OLTL Update Tuesday 2/8/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/8/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne

Starr and Langston stand outside the prison. Starr admits that all her life she dreamed of having a happy ending with the perfect guy. But now she has to accept the fact that she is a teenage mom and her child’s father is stuck in prison. Langston encourages her to believe that her life is not over. She has a new beginning with James and need not feel bad breaking up with Cole.

Unknown to them, James is getting ready to sleep with Michelle.

Starr admits that she feels guilty about having to break up with Cole. She tells Langston although it may have appeared that she and Cole would have broken up even if he had not gotten arrested, that is not true. Couples go though hard times and make it work and that is what they would have done. Langston tells her best friend that she realizes that they had something really great times together but the reality is that he is now in prison. Starr tells Langston that she knows that Cole wants her to have a life with her daughter and other people. But it’s not as simple as that. Right then the guard lets them in. They both realize that that place where he is stuck in is so depressing. Starr tells Langston that Cole will not be there forever. He shot Eli because he thought that he had lost her. And what will Cole’s life be like if she leaves him and when he gets out of prison, he’s all alone?

Tomás admits to Blair that he is lying about the reason why he came all the way to Llanview to see her.

At Natalie’s and Jessica’s wedding, the priest asks if any person can show just cause of why these two couples should not be joined in holy matrimony. At first nobody says anything. But Rama stands up and urges that he waits. Vimal asks her to sit down. But she tells him she will not. Not after what these people have done. Natalie and Jessica both reflect that they do now know Rama or her husband. She stands up and their names. Aubrey then tells her that this is not the time or the place. But she tells Aubrey that this has nothing to do with her(Aubrey). This is for Vimal and herself. Everybody stares and wonders what to do.

James is getting ready to sleep with Michelle. But when she notices the bullet chain around his neck and he remembers how it symbolized what Starr means to him, he hesitates and gets up. She asks him where he is going.

At the prison, Langston tells Starr she has a lot of respect for her. Everybody does. Starr asks what if Cole does not make it. Langston reminds her that Cole is an adult and responsible for his actions and confessed to what he did. And she should know that he does not expect a fairy tale ending.

At the weddings, Clint indicates that he knows the people who are objecting to the two couples getting married. Viki demands to know how he knows them. He tells her that it does not matter. They were not invited. He apologizes to the crowds and to his family and tells them that it’s time for Vimal and Rama to leave. Rama then asks Clint what he will do if they do not. Have his boys go and beat them up? Like he almost did to her husband and to others? Jessica then speaks up that this is ridiculous. This is her wedding. Natalie asks if Uncle Bo cannot do something about that. But Bo and Nora are both looking at what has happened and not knowing what to say or do. Clint says he did not want to get into this. He explains that this man, Vimal used to work for B.E. But Clint had to fire him. Vimal did not take it well, Clint concludes. But he won’t let Vimal cause a scene. He will “take it outside”. Rama then tells Clint he better not touch her husband. Vimal then apologizes and tells everyone that he is not the kind of man that would interrupt an occasion like this. But he must speak up against what Mr. Buchanan did to him. He was a trusted employee. Yet Mr. Buchanan fired him and crossed the line with him. Hearing that, Bo asks Vimal just what Clint did to him. Clint then tells his brother this is his daughters’ weddings. They are not going to do this here. This has nothing to do with Jessica or Natalie. But in response to that, Rama tells Clint it has everything to do with them. And Clint knows exactly what she is talking about. Right then, both daughters stare and wonder what she is talking about. Jessica asks how this could have anything to do with herself or Natalie. Neither of them currently work for B.E. Rama announces that this is not about B.E. Knowing what is about to be revealed Clint protests that he will do anything for his family. Rama asks if that would include breaking into a genetics lab. Hearing that, people ask who broke into a genetics lab and what that has to do with Clint or his problem with Vimal and Rama?. Vimal then stands up and announces that Mr. Buchanan paid him to break into the genetics lab and alter confidential information. It was DNA test results. John asks what type of DNA test results. And what was Clint looking for? We then see Viki, Charlie, Rex and Gigi standing around. And it appears that some people in the ceremony know exactly what he’s going to reveal next.

Tomás admits to Blair that while he’s been in Paris, he’s been thinking about her. He asks her if she’s been thinking about him. She replies she’s been busy. He remembers the wine that they shared and that she sees the significance of the wine and if she says otherwise, she is the one who is lying.

Starr admits to Langston that she would like for things to be the way they used to be with the two of them and their boyfriends. She cries realizing that Markko is gone and Cole is in prison and things will never be the same again. Langston protests to Starr that maybe she needs to respect Cole enough to be honest with him. She wants to be with James. She wants her friend to be happy and believes she has a shot at that with James.

Right then, James is with Michelle ready to “move on”. He kisses her and tells her he’s really glad she came.

