OLTL Update Thursday 2/3/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/3/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


Natalie and Jessica both awaken from a nightmare. Jessica reveals that hers was about Robert Ford.

Right then, Robert is on the computer looking for jobs. Langston is with him encouraging James to think about his future. But Robert tells her that she must be able to clearly see that James has one thing on his mind; Starr.

Starr goes to John’s apartment and is surprised that Brody is staying with him the day before the wedding.

Kelly and Joey are still locked inside the wine cellar after spending the night. They both awaken and seem to be unaware that they fell asleep in each other’s arms. They remember that they got locked in and are both without their cell phones. They both want to get out of there. He tells her that his sisters are getting married today and he has to get to the wedding.

Right then, Aubrey tries and fails to reach Joey on his phone. She is worried that he won’t return her call. Cutter enters and she tells him that she would not be surprised if Clint has done something to Joey in an attempt to get even.

Clint meets with his “employee” who installed the “thermostat” in Aubrey’s hotel room. Clint is furious and hopes that he won’t be too late in preventing his son from marrying that gold digging little tramp.

Natalie reveals to Jessica that her nightmare was about Marty. She is worried about what Marty could do to her and her baby.

John meets with Starr and asks her what brings her to visit him. She tells him she wanted to stop by to tell him she went to see Marty.

Robert and Langston tell James that it’s pretty obvious he still has Starr on the brain even if he denies it when they see him lost in thought with the bullet chain he’s kept from when he was on the run with her. He tells them that it’s a symbol that he’s a survivor and the reason he’s not talking is because he’s waiting for a call from Michelle about whether she’s pulled strings to get his grant reinstated. Hearing that, they both know that he might have to think hard to remember who Michelle is in order to convince himself and them that he’s moved on. Langston asks him how serious he and Michelle are. And he cannot answer that.

Starr informs John that she took Hope over to see Marty. She assures him that she kept her little one in the play room until she knew it would be safe for Marty to see her. She tells John he might want to know that Marty is confused and had this idea that she had a baby with him. John tells her that he believes that Marty snapped and has no memory of the miscarriage of his baby. But Starr tells John she believes that Marty does remember everything except that the baby that he had with Natalie was his. That sounded kind of odd. But, she tells John, she believes it’s just a matter of time before Marty remembers everything. They are both encouraged. But Brody overhears and is suspicious.

Jessica admits to Natalie although Marty is her friend, she is concerned that she kidnapped Natalie and tried to take her baby. But she does not want to talk about that. They have wedding to plan for and want to be happy.

The hidden surveillance camera is recording Aubrey and Cutter talking about what they believe might be the reason that she cannot get a hold of Joey. She admits that they must know that Clint might have found out that they have scammed his son. He asks her if she’s more worried about what will happen if they get found out or about Joey possibly being with Kelly.

In the wine cellar, Kelly finds a can opener. Joey asks her how she plans to use that thing to get them out of there. She tells him it’s odd that Vivian sent her in there to look for some reception stuff. But she did not see anything that would be for that. He tells her that Shaun wanted him to get some Champaign. But then Shaun disappeared. Kelly then remembers that Vivian also disappeared after asking her to go into the room and told Kelly she had a baby to deliver. He asks her why Shaun and Vivian would lock them in there. She tells him maybe to get them “back together”. She admits that she did have a long talk with Vivian about some personal stuff. Vivian’s her doctor although they don’t know each other really well personally. He tells her that he had a similar conversation with Shaun who he doesn’t really know that well either. They conclude that maybe they should be sharing their feelings with each other. But they both realize that it’s sometimes easier to confide in people they haven’t known for very long. And right then, Kelly and Joey appear to realize that they need to be honest about their feelings for each other.

Cutter tells Aubrey that maybe Joey is busy taking pictures for his sisters’ wedding and might have just turned his phone off for a while. At that point, she is relieved and lets him kiss her. He asks if he kisses better than Joey. She asks if Kelly kisses as good as she does.

At Rodi’s, Clint tells his “employee” that he intends to pay him well for helping him prevent his son from marrying Aubrey. Just like the bonus he gave him for taking care of that Ford kid who hurt Clint’s “Jessie”.

Langston talks to James about his potential relationship with Michelle. He admits that she invited him to a Valentine’s Day dance. Langston then notices that Rodi’s is hiring.

Starr tells John that she has to go and visit Cole and the only time she can will conflict with being able to attend his wedding so she regrets not being able to attend. She thanks John for being such a good friend. She leaves. Alone with John, Brody comments that he overheard about Marty is getting her memory back. And he recalls Natalie’s fear about what could happen if Marty “knows” about their sleeping together right about the time that her baby was conceived. Right then, Jessica calls Brody and Natalie calls John. Both sisters tell their fiancés that it is not “bad luck” to talk on the phone before the wedding. They encourage their respective grooms to know that they can’t wait to have the wedding. John then tells Brody that they must both realize that the two sisters do not know “the secret”. Hearing that, Brody asks what secret. John replies that their father is a murder suspect. Both guys realize that Natalie and Jessica will not be happy to find that out about Clint.

