OLTL Update Monday 1/10/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/10/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Vivian tells Jessica, Brody, Viki and Clint that the only way to save her life is to have a c section. Yet she admits that she cannot guarantee that the baby will be alright. Jessica wants to save the baby before her own life. But all of the others want her to have the c section.

Charlie is alone in the park remembering Clint ripping into him for accidentally shooting Jessica and that if anything happens to Clint’s daughter or his grandchild, Charlie will regret it.

Echo is at an A.A. meeting where she confesses getting pregnant a long time ago, on her own and in no condition to take care of her baby. So, she admits, she gave her baby boy away. She has always regretted it. And that is when the drinking first got out of hand. She tells the story around people whom she believes do not know her. Yet, Dorian sits inside the meeting with glasses and a scarf to hide her face so Echo cannot see her. She tells them the “confidential” story of how she lied to her son about whom his father is and how a man is falsely believing that her son is his son.

Natalie is alone in the cabin after Marty has left. Natalie is going into labor all alone.

At the hospital, Viki and Clint wonder where Natalie is and where Charlie is.

Kelly finds out that Aubrey bought many copies of a magazine. She then looks at the magazine in question and finds the picture of Aubrey with another man. And Kelly shows it to Rex to prove that Aubrey is, in fact, cheating on Joey.

Upstairs in her hotel room, Aubrey is with her “friend”.

Rex looks at the picture in the magazine and tells Kelly that se could be taking this out of context. For all she knows, this guy may be Aubrey’s “ex”. But Kelly seems to know that right now, as they speak, Aubrey is cheating on Joey and lying to him.

Joey goes to the hospital to be there for Jessica and his family.. Viki rushes to him and informs her son that Jessica will have to have surgery.

Inside, Vivian tells Brody that he can be in the OR with her while they do the surgery.

Outside the hospital room, John continues to leave phone messages for Natalie but she does not answer.

Natalie is crawling on the floor, gasping in pain and assuming she is helpless. Marty then returns unexpectedly. She tells Natalie she does not care about her. But Natalie’s baby does not deserve to suffer because of what she did.

Alone in the hotel room while Joey is with his family, Aubrey and her guy friend are going at it. Right then, they suddenly hear a knock on the door. It’s Kelly demanding that she opens up and Kelly tells Aubrey she is not going away.

Echo tells the A.A. group that she has a lot of secrets regarding the real father of her son and the man whom she is falsely having believe he is her son’s father. She then notices that Dorian is there eavesdropping on her testimony and attempting to be unseen and unnoticed. She knows that this must be confidential. So she tells the group that her son’s real father is a wonderful man named Charlie. She really loves and cares for this man but he is unfortunately married to another woman and his wife has a friend whom she does not trust (who she means as Dorian) who is spying on her and not to be trusted.

Charlie is alone in the park, ready to drink and distraught.

In Jessica’s room, Viki, Clint and Joey watch Jessica get wheeled in for surgery with Brody and Vivian by her side.

Marty is coaching Natalie on how to breathe and helps her out the door. But Natalie falls over yelling in pain. She tells Marty she has to get to the car. But Marty tells her that she can tell, by the contractions that it’s too late for that and tells her that this baby is coming now.

At the A.A. meeting when Echo is “confessing” her confidential story, and realizes that Dorian is spying upon her, she tells them that she knows that this woman is jealous of her. And why wouldn’t she be? She (Echo) is beautiful and strong and confident. And this woman is a desperate bitter cougar with no life. Hearing that, Dorian stands up and causes a scene.

Rex finds Charlie in the park ready to drink and tells him that he can’t do that. He asks Charlie what just happened as he can see that Charlie is distraught. Charlie tells Rex that he ruined Jessica’s life by accidentally shooting her and she could lose her baby and never be able to have a child again because of him. He tells Rex that he is worried that he will lose Viki and Clint ripped into him. Rex then assures Charlie that he must know that Viki loves him. Jessica does not blame him for what has happened. She won’t lose her baby. And he must never be intimidated by Clint. Rex tells Charlie that he (Charlie) is a good man. And Clint is a nasty worthless jerk who does not deserve to have a family. He tells Charlie he’s proud and grateful that he has a father like him and not the likes of Clint. At that point, Charlie appears confident and like he will no longer consider drinking.

When the doctors take Jessica into the O.R. to do the surgery, Natalie is also ready to go into labor and dependent on Marty to help her. Marty demands that Natalie listens to what she says. She once delivered a baby. She is a doctor and Natalie better trust her because she has no choice.

Right then, we see Brody scrubbing in with Vivian ready to deliver Jessica’s baby.

Marty boils water and gets ready to deliver Natalie’s baby. Natalie looks to be in terrible pain and not confident that Marty will help her.

