OLTL Update Friday 1/21/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Blair and Cristian are in Paris having dinner after attempting to find out where that picture taken of her came from.

Bo and Nora are happily together. He admits that he let Clint play him like a fiddle and have him believing that he slept with Inez and allowing Eddie Ford to almost wreck their marriage. She tells him that all that matters is that they are back together. She kisses him, and at that moment, Matthew appears and demands to know what “he” (his dad) is doing there.

Clint is alone drawing up his living will realizing that the “gig might be up” for him.

Inez and Nate are both in jail, and both are realizing that neither of them has shot Eddie; yet, not knowing who did and who set them both up.

Clint then remembers at the end of the conversation he had with Bo where they both realized that Bo cannot have him arrested since there is no proof that he did anything that he is accused of. Viki then enters and can see that Clint is lost in thought. Se asks if he is okay. He defensively responds,  “Of course. Why wouldn’t he be alright?”

At Buenos Dias, Todd, Téa, Dani and Starr are at a table happy that Todd has been acquitted of charges and it’s likely that so will Nate. But they are worried about Nate covering for his mom. At that moment, James enters with his new “friend” Michelle. Viewing Starr, he tells Michelle that maybe they could go somewhere else but does not tell her the reason why.

Blair views the picture that somebody painted of her. It appears a Frenchman observes her.

James tells Michelle that since they are there, they might as well stay. They have no reason not to. He greets Starr. He then goes to talk to the four of them, telling them he’s sorry to interrupt but wants to thank Téa for all she has done for Nate. He asks her if she’s found out anything. She tells James that she is doing everything she can, but there are no guarantees. He asks what about his mom. Téa cannot really answer that.

When Matthew observes his mom back with his dad, he demands to know how she can forgive him. He cheated on her with his assistant. Bo then clarifies to his son that that did not happen. Matthew tells his dad he knows for a fact that it did. He walked in and saw his dad with his own two eyes. Bo tells his son that it’s not what it appeared. He did not have a “clear head” when Matthew saw him with Inez. Hearing that, Matthew asks what he means. Was he “hypnotized?” At that point, his parents do not know what to tell their son. But Nora tells her son she wants him to respect their decision to keep this whole thing between the two of them. He asks if that means more secrets.

In Clint’s office, Viki tells her ex-husband she’d like him to join her and Charlie in the christening of the two babies. Hearing that, his mood changes for the first time and he smiles telling her he is very encouraged to have the two new Buchanan heirs. He also mentions that he has drawn up a trust fund for their two new born grandsons. Hearing that, Viki wonders what is up with his trust funds when they are only a couple days old. He tells her that he needs to get his affairs in order in case something happens to him. Hearing that, Viki asks her ex-husband what he means. She admits that now he is scaring her and asks what he is afraid could happen to him. Clint is lost in thought remembering all of the things he’s said and done to Inez and her sons to set himself up to get into serious trouble and now knowing that Bo and Nora are onto him and will never forgive him.

In Inez’s jail cell, she tells her son that she is not about to let him take the wrap for murder.

In Paris, Cristian seems to know the man who notices the painting of Blair. He reveals that he knows David Vickers. Cristian asks the guy if he was the painter. He replies that he did not paint it, but he has been selling art and knows that he sold this painting a few years ago. He remembers the person to whom he sold it. It was a guy who said it was of the woman he loved. Blair asks him if the name was Elijah Clark. He admits he did not know the name offhand but has the records of the sale. He then confirms that it was, in fact, Eli. He characterizes Eli as a dignified and honorable man. At that point, Blair knows she better pump him for information about Eli.

Téa has to go to the courthouse regarding Nate’s case. Not far away, Michelle tells James that hopefully his brother will be free soon. But his mind is elsewhere while he stares at Starr and she at him.

