OLTL Update Thursday 1/13/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/13/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa is on her computer looking for ways to get Nate acquitted for murder charges. Todd tells her, flippantly that he is “working on that”. Hearing that, she asks if he means that he will have his thugs go after Inez. She tells him that she does not want to think of what would happen to Nate and to their daughter of he goes away for murder. Todd does not seem worried when he tells Téa that maybe a judge will go easy on Nate knowing that Eddie deserved it. Hearing that, Téa asks Todd if he bribed a judge. Dani enters and serves her parents breakfast and tells them how grateful she is that her dad saved Nate.

Robert and James go to see Nate in jail. James is courteous to his brother. But Robert angrily demands to know why he was an idiot to have confessed.

At the gym, Starr and Langston are doing yoga and Pilates and Langston asks Starr what she’s going to do regarding the fact that she will run into James on campus. Starr clearly does not want to talk about that.

After Dani informs her parents that Todd “saved” Nate, Téa demands to know just what she is talking about. She then shows her mom the article that Todd wrote about how Nate did the world a favor to rid the world if Eddie and did not get a fair trial

Clint observes it and Matthew watches over his shoulder. Nora enters and is courteous to her brother in law with her son. They talk about Clint’s new infant grandsons born on the same day. Nora then asks Matthew to let her talk to Clint alone. Matthew goes out the door but listens in as his mom asks Clint why he asked Bo to lie to her and not tell her that he slept with Inez.

Inez gives Bo her resignation. She tells him she thinks it’s the only thing she can do given what has happened between them.

Téa tells Todd and Dani that she is worried about Todd’s scheme to persuade the judge to go easy to Nate. Dani asks why Nate would have confessed. They didn’t even let her see Nate when he was locked up. Why would he confess right when the judge was ready to set him free. She then looks at her parents and sees in their eyes that they know what is going on. And she demands that they tell her. Téa tells her daughter that they do not know any of the facts more than she does. Dani then asks her mom what if she guesses. If she correctly guessed, then, technically, Téa cannot get in trouble for disclosing the information of her case. Todd assures his daughter that her mom has done everything she can to help Nate and Dani must believe that she will succeed. Dani agrees and leaves. Alone with Todd, Téa tells him she has a plan. She’s going to convince everybody in the courtroom that Nate is innocent and covering for his mother. He then tells her he thought that she was not going to go after Inez. She tells him that she has to help her client. But they both must know that Dani might not be happy with her accusing her boyfriend’s mother of murder.

Bo tells Inez that he does not want her to resign. But, she reminds him, there are rumors going around that she drugged him. He admits that it would be an uncomfortable work situation so maybe it would be for the best that she no longer works there. He tells her he is sorry. She tells him that he should not be and that he has been nothing but wonderful to her. Rex enters as she is leaving. He tells Bo he knows that that was awkward and asks what he just walked in on.

Matthew listens in on his mom asking Clint why he asked Bo to lie to her. He tells her that he knew that it would just hurt her and make things worse. And it appears that Bo went to bed with Inez in order to pay her back for Sam Rappaport. He tells her that even if he is incorrect, he wanted to “spare” her. Hearing that, she tells him that she is glad to know that his “sense of ethics” has not rubbed off on her son. She concludes thank God Matthew told her the truth. Matthew overhears the whole conversation.

Rex tells Bo that he should be happy to know that Inez is out of his hair and not working around him anymore. Bo tells Matthew that he does question the allegations about her. But Rex tells him, when he finds out what Rex just found out about Inez, he will think differently.

In Nate’s jail cell, Robert demands to know why he confessed to murder when he was going to be set free. He must be a complete idiot and covering for somebody. James then demands that Robert shuts up and stops brow beating Nate.

Langston tells Starr that she knows that James does not want to be dating other people and would be available for Starr in a heart beat if she wanted him. But Starr tells Langston that if James is with someone else, then she will stop thinking about him so much. Hearing that, Langston tells Starr like that will really happen. But Starr tells her she thinks it will be better for James to be with somebody who wants to be with him instead of somebody who feels guilty whenever she’s around him. Langston asks Starr if she is serious and if she would be ok if she noticed James dating some little hottie. Starr replies yes. Langston tells her she does not buy that for a moment. Starr tells Langston that it does not matter what she wants. James is moving on. And it appears that it’s too late to reconsider because he appears to be with someone else already. Langston asks her how she would know that. Starr replies that when they were at the police station, James got a private call from his new “friend”. And she admits to Langston that it made her feel super jealous although she knows that maybe she should not feel that way. Michelle enters. She appears friendly to Starr and Langston but needs to ask them some questions about Robert Ford.

At the station, Bo tells Rex that he did not ask him to dig up dirt on Inez and violate her privacy. But Rex protests that when there’s suspicion that somebody drugged his best friend and ruined his marriage, he’s willing to stop at nothing. He then informs Bo that on the very day in question, before Bo stayed at Inez’s home and forgot what happened, Inez got some medication prescribed to her by Marty.

Matthew overhears Clint telling Nora that since she and Bo are married and both public officials in the city of Llanview, it could potentially put them both in danger. SO, he asks her, do she and Bo plan to divorce? Hearing that, Nora asks Clint if it would make him happy if they did. Matthew continues to listen intently.

Rex tells Bo that he found out that the meds that Marty prescribed for Inez cause drowsiness and disorientation especially when mixed with alcohol. But, Bo does not believe that she could have drugged him with that drug.

Téa meets with Inez who asks her what she thinks will be the outcome for Nate. Téa faces her and coldly replies that she thinks that will be up to her (Inez)

Todd tells Dani that he happens to know that Nate did not kill Eddie Ford. Hearing that, she appears to wonder how her father could know that with certainty.

