OLTL Update Friday 2/4/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/4/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Melanie


Kelly returns home and Blair can see that she has been out all night. She obviously assumes that Kelly has willfully spent the night with Joey. But Kelly is not certain how to explain what has happened. Cutter discovers that the "thermostat" that has been installed in the hotel room is a surveillance camera that has recorded everything that Clint needs to prove about them. She panics and tells him that this is a nightmare. At that moment, Joey enters and asks what is a nightmare. Clint plays the video of Aubrey and Cutter discussing all of their secrets and having sex. He is smugly satisfied. Rama has a plan for herself and Vimal to wear costumes and beat Clint at his own game. But he is reluctant to go through with it. At the end of the christening, Bo privately asks Nora what they are going to do in order to "handle" Clint today. Clint then enters to overhear their conversation and tells them that he will be handling them. Meanwhile, Viki talks to Todd on the phone who tells her he'd rather gouge out his eye balls than see John McBain happy. So he won't be coming to the wedding. Jessica enters and tells her mom that they will have a good time regardless but she asks where is Charlie. Charlie then enters and does not look happy. He has to discuss something with Viki regarding Echo. Brody is talking to Natalie about how Marty might be able to ruin their lives by disclosing the secret to John that she cheated on him with Brody. John is right then on the phone being informed that Dr. Saybrooke is no longer at St. Anne's. He gets the door and sees Marty there. She tells him she had to leave, and she has to see him. Rex and Gigi are outside the store and she asks if Charlie knows that he is having the DNA test. He tells her that he hopes to God that there is no "proof" that Clint is his father and he does not want to lie to Charlie about anything else. Inside Viki's home, Jessica leaves her mom to talk to her stepfather. Viki immediately knows that her husband will not approve of her throwing Echo out of the house. He knows that all of Echo's things are gone and knows she did not leave voluntarily. Viki tells her husband that the only way to get Echo out of her home and out of her life is to take this drastic action. There was no other choice.

Joey returns to Aubrey who acts all loving to him, concerned about his being locked in a room the previous night and keeps up the secret that Cutter is her brother. Blair continues to probe Kelly for how she and Joey spent the night together. Kelly is not certain how to answer that question. Rama tells Vimal that he must know that Clint cannot do much to him. He is the one who will be in trouble (Clint). He had to lie about Rex Balsam being is son and wants his daughter to falsely believe she knows the correct father of her child and has had to falsify paternity tests. Right then, Jessica enters the room where Natalie and Brody are talking about their secret. They are afraid she has overheard that they slept together. Marty tells John that she now remembers that she lost their baby when she fell. He then tells her that he is sorry that she had to relive that. She then picks up his wedding invitation. She tells him that she had to come by for a reason. She has something very important to tell him. She hasn't had a chance to say it yet. Clint faces Bo and Nora and reminds them that this is the very church that he and Nora were married in. The last time he was there, the two of them (Bo and Nora) were ready to tie the knot. Nora smiles sarcastically and tells him she remembers all too well and remembers his bringing a shot gun. He tells the two of them that he is not doing anything illegal. They have no way to prevent him from doing what he wants whether they like it or not. The police commissioner and DA are frustrating themselves having nothing on him, he tells them. Blair attempts to find out from Kelly what happened. She cannot answer. Aubrey similarly asks Joey what happened between him and Kelly. He then remembers Kelly admitting to him that she has never gotten over him. Aubrey seems to know that there is something he is not telling about his evening with Kelly. Blair asks Kelly what happened when she admitted to Joey that she never got over him. Kelly cannot answer.

Charlie demands to know why Viki had to throw Echo out of her house. She tells him that if he cannot see that she has been "bating" him from the start and provoking Viki and making her home intolerable, then he needs to wake up. She tells her husband that she has been tolerating Echo's manipulation of him and her drinking and the fact that she has a son and grandson with him and she's (Viki) been keeping her mouth shut for too long. Charlie asks why she do this without telling him? This is his home too. Why did she have to evict Rex's mother and Shane's grandmother? Rex enters and overhears their conversation. John asks Marty what she remembers about when Natalie gave birth in the cabin. She truthfully tells him that Natalie knocked her out and kidnapped her before she gave birth. He asks why Natalie would do that. Marty replies it was so that Natalie could prevent her from telling John about the baby. Jessica asks why Brody is busy talking to Natalie before the wedding even though he's talking to Natalie and not to her. She seems to suspect nothing about their secret but needs to know why he's there.

