OLTL Update Monday 1/31/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/31/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Suzanne


Starr and baby Hope go to St. Anne’s to visit Marty. The nurse tells her it might not be a good idea to bring the little one in the room. Inside, Marty assures a “baby” that she has wrapped in a blanket that daddy will be with them soon.

At the Buchanan Christening, Aubrey announces that she has something to reveal about Joey’s father.

Dorian calls a contact whom she found through Adriana in Paris to find out about the boarding school that Kelly went to. She wants to find out if Aubrey really attended this school or not. She then hears the doorbell ring. She gets the door, It’s Cutter. She sees him and tells him she knows that he is Aubrey Wentworth’s “brother”.

While Shane is alone in the house with Echo, she goes to his computer and can see that her grandson is receiving many threatening emails and being bullied

The nun tells Starr she can take baby Hope with her while Starr goes in to see Marty Saybrook. Inside the room, Marty hears a knock in the door and tells the imaginary baby that that must be daddy. But when Starr enters she can see that Marty is disappointed. She tells Marty that she got a letter from Cole and he would like to visit her. Marty asks why he does not. Starr asks if Marty does not remember that her son is in prison. He’s in Statesville.

Aubrey tells the family that she hates to ruin everybody’s day. But Joey needs to know what his father has done. It affects everybody in this room. She tells them that she know that Clint appears to be the perfect father. She wishes that were true. But unfortunately, she knows it is not. She then remembers telling Clint that she knows that Rex’s paternity test is not the only one he messed with. So she looks at him with a gleam in her eye confident that he won’t dare defy her with what she is about to say.

]In response to Echo’s inquiry, Shane tells her no way. Nobody is bullying him. It’s just teasing. Everybody does it. It’s just a joke. But she tells him she knows that this is not a joke. It’s mean and nasty and not ok. She asks if this is why he skipped Math class and why he’s not in school today. When he doesn’t answer, she tells him she believes that something is going on in school that is making him feel bad. And she urges him to tell her what is going on. He then replies that there are these kids in school who sometimes make fun of him.

Cutter goes to talk to Dorian and tells her that there are a lot of magazines that exploit people and there are lots of things written about his “sister”. He tells her he’s sorry that Kelly became concerned about Aubrey being no good for Joey but there’s no need to worry. He also informs Dorian that Joey has just gotten disinherited. He asks Dorian if Kelly is there. He is supposed to take her out to dinner. Dorian replies no. Kelly is presently at the Buchanan christening. Cutter tells Dorian good. He is there to see her(Dorian).

At St. Anne’s, Marty tells Starr hat she must beware of Natalie. She stole Marty’s baby ad wanted to pass him off as her own. But she is not worried, she tells Starr. She smiles and asks Starr if she wants to see the “baby”. She shows Starr the blanket with a knit doll inside and remarks that he looks just like his father.

At the christening, after being cornered by Aubrey, Clint announces that he did do something that he is not proud of. But, he announces to everyone, it is not fair for Aubrey to do his dirty work for him. So he announces to his family and friends that they now need to hear the truth from him. He tells them the reason he did what he did was in looking out for the best interest of the family. But in doing so, he denied his son of his rights.

Echo tells Shane that if kids need to pick on him, then they have the problem and he should not have to be intimidated and live in fear. She tells him if kids cannot see what an intelligent young man he is, then that’s their loss. And, she adds, they must know what a brilliant comic book writer and illustrator he is. She wants to get his principal involved in that. But he tells her no. That is the worst thing she could do.

Clint admits to the family that he asked Joey to have Aubrey sign a prenuptial agreement before they get married. He did not know the girl and wanted to make certain that a stranger cannot take anything from his family. Joey refused. And as a result, he disinherited Joey He knows that that is wrong. But he did it because he wanted to be careful and protect his children from something they might regret.

Cutter asks Dorian if maybe she could give him some information that he wants to write about since she is the mayor. She tells him that she will go up ad get him what he needs. While Dorian goes up the stairs and Cutter is alone by the door, the doorbell rings. Somebody had a package for Dorian to sign but Cutter signs it knowing it must be something that he must prevent Dorian from seeing or knowing about.

Clint tells Joey that he will reinstate everything that is rightfully his and hopes that his son will accept his apology and he wishes his son and fiancé all the best. He welcomes Aubrey to the family. She hugs him. And right then, she’s able to whisper in his ear about the secret.

Starr brings baby Hope inside to see Marty asking if she does not remember her grandma. Marty notices the little one and tells Starr that she was not allowed to see her. Starr tells Marty she’s sorry that the nuns had that policy. She knows that Marty would never hurt the baby. Hope really misses her. Marty then puts down the blanket with the imaginary baby and asks Hope to give her a hug. Hope walks toward her and she holds her granddaughter.

Echo asks Shane what he thinks skipping school is going to do. He needs help. And that is what families are for. But he tells her if his mom and dad find out then the other kids’ parents will get involved in it and it will be worse. She protests that that is what should happen. But he pleads that she does not get anybody involved in it.

Viki takes Aubrey aside and apologizes for Clint. Joey tells Kelly that he thinks it’s amazing the way that Aubrey stood up to Clint. She also informs Joey that Cutter is taking her out when she gets back. He tells her he wants her to come and see his and Aubrey’s godson. She should know that Ryder is going to be in their lives forever. SO if they ever drift apart, he might bring them back together. Joey and Kelly look adoringly at each other. And Aubrey watches them unseen.

