with him. Brody took her home and pushed her to remember what Mitch did to her. But she furiously pushed him away and told him she never wanted to see him again. He was devastated believing that he would never be able to be with her again. So he got drunk and didn’t know what to do. She cries hearing his explanation. Natalie then relives the very night when she went to say good bye to Brody after she believed John had dumped her and Jessica had dumped him. They both declared that their respective partners were the best thing that ever happened to them. They were both devastated and had to make the pain go away. And they had sex. Jessica sobs while Brody reveals what happened. Natalie urges John to know that it was just one time and one horrible mistake. But he asks her if it’s true that this is not the “end” of that story. She admits no. It is not. Natalie recaps to John that after she said good bye to Brody, she went off to the airport ready to move to London, assuming there was nothing for her here. And then, out of nowhere, John appeared and urged her to stay. Brody tells Jessica that when she came back to him, it was a miracle. She cries and tells him that that was the very night when she conceived the baby with Robert Ford right after Brody gave up on her and when he slept with Natalie.

Robert asks Starr if she is really ready to give up James. She tells him that she does not want to prevent his brother from moving on. It’s not fair to him. Robert is happily with Langston admitting that he has a job dressing up like a hot dog. He leaves Langston and Starr alone. Langston tells her she respects her decision to do whatever she wants. But she must admit that she agrees with Robert. They know that Starr is not over James and he is not over her.

After Kelly gives Joey that disk drive that Clint wanted her to give to him, he has no clue what it is. Aubrey and Cutter appear like they do not know either.

At Buenos Dias, Todd smirks when he tells Téa and Dani that he just found out that Jessica’s baby’s father is not her fiancé. It’s Robert Ford. Téa asks Todd how he can make light of that.

Natalie then admits to John that that is what Marty has been threatening her with. She found out that Brody was her baby’s father and ready to tell John.

Jessica tells Brody that she now knows that not only did she conceive a baby with Robert Ford. He might have conceived Natalie’s baby with her.

John then asks Natalie what he needs to know about baby Liam.

At the church, Kelly “invites” Aubrey and Cutter to watch the video with her and Joey. Aubrey wants to appear to Kelly and to Joey as though she has no worries. But alone with Cutter, she demands to know what he was thinking. They will be ruined once Kelly and Joey see it. Cutter seems completed calm however.

Nate tells James that he was hoping that maybe his two older brothers can help him with what to do when Dani has her first time with him. He remarks about the Ford brothers’ “way with the ladies”. Robert then appears and wonders what they are talking about. And he tells Nate that maybe if something is worth having it’s worth waiting for. James tells his brother that he is not certain what to do with Starr. He thought she was through with him and he was going to move on with Michelle. Hearing that, Robert asks his brother if he knew that Starr went to see Cole today to officially break up with him

Langston tells Starr that Robert really wants to make things special for them. He even wore that hot dog suit so that he could work and make some money so that they could enjoy Valentines’ Day together. They laugh about that. Starr remarks that she appreciates both of them watching Hope for her. In response to that, Langston tells Starr she should have seen him with baby Hope today. He was so amazing. Starr tells Langston she is really happy for her. It seems she and Robert are the only ones who can have a normal uncomplicated relationship.

Natalie is ready to admit to John what her “plan” was with taking Marty to the cabin with the shotgun. She hesitates to tell John about the secret that only she and Mary knew But John yells at her that he wants to hear her say it.

Brody tells Jessica that he and Natalie were both really worried that he could be the father of her baby and what they would do and if they should tell her or John. But then, it appeared that Natalie’s test revealed that John is the father of her baby.

Natalie then cries while John screams at her to say what she has been hiding all this while. She then admits that he is not the father of her baby. Brody is. John asks if Brody knows. Natalie admits no. Brody was so happy when he finally found out that he was the father of Jessica’s baby. John concludes that that was another lie. She cries and tells him that she did not want to take the happiness away from Jessica and Brody and from him. He tells her that all along, she has been lying to him. He fell for all of her lies like an idiot and fell in love with this kid. She cries and tells him that she did not want this to happen. He asks her how she thinks she gets to decide what happens. She’s just like her dad. She is not God and neither is Clint.

Right then, we see the video that Clint recorded of Aubrey returning to Cutter when she could not find Joey and he could not find Kelly. She tells him that maybe Joey and Kelly are in love with each other. But somehow “somebody” has played over the tape where she declares to Cutter that she is committed to Joey and there is nothing that could get her in trouble or make Joey distrust her when he sees “this” video drive.

