OLTL Update Tuesday 1/11/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/11/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John finds the cabin where Natalie and Marty are alone and hears Natalie scream as Marty attempts to deliver her baby without any medical supplies. He rushes in and kicks the door open.

Brody and Vivian are with Jessica and worried that this might be a complicated delivery.

Outside the hospital room, Kelly shows Joey an article in the French magazine that confirms that Aubrey is cheating on him.

Aubrey is in bed with her “friend”. She tells him he must know that Joey could be back from the hospital at any moment. He might stay there overnight. But they need to make certain they don’t get caught. The guy then gets on the phone and asks for maternity. He says he needs to check the status of a patient scheduled for a c section.

Viki and Clint sit outside the O.R. She talks about how upset Charlie was when he left. Clint apologizes and tells her he was upset about their daughter and had to take it out on someone. She tells him that she is not the one who needs the apology. Clint tells Viki that he offered to go and find Charlie. But she tells him that there was no reason for Clint to go on a wild goose chase. She does admit to Clint, however, that she would like her husband back and wonders where he is or whom he is with.

Rex talks to Charlie in the park and convinces him that he need not drink or be discouraged. Echo then appears and sees them. Charlie confirms to his “son” and his son’s mother that he has a family who loves him and no reason to drink or fall into relapse.

Vivian successfully delivers Jessica’ baby. He cries and appears healthy. Vivian announces that it’s a boy.

Marty delivers Natalie’s baby for her and announces that it’s a boy. They both smiles knowing that she has a healthy baby.

After seeing the magazine article where Aubrey is photographed with another guy, Joey tells Kelly that she doesn’t really know the details and it could possibly be an old picture of a boyfriend she had before they met. But Kelly shows him the current caption date. He recalls that on that day her flight in from Paris because she told him she was sick. Kelly tells him that she looks “pretty healthy” there.

Aubrey’s friend confirms that they have “done this” before where she finds a guy and gets his account number and he “does his thing” and helps her clean out the bank account. He remarks that things have gotten a little complicated and are taking too long. She admits that she did not intend to have Joey propose to her. She remarks that Joeys’ father does not trust her and assumes she’s a gold digger. But Joey completely defends and seems to trust her. She remarks that it’s “kind of sweet”. Hearing that, her boyfriend tells her that if he did not know better, he’d think that she had feelings for the guy.

In the park, Rex tells Charlie that if Clint gives him any more grief, he needs to tell Clint to shove it. Charlie tells Rex that he loves Viki and loves his son and is grateful to have Rex there for him. And he turns to Echo telling her that he believes that he has her to thank for that. Charlie then goes back to the hospital to be with Viki. Alone with Rex, Echo tells him she hopes she did not interrupt any “father and son” time. He admits to her that they were talking about her and Charlie told him that he needed to give her a chance.

Viki tells Clint that she does not know where Charlie is. But John found Natalie’s car and it appears she’s gone to Asa’s lodge. And it appears that Marty is also missing. Viki remarks that it appears that Marty is not the same since Cole has gone to prison. She’s worried about Marty and knows she’s very angry at Natalie. Clint asks Viki how that would explain why Natalie is at Asa’s lodge when she’s so close to having her baby. Viki concludes that she’s certain that if John has found Natalie, she in good hands.

Marty puts the baby in a blanket and lets John hold his son. He smiles and looks at the new born baby and kisses him.

Vivian lets Brody hold his new born baby boy. He brings the baby to Jessica.

Rex tells Echo if she wants an honest answer, then he cannot make any predictions about whether he will let her into his life. He did tell Charlie that the jury is still out on that. Being dumped at a hospital shortly after one was born kind of raises some suspicions and some trust issues. She tells Rex that ever since she did that, she has been dependent on alcohol. She tells Rex that she found Charlie in the park and he almost drank and if he had taken a drink, she would have felt responsible for that. Rex tells her that Charlie takes upset and tempted to drink. She replies that Clint blamed him for what happened to Jessica and asks Rex just what Charlie did that could have caused Jessica to lose her baby. Rex tells her that a while back, after Charlie’s son Jared got murdered, Charlie went after the guy who killed his son and accidentally shot Jessica in an attempt to shoot him. Hearing that Clint is using that against Charlie, Rex asks her what kind of a man would be so nasty and hateful that he would do that. She answers the same man who would reject his own son. Right then, she knows that she just blurted out something that needs “clarification”.

Marty tells John and Natalie that she wants to hold the baby and she appears to have this idea that she and John get to have the baby that “they” have always wanted. But John tells her that she must be really tired and in need of a rest. He sits with Natalie holding the baby and they are both worried that Marty may have really lost it. John asks Natalie if she’s sure she’s ok. They both love the baby. But they know that Marty somehow thinks this baby is hers.

Marty then appears to have a “plan”.

Brody holds his and Jessica’s baby and tells her that he is perfect. Vivian is also confident that he is healthy. But Jessica asks if she might need a hysterectomy after the hemorrhaging during the birthing process.

