OLTL Update Wednesday 2/2/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/2/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Suzanne

At Todd’s, Téa tells Todd she is going to a party and he should go to the bachelor party. With a pout, he tells her he wasn’t invited. "I wonder why" she muses sarcastically. After Téa leaves, Todd is watching some movie but then decides to head over to Rodi’s.

Nat and Jess are home finalizing the details of their wedding, while their guys are out for a bachelor party. They are laying there like two old married ladies, instead of bachelorettes. Vicky tells them both they should be out painting the town and not home. She reminds them that Brody and John are at their bachelor party they should be out having fun too. The girls mull over this for a moment when a police officer walks in and tells Jess he has a warrant for her arrest. Oh and by the way, Natalie is also on the warrant. He pulls out the cuffs and tells them to ‘assume the position’! They both freak out and tell him they have never seen him at the station before and they would know with one being an employee and the other marrying one. Kelly, Gigi and Vivian walk in and see Natalie handcuffed and act surprised. Kelly asks for the warrant and as she begins to read it out loud, it is clear he is a stripper cop for the bachelorette party! Break out the music and take off the clothes! The girls have gone wild! Roxy and Téa walk in as he is down to his briefs, Téa smacks him in the ass and tells him to take it off! The party winds down with the stripper’s shorts stuffed with dollar bills. Kelly tells Vivian it’s been a while since she has been with anyone. Brody and John walk in as the stripper walks out. Clearly they are having a better party.

The girl’s party, minus the brides, moves to Rodi’s. Kelly and Vivian walk in together and Kelly tells her she is in love with someone who is already engaged. Vivian tells her she should tell Joey once and for all how she really feels. Rex asks Gigi where did she get the stripper for their party and she says it was one of the models for her art class. Rex says next time, hire me. He grabs the guys from the party and they start stripping for their ladies! Todd wants to know when Rodi’s turned into a gay bar.

In the kitchen, Vicky is preparing snacks when Echo walks in and she quickly tells her they are having a private party and she isn’t invited. Echo tells her there is a cop in the library which should clear her party out pretty quick. Vicky tells her he is part of the party. She tells Vicky she’ll just bring some more soup up to Charlie. Vicky yells at her to stay out of their bedroom. In walks Dorian and she makes a comment about a naked man in the library. She is there to tell Vicky that Rex had another paternity test because she convinced him that Clint and Echo tampered with the first test. Echo is around the corner eavesdropping. She comes down the stairs and Dorian asks her how long she was lurking. Dorian tells her the results are the same; Charlie is the father. Echo is clearly surprised by this and Dorian wants to know why. Dorian still doesn’t believe the results and thinks Echo is somehow manipulating them so she can get Charlie. Echo tells them she doesn’t have to, Dorian and Vicky are doing a great job of throwing them together. Dorian and Echo start going at it, Echo starts telling her what a rotten person she is and Vicky steps in and stops it by telling her to get out. Dorian is 20x the woman than she will ever be. She has had it and when Echo thinks she is telling her just to leave the room and head upstairs, Vicky tells her to get out of her house once and for all. She will pack her bag and throw it out to her. Echo can’t cry her way out of this one. She tries to bring Charlie into it and she tells her to stay out of her marriage and out of her house. Vicky heads up stairs to pack her stuff and when Echo tries to follow, Dorian grabs her and threatens a smack down. Echo still doesn’t believe Vicky is throwing her out, Vicky tells her to believe it, and she is out for good this time. After she leaves, Dorian thanks her for sticking up for her.

At Rodi’s, the bachelor party has begun. Rex wants strippers but John and Brody tell him to save them for his party. Everyone wants strippers but the grooms. Rex tells them the girls are having a wild and crazy night, but they can’t. John and Brody think their brides are staying home. Rex says you don’t know those girls very well. Joey offers to go buy beers after mentioning his fiancée wouldn’t appreciate the strippers either. The grooms have a couple of drinks and vacate the party to go see their families. As they leave, Gigi sends Rex a text of the girl’s party, clearly better than the guys. Shaun walks with him to the bar and tells him he is one lucky guy being engaged to Kelly. Joey tells him that he is engaged to Aubrey and wants to know why he thought it was Kelly. Shaun says never mind he was obviously wrong. Joey has a long look on his face as he also says that Kelly is with someone else. He tells Shaun that he realized Kelly’s feelings and went over to see her and talk about it and saw her kissing someone else. Shaun tells Joey he needs to be sure about his feelings before committing to someone else.

At The Palace, Aubrey opens her door to leave and in walks Rama who is seething. Aubrey asks her what is the problem and she replies you are for what you did to my husband. She tells Aubrey that she promised to keep the information to herself. Aubrey tries to talk her way out of it, but Rama is extremely upset with her. She calls her a backstabber and tells her she would do anything for money. When Aubrey says she is sorry he got fired, Rama tells her not as sorry as you will be. Rama tells her that she has been thinking about all the things she knows about her, Aubrey ……Wentworth, she says her last name with air quotes. “Are you threatening me” Aubrey asks.

Vimal is also at Rodi’s doing shots as he keeps looking over his shoulder at the bachelor party. Rex goes up to the bar for a round and sees Vimal and tells him he recognizes him from BE. Vimal is feeling guilty and continues to do shots. Todd takes a seat next to Vimal at the bar and mentions Brody’s name. Vimal freaks out saying he doesn’t know Brody or Rex. Todd sits down to share his shots. Todd starts to talk about Téa and tells Vimal that Téa waited 16 years to tell him he had a daughter. What kind of person does that? Vimal is stumbling over what to say. Vimal tells him he can’t believe he got fired. Todd tells him to stand up for himself. Todd leaves and Rama comes to the bar to pick up Vimal who is passed out. She admits she was the one who told Aubrey about the DNA tests. She also tells him that they are going to the wedding to tell Clint’s family everything.

Vivian and Shaun compare notes about Kelly and Joey. They each get Kelly and Joey alone and down in the basement to get some stuff for the wedding. They lock them in there in hopes they will admit their feelings for each other.

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