OLTL Update Monday 2/7/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


Jessica comes to tell Natalie how great it is that they both have two adorable infants sons and how lucky they both are to have loving and wonderful husbands waiting for them at the alter. She tells Natalie she is so happy and hugs her. Natalie smiles but is secretly worried

Right then, Bo hauls off and decks Clint at the church. Clint hits him back. Nora urges the both to stop but they won’t.

Blair gets her door right when she realizes she has to get over her “vision” that she had when she last spoke to Thomas in Paris. Right then, the doorbell rings. Thomas is at the door and she is surprised to see him.

Kelly runs into Joey when he comes by and they are not certain what to say to each other.

At the hotel, Aubrey tells Cutter he must know that they can beat Clint at his own game. If he had the recording of them together, they need not worry with all the dirt she has on Clint. But he asks her what will happen when Kelly sees it and lets Joey know that they are scamming him. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Aubrey then realizes that maybe they need to give up on their quest with Joey.

Charlie tells Viki that he want to go with her to her daughters’ weddings. He asks her why she thinks he would not. She tells him she realizes that he wants to be there for her daughters. But she frankly wonders whether his loyalties are with her or with Echo.

Rex and Natalie are talking about what to do regarding her secret with Brody and what could happen if John or Jessica find out from somebody other than her.

Jessica is happy but wonders why Brody is talking privately to Natalie.

Right then, when John is alone at his apartment, he wonders how it is that there are mysterious invitations on his table that say Natalie Banks and Brody Lovett are getting married or having a baby together. Right the, John’s “friend” Pete comes by to see him. He knows that John is getting married to Natalie and asks why he does not sound happy about that. John asks him what he will think of that kid Liam. Pete tells him that is a great name and he knows that John’s father would love that name and his grandson. He tells John that the baby might be like his cop father or like his excellent singer mom. He also tells John he remembers John’s parent’ arguments and how different they were but how much they always loved each other. And he tells Jon that maybe he and Natalie have a similar situation.

Natalie is right then, remembering Brody telling her that maybe they have to tell Jessica and tell John that they slept together before they hear it from somebody else.

Brody is downstairs and runs into Rex and Gigi right before he can overhear what they are talking about. Gigi tells the two guys she needs to go up and talk to Natalie and Jessica and will meet them later. Alone with Brody, Rex ask if he is ok and realizes he has a lot going on. Brody tells Rex that he(Rex) has no idea. But Rex tells him yes he does. Brody asks what he means. Rex then tells him they can ride together.

Charlie tells Viki even though he is angry with her for removing Echo from her home, he loves her and wants to be there for her family. But she asks him if he can go to the weddings without having Echo on the brain. He then asks her if it’s over with her and Dorian plotting their scheme against Echo. It sounds like they want to take his son from him. Is that what Viki wants?

Rama and Vimal are dressed like fortune tellers. She looks like a belly dancer. She tells him he need not be threatened by Clint with all the secrets he knows about Clint’s three kids.

Right then, Joey and Kelly rush to break up Bo and Clint from fighting.

Gigi goes to talk to Natalie who admits that she is worried about Marty getting better, remembering everything and ready to tell John all about the baby.

Pete tells John that he’s glad that John has gotten over Caitlin. He is ready to have a family with Natalie but he knows that something is not sitting right with him. John then admits that he is having some doubts about Natalie.

Thomas indicates to Blair that there was some urgency when he had to fly all the way form Paris to bring her a bottle of wine.

Aubrey tells Cutter that he must know that Clint will do anything in order to prevent anybody from finding out that Rex Balsam is his son and that his daughter’s father is not who she believes it is.

Viki tells Charlie she does not want to take his son away from him. She talked to Dorian about her suspicion that the DNA test could prove that he was not Rex’s father but she didn’t want to get involved in Dorian’s scheme. She tells him that she does not want to hurt him or hurt Rex. But she wants Echo gone. He must see that ever since that woman has come into their lives, there was been nothing but trouble. He does not argue and tells her that today is Natalie and Jessica’s wedding.. He loves her. And he is ready to get dressed. Right then, Jessica enters and can see that her mom is not ok. Viki assure her daughter that she is ok. It’s her wedding day. Jessica tells her mom that she can have all of the happiness she has ever wanted now that she knows with certainty that Ryder is Brody’s son. And if her mom had not encouraged her to get the DNA test to disprove that there’s any way Robert Ford could be her baby’s father, then she would not have this peace of mind.

Rex and Brody run into Rama and Vimal at the church. They suspect nothing. Rex tells Brody that he must know that Jessica and his son love him. But Brody tells Rex he was just thinking how can Rex be so nice to him after all he has done to Rex?

Natalie tells Gigi that she is worried that Brody might tell Jessica that he slept with Natalie before she finds out from somebody else. He will do anything in order not to lose Ryder. Gigi asks if she thinks Brody will spill the beans. Natalie replies she doesn’t know if he will or not. But Marty would do it in a heart beat. And she is very worried.

John admits to Pete that he cannot put his finger on exactly what is going on. But he thinks that Natalie is lying to him. Pete then asks what and asks John if he does not love Natalie.

After Joey and Kelly have witnessed Clint and Bo in a fight, she asks what is going on between the two of them. He admits he does not know but there is something going on. Bo privately tells Clint that he has not told anybody as of yet what he did to Nora. But he is so tempted to get up and let everybody know what a bitter and empty shell of a man he is.

