OLTL Update Wednesday 1/12/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/12/11


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Babies, babies are everywhere at the hospital. Jessica and Brody are in awe over their son. Jessica looks at Brody, smiling, and says our baby is finally here. They realize how lucky they are and that even though the baby is premature, he’s perfect. Brody tells Jessica that his whole life he wanted a family, but felt he never deserved one. Jess assures him that he does. In another room, Nat and John are just staring at their baby. John comments on how new the baby is; everything is new, eyelashes, skin, everything. While looking at the baby, John asks Natalie what happened up at the lodge. There was a shotgun and a broken camera and what was Marty doing there. Nat evades the question by saying how beautiful her baby is, but John asks her again. She thinks about what happened, how she held a gun on Marty and crushed her phone, before going into labor. She tells John that she loves him, and no matter what; please remember that.

In another hospital room, Marty is babbling to the nurse about someone trying to steal her baby and demands to see John. She jumps out of bed and rushes into Natalie’s room. She is rambling on about the lodge and that John needs to know the truth about Natalie and the baby. She tells him that Natalie held the gun on her and smashed her phone. She is the only one who can stop Natalie. She continues her lunatic rant by saying that at the lodge, when her water broke, she knew that Natalie would deliver her baby and steal him. Natalie looks at her, realizing she has really lost it. Marty wants John to take the baby and run so they can be a family. She blames Natalie for pushing her down the stairs and for setting up Cole. She also tells him that Nat hired Rex to break into her house to steal her DNA. Then she bolts for the baby, screaming it’s her baby. John catches her and drags her out of the room. Natalie tells her new son that Marty is just crazy. No one will ever believe her if she tells John the truth. She wonders if she should just tell John about the paternity or leave it alone now. Out in the hallway, a nurse gives Marty an injection to knock her out. John is holding Marty as she breaks down and tells him they can go home and be a family. She climbs into bed and passes out mumbling about her baby. John goes back to check on Natalie and asks her if any of what she said about the lodge true. John takes the baby while Natalie tells him what happened. She makes up a story about being angry for Marty interrupting the wedding ceremony and causing Jess to go in to labor. She goes on and says that she and Marty were going to the hospital to check on Jess, but instead, Marty drove past the exit. She faked going into labor and told Marty to go to the lodge. Marty smashed the phone and then Natalie really went into labor and thank god Marty was with her because the baby was breach and she was able to deliver him.

At the police station, Starr and Dani, come in dressed like paralegals. They are there to see Nate. Dani shows her courtroom ID card to Detective Price who notes that it expired an hour ago. They try to con their way in, but he doesn’t let them in. When Dani wonders why he confessed, Starr gently tells her that maybe he is guilty. Dani confides to Starr about what happened the night Eddie was murdered. Nate had said he had a plan, but she can’t believe that plan was murder. James enters the station with food for Nate. Dani takes it to deliver to him and leaves him and Starr alone to talk. Dani returns and asks Starr how she waits for Cole.

At The Palace, Aubrey is in her bathrobe and Joey comes in holding the magazine, demanding to know who the guy is in the picture. Cutter walks out of the bathroom, with nothing but a robe around his waist and tells Joey that it is him in the picture. He covers by telling Joey that he is her brother. Surprise! Joey asks Aubrey why she never mentioned a brother. She tries to make up a story and Cutter interrupts and says that he is the black sheep of the family. Joey doesn’t quite buy it and slams the magazine down and asks them to explain that picture. Cutter weaves another story about that night in Spain. She looked pathetic and he had to take her out for a night on the town. The tabloid is just making it look like he is groping her…gross she’s my sister. Aubrey asks Joey how he can marry her if he believes she would cheat on him. He apologizes and when Aubrey asks where he got the magazine, he says Kelly gave it to him. They kiss and Joey leaves. When Cutter goes to hug her, she knees him right in the groin. When he finally is able to get up he tells him that his cover story was perfect, now they can be together all the time. Then he asks her if she is falling for the ‘mark’. He asks for Kelly’s phone number and gives her a long kiss goodbye. Joey returns just as he is leaving and invites him out for dinner later. In the hallway, Cutter looks at Kelly’s number and comments that she better watch out.

At home, Dorian is still dressed in her disguise, sipping a glass of wine. She holds up her glass and tells Kelly she went incognito to an AA meeting to uncover a big fat liar. Kelly hopes she was successful, because her mission ‘get Joey back’ crashed and burned. Kelly tells Dorian that she showed him the magazine, but he insisted that there is a reasonable explanation for the picture. Now Joey hates her for trying to trash Aubrey. Dorian tells Kelly that Joey will never forget that picture; it’s burned into his brain. Dorian tells Kelly to use her brain and get the dirt; after all, she is a reporter. Dorian thinks Joey will come to his senses and beg her to come back. The doorbell rings and it is Joey. Dorian hides. Joey gives her the magazine and tells her he never wants to see it again. He embarrassed himself in front of Aubrey’s brother. Dorian steps out and says ya sure, her brother is visiting. Joey tells Kelly to stay out of her life and leaves. Dorian comes back down and looks at the picture and tells Kelly that if that’s her brother, she will eat her wig. She looks at the picture again and says that she has seen this biatch before, but can’t remember from where.

Todd and Téa are in bed. Blair knocks and comes in with the picture of her from Eli. Téa comments that the style is familiar, but she doesn’t quite know from where. Blair leaves, but quickly returns for the painting. Téa tells Todd to help Blair because she has to work on her case for Nate. Todd offers no help and they tell Blair to put the picture in the attic and forget about it. Blair leaves. Téa and Todd start to talk about Nate wondering if he is guilty or not. Todd offers to get his ‘consultants’ to help get information from Inez. Oh you mean your thugs?

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