Jessica announces that she does not believe for a moment that her father would hire this guy to break into a genetics lab. That is absurd. Rex then tells the others that he really doesn’t know or care about any of this. He is there to be with two couples who he really cares for who are getting married. But Rama is not going to let Clint get away with his secret and tells Rex that he needs to know this. Bo then asks her just what she is talking about although Clint wants to dismiss the whole thing. Brody then tells them if there is something they have to say, they can say it at the police station later. Yet John says he’d like to hear that these two people have to say and asks them to spit this out. But Clint protests to John that this is his daughter’s wedding and these people cannot disrupt it. Right then, Vimal stands up and announces that his wife was right. Mr. Buchanan has lied about his son. People ask which son. He replies Rex Balsam and reveals that Mr. Buchanan is Mr. Balsam’s father and not Mr. Banks. Viki then asks Clint if it’s true that he paid that man to break into the genetics lab. Jessica replies absolutely no way would her father do that. Natalie protests that it makes no sense that her dad would want to deny that Rex is his son. It make no sense. Jessica emotionally demands to know what kinds of people could be doing this to her father. Bree then runs up and asks her mom if she’s crying and if she’s still getting married. Jessica and Brody then attempt to console Bree. Aubrey then comes to take Bree with her some cookies and make nice. Joey then declares that what Vimal and Rama say are lies and they will be up on charges. But Viki admonishes her son to listen to them. Vimal then reveals that Clint told him that he wanted to make certain that nobody ever finds out that Rex Balsam is his son. So when Rex had his first DNA test done to find out, Clint paid Vimal to alter the results so that it would appear that Charlie Banks is his father. Hearing that, Rex walks away devastated. Gigi goes after him and tells him that he must know this does not change anything.

At the prison, while waiting for Cole, Langston tells Starr she must know that Cole loves and trusts her to move on. So she must trust that he can deal with this and all he wants is what is best for Starr and for Hope. She tells Starr that maybe she is not ready to tell Cole the news right now. But Langston tells her that she cannot wait any longer. Right then a guard calls to Starr and tells her that she can now go and talk to Cole. She panics but Langston hugs her and tells her it will all be ok.

Aubrey tells Cutter he must know that Rama and her husband have ruined everything. In just a matter of time, Clint is going to show Joey the tape of them and they will be ruined. Yet he does not appear to be worried.

In the other room, Charlie tells the others that Vimal must be lying. His son, Rex had a second test done and proved that he is Charlie’s son. Right then, Rex admits to Charlie he is sorry. He lied to him. He did not have a second test done. He just told Charlie he did. Hearing that, Charlie is devastated.

Right then, Starr emotionally confirms to Langston that she has officially broken up with Cole and told him she is moving on.

Right then, James is cozily with Michelle. She asks about the bullet on the chain. He does not tell her anything about Starr. And they continue to kiss and are intimately together.

Starr cries and tells Langston that she was breaking Cole’s heart and he was worried about her. She still loves Cole. She does not know how she can live like this. She may not be that strong. Langston tells her that she is the strongest person she knows. Starr tells Langston that she will always love Cole and he will always be in her life and they can always be friends. And now she remembers why she fell in love with him in the first place.

Blair tells Tomás that the wine she is drinking that happens to be the same kind they had together was something she found in Dorian’s cellar and it’s merely coincidental that it’s the same wine. She tells him that he is very charming. But she barely knows him. This whole thing seems very odd and she is being very cautious these days and she needs to say good bye to him.

At the church, Charlie asks Rex why he lied to him. Rex replies because he was happy believing that Charlie was his father. All his life he wanted to know who his father is and found a good man who he could be proud to have as his father. He wanted Charlie to be his father and Shane’s grandfather. Charlie sits and looks stunned while Rex tells him he wanted nothing to do with Clint Buchanan. Joey asks his father if this is true. Clint tells Joey that he has just heard for himself with his own ears that Rex wants nothing to do with him. He tells everybody he has nothing to be ashamed of. He loves his family. Hearing that, Viki furiously tells him that Rex is a part of his family. She tells Clint if he paid Vimal to do his dirty work and do this to Charlie, how could Clint be so cruel? Natalie then asks Clint how he could not tell her that Rex is her brother. She loves Rex. She’s loved him her whole life. He’s Liam’s uncle. Was Clint not going to tell her? Jessica urges her dad to assure her that he would not do this. Yes, he’s ruthless with business, she realizes. But he would not do this to his family.

Joey goes to find Aubrey and tells her she had to get out of there. He could not believe the things he was saying. She hugs him. Cutter observes. Kelly finds Cutter and asks what is going on. She then takes Jessica aside and asks if they should call the sitter to take Bree for a while. Alone, Vimal asks Rama why he let her talk him into this. She tells him he told the truth and has nothing to be ashamed of.

