OLTL Update Thursday 1/27/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/27/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Starr finds out that James has lost his grant, she reveals that she wants to help him with that. But realizing that they must not get “serious”, he asks her what she plans to do to help him. There’s nothing anybody can do.

Bo calls Robert Ford to his office. Robert asks if he is being arrested. Bo tells him not at this time. But he would like to know how “something” found its way into his office at the University. It appears that somebody has planted a briefcase full of a ton of money in his office.

Joey goes to see Aubrey but sees Cutter with Kelly. He demands to know why there are there together.

Aubrey goes to see Joey telling him she knows that he has disinherited Joey. She tells him she knows he is a practical man who did what he did because his son failed to sign a prenup. But she would like to know why there is a prenup in the first place. She tells him that prenup or none, she and Eddie are going to get married.

Robert protests to Bo that the money is what he was going to give Eddie to leave town. He’s already accounted for it. But Bo needs to know how it wound up in his office. Robert protests that he did not kill his father and somebody obviously planted it there.

Clint tells Aubrey that if she is in fact, in love with Joey she will be just as in love with him knowing he’s poor than she would if he were rich.

Rex goes to meet with Dorian after she’s told him she would like to hire him as her PI. He asks why she would want to do business with him when she hates him. She smiles and tells him regardless of her personal feelings, she knows that he’s really good at what he does. She then asks just whom she would like him to investigate.

Charlie and Echo return home from an AA meeting. She knows just how to play on him to make him feel like a hero and appreciated for all he’s done to support her through her sobriety pledge and her life in general.

Dorian tells Clint that the person she would like him to investigate is Clint Buchanan.

Aubrey tells Clint he is right. She and Joey would love each other even if they were poor. But here is the thing. They are not going to be poor. He asks her if she thinks so. She tells him she knows so. Because there is not going to be a prenup. She seems confident in telling Clint that there is not going to be any prenup.

At the hotel room, Cutter asks Joey if he has a problem with his dating Kelly. Joey protests of course not. But he obviously does have a problem with it.

Clint tells Aubrey that he knows that she does not want a prenup. But how is she going to control whether he draw it up or not? She tells him she can control that. He is going to restore Joey’s inheritance. He has “incentive” to do so. He smirks and asks her how she could say that. She tells him if he does not do it, he will have a lot of consequences that he does not want. He asks what kinds of tricks she has up her sleeve. Is she going to tell him she is pregnant with another Buchanan?. She tells him no. She has no tricks or traps, except of course, the one that Clint has set up for himself.

When Rex asks Dorian why she wants him to investigate Clint, she sees herself blurting out to him that Clint is his father. But she knows she better not say that. So she replies the reason is because Clint is a liar.

Echo is cozily talking to Charlie about how she is going to get her life back on track with her family one day at a time and feel good about herself. She tells him that he gives her the confidence to know that everything will be alright. He smiles and seems very comfortable with her. But when he notices Viki, for the first time, watching them and not looking happy, he is startled and remarks that he did not see her there..

Rex is ready to tell Dorian the reason why he dislikes Clint. But he knows he better not reveal to her the exact nature of the threats involving Bo and David Vickers.

Robert protests to Bo that he did not take ht money from Eddie’s motel room. Nor did he kill his father any more than his mother or brother did. Bo asks if that is so. Robert tells Bo that he knows how this may sound. But Bo must believe that somebody is trying to set him up. Bo then looks calmly at him and tells him he does believe him. Hearing that, Robert is very surprised.

At LU, James informs Starr that not only has he lost his grant. Robert has gotten fired. Hearing that, they both agree that that is a major coincidence. And she sounds like she wants to help him similarly to the ay a girlfriend would. But before they can continue their conversation, Michelle rushes to him, hugs him and asks how they could do that to him. She now wants to be his “hero” and it clearly disappoints Starr.

Robert tells Bo that LCint gae him the money. Bo asks him why his brother would have done that.

Rex and Dorian continue their conversation about wanting to bring down Clint. But neither can understand the other’s motives nor wants to admit to the other what their motives are.

After Joey reveals to Cutter that he is not ok with Cutter’s dating Kelly, Cutter asks why. Joey replies because Kelly is supposed to be with “somebody else”.

Clint then asks Aubrey what will happen if he disinherits Joey. She replies that she will make certain that everything goes to his “other son”.

Knowing that Rex is Clint’s son yet also knowing that he has no clue, Dorian smiles when she finds out that Rex has been threatened by Clint with something and has good reason to be furious with him. She appears fascinated to find out what type of blackmail Clint has inflicted upon Rex. He then asks her what she is talking about and what she believes she knows about him and Clint. Dorian then thinks to herself that she could do it. But once the cat is out of the bag, there is no taking it back. She is very tempted to trash this boy’s momma, she tells herself. But she chickens out. When Rex asks her to say what is on her mind, she distracts him by asking the waiter for a belini. But he demands that she tells him what she knows about Clint.

Robert informs Bo for the first time, that a few months ago, that Clint came to his home and invited his boys, Mr. Black and Mr. Blue to assault him within an inch of his life. Hearing that, Bo believes him but needs to know what Clint’s motive would be to do that. Robert replies Jessica. Bo asks what Jessica would have to do with that. Robert then reveals to Bo for the first time, that a while back, when Jessica was in a fragile state of mind, she came to his home. And Clint found out it was possible that he(Robert) could be the father of Jessica’s baby.

After Clint asks Aubrey which “other son” she is talking about that he has. Does she mean Kevin or Cord? In response to that, she smiles and tells him neither of those two sons. It’s the other son. The one he doesn’t want anybody to know is his.