Robert tells James and Nate that he has to get ready to go. Nate remarks at least somebody is “getting lucky” tonight.

Jessica demands to know why Brody did not tell her that he slept wit Natalie. He tells her he could not put her through it with what happened to her regarding Mitch and the fear of having Robert Ford’s baby and everything she’s been though in the last year. She yells at him that she had the right to know. He tells her that Natalie was afraid that if Jessica found out that she would never forgive Natalie.

John tells Native that he wondered why she had to do the amnio and lied and hid. How could have been so stupid as to trust her when she told hi that she loved him? She asks if she had come to him and told him that this baby is another man’s baby, would John have welcomed and loved him as his own.?

After Joey sees the tape of Aubrey and Cutter together that gives him no cause for suspicion and knows that Kelly wanted him to see it, he asks her if she had the gall to spy on Aubrey. Is that why she had them locked in the cellar together? He now blames Kelly for everything and she has nothing more to bargain with. Alone, Aubrey asks Cutter how he could have gotten the other drive. He tells her that he secretly recorded that for damage control. He knew it was a long shot but hoped he could switch it with the original. He saw Clint give Kelly the drive and knew that that one had to be the one that would ruin him and Aubrey. And they conclude that it was Clint who was taping them and not Kelly. Otherwise, Kelly would have known what was on the video before playing it. Aubrey concludes that this should keep Kelly out of their hair from now on. But he tells her there is still one more obstacle. In the other room, Joey concludes that he is tired of Kelly trashing Aubrey. And it’s only made him more convinced that he is done with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with Aubrey.

Todd wants to watch over Dani. Téa tells him that they can trust their daughter. He tells her he trusts all his daughters. It’s the men in their lives he does not trust.

James and Nate are alone wondering what they are going to do on Valentine’s Day. Right then, Dani walks in. James tells his brother he will give him some privacy. Dani asks if Robert Ford is there. Nate asks why. Dani replies because she just found out that he is the father of her cousin Jessica’s baby.

Jessica tells Brody that she could sense that Natalie had some secret that she just couldn’t tell her. Brody protests that they both wanted to tell her. He didn’t want to hear it from Marty first. He wanted to tell her or have Natalie tell her. And she must know that he is suffering also. He just went from believing he had a son but it’s someone else’s and that he had a son with her sister.

Natalie tells John that when she found out that she had Brody’s child, she considered having an abortion. But she could not do it. He tells her that she cannot lie about another man’s son. She tells him that Liam may have Brody’s blood. But he’s hers’ and John’s son.

Langston returns to Starr and admits that she and Robert are moving forward. And she thinks Starr should do the same with James. Starr tells her she does not want to be with James while he has another girl on the brain,.

Right then, James is alone in his room noticing that Michelle has sent him some texts but is not responding. While out in the living room, Dani reveals to Nate that she heard that Jessica got a paternity test because she slept with Robert. And her father, Clint had it altered so that nobody would ever find out that Robert got her pregnant. But now they know that Nate’s big brother is the father of Jessica’s baby.

Todd and Téa discuss the same thing back at their home. He admits that he does feel for Robert because another man was going to raise his child and call him daddy. And he can really relate. Right then, Todd gets another call. Téa doesn’t want him to take the call. But this one does not seem as “amusing” to Todd. She asks if he dos not have the Headline all ready. He tells her that they have to et out of there ad he wants to take her out of Llanview for a while. He will fuel up the jet, go to New York and be romantic. And it appears that Todd has a secret.

Nate asks Dani if she’s sure that she heard right that Robert got her cousin pregnant. Robert then comes out of the shower asking James if he used up all of the body scrub and suspects nothing when he sees Dani talking to Nate. But they stare at him grimly.,

At the church, Cutter warns Aubrey that although they have thrown Kelly “off their trail”, Clint still has the drive of what they were really doing and will be coming after them. So they have to run before he’s out of jail and ready to blow them out of the water. Kelly then urges Joey to realize he “does not understand”. He does not listen although she wants to convince him of what is really going on. Right then, Aubrey comes out and tells Joey she just had the best idea. Why don’t they get married right now?

Brody asks Jessica what she’s going to do now. She cries and tells him she does not know. She cannot think straight. She has to go home to her baby. Hearing that, he asks if she means only “her” baby. She turns and confirms yes.

Natalie then cries and asks John what about his son. He tells her he does not have a son. Right then, Brody appears and John stares at him knowing for the first time what he did.

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