Jessica tells Clint she does not believe this. A personal cannot just break into a DNA lab. The computers have top security and cannot just be hacked this easily. She urges Clint to tell her that he could not hurt Charlie like this or Rex. Clint then tells his daughter he knows how she likes to see the best in people. But doesn’t she remember when Rex first came to town, what he did to her? He manipulated her to get her money. Jessica then protests that he is her brother. Clint tells her that Rex would only bleed them dry. Hearing that, Joey then asks his dad if he is implying that anybody who comes into the family must be a gold digger like he assumed about Aubrey. Clint tells them they must see that Rex is a con artist. Bo then stands up and tells him wrong. Rex has earned his respect. Gigi then stands up and tells Clint if Rex has made some mistakes, maybe it’s because of how he grew up. Yet Rex has turned into a good man. Clint tells her she may continue to believe that. But everybody including Rex himself knows that he is something that never should have happened. Roxy pawned him off. And his real mother couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Rex is a mistake, he reiterates, a worthless bastard. At that point, Charlie stands up and gets ready to physically attack Clint. All the others pull him off and Viki urges her husband not to do it. Charlie furiously tells Clint that he lied to him. He took Rex from him. Rex tells Charlie he took nothing from. If Charlie wants Rex he may have him. And if Vimal and Rama had kept their mouths shut, none of this would have happened. Hearing that, Bo asks Clint if he’s admitting that he did put Vimal up to doing this. Charlie tells Clint he’s a coward. Now everybody knows what he did. And why did he do it? Just to protect a little money, his house, his cars and his greed. He lied to Charlie. He lied to Rex and to Shane. What gives him the right to play with peoples’ lives like this.? He gets ready to physically attack Clint again when the others pull him off of Clint. Charlie reaches out to Rex and tells him he is so sorry that Rex is not his son. He gets ready to leave. Rex goes out the door. Viki demands to know who Clint is and how he could do this.

Starr cries in Langston’s arms and tells her she feels so pathetic. Langston then tells her that when they get home, they need to go to the Ford brothers’ home so that Starr can tell James she’s a free woman.

Right then, we see James and Michelle together and ready to have sex.

Starr asks Langston if she wants her to rush to James so soon. Langston encourages her not to feel guilty.

Rex is devastated and Gigi tries to console him.

Clint tells everybody that his brother is despicable. Clint tells Bo at least he is not a sanctimonious ass. Bo tells him no. He(Clint) is a lost cause. He lost Bo’s respect and affection and loyalty. He knows why. And now he has lost his son. Their father knew better than to do that. He never tossed any of his family members. Asa even left David something in his will. But not Clint. He’s not going to stop until he’s all alone. Clint tells Bo that somebody has to protect this family. Bo protests that Rex is Clint’s son. Clint tells Bo he does not care. And if Bo wants him, Bo can have Rex. Clint declares he’s just sorry that all of this had to spoil his daughter’s wedding. The others ask if that is all he is sorry for. Bo tells Clint he is going to arrest him. Jessica asks if they cannot do that some other time and not arrest her father on her wedding day. She feels terrible for what has happened to Charlie and to Rex. But what does this have to do with her or Natalie or Brody or John on their wedding days? Vimal then tells her that this has everything to do with her and Natalie and their respective babies’ fathers. Jessica, Natalie, Viki and John all stare at him not understanding what he is talking about.

Tomás tells Blair that his flight does not leave until tomorrow so he wonders if there is any hotel she might recommend. She tells him perhaps Angel Square and wishes him luck. He looks at her palm and tells her there will be a journey in her future and he is sorry he cannot be a part of it.

John asks Vimal what his breaking into the genetics lab has to do with himself, Natalie, Brody or Jessica. Clint then tells the others that if anybody needs to be arrested, it should be these two people. There is no proof that he asked Vimal to break into the lab but Vimal admitted to doing it. So get them out of there. Rama tells him they are not going anywhere. Not until everyone knows exactly what he(Clint) as done.

Gigi tells Rex that even if he’s not happy to learn that Clint is his father, Natalie and Jessica and their babies are his family. Isn’t that one good thing that came out of all this? But he is devastated to find out that Charlie is not his father and Clint is. She tells him everyone knows he is nothing like Clint. He is like his uncle Bo. And he and Charlie will still be close. But he tells her it will never be the same for either one of them. Gigi tells him they need to find Charlie. Viki will be worried. She asks Rex if he is not the best P.I. in town.

Right then, Charlie goes to Rodi’s ready to order a drink. The bartender asks him what it will be. At first he does not hear until the bartender repeats his question. Charlie then replies Vodka and make it a double.

James and Michelle take off their clothes and get ready to have sex. He puts the bullet chain away and it’s on the floor and forgotten. Right then, Starr stands outside the door and gets ready to enter.

Viki tells Vimal and Rama that she’s afraid that Clint is right that they have to leave. Everybody has heard enough already and they have to leave. Vimal then tells her that there is something else everybody needs to know. He then announces that Rex Balsam’s paternity test is not the only one that Clint had him alter. Everybody then stares awaiting what they will hear next.

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