When Rex demands that Dorian tells him what she knows about Clint. She then blurts out that Clint is his father and not Charlie Banks.

Starr reflects, after hearing Michelle’s concern for what has happened to James, that maybe Michelle is the one to help him. She talks about how she is on many student committees and could pull some strings with professors and administrators and protest. He can see that she is pretending to be ok with it and not realizing that he would prefer to be with her instead of Michelle.

Robert tells Bo that he was not about to report Clint to the police when Clint “had” something on him Clint pulled strings for him to get his job and for James to keep his grant. But now, since all of that is over, he has nothing to lose reporting Clit. Bo seems to believe him but tells him that he must know that proving it could be easily said than done.. Clint is good a covering his tracks.

Dorian tells Rex that if she were him, she’d get the test done again to prove that Clint has falsified it. Rex then tells Dorian he’s not going to do that. First of all, she is not him. Second, he is not crazy. And third, he is not Clint Buchanan’s son. He then walks away.

When Echo leaves Viki and Charlie alone, he tells her that she is a bit too paranoid about Echo. She is sincerely trying to get her life back together and has no ulterior motives. But VIki tells him he must know that there is nothing sincere about that woman and she is not to be trusted.

After talking to Vimmel’s wife and finding out all she knows about Clint, Aubrey tells him that a rich and powerful man could get in big trouble if word ever got out that he paid somebody to break into a hospital DNA lab to falsify paternity test results for his two daughters and his son. Hearing that, Clint does not dare speak or act confident.

Kelly asks Joey if he is saying that he is not ok with her and Cutter. Is there any “reason” why he does not want her to be with him? She is hoping to hear that answer. But they are interrupted by room service. Joey then tells them sorry for interrupting and goes out the door. Cutter then asks Joey what he came there to tell them. Joey then admits to Cutter that his father declined to give him the job at B.E. And he informs Cutter that his father has disinherited him because he refused to ask Aubrey to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Aubrey tells Clint that he must know that she is on his side. He asks her why she says that. She tells him that she does not want some gold digging loser like Rex Balsam to be cleaning “them” out any more than Clint wants that. She knows how he would not want all of the family fortune for which his pa has worked so hard to fall into the hands of some stranger.

After Joey reveals to Cutter, for the first time that he is disinherited (meaning no money that Aubrey and Cutter can have), Kelly asks him why he’s(Cutter) so disappointed.

Aubrey confidently tells Clint he better do what she wants or he will have to invite Rex Balsam into the family and share all of the money as well as the secret coming out about Rex being his son.

Echo goes to Viki’s home to talk to Echo and Charlie. Echo finds him at the door appearing very gracious to him and speaking very highly of Charlie. Inside the other room, Viki angrily tells Charlie he is correct if he assumes she does not trust Echo as far as she can throw her. And the sooner Charlie wakes up and realizes that, the better off they will all be. Echo then walks in with their tea appearing very happy and suspecting nothing.

Aubrey tells Clint that she is glad to do business with him. And she can’t wait to join him in the family Christenings. She will even be courteous not to reveal the babies’ real fathers. Hearing that, Clint demands to know what she means. She tells him what she means is she knows that Rex Balsam’s DNA test is not the only one he’s falsified. She knows what he’s done to his daughters’ paternity tests as well.

Starr tells James that regarding the fact that she has to support Cole when he’s in prison and has encouraged him(James) to move on, she just wants to make the best of things. And she informs him, that she did tell her dad that she is not going to take his advice to consider James and forget about Cole. He tells her that’s good. He was not comfortable with Todd “pimping” him off to her. But they are both disappointed that there is no chance for them. Michelle then appears and stands near James happy to be with him.

Bo tells Robert he wishes he could help him and is sorry he has not been able to see what Clint has been doing until it’s too late. He tells him he will call Dean McKenzie to find out what might have happened and if Robert can get his job back. Robert leaves.

Kelly tells Cutter she’s sorry about his “situation” but she has to leave. As soon as she is alone, she gets on her phone. She calls Kevin and leaves him a message about the current status of their relationship.

Joey finds Aubrey ad asks if she knew that Kelly is dating her brother Cutter. Hearing that, Aubrey appears somewhat shocked and tells him she thought that Kelly got back with her ex, Kevin. Right then Cutter calls her and she demands to know why Joey “believes” that she is dating him.

When Rex goes to talk to Charlie, Echo tells them she has a hair appointment at Roxy’s. Charlie follows her out the door and urges her not to be offended by Viki. She tells him it’s plain to see that Viki hates her. He assures her that she does not and even if Viki does not appreciate her, he does. She then smiles and affirms how wonderful Charlie is. He goes into the room and sees Rex. Rex does not want to talk but wants to investigate what Dorian has just told him. Charlie then tells Rex that he deeply regrets not being able to be a father to him and and grandfather to Shane. As soon as Rex is alone, he puts the coffee cups that Charlie has drank from in plastic bags. He again remembers hearing Dorian telling him she knows that the DNA tests have been altered and if she were him, she’d get it re-tested. He then secretly pleads for Clint not to be his father. He’d so rather it be Charlie who is a nice man.

Bo goes to see Charlie and tells him he knows about his planting the money in Robert Ford’s office to set him up. Clint again smirks and tells his brother he does not know what he is talking about.

Aubrey tells Joey he must know that his father is a good man and she will come to love him as much as Joey does.

Bo tells Clint that he knows that Clint believes he can get away with all of the miserable things he’s done. But Clint needs to know that in just a matter of time, it’s all going to come crashing down around him. Bo leaves Clint alone in his office.

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