OLTL Update Wednesday 2/9/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/9/11


Written by Suzanne
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Starr knocks on James' door to tell him about breaking up with Cole. He's inside having sex with Michelle, and they have music on, so they don't hear. Starr phones him, but he doesn't hear that, either. Starr gets the idea to write a note, but she can't think of what to say. She decides to leave. Just then, James and Michelle walk out. He is not wearing a shirt, and he helps Michelle button her shirt more evenly. She kisses him and leaves as Starr watches in shock. James sees Starr before she can disappear; he wonders why she's there. She tells him that she was knocking before. He tells her that he had music on. She lies that she came to talk to Ford about getting a table for him and Langston at Capricorn. He agrees to tell Ford about it. She goes to leave, but he asks her if something is wrong. She denies it and leaves. He can tell that he has hurt her.

Langston baby-sits Hope at home. Ford knocks on the door, and when Langston opens it, he is wearing a hot dog outfit, so she laughs. He is a mascot for a hot dog restaurant and does a little rap and dance for her. She and the toddler laugh. He makes jokes about his new job. She is sorry that he has to do something like this, and they discuss how Clint should help him but won't. He just wants to talk about their Valentine's Day date. They joke and talk about how they are finally going to have sex. He says that she kept him going and she agrees, admitting that she's been counting down the days. He vows that tonight will be perfect. Then they discuss where Starr is, and why. He's surprised that Starr broke up with Cole. She confides that she pushed Starr into it a little bit. He realizes that's why she was asking him about Michelle. He thanks her for saving his brother, too. He admits that he suggested to James that he find a hot girl to hook up with. Langston teases him. He gets a little nervous when she leaves him alone with Hope, but she is not worried. He plays ball with Hope, who is lying on the floor, looking cute. When Langston returns, she watches them play, smiling. Ford talks about how he used to take care of James. At first it is a light discussion about how he used some of Eddie's belts to make a swing for James, but then it gets more serious when he mentions Eddie's being drunk and using the belt to hit them. Langston can tell from what Ford says that he likes kids. He will only say that they are okay. He tells her about seeing Ryder at the hospital. He tells her that he still can't help thinking what would have been different if the baby were his. They talk about Jessica and Brody, and more "what if". The put Hope to bed as Langston continues to admire his skills with kids. They kiss. He goes to get his stuff. Starr returns, so Langston asks her how it went. Starr doesn't say much but admits that James is sleeping with Michelle.

James phones Michelle to ask if she's okay. She is, and she reminds him that she's the one who stopped them from having sex. She doesn't want to get hurt when she knows that his heart belongs to Starr.

Shaun gets his nails done at Foxy Roxy's while he eats one of the hot dogs. He tells the bored manicurist, Anita, about how good the hot dogs are. He tells her to take her time because he has big plans for tonight, Valentine's Day, with his girlfriend Vivian. He keeps acting like what he is saying should impress her, but she really doesn't care. He mentions Jessica a few times. When he says that he was too hungover from the bachelor party to go to the wedding, she mentions that Roxy is, too, so she's in bed with an ice pack. His cure is eating hot dogs. Anita is a vegetarian, so she's disgusted. Destiny arrives, also eating a hot dog. He can tell that she's depressed. She wonders why Darren is sending her flowers for Valentine's Day. He thinks maybe he wants to get back together with her. She confides that she kissed Matthew. Shaun looks angry. They sit down and discuss what happened and how she feels. She is still feeling confused because of the news that everyone lied to her and all that stuff that came out. She asks Shaun to tell her about her mother, Charlene. He suggests that they go down to the hot dog place for more hot dogs first, and then he will tell her everything. Shaun tips Anita for the great job she did on his nails, and they leave.

Vimal continues at the wedding to tell everyone about what Clint did. Clint tries to shut him up, but they want to hear. They drag it out as long as possible, of course. Vimal confesses that he changed the paternity of Jessica's baby to say that Brody was the father. John watches Natalie careful as she gets nervous. Vimal mentions that Natalie's name was also in the computer, so it confused him at first. They are all shocked that Natalie had a paternity test done, too. Jessica is stunned and very upset. They all discuss whether it's true. Vimal insists that it's true and that Robert Ford is the real father. John asks if he has proof. Vimal has a printed copy of the hospital record. He apologizes to Jessica for hurting her but says that Clint is a very difficult man to refuse. Brody looks at the paper and confirms that he's not Ryder's father. Brody is very hurt, and Jessica breaks down in tears. Clint explains that he just wanted Jessica to be happy and have the perfect wedding to the man she loves. She ignores what he says and goes to find Brody.

John hints to Natalie that she still needs to tell him the truth, so they go to another room. John demands to know why her name is in the computer. She keeps lying to him, and he keeps interrogating her. He tells her that Marty came to see him before the wedding. She looks trapped and worries about whether Marty will go after the baby again. John keeps questioning her, as she keeps lying and trying to change the subject. He assures her that Marty seemed very sane and knows that Liam is not hers. John tries to make Natalie think that Marty told him everything. He asks her to tell him about her and Brody. Natalie tries to figure out what Marty said. He finally yells at her to stop lying to him. Eventually, Natalie confesses that she slept with Brody.

Kelly and Joey talk about Jessica. Aubrey watches them jealously. Cutter asks Aubrey what she thinks that Clint will do when he finds out that his footage of them is not real. She doesn't think that is what he's thinking about right now. Clint gets on the phone with Nigel and is relieved to learn that the press is not yet around. He remarks to Viki, Bo, and Nora that the last thing Jessie needs is to be hounded by the press. They can't believe what he did and how he is acting. Viki blasts Clint, and they argue. Viki is very worried about how Jessica will react. She goes back to yelling at him quietly about what he's done. He tries to walk away, but Joey stops him.

Vimal and Rama apologize to Viki, but she just shakes her head. Bo stops them from leaving. Bo arrests Clint for what he did, even though he denies doing it. Clint slips a flash drive to Kelly, telling her to make sure Joey sees it ASAP. Cutter tells Aubrey confidently that Clint is out of their way for now. Kelly puts the drive in her purse and watches Joey with Aubrey.

Jessica finds Brody, worried that he hates her. He is just upset that Ryder is not his son. She pleads with him not to let this wreck things and to still be Ryder's father. She acts desperately and cries as she begs him. Brody tells her that he's not the man that she wishes he were. She doesn't agree but thinks that he's saying this because of her sleeping with Ford. She gets upset as he tries to explain what he did. He finally tells her that he lied to her and that he slept with Natalie.

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