OLTL Update Tuesday 1/25/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/25/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Rex and Gigi’s home, Shane is showing his grandma (Echo) how to send messages via MyFace. She wants to contact Dorian but know not to tell her grandson the details. Dorian gets the message on her iPhone at the Palace. Viki appears and Dorian informs her that Echo is harassing her about whether she will spill the beans about the fact that Clint is Rex’s father and not Charlie. She shows Viki her scheme to put Echo in her place.

Joey runs into Kelly and informs her that he is about to have dinner with Aubrey. She’s on her way there soon probably getting dressed but is a bit “late”. But Kelly seems to know that something is up.

Aubrey is up in the hotel room having sex with Cutter who wonders whether Kelly is onto them and whether she wants to date him. She tells him that she had considered possibly canceling their plan to clean out Joey’s bank account.

Todd and Téa are happily together ready to have a romantic dinner.

Blair sees the photograph from which Tomás in Paris has drawn the painting of her. She notices herself and Todd years ago. Tomás asks if that was the psychotic husband she talks about. It looks like they were pretty cozy in the picture. She then tells him she has a question for him. How the hell did he get this photograph?

Shane shows Echo how to “friend” somebody when Rex and Gigi enter. Gigi reminds them that she and his dad are working so that they can make their son’s life easier. They have paid for a prescription for Shane. Gigi then notices a notice from Shane’s school and demands that he offers an explanation.

At The Palace, Dorian reveals to Viki that she went to an AA meeting incognito. Hearing that, Viki does not want to hear the details and does not approve. But Dorian informs her that Echo uses her AA meetings as a way to get closer to Charlie. And she just thought she might beat Echo at her own game. Unfortunately, however, she tells Viki that Echo spotted her at the meeting right when she was about to admit that she lied about the paternity situation. But now she is seeing on her iPhone that Echo must have snuck back in to take a snapshot of her. Viki then admits that he cannot believe that Echo would use Charlie’s alcoholism to manipulate him.

Joey tells Kelly that he hopes they can be friends after the breakup and after he’s been engaged to Aubrey. He gets ready to go up and see Aubrey. Dorian tells Kelly that she knows that Joey is going to get scammed. She asks Kelly what Robert Ford told her. Kelly admits that Robert did not tell her much about his relationship with Aubrey. Dorian informs Kelly that Aubrey took him for a ride and then found out he was not rich and had no use for him. Kelly concludes that that must be the reason she never had a chance to scam Robert. He was not wealthy enough. But Joey is and it’s obvious that Aubrey and her so called brother are after Joey’s money.

Aubrey asks Cutter what if she actually did go through with the wedding. Although he does not want her to do that, she tells him that if she becomes Mrs. Joey Buchanan, she will have full access to all of his accounts. And she asks why else Cutter thinks she would marry Joey. He replies maybe because she’s falling for him.

While in bed with Todd, Téa opens some mail and sees their wedding pictures. She tell him she will never forget that night, and this time it will last forever.

Tomás is holding a photo of one of Blair and Todd’s many weddings which he found at a flea market. Blair admits that it was a long time ago when she and Todd were so happy at the time. Tomás tells her he knows. Hearing that, she tells him she doesn’t understand how he would know if she was happy there. He tells her that he can just see how it radiates from how she remembers that. He tells her that is what inspired him to do that painting. He wanted to capture that moment for all eternity. She then tells him that regarding eternity, you might wan to paint an image that you think will last forever. But things change in time and often what you create is only a memory.

Gigi finds a letter from Shane’s school that reports that he has been cutting Math class. Echo overhear and tells her it might not be a big deal. She must know that her son is a computer wizard. Hearing that, Gigi tells her son that his grandma does not know what it’s like to have the responsibility of raising a child. Hearing that, Shane reminds his mom that he is not a child. She then instructs him to get back to his homework. But it appears that Shane has a secret on the computer.

Cutter tells Aubrey that he doubts her ability to do her “job” with Joey. In response to that, she tells him that maybe they each need to stick to their respective game plans and the jobs they do best. His job is breaking into bank accounts and her job is breaking into hearts.

Downstairs and the restaurant, Viki talks to Joey about how he throws himself into so many things with so much passion and she’s a bit concerned. She does not spell out to him her concerns about Aubrey although that’s obviously what she means. Not far away, Dorian knows that Kelly is ready to reveal to Joey that his fiancée is a gold digger and scamming him. She reminds her niece that the last time she spelled that out to Joey, it did not go over well. In response to that, Kelly asks her aunt if she knows of another plan. Dorian smiles and tells her niece of course she does. She always has a plan.

Echo tells Gigi that maybe the situation with Shane is just a phase. I response to that Gigi asks her how she would know anything about raising a child. Echo then realizes that maybe she is overstaying her welcome. Rex walks her out the door, thanks her for watching their son while they are out and tells her she mustn’t take offense. Gigi is just tired and kind of stressed today. Echo tells her son that she does understand what it means and she regrets not being there for him. She wishes she could have watched him grow up and is so grateful to have reunited with him and have a chance to be part of his family. He smiles and sees her out the door.

Aubrey joins Joey and Viki while Kelly and Dorian are alone plotting their plan to expose Aubrey. Aubrey tells her “future mother in law” that she is sorry she’s late. But her brother needed her for some things. Viki remarks that she hopes she gets to meet Aubrey’s brother some time soon. Joey then tells his mom that Aubrey and Cutter have a very “complicated relationship”

When Téa wants to look at all of the pictures of them together, she notices that Todd’s still kept some pictures of himself and Blair and asks him why.

Blair reflects to Tomás in Paris that she and Todd were both outcasts and damaged goods. When they met, she thought that they were destined to be together. She realizes that must explain the 5 marriages. He notices that in that one picture, it was the real deal. Hearing that, Tomás asks if she is still in love with Todd.

