OLTL Update Friday 1/28/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Aubrey calls Clint and tells him even if he wants to tell her she does not scare him, she will have to tell everybody all of his secrets regarding both of the babies and about Rex before the christening if he doesn’t cooperate” with her.

Shane is alone in his room hiding a secret and crying while Gigi calls to him to get ready to leave for the christening. While she and Rex are getting ready to leave, she sees that Rex has a big dilemma on his hands about finding out that Clint might be his father. He holds the plastic bag with Charlie’s DNA sample from the coffee cup. She tells him even if it would suck to find out that Clint Buchanan is his father, he needs to know the truth at some point.

At Viki’s home, Jessica and Brody are happily talking to Viki and Charlie about their baby.

Natalie and John are together talking about naming the baby, Asa (as Jessica and Brody have also decided with their baby). They talk about how Asa is a name given to royalty. John agrees that Asa is a good name for their baby. He does tell Natalie that he does not want to take money from the trust fund that Clint has now suddenly drawn up. She tells John that that is how her dad is. He shows his “love” by providing money. John tells Natalie no. That is how Clint controls a person. He does not tell her the secret that Bo has told him about his brother.

Joey and Aubrey are ready to attend the christening. He admits that he’s angry with his father for having the gall to retaliate by disinheriting him for refusing to ask Aubrey to sign a prenup. She does not appear worried and tells him he must realize that his dad only has the best of intentions. He asks her how she can be so sure of that. She does not answer but appears positive.

Cutter calls Kelly while he’s alone in the hotel room, and Kelly is going up the stairs of Dorian’s home to get ready to meet him later.

Blair returns from her trip to Paris and Todd wants to ask her what she found out.

In Paris, the guy who Blair and Cristian first talked to about the painting asks Tomás if he knows that Blair was looking for something and he also knows that Tomás was too.

Todd asks Blair what she had to go to Paris for. She replies to him. She asks Todd if he remembers the painting that she showed him a while back. He asks if she means the one that psychotic Eli gave her. She asks him if he does not remember that painting taken of the two of them on their wedding day long before anybody had ever heard of Elijah Clark. She asks Todd if he has any idea how a picture of them could have wound up in the hands of a complete stranger. Todd does not seem to know the answer to that.

Shane is alone in his room with his thermometer not wanting to come down and join his parents. He has to find a way to make it appear as though he’s running a fever.

Rex tells Gigi that he’s been jerked around so many times while searching for his real parents and he’s afraid that it will never end. She tells him if he ever wants to get a conclusive answer, he needs to take the DNA evidence to the lab. Shane then comes down and shows his parents that he has a fever of 102 and cannot attend the christening. They then tell him that he does not have to go.

At Viki’s home, Echo overhears Charlie telling Viki that he has a cold and does not believe he should go to the christening and infect the whole family. Viki tells her husband that it’s okay. Echo then tells Viki that she can “take care” of Charlie if he needs to stay home. Viki then firmly tells Echo she will not apologize for not inviting her to something that is only for the family. She leaves Charlie alone with Echo who smiles and seems happy and positive telling him that if he needs anything she can make a pretty mean chicken soup for him.

John holds the baby. Natalie tells him that they are so lucky to have this day together.

Clint tells Jessica that they need to get ready before too long. She tells her dad that she needs to give the baby his bottle first. Brody appears and tells Clint that their baby is the champ. Clint tells Brody he “knows” that Brody is going to be a good father. Brody tells Clint if he turns out anywhere near as good as Clint, he will be a happy man.

Rex calls Charlie and tells him sorry for the short notice. But Shane is home from school and cannot go with him and Gigi to the christening. He wonders if Charlie could stay with him, and that seems to work out perfectly.

Joey tells Aubrey he loves her and will meet her later at the church while she tells him she has some things to do. She then goes into the room and returns to Cutter. He asks her why she wants to persist with Joey. He’s of no use to them if he’s broke. They need another “mark.” She tells him they already have the perfect mark. She has gotten some major goods on Clint Buchanan so that Clint will not dare disinherit Joey or refuse to do what she needs him to do. Cutter asks if it’s true that Brody is not the real father of Clint’s daughter, Jessica’s baby and might be the father of Natalie’s instead of John. But this Rex guy is Clint’s son and Clint does not want anybody to ever find out. She tells him that she found out from her old friend, Vimal's wife that Vimal has the goods on Clint. He sounds impressed and tells her that he has his own trick up his sleeve for getting money as well as “other things” that he wants. He tells her it’s regarding Kelly Cramer who is gorgeous as well as rich.

In the hotel hallway, Kelly finds Joey and he wants her to attend the christening.

Rex and Gigi go to John’s home and they hold the baby. John then knows he needs to change him and goes into the other room. Alone with Rex and Gigi, Natalie tells them that she’s okay. They all joke about how John is learning fatherhood.

Todd looks at the photo of himself and Blair together when he had the scar. She goes through the photos that Téa has of herself and Todd. But she seems to know that Todd may have kept the photo that Tomás painted of her.

When Natalie is alone with Rex and Gigi and out of earshot of John, she tells them that they must be able to see how happy John is. She regrets lying. She tells them if they want to reconsider being the god parents of her baby under the circumstances, she will understand. But they assure her that they are on board. She protests that fatherhood is so much more than a blood test. Rex and Gigi then tell her they need to leave and will meet John and Natalie at the church later. He then takes the baby. Outside, Gigi tells Rex that she sees his point about not wanting to reveal who his real father is as they are both enabling Natalie to have her baby officially christened based on a lie. They both admit that it will devastate Charlie to find out that he is not Rex’s father and no good for anybody to reveal that Clint is instead.