Jessica then asks Brody if Vivian has started. He sits beside her while she goes under.

Marty then instructs Natalie to push. Natalie yells in pain and sweats while Marty gets ready to pull her baby out.

When Kelly demands that Aubrey opens the door, Kelly tells her that what she has to say is for Joey’s ears only. Aubrey informs her that Joey is at the hospital while his sister is about to give birth. Aubrey’s ‘friend” hides. Kelly then rushes out the door knowing she needs to be there for Joey and for Jessica.

In the park, Rex encourages Charlie to believe that he is respected and loved by many people. Rex tells him that he thinks very highly of him. Shane thinks he’s an awesome grandpa. Viki loves him. Her family respects him. But, Rex, admits, he still has his doubts about Echo.

Echo stand up at the A.A. meeting and announces Dorian Lord’s name and tells her that she is a dishonorable mayor to be spying upon a confidential meeting and compromising the trust of these members who are here to get help and not be spied upon. Dorian then tells the group that this woman is a recovering alcoholic and everybody needs to know that Charlie is not Echo’s son’s father. Clint is.

John talks to Viki outside Jessica’s room where they are both wondering where Natalie is and why she is not answering her phone. John then gets a lead from Officer Fish that Natalie and her car were found at one of Clint’s cabins.

Marty is then delivering Natalie’s baby.

Brody and Vivian are worried that the delivery might have some complications. Jessica is very worried that the baby may not be alright.

Marty discovers that there is something wrong with Natalie’s baby that prevents her from delivering.

At the A.A. meeting, Echo asks Dorian why anything that Echo has done in her personal life is any of Dorian’s business. Dorian replies because this is her (Dorian's) town. And she does not want Echo in it.

After Rex admits his doubts about Echo to Charlie, Charlie tells his “son” that he should give that woman a chance. But Rex is worried that she could let Shane down. Charlie reminds Rex that none of us are perfect. Hearing that, Rex realizes that he has his short comings. Charlie tells Rex that he (himself) is a walking work in progress. The two of them seem to be bonding.

Kelly finds Joey at the hospital and tells him she heard about Jessica. He cries and appears worried that he could lose his sister or she could lose her baby. She hugs him and assures him that things will be ok. But he wants to call Aubrey. Hearing that, she tells him she has to talk to him first.

In the hotel room, after Kelly has left, Aubrey’s “friend” asks her what Joey’s ex wanted. She admits she’s not entirely certain. But she is going to find out.

Kelly then tells Joey that she has to tell him what she has discovered.

Viki sits beside Clint and calls Kevin. The two of them reflect about how Joey and Kevin have always been very protective of their little sister. Yet, Viki and Clint both remark how they can no longer protect any of their adult children.

Jessica is very worried while Vivian rushes to save her baby. Vivian asks Brody to keep Jessica calm. Brody then reminds Jessica about when they first met at St. Anne’s. He was a mess. She was strong and confident and compassionate to him and helped him get his life back together. He reminds her of how she refused to let him give up. So now she needs to have faith and know that everything is going to be ok.

Natalie asks Marty what is wrong with her baby. Marty tells her that the baby is not positioned correctly. And if they were in a hospital, they would have to do a c section. She tells her that the baby can be delivered breech but has to be in the right position. And they cannot rush it. Natalie asks what could happen if the baby is not in the right position, it could have brain damage or die. And, Marty admits that she cannot tell exactly what needs to be done without an Ultrasound. Hearing that, Natalie appears horrified.

Dorian leaves the A.A. meeting when the group leader asks if she is leaving. She asks if Dorian was just there to spy on them? It’s pretty disgraceful that the mayor would do that. Dorian then tells her that here is the truth of the matter. She then confesses that her late husband, Mel Hayes was a recovering alcoholic. SO she (Dorian) wondered if there was something for her. And she needs to count on anonymity. At that point, they encourage Dorian to stand up. She has a long black hair wig and a leather jacket that does not look like the Dorian we know. She then stands up, introduces herself and admits that she likes an occasional glass of wine.

In the park, Rex concludes to Charlie that it’s none of his business if Charlie drinks. But, hearing that, Charlie tells Rex it’s very much his business.. So he empties out the booze into the trash. Rex stands beside him. Echo appears. And it seems like Charlie has two people in his life whom he knows love him.

Kelly announces to Joey that Aubrey is cheating on him and she shows him the picture of Aubrey with the other guy.

Right then, Aubrey and the guy are going at it in the hotel room.

Viki and Clint are outside Jessica’s room wondering what will happen to their daughter and her baby.

While Natalie and Marty are in the cabin and Natalie’s birth is in jeopardy, John finds the cabin and rushes in the door.

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