OLTL Update Monday 1/24/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/24/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Buenos Dias, Todd tells Starr and James that he knows that they want each other. And there is no point in their fooling themselves believing that she can wait for Cole. So they have his blessing. Starr tells her dad that the only reason he is telling her that is because he hates Cole. Todd then chuckles and admits to his daughter that’s correct. He does hate Cole and will probably hate this guy also. But they both need to face up to the truth.

Matthew is alone in the house observing the newsletter about how he’s resigned from his uncle’s company. Destiny comes by knowing something is wrong if she’s called Matthew at B.E. and was told that he was not there. He admits to her that he has resigned. She asks why.

Officer Price finds Shaun in an attempt to get him to talk to Destiny about reconsidering breaking up with Daren. Shaun tells Price that his sister is angry at their parents. Price asks what that has to do with her relationship with Price’s brother. Shaun tells Price that his sister didn’t appreciate her brother going behind her back and arranging for her father to find her in the park and urge her to come back without her knowing. Price protests that Daren just wanted to help. Shaun tells him he realizes that. He knows his sister is stubborn. He’ll talk to her about reconsidering Daren but he can’t make any promises.

Inez goes to see Clint unexpectedly. He appears to be unaware that she is wearing a wire and asks her why she is not in prison for murdering her ex husband. She replies that they both know she did not kill him. Clint did. Bo and Nora are not far away overhearing their conversation Téa then comes by and demands they tell her what happened to Téa.

In Paris, Blair finds the guy who painted the picture of her. Tomás appears to be somebody she knows who might be obsessed about her.

Layla admits to Cristian that she did in fact sleep with her boss. Cristian wants to believe that he must have forced himself on her and reminds Layla that that is harassment. But she tells him it was consensual. He asks if that means that she is not in love with him anymore.

In Clint’s office, he tells Inez that she should be worried about far more than having killed Eddie. Bo and Nora now know that she drugged Bo and that he would have never slept with her. She has failed to do what he needed her to do and should know what this will mean to her sons. She tells Clint she has nothing to worry about since she’s come clean to Bo and Nora. He asks her if she thinks they would buy for a minute what she alleges about him. But she tells him that all the evidence is stacked against him for the things she already knows he has done. And it’s pretty obvious that it was he who killed Eddie and planted the gun in her home to frame both her and her son.

Todd affirms to Starr and James that they would be happier together than with her waiting for Cole. But she gets a call from Cole. Todd leaves them alone but comes to back to observe his daughter on the phone with Cole. He tells her that he has now found that his mom has been sent to St. Anne’s and is helpless to be there for her. Starr assures him that she will be there on the next visiting day with baby Hope and make sure that Marty gets good care at St. Anne’s. Todd comes by and asks James who she’s talking to. James replies take a wild guess.

Téa, Dani, and Nate are ready to celebrate Nate’s freedom.

Matthew admits to Destiny that there are too many secrets and lies in his family. He first believed that his dad cheated on his mom with Nate’s mom. But now they have gotten together and swear it didn’t happen and it appears his uncle Clint set them up wanting them to break up. She tells him that if Clint did that, it’s pretty nasty. But what does that have to do with his quitting B.E. He tells her she should not try to make sense of this.

In Clint’s office, while Inez is wired, he asks her if it’s true that his brother knows that he killed Eddie. She tells him that it’s pretty obvious. She reminds him that she warned him that it would only back fire if he asked her to attempt to break up Bo and Nora. Clint then confesses as though he is “comfortable” telling her the truth. He tells her he realizes that he has gone too far and maybe should tell Bo the whole thing. Hearing that, she tells him it might make him feel better if he did just that. He then talks into her wire telling Bo hi and “nice try little brother”. Bo then hears his phone ring and Clint tells him apparently since he can’t nail him on his own, he’s getting Inez to do his dirty work. Did he threaten to arrest her if she did not try to get him to confess? Bo tells his brother no. That would be his (Clint's) style. Clint set up the woman by threatening her kids and set her up to drug him and he knows that Clint killed her ex husband and framed her and her son for the crime. Clint tells Bo he must know that there is no way he can ever prove any of that. So he better not even try. Bo then tells Nora that he is appalled that Clint has turned into this kind of a person. He doesn’t know his brother anymore.

Clint then smugly has his guards remove Inez from his office and tells her now that she’s made the decision she’s made, she may now spend every night she sleeps in her bed wondering if each day is the day he’s going to go after her sons. She appears worried and asks how he can do this to her.

When Destiny goes to see Matthew, she gets a text from Dani inviting her to join them all at Nate’s party at Buenos Dias. But she hesitates to leave Matthew alone knowing he won’t want to be there. He tells her he wants her to go and have a good time and not worry about him. But she realizes that Daren might be invited and she won’t be comfortable seeing him. Matthew asks her if she has not reconciled with Daren. She tells him that she knows that Daren means well. But she wishes that he would respect her decision to do as she sees fit with her parents like Matthew does.

Dani and Nate inform Starr and James that they are celebrating because he’s a free man. They are happy But Starr tells James she needs to be with Cole since his mom has been put in St. Anne’s. Nate also assumes that his mom has been set free, but Starr has to leave. While Shaun is talking to Price (Daren’s big brother) Téa sees them and invites them to join. She hugs Shaun and tells him that he must never forget that he is part of her family with all he has done for her.

Cristian asks Layla if she has stopped loving him. She tells him that of course she has not. And Stephan could never replace him. But she has fallen in love with living there. She gets to do all of the things she’s always dreamed of and gets to have all of the adventures and ambition that she wants. She is so happy to have her career as a fashion designer. She does not want to give that up. She does not want to give up on him either. But she does not want to get married and does not think he is either.