Bo and Nora ask Matthew to sit down. He asks what happened. Did his dad sleep with Inez or not? They cannot answer the question knowing of all that they would have to explain and in knowing that he may not be ready to know what they discovered about his uncle Clint. He then tells them that he knows he cannot get a straight answer out of them about anything. So he’s going to leave and get to work. As soon as Bo hears that he tells his son, no. Matthew asks his dad what he just said. Bo tells his son he is not going to Buchanan Enterprises anymore. He no longer works there.

Viki leaves Clint’s office suspecting nothing and happy that there are two new Buchanan heirs.

Matthew asks his dad why he “can’t” work at B.E. Does Uncle Clint not want him there anymore? Bo tells him, no, but he can’t go back there. Nora tells her son that she has to agree with his father. She dos not want him working with Clint. He asks them why. They tell him they have their reasons and he must trust their decision. Nora then asks her son if it was Clint who told him that his dad cheated on his mom with Inez and knew exactly when Matthew would be able to walk in and catch them. Matthew asks them what if he did? Why does that matter? If Bo did it, it’s not Clint’s fault. If they have a problem with Clint, they may take it up with him but cannot prevent Matthew from working for Clint. But Bo tells his son he must trust their decision that they do not want him anywhere near his uncle Clint. Matthew tells them that he is not going to honor their request if they can’t even tell him why, and he goes out the door.

In Paris, Blair tells the man that she wants to know about the nature of the painting and how her “late husband” obtained it and all of the circumstances involved so that she can lay him to rest. The man cannot tell her the man who did the drawing of her, but he could give her his address.

After Dani and Téa have left Todd and Starr alone at the table, he asks her if she is okay with James going out with “that other chick.” She doesn’t want to talk to her father about that nor hear his flip attitude. He then informs her that Marty has lost her marbles and has a rubber room at St. Anne’s. She tried to kidnap Starr’s cousin Natalie Buchanan’s baby and Starr should be glad that she won’t be around to endanger baby Hope. Starr is not happy to know that Marty is not well, however. But Todd wants his daughter to have no feelings about Marty. Meanwhile, she stares obsessively at Nate. He sits with Michelle who talks about his brother’s and mother’s case and how a lawyer friend she knows might be able to shed some light for them if he wants to meet her friend. But James is clearly completely distracted and obsessed about Starr.

Téa and Dani go to visit Nate and Inez in jail. Nate is concerned about his mom. Téa affirms that her job is to represent him and she cannot make any promises for Inez.

Alone with Bo, Nora tells him that it must be devastating for him to have his relationship with his brother ruined. He and Clint used to be really close and none of their previous arguments were irreconcilable. He tells her he is okay. But they do have some difficulty in how they are going to shatter their son’s faith in his uncle Clint. They then both realize that they need hard evidence against Clint before they can let Matthew know all that Clint has done. They need to prove what they already know but have yet to find solid evidence of.

Matthew then goes to Clint’s office and firmly tells him they need to talk. Assuming to know the reason why, Clint asks his nephew what his parents have told him.

In the courtroom, the judge tells Téa that he has considered her request to reconsider the charges against Mr. Salinger. He has come to a decision.

In Paris, the man at the restaurant who appears to have known Elijah does not have much to tell him. He departs and assumes that Blair and Cristian are a couple and Cristian is a lucky man. Alone, Cristian tells her he’s sorry about that. She tells him she doesn’t care if he thinks they are together. She just wants some answers about who is the mystery artist of this painting. She hugs him and thanks him for all of his help. Not far away, Layla appears before they get ready to leave. She smiles and greets him. He tells her he did not expect to see her. She tells him she did not expect to see Blair. Blair informs Layla that Cristian is helping her unravel a mystery about this painting. She offered to cover his expenses if he came with her. She then offers to leave Cristian and Layla alone and wants to talk to the mysterious guy about the painting. Cristian is a bit concerned. Though, she assures him she will be fine and is not afraid of this guy.