Charlie is at Rex, Gigi and Shane’s home. He is coming down with a cold, sneezing and covered in a blanket with his “grandson.” At that moment, Echo wastes no time to visit him and Shane with her famous chicken soup.

Jessica has asked Joey to be her baby’s god father. He tells his sister he hopes that she and Brody will return the favor when he and Aubrey have kids. There is nothing more important than family. He then notices Clint overhearing and asks his dad if that is not correct. Clint says nothing.

Aubrey tells Cutter that she sees no point of his “dating” or attempting to scam Kelly. He asks her why not? Kelly’s aunt Dorian seems to have as much money as Joey’s family. He reminds her that her plan with Clint might backfire. She tells him that she has thought all about it and knows how to make it work.

Todd asks if Eli and this Tomás guy might have been stalking her throughout all this time. He asks if Tomás did not offer any explanation. She replies no. All he could offer her was wine, pâté and some music. Todd tells her that he sounds like another weirdo. Blair tells Todd no. Tomás was in fact very charming.

In Paris, the Frenchman whom Blair and Cristian previously talked to talked about how Tomás is alone with no life and no romance and obviously has something missing in his life. He obviously wants more when he’s alone painting with the romantic music.

Blair tells Todd that Tomás was Americana and seemed to know what this wedding meant to her. She admits that the day she married Todd was the happiest she’s ever been. She tells him that he and Téa got a second chance, and that artist, Tomás, captured something in that portrait that she has to get back.

Tomás tells the guy that he has everything he needs. The guy does not buy that. He tells Tomás that he knows that he did enjoy spending a few moments with a woman as lovely as Blair Cramer. He asks Tomás if Blair found what she was looking for. Tomás tells him no. The guy tells Tomás if he ever finds the “answer,” here is Blair’s address. He gives him a slip of paper. But Tomás wants to throw it away and disregard what he has heard.

Charlie and Shane enjoy the chicken soup that Echo has gotten for them. She admits that she did not make it. He cannot tell a lie. She got it from Buenos Dias. At that moment, Shane gets an email that looks like somebody is threatening him. Gigi then returns and tells them that she and Rex forgot their christening gift. Echo tells them that she noticed that “the guys” were feeling a little under the weather so she brought them some chicken soup. She admits that she will try anything in order to stay close to her family. Gigi then feels her son’s head and sees that Shane does not feel so hot anymore. Rex then informs Charlie that Natalie and John have asked him and Gigi to be the god parents of their baby. Charlie talks about how grateful he is to have found out that Rex is his son and if only he could have known him since his infancy and childhood. All of a sudden, Rex pulls out the DNA evidence and feels he cannot bring himself to find out the true test results.

Aubrey “rehearses” to Cutter what she’s going to say to Joey about her “sensitivity” and sincerity toward his finding out for the first time that Rex is his brother. Cutter claps, laughs and tells her she could win an Oscar. She then tells Cutter that she has them covered so he may stop dating Kelly. She departs to go and be with Joey and the family. As soon as Cutter is alone, he calls to book a reservation.

Natalie is alone at the church telling God that maybe she does not have the right to ask for His blessing. She has lied. But she believes that this lie is for the good of all people involved and the well being of a baby. She tells God that she wants to be worthy of his blessing so she will spend all of eternity earning this blessing. At that point, John joins her and Brody and Jessica appear with their baby. The priest then asks the four of them what they are going to name these “two fine young men.” At that point, all four of them reply “Asa”! Hearing that, Natalie and Jessica wonder how they came up with the same name. Gigi, Rex, Clint, Viki, Joey and Kelly are all nearby, Joey then declares that he needs to call Aubrey. Clint follows his son out the door and tells him he needs to realize that Aubrey is not coming. Joey tells his dad that she is coming. Aubrey does not care if Clint disinherits them, and Clint need not worry. Joey will not tell his sisters what an S.O.B. their father is, he tells Clint. Aubrey then comes through the door. Clint is furious but must not reveal it. The priest has the babies, parents, families and god parents all gathered. They have now named the two baby boys Liam Asa McBain and Ryder Asa Lovett. The then priest baptizes them both.

Todd tells Blair he’s sorry he cannot join her on her journey to find the meaning of life. He has a job to get to. She tells him that’s all right. He then tells her he is a bit concerned about her flying to somewhere far away. She asks if he would miss her. He tells her that for what it’s worth, when that photo was taken, he was very happy, too.

Tomás is alone in his apartment in Paris staring at the painting. He then uncovers Blair’s address out of the trash and sees she lives in Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Viki tells her daughters, John, and Brody that she thinks both babies have great names. Alone with Rex, Gigi tells him that his situation is so like that of the babies. But he tells her there is one major difference. John and Brody are both good men and the babies are fortunate to have either one of them. Clint is the scum of the earth.

Echo seems very confident that she is getting closer to Charlie. As soon as she is alone, she finds Shane’s laptop and discovers the threats that somebody has on him.

Cutter goes online to find out information on Dorian.

Joey and Kelly look at baby Ryder Asa Lovett and Joey tells him that he will love his aunt Aubrey. Aubrey then appears and greets the baby. She smiles and acts friendly to all the people. Clint then tells everybody lets get the show on the road. But Aubrey asks everybody to hold on. She announces before they start the party, there is something she needs to tell everybody. 

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