Kelly goes and finds Cutter, and appears to be “interested” in him. She tells him that she has given some thought to what he has told her that maybe it’s time to move on, get over Joey and realize there are other fish in the sea.

At the palace restaurant, Viki asks Aubrey if she plans to make Llanview her home with Joey. Joey replies that is what they have decided at least for now. But they want to wait until Jessica gets married. He then tells his mom that he’s been meaning to ask her if she’d want him to take pictures for the Banner again but only wants her to give him the job if she thinks she could use him. She tells him that could be arranged. She then remembers that she never asked Aubrey what type of work she does. Aubrey replies that she’s been doing a lot of charity work. Viki tells her she hopes that it’s not too mundane for her living in Llanview. Aubrey replies that this is where Joey’s family is. In response to that, Viki remarks that it is also where her (Aubrey's) family is. Noticing that Aubrey is drawing a blank when she hears that, Viki remarks that her brother is here. Aubrey then “remembers”.

At the other table, Dorian gets on the phone to call her daughter, Adriana and asks her if she could check out Kelly’s old school in Paris. Adriana can clearly tell that her mother is up to some sort of scheme.

In Paris, Blair tells Tomás that she and Todd have gone their separate ways. He now has a new life, a new wife and a new family. And a new face, remembering that it’s too complicated to explain the details of that. She looks at Todd’s old face and remembers she forgot what he looked like all those years ago. Tomás asks her if she does not have a new life now. She admits not really. Not to get her wrong. She has three children who mean the world to her, but it seems she goes from one disastrous relationship to another. She then remembers that he is a total stranger. And she just wanted to find out about the painting. He tells her that he knows she wants answers to something much deeper than the painting. And it’s something that the answers to a riddle aren’t going to solve. Blair then tells him that maybe the reason she came all the way there to find out where the painting is because it was some sort of adventure. Maybe she wanted to find what she was looking for in the photograph.

Todd and Téa look at the photos they have and he remarks that he guesses Starr and Dani were looking to find photos for her memorial. She then remembers that she’s forgotten all about being “dead”. But he has not forgotten. He remembers how she lost it when Dr. Evans pumped her full of those pictures. He tells her it didn’t take much for her to see that he’s the same guy he was in those pictures. But she can somehow tell that he is not.

Rex and Gigi asks Shane how his homework is coming. But he has a flip attitude. They tell him they want to have dinner but he tells them he is not hungry and wants to go upstairs. Alone with Rex, she asks what happened to their sweet and courteous son.

Echo meets Dorian and tells her that she knows that Dorian is keeping a file on her and trying to blackmail her, if she does not stop her harassment, then she will display the photograph she managed to take of Dorian and expose it all over Llanview so they all know about the mayor’s “drinking”.

Alone at the table, Aubrey tells Joey she wonders what Cutter will be doing when he’s in town. He tells her he’s sure that her “brother” will find something to occupy his time.

Kelly goes to attempt to seduce Cutter in the hotel room and tell him that she never really had feelings for Joey.

Téa tells Todd that the guy he used to be was haunted by ghosts of his past and could not give his heart to anyone. He was scarred. Deeply scarred. She cries and tells him that the man he now is has learned to trust, gotten close to other people and forgive himself and know what love is. She tells Todd that he is the man without the scar. He is the man she loves.

Blair thanks Tomás in Paris for his time. She tells him she really appreciates all of the answers he’s given her to her questions. He invites her to stay for some wine. She tells him she cannot. She is meeting a friend. She asks if she can keep the photo, but she wants him to keep the portrait. It’s his. It represents his hard work and talent. Tomás tells her thank you. He will take good care of “her”. He tells her he hopes she finds that happiness again. She thanks him and departs.

Kelly leaves Cutter’s room with a plan in mind.

Downstairs, Joey asks Aubrey if they did not hear that Cutter met a woman. In response to that (knowing he indicated that he was interested in Kelly) Aubrey tells Joey she just kind of wonder how Cutter can get acclimated in town. Joey then tells her if Cutter is looking for a job, the Banner is always looking for “talent”. But she tells him that her “brother” doesn’t really have any journalistic skills. He’s mainly into business. He tells her that he wants to convince his father that she and her brother are both part of the family. She tells him he doesn’t have to do that. He tells her he wants to. He tells her believe it or not, he can come to terms and get along with his father when they are talking about business and not about Joey’s personal life. She smiles. He tells her he is not promising anything but he will try. She tells him she’s the best fiancé in the world.

When Viki returns and Echo runs into her talking to Dorian, Echo greets Viki and tells her how happy she is to see her with her son and daughter in law. She adds to Viki that she is so grateful to have finally reunited with her own family and will do anything in order to keep them in her life. Viki smiles to dismiss her. She then tells Dorian she is really sorry to have involved Dorian in her personal life. And she tells Dorian that maybe they should forget their plan to run Echo out of town. It does not look like she’s going anywhere. And they’ve both been expending more energy on it than it’s worth. Maybe they should realize she’s never going to tell the truth about Rex’s parentage. So maybe they should both just let it go. Dorian tells Viki ok and does not argue. But as soon as she is alone, Dorian concludes not by a long shot. She has not given up on getting the goods on Echo. She then calls Rex and tells him she wants to hire him.

Shane is upstairs on his computer looking at his private messages and it looks like somebody is threatening him.

After Téa tells Todd that the man he used to be is replaced by a man of value, he jokes. But she tells him that she is not going anywhere. She wants to frame the photo on her nightstand. But he asks why when he has the real thing sitting next to him. Meanwhile, in Paris, Tomás stares at Blair when she was happily with Todd and listens to his LP music.

Todd is sleeping with Téa but still keeps his old photos of himself with Blair.

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