OLTL Update Thursday 1/20/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/20/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie sits outside the hospital room where the baby is with Rex and Gigi, the only people who, besides herself and Marty, know that the baby is Brody’s, not John’s.

Brody and John are talking about Marty being taken to St. Anne’s for psychiatric care after attempting to kidnap the baby and losing it. Brody remarks that he’s glad she’s been taken away and tells John that he’s amazed at how calm John's been regarding this. He tells John he believed he’d lose it if it were his kid. Little does he know it is. (Or may not be, since we still don’t know which pregnancy test Vimal altered)

Vimal's reading his letter of resignation that he intends to give to Clint. He indicates that he has to go away and hide and never be found. He wishes Clint the best of luck in his future test altering endeavors.

Kelly demands that Robert Ford tell her whether Cutter is Aubrey’s brother or not. He hesitates to answer. He then tells her she needs to calm down and asks why it’s so important to her what Cutter is to Aubrey.

At the hospital, after Cutter “informs” Joey and Aubrey that he found a woman he’s now interested in, Joey asks him who she is. He reveals what she looks like, but doesn't reveal her name. Aubrey “confirms” that she sounds like the perfect girlfriend for her “Snooki”. Joey seems to buy right into everything that they're telling him.

Nora is alone trying to figure out where Bo is.

Bo goes to find Clint, who is shocked and stunned to see his brother pulling a gun on him. He remarks that this is completely unlike Bo, and tries to get him to “calm down”. But Bo doesn't put down the gun. He tells Clint they're not brothers and demands to know if Clint did or did not put Inez up to ruining Bo’s marriage.

Jessica and Natalie talk about Marty. Natalie tells her sister she just wants to focus on the baby now. Jessica seems content telling her sister that Brody's so excited to have another one. Hearing that, Natalie hides her secret.

Brody tells John he wants to go and see his baby and is sure that John wants to see him as well. At that point, John runs into Nora who indicates that she’s worried about what might have happened to Bo.

Rex and Gigi are alone realizing that they have to be careful with Natalie’s secret that Brody is the father of her baby.

When Vimal is alone in Clint’s office, ready to resign while Clint is gone, a woman enters who seems hot and high spirited. She reveals that she's his estranged wife who’s traveled all the way to Llanview to see him, assuming he’s struck it rich.

Alone with Aubrey, Cutter tells her that she must know that he's never without a girlfriend and that she must know he has one now. He smirks as she frowns.

Kelly asks Robert if he got the idea that Aubrey has a thing with Cutter or if they are really brother and sister. He tells her that he doubts they're siblings, but he's never seen them hooking up either.

Vimal's wife asks him if he's missed her. She's very impressed by Clint's office, and assumes it must be Vimal's. But her husband reveals that it's not his. He doesn't even have an office. He has nothing for his work and will be resigning soon because his boss is not a nice guy.

Bo informs Clint that Inez has revealed that Clint put her up to sleeping with him, and ruining his marriage. Clint asks him if he believes her and asks if he thinks Clint would do something like this. Bo replies that he could have done it to get back at Nora and himself for what they did to him. Clint tells him that even if Inez had a scheme to sleep with him, he had nothing to do with it. Maybe Eddie put her up to it. But Bo knows that couldn't have been the case, because if it was Eddie behind it, she wouldn't have hesitated to come straight to Bo and report him. So, it had to be someone else. Someone with enough power and influence and an ax to grind, and perhaps someone who would have pointed a gun at his own brother. Clint asks Bo what if he did do it. Then what does Bo want from him? Bo replies that he wants Clint to have the guts to say it to his face. Clint then asks if he set out to ruin their marriage and answers he’s damn right he did.

Nora finds John and asks what happened to Marty. He replies that he and Natalie had stopped her before she took their baby, and she’s now in St. Anne’s. Nora asks him what the doctor said. He replies that he thinks that Marty may have started falling apart way back when she lost her baby, but finally snapped when Cole was sent to prison. Nora admits that she never saw it coming. He tells her that he never thought it would get this bad. She tells him that at least he was there for her. Some friend she is to Marty when she had absolutely no clue about any of this. She then informs him that Inez is in custody. She'd apparently drugged Bo so that he would believe that they'd slept together when they didn't. John asks her why Inez would do that. Nora replies he may have, as her brother in law.

Clint responds to Bo by asking him if he thought he'd take this lying down. That Bo could snake his way into Clint’s marriage, take Nora away from him, while Clint was busy moving heaven and earth to help Bo’s son to walk again. Bo tells Clint he did not snake his way into Clint’s marriage to Nora. Clint tells him that he'd humiliated him right in front of his family. Bo's taken everything from him. He saw Nora walking down the aisle towards Bo and there was his idiot son, David Vickers, gloating. He vowed to himself that he would pay Bo back and he tells him here it is, and ain’t it a bitch.