Matthew informs Clint that his parents no longer want him to work for Clint. They have affirmed to him that Bo never slept with Inez and Clint has no business telling him that. Hearing that, Clint does not know exactly what to tell his nephew. Matthew concludes that even if they are angry with him, why do they want to prevent him from working with Clint. Clint tells him it doesn’t make any sense to him either.

Bo goes to see Inez in jail and she tells him that she has no clue how that gun wound up in her home but now she thinks she knows how it got there. Clint planted it there. He tells her he bets that that is correct but asks if she can prove it. She admits she cannot. But she knows that Clint set her up. She is innocent. Bo tells her that she must know that he could get her put in Statesville for drugging him, or maybe she could “help” him.

The judge declares that Nate is free to go but asks the DA filling in for Nora if she plans to build a case against the boy’s mother. The acting DA admits she does not know. Nate hugs Téa and tells her she is amazing. He asks if she can help his mom too.

At Buenos Dias, James tells Michelle that he is, kind of, lost in thought because he’s worried about her brother. He obviously has his mind elsewhere as he stares obsessively at Starr and she at him. She invites him to go to class with him. He tells her he needs to stay. Todd tells Starr he knows that she is obsessed over James and wants to encourage her to move on. She tells her dad that Cole is the father of her child. So he must leave her alone. She angrily walks away. James then corners Todd and demands to know what he “did” to Starr. Todd asks him why he thinks Todd’s private conversation with his daughter is any of his business. James replies that Todd must have done something to upset her. Hearing that, Todd tells James that he has done that very thing by having her seeing him with that other chick. He warns James if he’s not careful, he will drive Starr back to Cole. They both know that James does not want that to happen.

Blair is wondering whether Cristian has gotten back with Layla or not and there may be more to it than that.

In response to Todd’s “accusation” of James “cheating” on Starr with another girl, James protests that Starr told him that they are just friends, she is committed to Cole and she has encouraged him to date other girls. But they both know better. Todd then reminds James that he’s very lucky that his abusive father is out of his life.

Viki goes to see Nora after Bo has left. She is really happy and encouraged to hear that Bo and Nora have reconciled. She can clearly tell that Nora has some secrets that she is not telling. How is Nora going to tell Viki what she and Bo have discovered about Clint, Viki’s ex-husband and father of her kids?

Clint attempts to tell Matthew what is going on and justify himself, but Matthew needs to know why Clint told him he knew with certainty that Matthew’s dad cheated on his mom with Inez and attempted to break them up. Was he afraid of what would happen if Bo ever found out that Rex Balsam is Clint’s son? Again, Clint does not know how to answer Matthew’s question.

Starr knows that her dad wants to have a private conversation with James and has a “trick up his sleeve.” She demands to know what he is saying to James.

Matthew returns home to his mom and informs her that he went and talked to Clint. He told him that they forbid him to work for him. When he attempted to find out some things from Clint but didn’t get any answers, he decided that he needs to quit working for him at B.E. Hearing that her son went and spoke to Clint directly when she and his father need him to steer clear of his uncle, Nora demands to know why he did that. Matthew tells her that when he decided to quit B.E., he thought he should tell Clint in person and asks her why she has a problem with that.

Meanwhile, Téa, Dani and Nate go to see Inez at the jail but it appears she’s gone. The guards observe that Inez has somehow escaped. It might have had something to do with Bo telling her how she can help him. We then see Inez going to Clint’s office. He demands to know what she wants, and isn’t she supposed to be in jail? She appears to be wearing a wire.

Cristian and Layla sit at a table and it looks like they might want to reconcile and not suspect each other. He assures her that although he was tempted to sleep with Blair, Layla must know that it did not happen and he does not plan on "moving on." He tells her he now trusts her and knows she did not sleep with Stephan. She clarifies to him, that she did sleep with Stephan.

Blair then goes to see the guy who might know something about the painting of her. She bangs on the door and demands that he answer. But when the door opens, she sees somebody who apparently knows her and expects to see her. It might be an “old flame” (or future man in her life). 

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