Blair tells the guy she needs to know his name. He tells her it’s Tomás, just Tomás, then asks her name. She tells him her name is Blair, just Blair. He puts on an old LP record. He asks her to sit and have a drink with him. She asks how he managed to take a picture of her when he doesn’t even know her. And then maybe she will sit. He tells her that he does know her.

Cristian tells Layla he loves her and wants to marry her. She tells him she knows he does. But he must be honest and answer if he does not love his life right now. He’s gotten the grant to teach at LU. He tells her of course. But he still wants to be with her. She tells him that she knows that he is not ready to commit to her if he’s considered being with Gigi and Blair and others. Does that sound like a guy who is ready to get married? He reminds her that if he had not gotten the grant and if she had not gotten the job in Paris, they would be married now. She tells him true. But would they be happy?

Blair tells Tomás that she discovered the painting for the first time in a locked box that she found from her late ex-husband. Hearing that she’s a widow, he tells her he’s sorry. She then informs him that her deceased husband was a swindler and serial killer, and the whole thing regarding Eli is not the point. The point is how he has managed to find this painting of her. Tomás tells her that maybe the question is not how he found the painting but how she found it. She then turns off the music and tells him that she is not falling for his “charm”. This may work for some foreign exchange student, but all she wants is to know where that painting came from.

Todd is with Téa who asks if he is really ok with Starr seeing James and Dani seeing Nate. Dani tells Starr how happy she is that Nate is free. Outside, Price finds Destiny and tells her that he wishes she would call Daren. She tells him she’s sorry. But she really doesn’t want to face his brother. So she leaves.

James and Nate both talk at Buenos Dias about what will happen to their mom.

Nora goes to confront Clint. She asks how he can stoop so low. He tells her that she and Bo have betrayed him and they’re not going to get away with it. Hearing that, she tells him he needs to get over that. How long is he going to keep feeling sorry for himself over his bruised ego? She tells him she’s done apologizing for breaking up with him to be with Bo. She tells him even if he doesn’t care about them, what he did to Matthew is cruel. He had her son believing that his parents were cheating on one another when they were not. He asks her what she told her son. She replies she and Bo have not yet told Matthew that his beloved uncle has forced Inez to try to break them up and drug BO. He tells her that Inez obviously wanted Bo and all he did was give her a little push. She tells him that he threatened Inez’s children. And he set Eddie up to kidnap and almost rape her. She could have him up on sexual assault charges. He then tells her that that was not his doing. It was Eddie’s. She then asks him if he believes that Viki would agree with that. Maybe she should tell Viki. Hearing hat, he angrily tells her that this is not Viki’s concern. She tells him she thinks it is. Viki is one of her best friends and the mother of Clint’s children. Nora asks Clint if his sons, Joey and Kevin and daughters Jessica and Natalie would like to hear about what he and Eddie did to her. Does he think that they would ever let him near his grandchildren again? Hearing hat, Clint seems less confident and cocky. He asks Nora if she’s told the family. He demands she answer. She replies that she talked to Viki just the other day and was very tempted to tell her the whole thing. But she could not bring herself to d that because Viki loves and respects him and it would kill her. How could she tell his sons, daughters, grandsons and nephew that all look up to him and love him? So she was not going to take that away from them. He may do that all by himself. She gets ready to leave and tells Clint she remembers his saying that he is carrying on Asa’s tradition to protect the family from anybody who posed as a threat. She tells him from now on she and Bo are going to do that. They will protect the family from him

Inez talks to Bo at the station and asks if he’s going to be pressing charges against her. He tells her no. And she need not fear that his brother is going to go after her boys. He will keep an eye on Clint. He just needs her to steer clear of Clint. She wants to apologize to BO. But he does not want to hear it and tells her he’s just grateful that he got his wife back and tells her hat he should go. He makes it clear that they will never be friends again.

At Buenos Dias, Téa invites Shaun to join them cutting the cake. Not far away, Todd reminds Starr that she is going to have the best years of her life taken. She protests that she has a daughter and family and friends and school. And she will be there to offer support to Cole. And she tells him that if she was “with” James, he’d do everything he could to break them up.

Téa invites Shaun to join her and Dani and Nate to celebrate his freedom and they make him a cake.

Price finds Destiny and asks her if she is going to return to her family or contact Daren. She tells him no.

Layla cries and tells Cristian she is so sorry that they have to break up.

In Paris, Tomás admits to Blair that he could not afford a model, so if he wanted a portrait, he had to draw it from memory or from a photograph.. That’s where he got the painting of her. She asks if he has the photograph from which he made the painting of her. He tells her he does not know if he still has it. She asks if he will please go and look for it. Tomás attempts to look for it but doesn’t know if he can find it.

Nora tells Bo if Clint put Eddie up to kidnapping her, maybe he gave Eddie the gun to plant in Inez’s home.

Clint is alone in his office wondering what to do.

Inez joins her sons at Buenos Dias. Shaun finds Dani and asks her if she’s heard from Destiny. He tells her he guesses she changed her mind and didn’t want to join them after all.

Destiny goes back to Mathew’s home and he asks her why she’s not at Nate’s party. She tells him she changed her mind. And they kiss, both knowing that they want that.

Tomás finds the photo of Blair. She asks if she can see it and appears to be in awe. He asks who the man is in the picture. She sees it’s a guy with long hair that does not appear to be Todd.

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