OLTL Update Monday 1/17/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/17/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Donna

When John and Natalie leave the baby unattended at the hospital and suspect nothing, Marty appears. She seems to have gotten out of her room and out of the restraints and walks over to see the baby through the glass. She tells him: “momma is here”

In the courtroom, Téa grills Nate on the witness stand and gets him to admit that he did, in fact, cover for his mother, who is the killer of Eddie Ford. Inez watches her son confess and cries.

Kelly meets Rex at the hospital and they talk about Jessica and Brody’s baby. She's ready to leave but he wants to know how she was regarding her most recent conversation with Joey. She doesn't want to talk about it and reveals to Rex that she made a fool of herself with the idea that Aubrey is cheating on Joey. But the guy she was photographed with in the magazine was apparently her brother.

In the gym, Aubrey is with Cutter who wants to kiss her publicly and appears cocky. She tells him that they must be careful and realize that one false move could backfire if they get caught. Joey enters and greets his “future brother-in-law”. Aubrey and Cutter then realize that they must play their roles.

Marty stares at the baby through the maternity ward glass. We then see Roxy in Marty’s psych bed, passed out and appearing to have been assaulted. A nurse asks Marty if she can help her. Marty replies she's there for the baby. She tells the nurse that her friend just gave birth and she promised she’d look in on the baby. The nurse tells her that it’s against hospital policy in most cases to let someone inside, unattended, to see a baby. But realizing that Marty is a donor, she concludes that it’s ok.

John, Natalie and a nurse find lying in the bed that was intended for Marty. They don’t know where Marty went.

Marty talks to the baby alone, telling him that she can't let Natalie steal him from her. She tells him she's going to take him home. She's his momma. It then appears that she has the access to pick up the baby and carry him out of the maternity ward.

Kelly tells Rex that the last time she spoke to Joey, he seemed to believe that Aubrey was photographed with her brother. Rex tells her he finds it very hard to believe. That photograph looked pretty sexual. Kelly then tells Rex that regardless of circumstances, maybe it’s correct that she merely wants to get back with Joey and can’t accept him being with someone else. Nevertheless, Rex asks her if she believes that the guy in the magazine photo is Aubrey’s brother. Kelly replies: "hell no!". She believes that Aubrey is a lying little bitch. She realizes however, there is nothing that she can do.

Cutter talks to Joey about his “marrying Cutter’s little sister”. Joey then informs him that his grandfather, Asa, had a real issue with people wanting to marry his kids and his grandchildren. He'd even threatened to cut his kids out of the family fortune and disinherit them if they married someone that Asa didn't want them to marry. Joey tells him, that his dad, Clint, is sort of carrying on the family tradition. Hearing that Joey might not have any money if he marries Aubrey, Cutter appears worried. But, Joey affirms that he doesn't care if he’s out on the street, living in a truck eating cat fish. He just wants to be with Aubrey and he believes that she wants the same.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge she believes that police commissioner Bo Buchanan and D.A. Nora Buchanan have good reason to arrest Inez Salinger for the murder of Eddie Ford. Nora asks if the defense counsel will refrain from telling herself and the police commissioner how to do their job. The judge then tells Nate that he needs to realize that he must tell the truth. He also urges Nora to take a good look at the facts that are presented here. He then calls a recess. Dani rushes to Nate. He tells her that everything would have been great if her mom had let his confession stand. He demands to know why she did that. She tells him that she's not going to let him go to jail for a crime that he didn't commit. She's his lawyer. That's her job. Nora finds Bo. He tells her that “they have to talk”. Shea tells him that she's interested in hearing what Inez has to say.

Aubrey's watching Cutter and Joey weight lifting in the gym and acting friendly. Joey then leaves them alone. Cutter instantly kisses her. She pushes him away and demands that he stop it. He tells her that he can't help it. Every time he sees Joey kiss her, he wants to push him away. She tells him they must know that Joey’s ex, Kelly, is suspecting them. He tells her that she also must know that he knows how to handle Kelly. Aubrey then tells the two guys that she has a yoga class that’s only for women. They go off together and tell her it will give them a better chance to get acquainted.

Rex shows Kelly evidence that Aubrey was (or may still be) seeing a guy named Cutter. She tells him that she has to find out what's going on. She knows that Aubrey is hiding something ad she intends to find out what it is.

John tells Natalie that he has to go and find out if Marty has taken their baby. She needs to look after Roxy. Roxy then awakens and asks what happened.

Marty is then ready to take the baby away when John catches her.

Dani tells Nate she’s so sorry that it turned out this way and he had to implicate his own mother. But her mother was right that he shouldn't have to pay for a crime that he didn't commit. Todd and Téa talk about how happy they are that he's off the hook and that Nate is not being wrongfully accused. But she admits it’s not ok that now his mother has to be the prime suspect. Right then, Bo finds Inez and tells her that there are some questions she needs to answer. She's silent and doesn't know what to tell him, or what specifically he's asking.

Joey and Cutter go to the sauna together, and Joey asks him about his history. He tells Joey that he’s the black sheep of the family, has been down on his luck and that money hasn't come easily to him. Joey then tells him that he’s sorry and doesn't mean to give him the third degree. Cutter then asks Joey just what his intent is regarding marrying Cutter’s sister. Aubrey runs into Kelly and confronts her about her attempt to get Joey to believe that she’s cheating on him.

John finds Marty, and noticing she's ready to take the baby away, he tells her she doesn’t want to do that. But she tells him she's worried that someone is going to take “their” baby.

