OLTL Update Tuesday 1/18/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/18/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Donna

Blair meets Cristian at the gym and informs him that Todd said he knew nothing about the oil painting. She asks him if he knows anything about it. He examines it and sees a logo with a B.

Joey and Aubrey go to the hospital to see the newborn babies. He remarks that it’s kind of hard to tell the difference between baby boy McBain and baby boy Lovett. But he can see that Aubrey is lost in thought and inquires if she’s thinking about the confrontation that she just had with Kelly.

In the steam room, Kelly reveals to Cutter that she knows that he's not Aubrey’s brother.

Clint goes to Asa’s stables and runs into Echo, who tells him he needs to beware of Dorian.

Dorian is ready to get the truth out of Echo that Clint is Rex’s father instead of Charlie Banks, but how can she prove it?

Robert goes to see Langston and informs her that Nate recanted his confession. Assuming that it can only mean that Nate has been set free, she’s happy. But he's not. She asks if there’s any reason Nate would falsely confess. He tells her Nate was covering for their mother.

Outside of the courtroom, Inez confesses for the first time to Bo and Nora that she did not sleep with Bo. He then asks her if she lied about it. She admits she did.

Robert tells Langston he'd guessed that Nate thought their mom did it and that’s why he confessed. She asks Robert if he thinks that she did it. He admits that he really can’t say whether he believes she could or not. If she could abandon two young boys and leave them with an abusive father, he can only imagine what she's capable of.

Bo tells Nora that Rex has been doing some checking on Inez and found out that Marty Saybrooke prescribed a tranquilizer for her on the day in question. Inez admits to the truth that she'd drugged Bo. Eddie wanted to break them up. She admits that she'd tried and failed to seduce Bo. He became disoriented believing that she was Nora and kissed her. But when he realized who she was, he pushed her away. Inez affirms to Nora that Bo could never cheat on her.

Aubrey talks to Joey at the hospital about all of the malicious accusations that Kelly has made about her. He reveals that when he spoke to Cutter alone about Kelly, he called her his bitter, spiteful nosey, vicious ex. Hearing that, Aubrey “apologizes for her brother”. He shouldn't have said that, she tells Joey. He goes a little over the top sometimes. Joey then asks just what her relationship with Cutter is all about.

Cutter asks Kelly if she believes that he and Aubrey are lovers. She tells him that she can't prove anything, but he needs to watch his step because sooner or later, she's going to catch him in a lie.

Dorian notices the magazine that features Aubrey with Cutter when she's allegedly engaged to Joey. She reveals to Langston and Robert that she knows that Aubrey and he know each other.

Echo tells Clint that his loss is Charlie’s gain. Charlie adores Rex and Shane and they think the world of him as well. He says good... maybe Charlie needs to believe that he has a son and grandson. She tells him that Dorian is onto them and evidently knows that he's Rex’s father and not Charlie. She tells him Dorian is not the problem. Clint needs to know that she can't keep looking Charlie in the eye and lying to him. She cares about how it would devastate Charlie to find out that Rex is not his son after all he’s been through. He tells her that Charlie will get over it. She asks Clint why he has no regard or consideration for other people.

Cristian notices that there's a watermark on the painting and so it must have been done on a rare canvas. He has some clue where it came from.

Nora hugs Bo and rejoices that Bo had no intention of sleeping with Inez.

Clint tells Echo that he'll heed her warning about Dorian and she may go. She tells him she's not going anywhere until she finds out what happened to the good man whom Clint Buchanan used to be. He was tough and ruthless. But he was honorable, loving and she knows she had to try every trick in the book to get him to cheat on Viki.

Inez confesses to Bo and Nora that she was interested in Bo and certainly "considered” sleeping with him when it appeared that he was having problems with Nora. But it wasn't her intent to drug him and get him to sleep with her when she could clearly see he was not about to cheat on Nora. She was threatened by someone and had no choice. Hearing that, they both assume it was Eddie. But she tells them it was someone else. They demand to know who it was.

After Echo asks Clint what kind of person he's turned into, he protests that it was she who abandoned her own son at the hospital when he was a baby. She did that all on her own and has no business preaching ethics to him.

Aubrey and Joey are talking about Cutter.

Cutter tells Kelly that she needs to realize that Joey has chosen Aubrey and is over her. She needs to get that through her head unless she’s a real loser.

Aubrey explains to Joey that when she was growing up, she was sent away to a private school in Paris and didn’t have much to do with her family or her brother, so she doesn’t know that much about what Cutter may or may not have been doing throughout most of his life. He tells her that he realizes that he doesn't know much about her.

Cris researches online and finds out that the painting of Blair was done in Paris.

Cutter says to Kelly that he wonders why she's hung up on Joey Buchanan. She's hot and tons of guys would fall all over her. He then kisses her.

Aubrey asks Joey if he didn't declare that they were soul mates from the moment they met

Robert Ford admits to Dorian that a few years ago, he went to a film festival in Paris on somebody else’s dime. He wasn't proud of it. He'd met Aubrey and got the idea that she was meant for him, and that fate brought them together.

Joey admits to Aubrey that he doesn't know about her hopes, dreams, what she’s afraid of and what her goals are. She tells him that she's very easy to please and just wants to be with him. He asks what she wants her life with him to be like. She replies that it doesn’t matter as long as they are together. He tells her that she hasn’t even told him if she wanted to have kids.

Robert explains to Dorian and Lang that Aubrey sort of “played” him. Dorian then asks just how far his involvement with this girl had gone. He replied that actually something kind of strange had happened.

