OLTL Update Friday 1/14/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/14/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

After Price has indicated to Todd that the cops have discovered that somebody’s fingerprints other than Todd’s were found on his cuff links on the night when Eddie was murdered, Todd calls to demand that they tell him who framed him. When he does not get the answers he needs, he demands that they do something and find out who planted the cuff links to have him falsely accused of murder. Otherwise, there will be an article posted in the Sun the next morning of the person who fails to help him with one of the “working girls” of Llanview.

In the courtroom, Téa calls Inez to the witness stand and asks her why she is letting her son take the rap for a murder that she, herself committed. Nate stands up and demands to know why this is happening. He is the murderer, he protests. The judge demands order when everybody talks, and the court becomes disorderly.

Roxy is standing outside the hospital maternity ward with an empty bed with the name Baby McBain. She demands to know who the hell has her grandson.

A vision of Mary holding the baby and having John with her and acknowledging that this is “their” son.

Jessica is happily with Brody while he holds their baby. He is in awe that he is holding their son. Natalie and John bring their baby into the room to visit them.

Rex tells Clint that he needs to talk to him about his “connection” with Inez. Clint tells Rex that he has no connection with her. But Rex tells Clint he knows that Clint knows something about Inez since he dated her. Clint tells Rex he doesn’t see that his previous relationship is any of Rex’s business and asks Rex why he has this “interest.” Rex tells Clint he thinks they both know what he is talking about.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the court that she believes that Inez Salinger killed Eddie Ford, and she intends to prove it. The judge then warns her that she is skating dangerously close to a contempt charge. But Téa protests that Ms. Salinger has committed murder and is letting her son get put away for a crime he did not commit. The judge tells her he does not want to hear that. Nate protests. Nora stands up and tells the judge she thinks she would like to hear what Ms. Salinger has to say in response to Téa’s questions.

Jessica tells Brody, Natalie and John that she is really happy that everything is going to be okay and she no longer needs to rush anything. Natalie tells Jessica she is a bit concerned to hear that Jessica had to have a C-section and deliver a month early. Jessica tells her sister that all is well but she has heard that Natalie had to rely on Marty to give birth to her baby and asks how that went and what has become of Marty. She tells Natalie she cannot believe that Marty actually kidnapped her. Natalie assesses she guesses that Marty just snapped. Jessica tells the others that she would like to go and visit Marty. John tells her it might not be a great idea for Marty to have visitors. But Jessica reminds him that Marty is her friend and she wants to make sure that she is okay. John informs Jessica that he went to see her and she was so disoriented she didn’t even know who he was. We then see Marty having a vision with “her” baby and watching as John lets Natalie take him away and Marty is stuck in her hospital room with her wrists tied and unable to move or get out of her bed in order to stop them.

After Rex demands that Clint fesses up about the night in question and how he suspects that Inez has set his brother up, Clint tells Rex that if anybody has any explaining to do, it’s Bo for cheating on his wife. Rex then suggests to Clint that Bo has nothing to explain. Clint asks him what he is talking about. Rex asks Clint what if Bo never slept with Inez in the first place?

After Nora tells the judge that she would like for Inez to answer Téa’s question about suspicions that Inez might have something to hide, the judge tells her that he only wants to hear Inez’s testimony as it pertains to her son’s character and not any accusations of her since she is not on trial. But Nora protests that the D.A.'s office as well as the judge need to hear how Inez answers the question before sending a teenage kid to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Téa then asks Inez, once again, if she loves her son as she says she does, how can she let him take the wrap for a murder that she committed and set him up for.

Clint tells Rex of course Bo slept with Inez. Bo told him so. Rex tells Clint that, actually, Inez told Bo that they slept together and Bo does not remember any of it. He has reason to believe that she drugged Bo. Clint asks why she would do that. Rex replies so that she would have an alibi for murdering Eddie Ford when Bo was drugged and unaware of anything that happened.

In the courtroom, right after both Nora and Téa suspect that Inez could have killed Eddie and is letting Nate take the wrap for it, Todd barges in the door and tells the judge he knows that Inez did not kill Eddie. Nate killed him. Téa stands up and requests that Mr. Manning be ejected from the courtroom for disrupting their hearing. The judge tells her he has a good mind to send her with Todd. But Todd tells the judge that he had the Llanview P.D. dust his cuff links and the entire crime scene for fingerprints and they only found Nate’s.