Natalie tells John that Marty is really scaring her and looks to believe that the baby is hers’ with John. She asks John how he found her and Marty. He tells her that he found her via GPS but asks why she went there in the first place and why Marty was with her. Natalie then remembers holding the gun on Marty and concluding that she cannot trust Marty not to ruin her relationship with John. So she was ready to tell John the truth. Right then, Marty speaks up and tells John she must tell him what really happened. John then tells Marty that she should wait and tell him that later. Right then the paramedics come and Marty seems to have a problem leaving the baby with them

Vivian tells Jessica that they have not yet concluded that she needs a hysterectomy at this time. She asks Brody to let her talk to Jessica alone. Brody is very confident that everything is going to be ok for him and Jessica and their baby.

Charlie appears at the hospital. Viki rushes to him and tells him that Clint has something to say to him. Clint then tells Charlie he thinks he must realize that many people are under a lot of stress right now.

Not far away, Joey tells Kelly that he trusts Aubrey. And there must be many explanations for the picture. She tells him she can’t think of any. He then tells Kelly it’s none of her business. Unless, of course, his mom was “right”. Hearing that, Kelly asks him what his mom said that he believes she’s right about.

Aubrey tells her boy friend that she overhead Joey’s mom telling him that she believes that he will get back with Kelly. And they need to realize that Kelly is attractive, considered a good catch for Joey and is still important to him. She’s also a successful reporter and might dig up things on them so they need to cover their tracks.

After Echo blurts out to Rex that Clint “rejected his own son” and he asks her what she meant by that, she tells him that Clint is too judgmental about Joey’s personal life and assumes his fiancé is a gold digger. Hearing that, Rex tells her that although he’s no defender of Clint, he’s heard some suspicions about Joey’s fiancé. Echo then remembers Clint threatening her to make certain Rex never knows that Clint is his biological father..

John has the medical team take Natalie and the baby to the hospital. But he’s concerned about Marty. He then notices Asa’s rifle that appears to have been used not long ago.

Rex concludes to Echo that she may have done everything she could to prevent him from knowing where he came from. But in the end she gave him a father. And, he concludes, he has a lot of respect for Charlie. Hearing that, Echo seems to know that it won’t benefit anybody for Rex to know that Clint is his biological father instead of Charlie.

At the hospital, Charlie admits to Viki that he almost took a drink. But he found out that he does have people who love and care for him. Right then, Brody rushes out and tells his in laws that he and Jessica have a healthy baby boy and Jessica is going to be fine. Viki happily rushes to Brody and hugs him. Joey tells the others he can’t wait to tell Aubrey. But he talks alone to Kelly about the “suspicion”. Clint remarks that it’s great that he has a grandson because they need another “Buchanan man” in the family. Brody tells Clint that this one is a Lovett. Clint is courteous to that.

Natalie and her baby get rushed into the hospital. John takes Marty with him and asks the doctors to check her out. She smiles and talks about how John “takes such good care of her. John tells the nurses that Marty will need a psyche consultation. Natalie wonders where John is. He rushes in to see her. She asks how Marty is. He admits it’s hard to say. She was saying the strangest things on the way there.

In the park, Echo tells Rex she’s glad he got the dad he wanted. He tells her that he got lucky. He tells him that although she cannot expect this, she is hoping that some day, he will feel the same way about her. He doesn’t say much but when she tells him that she would like to show him some pictures that she took of Shane, Rex tells her that he would like that. Echo leaves. Right then, Kelly finds Rex and tells him that she is now worried that Joey thinks she is a desperate loser and does not believe her that Aubrey is cheating. She still believes that Joey needs to find out what type of a human being he is engaged to. Rex tells her that maybe Joey needs to find that out for himself.

When Aubrey is with her boyfriend and he hides before Joey enters, Joey comes in the door. Aubrey hugs him and tells him how happy she is for Jessica that she had a baby boy. But she notices that Joey is not happy.

Natalie tells John that their baby was born Jan. 11, 2011, 011111, That could be a good omen

Jessica also reflects with Vivian that there are a lot of “ones” for the birth date of the baby. The talk about all of the things that could have gone wrong but didn’t. She tells her that luck was there for her and it’s almost as if she has a guardian angel.

Clint tells Brody he’s going to get him some cigars and all the men can celebrate. Viki is happily with Charlie. But Clint informs her that he just found out that Natalie is in the emergency room. They rush down to find her.

John and Natalie conclude that they bet their baby will have a “charmed” life.

Marty tells the nurse who examines her that she has to see “her baby”.

Kelly tells Rex that Joey had to “shoot the messenger” and blames her for what she showed him about Aubrey. He is angry with her and completely defends Aubrey.

Aubrey asks Joey what is wrong. He asks her if she could tell him. She tells him she does not know what he is talking about and asks him what is up. He then pulls out the magazine picture of her and her boyfriend and asks her who the guy is.

Viki and Clint rush to see Natalie who assures them that the baby will be ok although he was delivered unexpectedly. And they inform her that Jessica also had a baby boy. It’s amazing that two twins both had their baby boys on the same day. Viki however, asks her daughter if she was not very frightened to have given birth up at the lodge. John then brings the baby out and Viki and Clint gather around him. He lets Natalie hold her baby. Viki then concludes that she thinks the three of them deserve a little privacy. And they go to check on Jessica.

Brody brings the baby in for Jessica to hold. They are happily with their baby boy.

Marty however, tells the doctors and nurses who examine her that she needs her man and her baby. But they tell her she needs to get some rest.

John asks Natalie to tell him exactly what happened up at the lodge.

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