Rex tells Brody that he realizes that long ago, Brody shot him. But that was not who Brody was. And the time that Rex had been kept away from Shane is also not Brody, Rex tells him. But Brody tells Rex that it’s unforgivable to keep anybody from knowing their son. He admits to Rex that he does not know what he would do if anybody took his son away from him. He would lie and cheat and steal and take drastic measures in order to never have his son(Ryder) taken from him. He asks Rex if that is normal.

Jessica and Brody talk about how great her life is going to be. Bree enters wearing her wedding clothes and Jessica hugs her daughter.

Natalie tells Gigi that she cannot spill the secret to Jessica. Her sister is so happy. Jessica cannot find out what has happened. But she is worried what will happen if John finds out from Marty.

John admits to Pete that this would not be the first time Natalie has lied to him. Pete then tells him that John has taken some big hits there. He has lost his father. John has also lost Caitlin. John tells Pete that he has found his peace. He found their killers and got justice. But Pet tells him that he should be ok knowing that all is well with Natalie and his son. Yet John is looking for ways not to be happy.

Gigi tells Natalie that this is her day. He deserves it after all she has been through. She lost Jared and is now there with John Everything is alright and it’s going to stay that way. Gigi tells Natalie for all she knows, Marty might decide to butt out and realize this is none of her business. She reiterates to Natalie that she deserves to be happy.

Pete tells John that he knows if “this thing” that is going to change his futre with Natlaie. He asks John if he’s going to marry Natalie or not.

Thomas tells Blair he remembers the wine they had together and the significance of the painting and asks if he can come in.

At the church, Kelly tells Joey that she knows there is something between them. But she tells him that they cannot talk about this anymore. She has to let him go. Right then, Aubrey and Cutter both arrive. Cutter rushes to Kelly and Aubrey to Joey Clint observes them coldly. Nora finds Bo some ice. But he does not want to be seen with the ice pack. He tells him she must know that Clint was lying about Asa.

Rama again encourages Vimal to know that Clint is the one who is going to be in trouble. But he tells her he is not certain which of Clint’s daughter’s DNA tests he switched. She tells him that even if that’s true, the daughters can figure that out and he need not fear anything.

Jessica, Natalie, VIki and Bree are happily together. Bree can tell that her grandma has been crying. Bu VIki assures her granddaughter everything is ok. GIgi wants to take pictures of them and she gets the perfect shot. VIki and Jessica suspect nothing and Natalie and Gigi hide the secret.

Pete tells John if he really distrusts Natalie, he can open files on her, spy on her, investigate all of her friends and family and private things and have her on hidden surveillance. But John knows that maybe he should not do that. Pete tells John that it’s not all going to be black and white. We live in the gray. He tells John if he loses Natalie he needs to marry her and trust her and soon he will forget all about some secret. John listens but knowing hat there is something he needs to find out about. Pete tells him it’s simple. He has cold feet. John knows it’s more than that. Pete informs John that John’s father did the same thing on his wedding day. He tells John that his father wanted to get in a boat and sail away. Pete had to drag John’s father all the way to the alter. John’s father was angry but thanked him the next day. The moment John’s dad saw his mom walking down the aisle, he was happy. He tells John he needs to go. He has a train to catch and knows that John has some heavy duty stuff going on but knows he will figure it out. John motions that he might need Pete’s help and is not certain what to do.

VIki tells her two daughters they are so lucky to have two such good natured babies. Bree asks Jessica if Brody is going to be her daddy now. Jessica tells her daughter that he will be legally certified to be her daddy very soon. Bree hugs her mom and they are happy and suspecting nothing.

Rex finds Bo before the wedding and can see that he has a split lip. Bo admits that he “got into it” with Clint. Bo does not want Rex to worry. Joey asks Clint if he wants to tell him what is going on between him and uncle Bo. Clit tells Joey he wishes it did not have to be this way and tells Joey he deserves so much better. In response to that, Joey asks what he deserves better than what.

Gigi notices Charlie all ready to attend the wedding when she comes down the stairs of Viki’s home. She tells him he looks like the best grandpa. He asks her if she ever imagined, back in Paris, TX when they first met, that he’d be Rex’s father. She tells him she knows that he is a keeper for Viki and the best grandfather her son could ever have. She tells him that they are old pals from Texas and are going to go to the wedding together.

At the church, John finds Brody and asks if there is anything Brody would like to tell him. Hearing that, Brody asks about what. John replies about him(Brody) and Natalie.

Rama tells Vimal it’s time to put their plan into motion.

Clint tells Joey he loves his son although he may not always show it. But right then, he sees Vimal and Rama together and is worried. He demands to know what the hell they are doing together.

John tells Brody that he spoke to Marty. She might know something about him. He asks Brody if he might have any idea what that would be.

Right when Clint furiously tells Vimal and Rama that they must get out or he will throw them out, Viki tells him he must get to the wedding. Bree finds her uncle Joey and knows that they must get ready. Kelly tells Cutter that her cousin Blair told her she might find what she is looking for. He asks her what it is that she is looking for.

Blair asks Thomas why he is there. They met at his place. He was hiding from his landlord because he could not afford his rent. Now he’s able to book a flight overseas. He tells her that her portrait brought him good luck and he has to thank her. She tells him she knows he is lying. He tells her she is right. He is lying.

The weddings are underway. The priest is ready to have both couples married. But he asks if anyone has just cause why it should not happen, they must speak now or forever hold their peace. We then see Aubrey, Cutter, Clint, Vimal and Rama. Nobody speaks before the episode ends.

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