Clint tells Rex that everybody knows that Nate Salinger killed Eddie Ford. They found a murder weapon in his possession. He even confessed. Rex asks what if Nate is taking the fall for his mother. Hearing that, Clint chuckles and asks if anybody would subscribe to that theory. Clint asks if anybody in their right mind would believe that Inez would let her teenage son go up for a murder he did not commit. Is Rex even remotely considering bringing his ludicrous theories to Bo? Having him believing that a hot woman would drug a police commissioner in a desperate attempt to get him in bed, murder her ex-husband and have her own son falsely accused? He tells Clint he is not doing Bo any favors by encouraging him to buy into his dime store fantasies. He tells Rex that Bo has to own up to what he did. He cheated on Nora. And now he must accept the consequences. End of story.

Marty awakens from her nightmare. The doctors and nurses want to sedate her. But she yells that she wants John McBain.

Natalie is ready to take her baby in for tests when security guards inform John that Dr. Saybrooke told them she needs to see him. Natalie asks if that is such a good idea. John tells her that maybe he can calm Marty down. Natalie wants to leave the baby with Jessica and Brody. Roxy then rushes in with balloons, hugs John and congratulates him. He tells her there’s somewhere he needs to be.

Right then, Vimal enters Clint’s office with balloons to congratulate him on the birth of his grandson (secretly believing that he had something to do with the happy birth). He notices Rex and tells them he knows Rex Balsam. Hearing that, Rex asks if they know each other. Vimal tells Rex he knows all about him. Rex asks how that could be. Clint tells Rex that Vimal gets paid for his discreet and professional work. He tells Vimal that Mr. Balsam is going to get out of the office and leave them alone or he will be sorry. Rex tells Clint that he is going to visit his sister, Natalie, and his nephew. Clint then firmly tells Rex that Natalie is not his sister and no child of hers’ is anything to him.

Roxy visits with Jessica, Brody and Natalie’s baby assuming since neither Natalie nor John are present, that it must be Brody’s and Jessica’s. She is really happy. At that moment, Natalie enters and appears suspicious.

John goes to see Marty in the psyche ward. He can hear her scream his name throughout the hallway. He goes inside although the doctors advise against it. He asks them to give him a minute. Marty is strapped to the bed and unable to move. He enters and asks if she is all right. She tells him she will be after they bring back “her” baby.

While Roxy is talking to the baby whom she believes is Jessica’s and Brody’s and about how much he looks like his daddy, Natalie interjects, with suspicion (knowing that that very baby might in fact be Brody’s), that that is not Brody’s. That baby is John’s.

In the courtroom, although both Nora and Téa protest that the judge listen  to their theories and questioning of Inez, he tells them that he is not going to prolong this circus any longer. He tells them they are there to determine Nate Salinger’s sentencing and he has sufficient evidence to render a decision. Both Téa and Nora tell him that they would like to hear more. The judge then tells them, very well. He will swear in Mr. Salinger and he will tell the court everything he remembers happening the night of Eddie Ford’s death. Nate then takes the stand and tells the court that it was the night when they were at the gym and he and his brothers and their girlfriends were desperate to find a way to get Eddie to leave town and leave them alone. Eddie made threatening comments to the females. He then tells Téa that he had to find a way to get Eddie out of their lives. So with everything else failing, he killed Eddie.

Clint tells Vimal that he must never tell Rex what he did in that DNA lab. Vimal tells Clint he swears on the lives of all the people he loves. Clint tells Vimal he would like to believe him. He’s a bit worried that Rex is right now sniffing down another trail, and he must find a way to stop him.

Roxy tells Jessica, Brody and Natalie that she knows all about hair formations of people at a young age since she’s a hair professional and can see that the baby’s hair is going to look just like his “daddy's.” At that moment, Rex enters and holds the baby with his sister and mom. Roxy observes the two of them together and talks about how good both Natalie and Rex are as parents and how she regrets being such a lousy mom to them both. She asks Natalie how labor was. Natalie then admits to her that she gave birth under less than ideal circumstances. At that point, Roxy knows she must protect her daughter from a known threat.