Vimal tells his wife that his career is ruined and his future is tarnished, all because he helped his boss pull off a scam that his son wasn't his. She tells him she’s sure there's some reason for it. He tells her that his boss’s only reason was that he lives to control his family’s lives. He tells her that it doesn't end with the duplicity of his son’s DNA test. He made Vimal alter his daughters’ tests as well.

Joey sits by Jessica, who remarks that people have said that the two babies look more like brothers than cousins. Overhearing that, Natalie appears uneasy and reminds Joey that Aubrey is right outside and why doesn’t he go and find her. He replies that Aubrey is with her “brother”.

Aubrey reminds Cutter that he must know that he's a “professional” and he needs to stop acting like some jealous idiot. Besides, does he really think she actually prefers “him” over Cutter? Cutter admits it’s kind of hard to tell with her at times. But he will find a way to “occupy his time”. Aubrey asks if he plans to be with “the fantasy girl”. Cutter replies that “she” is no fantasy. She’s Kelly Cramer.

Kelly tells Robert that she knows Aubrey and Cutter aren't brother and sister and isn't going to let it go.

After Aubrey finds out that Cutter might be “seeing” Kelly, she tells him he'd better not think that he’s going to cheat on her. He tells her that maybe if he gets “close” to Kelly, he can find out what she's up to. She angrily tells him he'd better not even think of doing that. Joey walks in to overhear. They tell him that they were just having an argument, since she’s concerned about her brother’s social life.

Rex admits to Gigi that the only way Natalie will not have her life ruined is if Marty remains "crazy". He’s been down that road before. He wants that "little guy" in there to be happy and that Natalie not to have her life ruined. But, doesn’t Brody have the right to know the truth? Brody appears, overhears, and asks what “truth”. They're dumbfounded, not knowing what to tell him.

Bo tells Clint that he’s right. It is a “bitch”. But Clint’s little plan didn't work. He knows that Clint threatened Inez and pushed all the right buttons. He'd set her up and used other witnesses, including Bo’s own son. Clint tells him that perhaps Matthew deserves to know what kind of cheating, dishonest hypocrites his parents really are. Bo furiously asks Clint if Nora deserved to almost be raped. Clint can't answer.

Nora tells John that he believes Inez couldn't have manipulated her and Bo without someone pulling her own strings. That person could very well be Clint. She tells him that Bo's disappeared. She has no clue where he went. He’s not answering his phone and she’s worried. They’ve finally gotten through all of this and now she’s afraid she may lose him all over again. He concludes that they can’t let the boss get in trouble. So they go off to find Bo.

Bo points the gun at Clint and tells him he knows exactly what happened. Eddie held Nora hostage and sent him all those messages. Clint coached him on all the right things to say, so that Bo would believe Nora dumped him, and wanted him to sleep with Inez. Clint tells his brother he doesn't know what he's talking about. He tells Clint that he knows that he let that maniac terrorize Nora. He asks Clint if he has any idea what it put Nora through. Clint turns his back and tells Bo he’s never even met Eddie. But knowing that's a lie, Bo knocks him to the ground and tells him that Eddie was going to rape Bo’s son’s mother, the woman he loves, and also the woman whom Clint once loved. Bo asks what kind of a man would do something like that. What kind of a Buchanan? Clint replies by telling his brother, like he'd said, Clint is just doing what their Asa would have done.

Vimal informs his wife that it began with just the one DNA test and he thought it might not matter if it means advancement for him. He thought it may not be a big deal if some fathers' just don’t like their sons. Then Clint made him alter a second DNA test, which he wondered how hard it could be. But he found out. Everything went wrong and if anyone finds out what happened in that lab, it won’t just be his head. Clint’s phone rings and Vimal can tell it’s from Nora. Knowing she's the D.A., he wonders if perhaps they can turn Clint in before they go down with him. He doesn't answer the phone and his wife wants him to calm down and tell him all that's happened.

Aubrey joins Natalie and Jessica as they're talking about how she and Joey will be an aunt and uncle. Joey joins them and introduces his sisters to Cutter. He looks at the two of them and asks Joey why he never told him how gorgeous they are. Those babies will have to inherit their looks from their moms. Hearing that, Natalie and Jessica smile, but appear a bit uneasy.

Vimal tells his wife that he'd altered one of Clint’s daughter’s paternity tests, but doesn’t even know off hand which one.

Gigi and Rex talk to Brody, congratulating him on his baby. He happily tells them that the McBain kid isn't too shabby either. Both John and Brody are concerned about Marty.

Vimal's wife asks if he knows which paternity test was the one in question and how did he know which one to do when he got there? He replies that he flipped a coin.

After Cutter had “turned on the charm” with Natalie and Jessica, Joey introduces him to Brody, who remarks that Cutter looks very familiar and asks if they know each other from somewhere.

