OLTL Update Wednesday 1/26/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/26/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Jessica and Brody are home with their new baby and a big surprise from Vicky. She has the baby room all decorated with presents and balloons. Vicky teases them about the fact that the baby does not have a name yet. Vicky tells them that the baby needs a name. Jess opens an envelope from Clint. It is a trust fund for Baby Lovett. Jess and Brody introduce the new baby to Bree who in turn tells them that the baby does not look like Brody. Bree then says the baby should be named Grandpa! Jess tells Brody that baby should have an important name, a name that means putting everything else before you…let’s call him Asa.

Natalie and John bring their baby home and there is a big surprise from Roxy. She has all sorts of goodies for the baby, but she asks, are you sure you didn’t mix these babies up; he looks just like Brody. Roxy gives them the envelope from Clint which contains the papers for an irrevocable trust for their new baby. Bo visits and says that the baby is definitely a Buchanan. Roxy mentions the trust fund and John says he is not too sure about it. Bo and John step out and Bo tells him that he needs his help to take down Clint. Bo tells him that he was able to get a search warrant, just barely. Bo tells him that Clint has hurt a lot of people and may have had something to do with Eddie’s murder. John asks Bo if it’s normal for Clint to throw money around. Bo tells him, that yes, it is normal, but John isn’t talking about the trust fund. He is talking about the 50k that Ford and James had to pay off Eddie…did it come from Clint? In the other room, Roxy wants to know what the baby’s name is and then tells Nat that her name came from the best dog she ever had. Nice. Roxy tells her how awesome and important the dog was to her. John comes back in and looks at his son and tells Nat that they need to name the baby. When she tells him Roxy’s story he asks if that is how Rex got his name (after a dog). Nat tells John that she wants to name the baby Asa.

At The Palace, Aubrey tells Cutter that Joey got him a job at BE working for his dad. Joey needs to leave and Aubrey promises to get Cutter cleaned up for his interview. Aubrey leaves and Kelly shows up next. As Kelley pours herself some tea, Cutter tells her that his name means stallion and then drops the towel. Kelly acts all shy and Cutter asks her why she is so uptight. Cutter takes a call from his ‘sister’ who cancels their breakfast date and he asks Kelly to stay. Joey walks in and can’t believe that Kelly is there with Cutter and wants to know what is going on.

Ford is at LU reading The Sun; there is an article about his mom and brother being cleared of all charges. Langston fears that Ford doesn’t have a strong alibi, but Ford tells her that nothing will keep them apart on Valentine’s Day. James storms in and is furious; his tuition grant has been revoked. Next, the dean hands Ford his termination papers. Ford turns over his keys as she wishes him good luck. Lang picks up that they lost their job and grant on the same day; does someone have it out for you!

At BE, Clint is in his office as Bo serves him a warrant to search the property. He is looking for proof that Clint was involved with Eddie’s murder. Bo wants him to pay for everything he has done. Joey comes in and can see that there is tension between the two brothers. Bo leaves and Joey asks his father what was really going on between them. Joey says that Aubrey’s brother is in town and understands fighting between siblings. Clint responds by giving his son a pre-nup agreement. Joey tells him that he will not insult Aubrey by asking her for a pre-nup, after all she has her own money. Clint tells him that it is a very generous agreement and if she doesn’t sign it, there will be repercussions. He will lose everything he has; his BE shares, seat on the board and inheritance. Are you willing to give that all up for a woman? Joey leaves and Ford enters his office and asks Clint why he is destroying both his and James lives. Clint tells him that he was trying to be nice to their mother, but those days are over. Ford tells Clint he needs to fix this. If he doesn’t, he will tell the cops what Clint did to him. Clint laughs and tells him that kids today can’t look farther than 5 minutes into the future. When Ford leaves, Clint asks his secretary to get the dean on the phone. Ford leaves and he calls John and tells him he has some information about Clint. Bo meets with Ford at LU and as he is about to tell him what he knows about Clint, the dean walks over and asks him if he was leaving without this…and pulls a stack of money out of a duffle bag.

In the restaurant at The Palace, Vimal and his wife Rama are talking about what he did. He is nervous and wants to leave. She tells him to be patient, they are going to be rich. In walks Aubrey and Rama yells, hello, it’s me! They are old friends and Rama tells her that Vimal works for Clint. Aubrey mentions all the confidential papers that Vimal must see while working for Clint. Vimal says he doesn’t feel well and steps away. After he leaves, Rama notices Aubrey’s ring and shrieks that she is engaged. Aubrey acts concerned for Vimal and Rama tells her that he is under a lot of stress. Aubrey is acting oh so nice and I’m your girlfriend….what’s up. Rama starts talking about a crime that Vimal committed for Clint. Aubrey pumps her for more information, hey you can trust me, and what did Clint do? As Rama tells her what Vimal did, Aubrey can’t believe it. Aubrey tells her to tell Vimal to sit tight and eventually work what he has against Clint…big pay day if he does. Joey comes back looking very depressed, when Aubrey asks him what is wrong; he replies that it’s his father. He tells Aubrey about the pre-nup and that he refused to sign it. So, now he is disinherited from the family business and fortune. The look on Aubrey’s face says exactly how she feels about that. She asks what does that actually mean and when he tells her, she tells him that she can’t believe how calm he is and she does not want to be the reason that he fights with his father. She lies and tells him she is late for a meeting with the caterers and leaves. She calls Cutter and cancels their breakfast get together and heads over to BE to see Clint.

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