Clint attempts to assure Nora that he takes no pleasure in her and Bo breaking up. She asks if he is certain of that given that she broke up with him to be with Bo and did not take it well when it happened.. He tells her that he was over that when he found Kimberly and he does not wish them to break up.

James’ friend, Michelle asks Starr if she knows whether James would have a girlfriend. Starr does not know how to answer that. But she tells Michelle that she and James are only friends. Michelle confidently assures her that she knows that as he told her that he and Starr are nothing more than friends. She asked him assuming that Starr was his girlfriend, she adds. And since Starr knows him, Michelle though she might know if James has a girlfriend.

Rex tells Bo that he must consider the possibility that Inez has motives to drug him so that she could sneak out and kill Eddie without Bo’s knowing anything about it.

After Téa tells Inez that Nate’s fate depends on her, Inez asks what she means. Isn’t’ it true that Nate has confessed to murder and that’s the end of that? Téa tells her that there are ways to lessen his sentence if people can testify on his behalf. And maybe she could be a part of that. Hearing that, Inez asks Téa what she would need to say. Téa replies she needs to tell the truth. Inez asks if that would mean something like telling the court that Nate is a good boy who gets good grades and has never been in trouble before. Hearing that, Téa (somewhat sarcastically) replies that that might reduce a few years off of a prison sentence for murder one. She also reminds her that if Nate confesses to murder, as he has already done, then it could carry the death penalty or life in prison, or at the very least, 20 years mandatory. Hearing that, Inez is horrified and protests that Nate did not ask to know anything about Eddie and that this happen to him.

Todd tells Dani that he knows that Nate did not kill Eddie and it’s not because he (Todd) did.

At the courthouse, Nora appears and tells Téa that she must know that her client confessed so the D.A.'s office has to do their job and prosecute. But Téa tells her she believes that Nate did not do it. He is covering for his mom.

When Clint is alone with Matthew, he asks him why he told his mom that it was he (Clint) who tipped him off about his dad and Inez.

Nate tells Robert and James that he is the real killer. But they do not buy that. The guards bring Inez into the cell. She tells the three of them that it’s good to see them together.

Nora tells Téa that they found the gun in Nate’s home. Téa reminds her that that was also his Inez’s home so there’s no proof that Nate used the gun. Nora tells Téa she would like to convict Inez but knows that she could not have done it. She has an alibi. Téa asks Nora what alibi she knows that Inez would have. Nora replies that on the very night when Eddie Ford was shot, Inez was having sex with Nora’s husband.

Bo asks Rex what he owes him in the way of money for his efforts. He urges Rex not to be pig headed and demand to do everything pro bono. He knows Rex needs some money. But Rex tells Bo that he “owes him for a lot of things. He then remembers Clint threatening him into lying to Bo about things that Bo needs to know about.

Michelle tells Starr and Langston that she thinks James is a really great guy but she doesn’t want to go any father with him until they know each other better and especially with everything that’s been going on with his family. Starr then asks her just “how far” she and James have gone. Michelle replies that they have had coffee and lunch at Buenos Dias and have been doing some text messaging. Right the, James and Robert enter. As soon as James sees Starr talking to Michelle, he becomes completely distracted and asks the three of them what is going on.

At Nate’s cell block, Robert tells him that he has a plan to set him free. They can bribe the guard. He’s not going to let him rot in jail.

After Nora reveals to Téa that Inez slept with her husband, Téa tells her she cannot believe that. She always thought that Nora and Bo were meant to be together. But Téa tells her that it’s entirely possible that she shot Eddie. Nora tells tea she’d like nothing more than to believe that and nail Inez. She does, in fact, believe, that Inez must have put Eddie up to kidnapping her. But she has a suspect who has confessed. Unless something drastically changes, Nate Salinger is going to be sentenced today.

Matthew tells Clint that he thought that his mom had the right to know that his dad cheated on her. And he appreciates the fact that Clint had the courage to be honest with him. So many people lie and cover up everything. He appreciates the fact that Clint has the guts to be honest with him and treat him like an adult who can handle hearing the truth.

The judge announces that they are about to start the sentencing of Nate Salinger.

At the gym, Michelle departs and tells James, Starr and Langston it was great talking to them. Alone, James affirms to Starr that that is supposedly what he wants. She tells him that she is happy for him that he has a chance to move on. But they both know better than that.

Alone with Langston, Robert admits that he does see Nate as his little brother. He wants to protect him from getting into trouble.

Clint tells Matthew that he knows his nephew is intelligent and informed about a lot more than most kids his age. He has experienced an awful lot and been through hell. Hearing that, Matthew asks if Clint is referring to his accident. Clint admits that he knows that Matthew was unable to walk and faced with being paralyzed for life. But Clint helped him when his own parents could not. Matthew affirms that he knows that Clint is there for him and cares for him just like his own father. Rex enters to overhear their conversation and tells Matthew that Clint is not his father. He needs to realize that. Bo is. Clint then asks Matthew to let him talk to Rex alone. Matthew goes out the door. Knowing that Matthew is disappointed and angry with his father, Rex follows him out the door and tells him he needs to know that his father is a good man. Clint then demands to know what Rex wants. Rex tells Clint that he is not going to fall for his corrupt behaviors. He knows that Clint had a “plan” going on with Inez Salinger.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that she would like to call Inez Salinger to the witness stand.

Detective Price informs Todd that the cops and Forensics department has found fingerprints other than his found on his cufflinks in the motel room where Eddie Ford was killed.

In the courtroom, Téa asks Inez why she is letting her son take the rap for a murder that she committed.

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