Kelly shows Robert to the door, thanks him for nothing, and tells him she'll let him get back to his unsuspecting maidens. He then asks why she treats him like crap. What has he ever done to her? She tells him nothing...it’s what he did to Jessica and to Langston. He tells her that Lang has forgiven him, everything's turned out okay for Jessica, and the baby isn't even his.

Vimal tells his wife that she must see if he changed the wrong DNA test, then the wrong daughter believes that Brody is the father of her baby and the other man doesn’t even know that he has a son.

Robert then asks Kelly why it is that she can never forgive him. Hasn't she ever wanted a second chance or believed that someone else deserves one? She tells him she'll consider what he's saying. He tells her that he has to get to the hospital. She asks him why. He tells her he had a stupid boxing match with his old man and some old injuries that a doctor is concerned about. On that note, she says that she remembers Langston telling her that he was assaulted another time before the boxing match, but didn't identify the assailant. She then remarks to Robert that he needs to implicate whomever did it and bring them to justice.

Bo holds the gun on Clint while he sits on the ground looking up at him and tells him that their father may have been capable of doing some nasty things, but could never stoop this low. Asa had a heart...way down deep somewhere. It was small and hard as a rock, but it was there. It made him a Buchanan. Clint asks what he knows about being a Buchanan. Bo replies that he knows with what Clint did to Nora, he stopped being a Buchanan. That’s when Clint gave up his name. He's not one of them any longer and Clint is nothing. Clint sits, stares at a furious Bo pointing the gun at him, and tells him this is going to be really easy. He tells Bo to go right ahead. He’s not going to stop him. He encourages Bo to pull the trigger and Bo is ready to do just that. Before he can, though, Nora and John rush in and urge him not to do it. He says they must get out of there. This is between Clint and himself...but Nora tells him that this is between them. Clint failed at trying to break them up and ruining their lives, she tells him. If he kills Clint now, Clint will have won and Bo will go to Statesville and she'll lose him. She urges Bo to put down the gun and they'll make Clint pay together. He listens and puts it down.

Brody says goodbye to Jessica and Natalie and asks what they might know about the French magazine that Cutter was talking about. Aubrey follows Cutter out the door and is furious with him for coming on to Joey’s sisters. She gets a call from Kelly, and asks her what she wants. Kelly tells her she wants to apologize.

Rex asks Gigi if she wants more children or ever thinks about it. She tells him yes, and asks how he feels about it. He also says yes but they agree not now, realizing they're both too busy with work and school and barely have enough time for the one they already have. Rex reflects that Shane is practically grown up. He’s arguing with them, turning into a teenager and using deodorant. They need to spend more time with him. They go home together.

Vimal tells his wife that he wants to be with her, but he lives in fear that Mr. Buchanan will come after him with a gun if he finds him. She tells him she's not going to be intimidated by this Mr. Buchanan. If he points a gun in Vimal's direction, he'll have to answer to her.

Clint asks Bo what he’s going to do now. Bo tells his brother he’s going to arrest him. Clint asks if it’s illegal to ask Inez to make a play for him. Bo says no. But, he endangered Nora. Clint tells Bo that it was Eddie who kidnapped her and nobody can ever prove that Clint had anything to do with it.

When Kelly calls Aubrey to apologize, Aubrey appears baffled and asks her for what. Kelly replies: for their confrontation at the gym. She admits that it may be that she has “residual feelings” for Joey, and what really bugs her, is that they really hit it off on the flight and appeared to be friends. She's hoping that they can at least get along. When Aubrey hangs up, she and Cutter both know that she's up to something.

Vimal's wife asks him why either of them should be afraid of a man who is afraid of his own son. Doesn’t this Mr. Buchanan have enough of his own problems going instead of wasting the time and resources by coming after them? Natalie's alone and worried. John's bringing to baby to her. Mrs. V. asks what it would mean for a man to believe he’s a father an then suddenly find out he's not after all? Natalie holds the baby. John looks adoringly at her. Mrs, V. then reflects about the man who believes he has no child, but who then finds out he really is a father. Right on cue, Robert walks into the hospital for his appointment and runs right into Jessica, Brody and “their” baby. He stares in awe at them almost as if he “knows” something. She then tears up her husband’s resignation letter and concludes that they want this man’s blood and all they need to do is get out of the way. He asks her if they really want to turn on Clint after all he’s given them. She asks what this man has ever done for him, except threaten to have his life ruined.? He hasn’t even given Vimal his own office. She tells him that there is an opportunity for them yet. This Mr. Buchanan has made his choices and must now suffer the consequences.

Clint faces Bo and Nora and tells them that neither of them has anything on him. They both must know that. Bo stares at him and Nora tells her husband that he knows that Clint's as wrong about that as he was about them. They have all the time in the world. Bo tells his brother that he remembers the two of them and Matthew the day that their father died. He picks up Asa’s hat and admits that he doesn't even know who it belongs to now. But it sure as hell ain’t Clint's and never will be. Nora reaches out her hand to Bo. As they walk off together, Clint sits alone looking discouraged.

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