Dorian comes down the stairs and asks Cutter what his plans are.

Shane tells Echo she must know that mom and dad will make this into a big deal. She tells him that they must know and do something about it. He tells her that he sees other kids suck it up ad it goes away. And he urges his grandma to please not tell anybody about this. Right then, Rex and Gigi return and Echo tells them that she needs to tell them something going on with Shane.

Marty asks Starr why she is there and what happened. Starr then tells her she had a hard couple of moths. Marty asks how long she’s been there. Starr tells her not long but she has not seen Hope in a while. Marty then remembers something. Starr asks if she is alright. And Marty then remembers that she did not have a baby with John. But she asks Starr wasn’t there another baby?. She tells Starr that someone had a baby and she thought it was herself. Starr tells her no. That was Natalie. It was Natalie and John’s baby.

The babies come home to VIki’s with their parents and all the family gathering around.

After Echo informs Rex and Gigi that Shane has some problems going on, they ask what it is. Echo tells them that maybe it’s her fault. She wanted Shane to show her his comic books. But he may still have the flu and need his rest. Shane asks Rex if he doesn’t want to get out of that suit remembering that his dad hates getting dressed up. Alone with Echo, Shane tells his grandma thanks for not exposing his secret. But she tells him if the bullying does not stop, she will do something about it.

Alone at Viki’s home, Aubrey tells Joey she’s sorry that she had to go and confront Clint But she thought it was so unfair that his dad had to disinherit him just because he didn’t know or trust her. So she had to do something. And he must know that she did not do it for herself. She did it for him.

Dorian declares that she can clearly see that Cutter wants to get Kelly into his bed and her money into his pocket.

Clint comes by the house when Joey and Aubrey are walking up the stairs. He asks his son if he can borrow his fiancé for a moment. He owes Aubrey an apology. Suspecting nothing, Joey graciously tells Clint of course. When they are alone, Aubrey smirks at Clint and tells him he better watch his step or she will let everybody know that Rex is his son.

Alone with Echo, Rex tells her that Dorian told him she thinks that Clint tampered the DNA test to falsify that Charlie is his father hat she believes that Clint is instead. Hearing that, Echo’s smile fades.

Clint tells Aubrey she is a little bitch and if she thinks she will corner him she’s got another thing coming. She then asks him what he plans to do. Break another law and pay somebody else off?

Dorian calls Adriana and tells her she needs to find Kelly’s yearbook. The reason is Joeys’ new fiancé says she attended this school. And they need to know if she is who she says she is. When he gets off the phone, Kelly tells her aunt that she will not believe what happened at the christening. It started out like they all do with the babies. And then Aubrey makes an announcement about how Clint was going to disinherit Joey. Clint then seemed to be “motivated“ to reconsider and he announced that he apologizes and will restore Joey’s fortune. Now, Joey has al the money that Aubrey needs to swindle him out of. Hearing that, Dorian tells her niece she wonders and believes it’s very odd that Clint would do a 360 so fast. What could Aubrey have on him.?

Echo tells Rex that maybe there’s no reason for him to do a DNA test. Biological evidence does not really matter. All he should care about is that Charlie loves him. Charlie is a good man. He has a father who is worth something who he should be proud to call his father. Clint is a miserable piece of trash. She asks Rex if he wants Clint to be his father and Shane’s grandfather. Rex replies of course not. Echo tells him in that case, then there is no reason for him to care about any DNA test.

Aubrey reminds Clint that if he crosses her, his daughter will know that her baby daddy is not whom she thinks he is.

In the other room, Brody, Jessica, John and Natalie are ready to make plans. Joey comes down the stairs and asks his dad and fiancé if they have reconciled. She smiles and tells him she thinks that she and Clint did have a meeting of the minds. Yet Joey tells her that he somehow knows that that did not go well. She tells him that she thinks she should probably give his dad some breathing room. She has some things to do. So she will meet him later.

Starr tells Marty she’s sorry that she kept Hope away from her. Marty asks Starr if she will tell Cole that she loves him. She does not think they will let her see her son. But she wants to be there for him. Starr then asks Hope to come with her and they leave together. Alone in her room, Marty picks up the blanket and the doll that she believed was her baby with John and realizes in fact it was Natalie’s and John’s baby.

Jessica suggests that she and Brody and Natalie and John have a double wedding.

Marty is not ok knowing that Natalie and John had a baby together.

Shane is secretly looking at the threats that his school mates are sending him on the computer. Gigi tells him he’s going back to school whether he wants that or not. She has no idea. In the other room, Echo convinces Rex not to go through with the DNA test.

Aubrey returns to Cutter and tells him she was successful in getting Clint to reinstate Joey into the family will. He then tells her that he went to talk to Dorian and found out that she and Kelly have sent for the yearbook that confirms that Aubrey never went to the school in Paris. He gives it to Aubrey and smirks.

Jessica, Natalie, Brody and John talk about Marty.

Alone, Marty is unsettled and knows that this baby in questions is not hers. But he’s not John’s either. And she remembers what she knew about previously discovering that Brody being Natalie’s baby’s father.

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