John tells Marty that since “their” baby was born prematurely, he needs a little looking after, but he will be fine. She just needs to stay there and recuperate. She tells him she knows, but why does she have the straps that prevent her from leaving her bed?

In the courtroom, Téa tells Nate she does not understand if when he had a “plan” to get rid of Eddie, he killed him. He tells her that he felt it was the only way to protect the people he loved from him. She then asks him to take everybody through the details of everything that happened on the night in question and how she found him in his motel room. He tells her information that is inaccurate about how Eddie was shot and where he was found. He has proven to the court that when he went there ready to kill Eddie, he did, in fact, see that somebody beat him to it. He then admits that that is true.

Vimal tells Clint that he thinks Clint should be happy now that he is a grandfather again. He should be very proud. Clint tells Vimal that’s correct. He’s sorry he just jumped down his throat earlier. It was very kind of Vimal to think of him. Vimal then reveals that he is a bit unclear which of Clint’s daughter’s pregnancies he altered the test results for.

Roxy tells Natalie and Rex that she is going to be there for them. She leaves. Natalie tells the others she’s going to take her son back to the nursery. John goes with her. Jessica and Brody reflect about how happy they are that they have two babies who are cousins.

John tells the security guard that they have to keep a close watch on Marty.

Rex wheels Natalie and her baby into the hallway and asks her what happened involving her and Marty ending up at the lodge when she had to give birth. He knows that there are a lot of things that she is not revealing and asks his sister if she may tell him what really happened between herself and Marty at the lodge.

When Marty is alone in her hospital room and sees somebody come in, she asks if it’s John. But it’s Roxy who angrily tells her that not even John can protect her now. She knows that Marty wants to take her daughter’s baby from her.

In the courtroom, Nate admits that he went to Eddie’s motel room. He noticed that the door was unlocked. He noticed Eddie lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He opened his bag right when Todd’s cuff link rolled out. He was not sure where it came from or whose it was. He could not think straight and only knew he had to get out of there. He rushed back to be with Dani and realizes that he almost got Mr. Manning framed for murder. Téa then assesses that he must know that Mr. Manning can and will forgive him now that he’s come clean. But, she still needs to know why he said he killed Eddie Ford when he didn’t.

Vimal tells Clint that he would never remotely suggest that either of Clint’s daughters are capable of any “impropriety.” He’s sure that the one and only paternity test gives no cause for alarm or judgment. Clint tells him it’s great that they understand each other with that. He tells Vimal he needs to go and put out a fire.

In the courtroom, Téa tells Nate she is all but certain that he discovered a gun that his mother kept in their home right beside Eddie’s body. So he rushed home with the gun and took the rap for his mother knowing that she killed his father. The judge asks her to stop with her line of questioning and speculation. But she urges Nate to stop lying and realize that the truth is going to come out sooner or later so he must admit what he knows really happened. The only reason he’s there today is to save his mother. Nate then admits that she is right. He did it to save her.

Clint then calls a contact to update him about Nate Salinger. He needs to make sure that that kid goes away for a long, long time. He needs to make certain that nobody suspects that both of his daughters had to have paternity tests. Right outside the office, Vimal remembers going into the lab and noticing they both had paternity tests. He only hopes that he fixed the “right” paternity test to have them all believing that Brody Lovett is the father.

When the nurse takes Natalie’s baby in for testing, Rex asks her if it’s true that she kidnapped Marty. She tells her brother she knows that, maybe, she went too far but is worried what Marty might do unless she takes drastic action. Hearing that, Rex tells her that as long as Marty is declared nuts, it may not matter what she tells anybody. So Natalie should be “in the clear.” John then enters and asks Rex what he meant she would be in the clear about.

Alone with Jessica, Brody admits that it appears that Natalie is a bit overprotective of the baby. But Jessica is not worried and tells him that her sister is just a new mom and there’s no cause for alarm.

After John asks Rex what he just told Natalie she is “in the clear” about regarding Marty, Rex tells him that he just hopes that since Marty was giving Natalie a hard time that Marty can get the help she needs and leave Natalie alone.

Marty is either attempting to escape from her hospital room or has successfully done so.

Natalie and John’s baby is left unattended while they leave together suspecting nothing. Marty then walks over and waves to the baby through the glass, telling him that “Mama is here.” 

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