OLTL Update Tuesday 2/1/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/1/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


GIgi joins Natalie, Jessica and Brody and they talk about the babies and the double wedding showers she is planning for them.

Joey runs into Clint and tells him that maybe they need to learn to get along if they are going to be “family”. But Rex has his suspicions after talking to Kelly and knowing what Joey is getting himself into.

Clint is alone in his office remembering Aubrey telling him that it might be in his best interest to cancel the prenup. Or else he can welcome Rex Balsam into the family. Then her telling him she is looking forward to the christening and meeting the babies who are adorable. But then, she had to remind him that he also would not want his daughters to find out that their baby daddies are not who they believe. He is furious. He wants to know how she could find out. He knows that only one person knew. Right then, Vimal appears at the door and tells Clint he has something to discuss with him. Clint then stares coldly at Vimal knowing he must have leaked the secret to Aubrey.

Bo then calls some guys who tell him they “work for” Clint into the station to answer some questions. They both appear defensive when Bo and John ask them questions and tell him that Clint hires them as security employees. But he knows that they are the men Clint introduced as “Mr. Black and Mr. Blue” to Robert Ford and had them assault Robert.

Vimal tells Clint that he is not afraid of him and has the goods on him.

Dorian tells Kelly that Adriana is going to send her a yearbook from the school in Paris that should have all of the information they need about whether Aubrey attended the school is Paris she spoke of or not.

Cutter is right then, on the computer altering a picture of Aubrey to take the place of the person who she says she is in the yearbook. And they are confident that they can fool Kelly and everybody who suspects them.

Dorian then tells Kelly if she is certain that Aubrey and her so called brother are scamming Joey, then she needs to prove it because Dorian will make sure that she does. Kelly then asks her aunt since when has her relationship with Joey been all about Dorian. Dorian replies it happened when she realized that Kelly and Aubrey will never be happy apart. They both know that this Aubrey person is not right for Kelly. And this is not the time to be giving up. Kelly tells her aunt that may very well be. But if she cannot prove it, then there’s not much point.

Aubrey and Cutter notice that the student in the yearbook who’s picture they want to replace with Aubrey’s does not look like her. But they are about to get what they want.

At the gym, Rex and Joey talk about how they can get along even if they have not in the past. Rex remarks that he thinks it’s pretty low of Clint to disinherit Joey because he did not trust Joey’s fiancé. He then remember Dorian telling him she knows for a fact that Clint falsified the DNA test because he doesn’t want anybody to know that he is Rex’s father instead of Charlie.

Vimal remembers his wife telling him that he need not be threatened by Clint and Vimal should know he has room to “bargain” with Clint.

John tells “Mr. Black and Mr. Blue” that they picked them out of a line up. They could arrest them for aggravated assault and the two guys need to tell them what they know about the murder of Eddie Ford and how their “boss”(Clint) was involved.

Vimal then remembers his wife telling him that he has earned the right to go to Mr. Buchanan’s daughters’ wedding.. Mr. Buchanan won’t dare deny him what he wants. In response to that, Clint hears his confidence as a threat. Vimal protests that he believes that he has earned some rights since he’s been entrusted with the family secrets. Clint then concludes to Vimal that he is right and affirms that Vimal would have never told anybody what only the two of them know about the paternity tests.

Aubrey concludes to Cutter that they can successfully pass her off as Aubrey Wentworth. And, she tells him, she owes it all to her old friend, Roma (Vimal’s wife) for revealing what she knows about Clint Buchanan’s secret. She tells him they will get all their money. And Joey believes that she is a saint for getting Clint to reconsider disinheriting him. Hearing that, he does not want to praise Joey. But, she reveals that she does not want Cutter speaking ill of Joey.

At the gym, Joey reveals to Rex that he believes that Aubrey is heroic for convincing his father not to disinherit him. She is the woman he loves. Rex says nothing but is not ok with what he is hearing.

Cutter tells Aubrey he really doesn’t want to see her getting “soft” on Joey.

Kelly then reveals to Dorian that she has been “dating” Cutter to see if she can detect anything about him. And she admits when Joey saw them together, he appeared jealous. Dorian informs her that she ran into Joey at the Palace and he seemed very upset as though he lost his best friend. And that might have been in response to that very thing. She then smiles and asks Kelly if she thinks that Joey might be jealous. Kelly looks back at her aunt and beams the same smile of “hope”.

At the gym, Rex asks Joey if he really trusts Aubrey. Joey asks if there is some reason why he should not.

Clint stares at Vimal in a threatening manner and tells him he really hopes that he did not botch the DNA tests or, heaven forbid, tell anybody about their secret. Because if eh did, it would be really, really disappointing.

John tells Mr. Black and Mr. Blue that they have some evidence that they have gotten paid to have people assaulted before. But the two guys smirk and tell him they cannot prove that nor that they had any involvement in the murder of Eddie. Right then, Brody walks in and asks if this is something that is “none of his business”. But knowing that Brody is the future son in law of the man they intend to prosecute, they realize he needs to know all about it.

Gigi is ready to get both Natalie’s and Jessica’s wedding dresses ready. She tells them that it’s fun for her to be an event planner. Jessica is happy but Natalie is secretly hesitant. Jessica tells her that she feels so close to her sister and twin and feels so bad for the bad things she’s done to Natalie. But Natalie is not comfortable hearing that while she hides her secret.

John takes Brody aside, knowing what he must reveal to him about their soon-to-be father-in-law.

Right then, Clint invites Mr. Black and Mr. Blue to see if they can jog Vimal’s memory about who he told about his and Clint’s secret about the DNA test.