Echo tells Clint that after she abandoned Rex at the hospital when he was born, she just couldn't deal with it. So, she started drinking and hid what had happened. She met Charlie and they had fun. But now she’s found him again and interested in a married man who's taking her to AA meetings. Does that sound familiar? She's falling for a married man, ruining his marriage and hating herself for it. She feels just like she did when she abandoned Rex after sleeping with Clint when he was married. That same thing made her want to drink. She tells Clint that she knows he must have a problem living with himself, just like she does. Nevertheless, she wonders if he has any guilt, remorse or a conscience as she does.

When Inez knows she'd better not reveal to Nora or Bo that Clint threatened her and wanted her to break them up, Nora tells her that nobody forced her to sleep with Bo. She protests that someone did. He asks who. She then admits it was Clint.

Clint admits to Echo that he really doesn’t know how to answer her question. Asa died. Everything went to hell in his life. She asks what happened to make him so bitter. Was it one thing or many things?

Inez explains to Nora and Bo that Clint offered many favors to her and her sons. He'd prevented Robert from getting fired from LU. He'd arranged for James to get a free grant to attend school. But he threatened to take it all away and have Nate framed for murder if she didn't do what he wanted. Nora asks Inez if she believes that Clint would do something like that. She admits that Clint is so bitter and angry with the two of them, that he’s willing to stop at nothing.

Clint admits to Echo that maybe he's become his father. She asks him what he plans to do now. Is he going to go to Dorian’s with his gun and try to kill her and behave like Asa?

At Dorian’s, Robert admits that he was a struggling film maker when Aubrey scammed him. She dropped him so fast that he didn't know what had happened.

Joey tells Aubrey that he wants a lot of kids running around, making a big mess. He wants to be with her when they're building a tree house and playing soccer with them. She says how great that would be and they can have all of that and make this really amazing team. He can see something's wrong.

After Cutter kisses Kelly, she slaps him. He tells her perhaps she should get over Joey and consider him.

Inez tells Nora that it was Clint who paid for the lawyer that got Eddie acquitted after assaulting James at Dorian’s home. Hearing that, Nora admits that she did find it very strange how Eddie could have afforded that hot shot lawyer. Inez explains that Clint made her and her sons feel so helpless just to get rid of Eddie. But Clint offered to make Eddie “disappear” if she did what he wanted. She reveals the reason how it was that Eddie held Nora captive. Clint told her that “Nora would not be a problem” regarding her attempt to get Bo to cheat on Nora with her. Bo and Nora still question if Clint could stoop so low. But they both know that would explain Eddie kidnapping Nora when they know of no other motive he would have. Clint must have paid him off. Bo then recalls that Clint appeared very gracious and invited Bo to stay at his home with him after seeing that they'd broken up. Clint was going to reveal something to him about feeling “guilty” before he was interrupted. Inez then pleads with Bo and Nora to believe her. Bo then tells Inez she's under arrest. The cops handcuff her. He protests that Bo not do this. She didn't kill Eddie, but she did drug him. He needs to find out more from her. Bo and Nora hold each other and are happily rejoicing to find out that he didn't sleep with Inez. Yet, they still have to find out who did kill Eddie, if not Inez or Nate.

Clint tells Echo that he’s sure she can take care of Dorian. Besides, he has all of the problems that he can handle. She tells him that he doesn't need to “wear that hat”. He can put it back on the hook. He can turn around, walk away, and go back to being the man she used to know. She walks away and leaves him alone to reflect and do some soul searching.

Dorian asks Robert if this girl was interested in him until she found out he had no money, and then “reconsidered”. He admits that he’s not really certain what her motives were. He tells Langston that there's only one girl he wants and that's her. He was interested in Aubrey years ago, but it’s over now. Dorian doesn't buy it but Lang tells her she does, and doesn’t want Dorian to grill him.

Aubrey tells Joey that they can live wherever they want. But, she reminds him, they still have two problems. His dad hates her, and so does Kelly.

Kelly returns to Dorian’s home and tells her aunt, Langston and Robert Ford that she has to change her gym membership because of Aubrey Wentworth... the liar. Hearing that, Dorian tells Kelly that she might want to have a conversation with this guy, Robert, who knows some things about Aubrey.

Joey tells Aubrey that he doesn't want their life together to be all about him. He also wants it to be about her. He has this incredible, sexy woman in his life, and wants her to be happy and will do anything to make that happen. They hug and she tells him he is the most amazing man she’s ever met. Nobody has ever cared about her the way he does and he’s so different than anyone she’s ever known. Cutter appears and overhears them, unseen. He doesn't look happy with what he's observing.

Blair tells Cristian she's really amazed that the painting of her was made in Paris, and maybe they both have reason to travel there. She needs to find out who painted it, how Eli got ahold of it and he still needs to see Layla to find out what's going to happen with them.

Cutter makes his presence known to Joe and Kelly and appears courteous. He remarks that he’s never seen two people as in love as Joey and Aubrey seem to be. He tells them that he’s amazed by how many hot women there are in Llanview and he'd "met one" today...Kelly.

Kelly asks Ford just what he knows about Aubrey and shows her the picture of her and Cutter. She asks if Robert recognizes this guy. He says yes. She asks if he is, in fact, Aubrey’s brother.

Bo goes to confront Clint and doesn't look happy.

Before the cops take Inez away, Nora asks her if she'd ever thought of coming to her and Bo and telling them what Clint had put her up to before it was too late. She could have but chose not to because she wanted Bo, and when she "wants", there's no regard for others getting hurt, Nora concludes.

When Clint sees Bo looking angrily at him, he asks him if something's wrong. Bo then pulls out his gun and aims it at Clint.

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