Natalie notices that Roxy has been assaulted and has passed out. It may have been in an attempt to prevent Marty from kidnapping Natalie’s baby. She then rushes out the door. John tells Marty that if she wants to go home, then he can take her home. She believes that she has the right to take “her” son home. He then asks her if she can just let him handle “their” son. He tells her she must know that she's weak and doesn't want to drop him. Does she? So, she needs to let John carry him. Mary looks like she's considering that. But, Natalie appears and Marty screams and locks the door on them, afraid that Natalie's going to steal her baby. John urges Marty to let him take her home and tells her that Natalie was just leaving...right? She tells him that she needs to talk to Marty first.

Rex stays with Roxy and is concerned that Marty could have seriously injured her. She asks him if he really cares and questions how he might feel about that now that he’s found his “real mom”. Rex tells her that Echo DiSavoy may have given birth to him. But Roxy is his mother. She tells her son that maybe that’s what people will realize regarding Natalie’s baby, and many others...that being a parent to a child is more than just genetic.

Natalie tells Marty that she's sorry. She didn't intend to take John or their baby from her. She cries and tells her that she realizes Marty and John have a life together and nobody should destroy a family that's meant to be.

At the gym, Kelly coldly tells Aubrey that she no longer feels guilty. She has already apologized to Joey and to her for accusing her of cheating on him. But Aubrey never told Joey about this mysterious brother she has. Kelly makes it clear that she's not going to be fooled or let Joey be scammed.

In the sauna, Cutter tells Joey he's a bit concerned about this woman named Kelly, whom he has met, who used to be Joey's girlfriend and who might want to make trouble. Joey assures him that he and Kelly are through. He's committed to Aubrey. Kelly's still his friend and he hopes all is well. He doesn't appear suspicious of Cutter, but after hearing that he may have had a “brush with the law”, he warns Cutter that if he’s going to be “part of this family”, he needs to know that Joey’s uncle is the police commissioner.

The judge tells the court that he needs to call a recess and wait a while to continue the hearing and render a verdict. But in the meantime, he needs to have Nathaniel Salinger returned to his prison cell. Alone with her son, Inez asks him if he thinks that she'd let him go to prison for something that she actually did. She tells him that she'd never do that. She didn't shoot his father. She attempts to “explain” the circumstances. But, Téa and Todd both overhear and don’t seem to buy it. Nora then calls Inez and tells her that she knows Nora would like nothing more than to put her behind bars. They both know that she can't do it as Inez has an airtight alibi. Nora knows Inez couldn't have done it because she was sleeping with Nora’s husband. Bo then stands behind her to overhear.

Natalie tells Marty that she’s leaving. She knows Marty is a good mother and will take very good care of the baby. She hides so Marty can't see her, but makes sure that she can see what happened when John tells Marty they need to go home.

Téa tells Nate that he need not worry. She’s sure the judge is going to throw this case against him out of court. He tells her that he’s sorry he lied. She affirms that she knows he did what he thought was right, but asks that he not do it again. Nate then apologizes to Todd for stealing his cuff links. He had just hoped that if he put them in Eddie’s room, then Todd could have had him arrested for stealing. Téa tells him that he must know that there's no reason to get Nate in trouble for stealing them. Nate then asks what will happen to his mom.

Nora tells Inez that although she's aware that she couldn't have killed Eddie, if neither she nor her son did it, then how did the murder weapon end up in their home?. Who would want to frame one or both of them for murder? Inez needs to tell what she knows. Bo then tells both Nora and Inez that he knows about the medication she has that she put in his beer to drug him the night in question. They did not have sex. Hearing that, Nora doesn't buy that Bo didn't sleep with her, nor that he was drugged and appears to be just as angry with her husband as she is with Inez.

Aubrey talks to Kelly in a threatening manner. As soon as Joey observes them, Aubrey indicates that Kelly wanted to hurt her, has been yelling at her and verbally abusing her even though she’s tried to be nice and thought that they got along. Kelly obviously can't accept that Joey's moving on. She rushes into Joey's arms, appearing to cry about how Kelly has hurt her. Kelly rushes off, but Joey admits that this “does not sound like Kelly”.

Rex sits with Roxy and tells her that they both know losing one’s child can make anybody feel extremely desperate. Roxy tells Rex that she suspects that Natalie is right now, feeling that way.

John talks to Marty while she believes that Natalie has left them alone to take their baby home together. She tells Marty he wants to do what she wants. But they can’t take the baby out of there like this. It’s too cold. Why doesn’t she give the baby to him? He can give him to the nurse. She can get him all bundled up and ready to go home. He then persuades Marty to give him the baby. Then she sees Natalie and is ready to fight her. John restrains her. She cries, freaks out and believes that Natalie has stolen her baby. She falls to the floor and seems to be having a breakdown.

At the gym, Aubrey tells Joey that she hopes that he is not doubting her in that Kelly may not be the nice person she used to be, and he must realize that something is “wrong” with her. Joey tells her that he’s sorry this entire thing has happened.

Kelly and Cutter face each other in the sauna, both knowing whom the other is.

After Nate is ordered to return to the jail cell, all of the others wonder what will happen, and who the real murderer is.

Inez admits to Bo and to Nora that she'd never slept with Bo on the night in question.

Natalie takes the baby. Rex is with her while she tells him that Marty was ready to take their baby, willing to stop at nothing, and has completely lost it. John finds them and informs them that he'd spoken with a psychiatrist who told him Marty will get the best care she can at St. Anne’s. In addition, some day soon, Marty may be able to see the world the way she could before she snapped. Right then, they see Marty being taken away in a wheel chair, smiling and waving good bye.

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