When Rex and Gigi enter and overhear Viki admitting to Charlie that she has evicted Echo. She tells them she apologizes and did not want them to find out about it this way. But it all started with the DNA test. Charlie asks her what DNA test. But Rex and Gigi know exactly which one she is talking about. Rama tells Vimal that maybe if they expose Clint, her husband will win the respect of all of the Buchanan family .They will be grateful to him for revealing the truth. But he walks away not wanting to go through with her plan. Cutter is talking to Joey asking him what is on his mind and what happened between Joey and Kelly. Joey replies nothing much except the fact that she is dating Cutter and he is engaged to Aubrey. Cutter then looks at a worried Aubrey and tells his "sis" she may now know that there is nothing to worry about. Kelly then admits to Blair that Joey had his "chance" with her but decided that he is going to marry Aubrey and they are through. But Blair encourages her cousin to consider the possibility that Joey may still love her regardless. Joey excuses himself to shower. As soon as Aubrey and Cutter are alone, he tells her that after they have been caught by Clint on tape, there is no way she can marry Joey. The only thing they can do now is get out of town as soon as possible. Jessica tells Brody and Natalie that she can see that everybody is having pre-wedding jitters. Natalie then assures her sister that everything is ok. Marty then tells John that she remembers something else regarding Natalie's baby. Natalie was hiding something about her baby. And that is why Natalie was holding the gun on her. Hearing that, John assumes that Marty is imagining something that did not happen. She then realizes that she had to tell him something but she cannot quite remember what it was. Natalie then privately tells Brody that he must know that Jessica can never know about them. He asks her what about Marty. She demands they forget about Marty and start the weddings. John assumes that Marty just needs to get back to St. Anne's and does not believe she could have anything important or relevant to tell him. She tells him it's not "about him." It somehow involves Brody. Rex tells Viki and Charlie that he would not put anything past Clint Buchanan and it is entirely possible that he falsified a DNA test. He tells Charlie that he spoke with Dorian and first she was just blowing smoke. But it's very possible that Dorian knew what she was talking about. He was all ready to get another DNA test. He admits to Charlie that he took his spoon to the lab to test with his own DNA at the hospital. Hearing that, Charlie asks when he will get results. Rex then replies it's good news. And the first test was right. Charlie really is his father. Charlie is happy, but Viki seems to know better.

Clint still wants to seek revenge upon Bo and Nora and knows they want to prosecute him. Blair informs Kelly that she found the artist who painted the picture of her that Eli kept in the box. He has no idea how the guy could have found it at a flea market in Paris. Kelly finds that odd. Blair then remembers her conversation with Thomas about how she is trying to find answers to something. Kelly asks what she has now discovered. Blair then replies that maybe it's time for her to give up gracefully and forget all about Eli and the picture and maybe it's time to move on. Aubrey tells Cutter that if Clint has already gotten a hold of the tape, yet they haven't heard from him, then it might mean that he is waiting for them to leave town. All the more reason to stand their ground and not be afraid of him. Rama tells the same thing to Vimal.

The nurse brings baby Ryder to Brody. Natalie observes him hold his infant son. John tells Marty that she is obviously delusional when he hears her saying that Natalie and Brody had a baby and tries to clarify that it was Jessica with whom Brody had her baby. He tells her they need to get her back to St. Anne's. But she pleads with him to give her some more time. She tells him that she knows that everything will come back clearly to her. She promises. Jessica is happily with Brody and Natalie telling them how happy she is with the two new babies and their respective dads. Right then, the staff at St. Anne's go to John's home to take Marty back, although she pleads with them to let her have more time. She urges John to know that she has to tell him something and cannot wait until after he's married. Nobody listens to her and they believe that they must take her back because she is not well. Jessica happily holds baby Ryder and tells Natalie that she welcomes her new brother-in-law, John, and her infant nephew, Liam, into the family. She suspects nothing. Brody is happy. But Natalie is not okay. Charlie tells Rex that having him as a son means the world to him. And he knows it means the world to Rex's mother, too. Viki rolls her eyes in response to that. Gigi asks if anybody has heard from Echo or where she might have gone. Viki replies she's certain that Echo is still around. Rex gets a call from Echo who informs him that she is now staying at the Minuteman. Hearing that, Charlie remarks that he cannot let her stay at that dump where that guy was murdered. Rex is also not okay with it. Alone with Viki, Charlie tells her he hopes she is happy. Viki protests that she is not happy. Charlie tells her that she has pushed Echo to a breaking point and might be making her want to drink. He seems furious that Viki could do this to this woman who is fighting for her family and fighting to stay sober. Clint asks Bo if he does not remember right when Asa died, Bo was a mess, crying on Clint's shoulder about how he believed that Asa never respected him. Bo asks where Clint is going with that. Clint tells his brother that when he kindly assured Bo that Asa respected him, it was all a crock. Asa never respected Bo for his police work or anything he did. Both he and their father know that Bo is not a real man and is a disgrace to Asa's memory. Kelly wears her sexy dress and Blair encourages her to see Aubrey's brother, watch him fall for her and watch Joey become jealous and ready to get back with her. Aubrey kisses Joey and smiles at him. He then goes out the door without her. She then gets on the phone.

Blair keeps the photo of herself and Todd although she wants to will herself to give it up. She then remembers the wine that Thomas offered her. She hears the doorbell ring. She goes to get the door and is stunned to see Thomas at the door. Aubrey tells Cutter after all the work they have done, they cannot abandon it now. She urges him to tell him that they are staying in town. Clint tells Bo that he only told him that he is not a loser in Asa's eyes because he got tired of hearing Bo's whining and merely wanted to shut him up. He tells Bo that all of this belief that Asa valued him was horse manure. Nora then urges him to stop and for Bo not to listen or act on what he wants to do to his brother. At that moment, Bo hauls off and punches Clint and Clint falls to the floor. Charlie asks Viki if she wants Echo to have to stay at the Minuteman. She tells him no. They can arrange for her to stay elsewhere. But Charlie needs to choose between Echo and his wife. She demands to know what he is going to decide. Vimal admits to Rama that even if Clint is kind of at his mercy with his knowing that Clint had to get his daughter's baby's paternity test altered, he still does not know which daughter it was.

Jessica happily departs and tells Brody and Natalie she will see them at the church. Alone in the room, Natalie demands that Brody tell her whether he is going to tell Jessica whether they slept together or not. John then picks up an invitation that Marty left behind that says Natalie Banks and Brody Lovett. Brody replies to Natalie's question that he will agree not to tell Jessica that he slept with Natalie. But, he tells Natalie, he just hopes that this won't be the biggest mistake of his life.

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