Aubrey tells Cutter she has to meet Joey later.

At the gym, Rex inquires to Joey if he’s really over Kelly. Joey assures him that he and Kelly are still friends. She is ok with his engagement to Aubrey. And what’s more, Kelly is dating Aubrey’s brother.

Kelly tells Dorian that she has given up on getting Joey to suspect Aubrey. He believes that she is a hero and more ga-ga over her than ever before since she motivated Clint to reconsider the prenup. Hearing that, Dorian knows that there must be some major cover-ups that Clint is doing.

Rex reveals to Joey that he and Kelly have some very valid suspicions about both Aubrey and her “brother”.

At the station, Bo tells John and Brody that they knows that Clint has motive to kill Eddie Ford and might have had Mr. Black and Mr. Blue involved in it. Brody asks Bo if he thinks that Clint did all of that to break up Bo’s marriage to Nora. Bo tells him it looks that way. John tells Brody he realizes that’s a lot to take in. Brody tells them that Clint has always been really good to him. And he would not have blamed Clint if he’d given Brody a hard time for being with Jessica. But Clint welcomed him right into the family from the beginning. And Brody knows about the trust funds that Clint just established for Ryder and Liam. Brody tells them he does not want Jessica to know about this. At least not now. She’s crazy about her dad. John tells him the same is true for Natalie. But they will find out sooner or later. Bo then tells them both that maybe they don’t want to shatter Natalie’s or Jessica’s images of their dad. At least not until after the wedding.

Natalie is with Jessica hiding her guilt over sleeping with Brody. Jessica is happy and suspects nothing. They talk about motherhood. Jessica tells Natalie that she and Brody trust her and John with their lives and their children’s lives. And she knows that Natalie and John are there for them. GIgi then rushes in and reminds them the better get into their wedding dresses.

Rex goes to the station and runs into John and Brody getting ready for their bachelor parties. He then goes in to see Bo and can see that he is lost in thought. Bo tells Rex that he(Rex) was right. He(himself) did not have sex with Inez. She did drug him. And he and Nora are back together. Rex tells Bo that’s great. Bo grimly tells Rex too bad his own brother does not agree. Hearing that, Rex is startled and asks what Clint has to do with that. Bo then reveals to Rex, for the first time, that he has reason to be very suspicious of Clint.

Dorian tells Kelly for the first time that Clint is Rex’s father and not Charlie. And she knows that he falsified the DNA test.

Clint then asks Vimal if there is nobody that he told about the DNA test. Mr. Black and Mr. Blue get ready to “motivate” him to remember. Vimal then remembers that he did tell Roma but realizes Clint does not know her and it’s unlikely that she could have told anybody who could have used it against Clint. Clint then asks if he is certain that he has never told it to Aubrey Wentworth. At first, Vimal realizes he does not know an Aubrey Wentworth. But he does recall his wife introducing him to Aubrey a few days ago. Clint realizes there might be no point in having him beat up. But he fires Vimal.

Dorian tells Kelly that she needs to go and tell Joey how she feels and get him back.

Aubrey gets the door and sees Mr. Black and Mr. Blue. Not recognizing them, she asks why they are there and tells them she did not call maintenance.

Gigi gets Natalie and Jessica fitted into their wedding dresses. Natalie is hesitant but becomes happy.

At the station, Brody thanks John for tipping him off about Clint. John tells him he has a right to know. Brody assesses that John has been a friend to him since he’s come to town. And they both realize that it’s a shock for Brody to learn that he cannot trust Clint.

Rex hears Bo reveal that he does not trust Clint. And he is stunned wondering if he should find out or reveal to Bo that Clint is his biological father.

Mr. Black and Mr. Blue tell Aubrey that they need to install the thermostat in the hotel room. She tells them ok and suspects nothing. And they obviously have a plan engineered by Clint. It looks to be a surveillance camera that they have put in the room which Aubrey is unaware of.

Dorian tells Kelly she has to go after Joey. But Kelly wants her aunt to drop it. Right then, she gets the door and it’s Cutter. Dorian knows that she needs to check on the package of the yearbook that she’s sent for to find out about Aubrey. And right on cue, Cutter brings it and tells them that it’s his “sister’s” old school. Dorian and Kelly then go into the other room and close the door. They rush and see a picture of the person they know as Aubrey and it appears she is not an imposter after all. Kelly wants to give up but Dorian does not.

Joey then remembers Kelly indicating that she is in love with him and they may be meant for each other. He concludes that maybe Kelly has an “agenda”. He then rushes out the door.

After being threatened by Clint and his “boys”, Vimal rushes to the gym in a panic to find Roma and asks her if she told her friend Aubrey about the DNA test.

John and Brody go to happily spend time with Natalie and Jessica, not ready to tell them about their father.

Alone in Bo’s office, he gazes at a picture of himself, Clint and Asa in happier times. And he asks his big brother what happened to him.

Rex calls Dorian. She asks if he has not given some “thought” to what they talked about. He tells her he’s done more than that. He got the test and has proven that Clint Buchanan is not his father.

Vimal tells Roma that Aubrey must have found out about Clint’s DNA secrets. And he asks if Aubrey got it from her. She tells him of course not. But he informs her that Mr. Buchanan fired him.

Mr. Black and Mr. Blue return to Clint who confirms that he needs them to do something to prevent Aubrey from marrying his son.

Right then we see Aubrey alone in the hotel room with the “thermostat” the guys have put in there suspecting nothing.

Joey goes to see Kelly, but it appears she is “busy” with Cutter. He sees them kiss, so he leaves

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