Starr talks to Langston about going to visit Marty. She tells her that Marty seemed to have gotten her memory back. And she realized that she is not the only person in Cole’s life. He has his mom and his daughter and others who will be there for him when he gets out. But right then, Langston knows that Starr has “something else” on her mind.

Right then, James runs into Michelle.

Natalie gives the “old, new, borrowed and blue” wedding gifts to Jessica. Jessica hugs her sister and tells her she loves her.

John and Brody declare that each is the other’s best man. They get into their tuxes. John declares that Brody is more than a colleague at his work. He is a friend. Brody then remembers that he’s forgotten the flowers. And he has to leave. He somehow realizes, however that something is not ok. Alone in the apartment, John realizes that Brody might have lied about his reason for having to leave.

Joey tells Kelly that he knew there was something going on with her. He asks how long she has “known this”. She replies since she kissed Rex Balsam. Hearing that, he laughs and asks her how she could have kissed Rex Balsam. She tells him it was an experiment and a mistake. But she knew she should have kissed him. And then she found out that he was proposing to Aubrey when she thought he was proposing to her. It was so humiliating. But she maybe had to convince herself that he had feelings for her. But now she knows better. She then tells him that when he found her at Cutter’s, she actually thought that he was “jealous”. He then admits to her that he was jealous.

Aubrey tells Cutter she has still not heard from Joey. And she finds it odd that he has not been able to get a hold of Kelly. He leaves. Alone in the room, she leaves another message for Joey asking him to call her again. When she hears a knock on the door, she expects Joey. But it’s Clint’s “employee” who has to “adjust the new thermostat”. She tells him he may go ahead. He then pulls out the device that has recorded her secret encounters and conversations behind closed doors.

Starr tells Langston that maybe she’s not very different than women waiting for soldiers in Iraq. But Langston tells her that’s completely different. Most soldiers are not gone for 10 years. And Cole is not in the Army. He’s in prison for shooting a man. Langston realizes that Cole had good reason. But she tells Starr she can clearly see that Starr has not been happy for a long time.

Michelle tells James she is terribly sorry. She wishes she could have done something to help his grant get reinstated. But she’s found out she can’t . She tells him that being a pre-law student does not make her a lawyer.

Langston tells Starr she must realize that there is nothing wrong with moving on. She has a daughter, friends and maybe a future with James. Starr admits that she does like James even if she does not know where it’s going. Langston tells her she will never know unless she gives it a shot. Starr then concludes that Langston is right and tells her when she goes to see Cole, she will tell him his mom is doing better and let him visit with Hope. And then she will tell him that she’s going to start seeing James.

When Natalie is in her room getting ready for the wedding, Brody enters. She is surprised to see him and tells him Jessica is not there. He tells her he wanted to talk to her. He informs Natalie that they have a problem. He has heard that Marty is getting her memory back and might remember that John may not be the father of Natalie’s baby.

Langston encourages Starr to move on with James.  Meanwhile, James is with Michele; they kiss

Cutter returns and asks Aubrey what is with the suspicious looking guy who came out of the room claiming to be maintenance.. She tells him he looked legit to her and was just there to install a thermostat. Cutter then removes the thermostat and knows that’s not what it is. At that point, they are both afraid that they have been had.

Joey tells Kelly that he wonders if she is “seeing” Cutter. She tells him that she has no feelings for Cutter. She only has feelings for him but realizes that he is marrying Aubrey. Right then, a guy with a key enters and demands to know what the hell is going on.

Brody then tells Natalie that Marty might blow them both out of the water. And maybe in order not to have detrimental consequences in both of their lives, they should tell Jessica and John now before she gets to them and it’s too late.

Kelly realizes that Joey must need to call Aubrey now that he has his phone back and tells him she will see him at the wedding.

When Clint is alone at Rodi’s, he notices Robert Ford staring coldly at him. Langston and Starr find Robert and ask if he thinks he can get a bartender job at Rodi’s. He sounds optimistic to get the job and get on with his life. Clint sits and plays the tape of Aubrey and Cutter discussing all of their secrets and having sex in the hotel room. He smirks and says: “Gotcha!”

Langston is confident that she and Robert will be ok and he will be happy at his new job. And she encourages Starr to move forward with James.

James and Michelle are kissing passionately

Natalie and Brody are afraid of what might happen if Marty “spills the beans”.

John calls St. Anne’s and finds out Marty is not in her room. He then opens his door and sees Marty at his door.

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